TTT#301 Student Video Festival with Joel Malley and George Mayo - 06.06.12

Welcome to our first video festival. On this episode of TTT, we screen two-and-a-half student documentaries by middle school students in George Mayo's classes and two by high school students in Joel Malley's classes. Monika Hardy and Paul Allison were joined by Troy Hicks, Rebecca Warner, and Eric Taddei.

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George Mayo says:

Check out our films on our class weblog, You can also see the research and raw interview footage for our documentaries we created this year by visiting our Documentary Project Wiki: And Here are some photos from our recent 4th annual Film Festival at The American Film Institute:

Joel Malley invites you to visit:
Central Films where you'll find videos from Cheektowaga Central's Mass Media and Film Production classes, which can best be described as a creative nonfiction writing workshop where we develop our writing into film projects. Visit our Vimeo group to watch our films. If you have any questions, contact Joel at [email protected]

Films George shows during this Video Festival

The Old Blair Auditorium (Student Documentary) from mrmayo on Vimeo.

Is It Time To Rethink the Drug War? from mrmayo on Vimeo.

Films Joel shows during this Video Festival

skate final project from matt gress on Vimeo.

Technology. How it has changed us. from Nicki Webb on Vimeo.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

20:57Joel : Hello.
20:57George: Hi Joel. Do you have the link for the hangout
21:01Paul Allison: Hi Eric
21:02eric: Hi Paul
21:03Paul Allison: Where do you teach/learn?
21:05eric: wilkes University (Learn)
21:05Paul Allison: Welcome!
21:06Rebecca: Hello
21:08hickstro: Welcome, Rebecca!
21:11Rebecca: This is my first webinar. This might be a dumb question...we haven't started yet, have we?
21:12hickstro: It is actually going on now... you can watch with the link above, or join the hangout:
21:13hickstro: Just click the "Play" button in the video screen above.
21:14hickstro: Welcome, Rebecca!
21:18hickstro: We are watching the first documentary from George's students -- about the Blair Auditorium
21:19eric: for some reason I can see but can't hear
21:19hickstro: The camera shots moving in and out on the speaker between different segments are nice.
21:19hickstro: Eric - is there any chance that you have the sound turned down/muted in your browser or on your computer?
21:20hickstro: Seeing the pictures of the students as they set up the interviews is an interesting kind of meta-commentary on the process.
21:22hickstro: Interesting how the students have gathered three different perspectives in the interviews
21:22hickstro: I wonder if they might visually represent the difference between what they have and what they need for funding through a graph or chart?
21:27eric: everything seems to be on. Sorry I will continue to try to find the problem.
21:29hickstro: We can see you on the Hangout now, so maybe the audio is working again?
21:31hickstro: The idea that they had to "do it once wrong to do it right" is really important -- reminds me of the writing process!
21:36hickstro: Definitely using the same techniques as other skater videos
21:46hickstro: Including clips from other news sources, interspersed with their opening credits
21:47hickstro: Moving text to emphasize major ideas
21:47hickstro: Clip of Nixon
21:48hickstro: Zooming in on text -- similar to what one might see when a network news show zooms in and highlights text from a letter
21:49hickstro: The Skpye video with Schmoke and the students is visually powerful.
22:00Rebecca: Sorry, I had to go abruptly. A situation has come up. I appreicate you letting me attend your webinar. It was informative and eye opening. Thanks!
22:03eric: Thanks all. Sorry could not provide feedback. This was my first time joining a live webinar of this type. Thanks again.
22:05hickstro: Thanks for being here -- hope that you are able to join us again in the future!