TTT #298 Digital Citizenship: A tour of the Digital ID wiki with Gail Desler, Natalie Bernasconi, and Jim Bentley - 05.16.12

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, +Gail Desler/@GailDesler and +Natalie Bernasconi/@nbernasconi take us on a tour of their Digital ID wiki that they've been building to help each of us and our students to answer three questions:

  • What does it mean to be a (digital) citizen?
  • What are my rights as a citizen?
  • What are my responsibilities as a citizen?
+Jim Bentley, a teacher in the Elk Grove, California school district joins us as well.
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Our students (and we ourselves) spend increasing amount of time online, communicating and collaborating virtually. How can we teach our students about their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens as they navigate their online communities?

Gail and Natalie, both members of their local National Writing Project sites, created the Digital ID wiki to supply students, teachers, and administrators with a toolkit of reliable information, resources, and guidelines to help us all learn how to be upstanding Digital Citizens who maintain a healthy Digital Identity (ID) in the 21st Century.

Learn about the Digital ID project on this episode of TTT. Project curators Natalie Bernasconi and Gail Desler share how this collaborative project has grown into an "international conversation" that they would love for you and your students to be a part of.

What ideas do you have for weaving digital citizenship into the core curriculum?

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

20:33 Paul Allison: Getting ready for tonight's show.
20:53 Paul Allison: Hi Dewayne
20:54 unnamed: Hello, Paul.
20:54 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: Hi Dewayne
21:03 Peggy George: Hi everyone!
21:04 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: Hello, Peggy
21:04 Peggy George: Have you started the stream yet?
21:04 Peggy George: Great to be here with all of you! I'm loving the new chat tool with the notes!
21:04 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: I haven't heard anything yet.
21:04 Peggy George: thanks Dewayne
21:05 Peggy George: I really like that the description and key URLs can be permanently displayed so if people come in late they can still access them :-)
21:06 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: I think it's a great resource for now and later.
21:07 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: We're waiting for Gail to join us
21:07 Paul Allison: Hi all... we'll start in a secong.
21:07 Paul Allison: second.
21:07 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: She was having some connectivity issues
21:07 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: Thanks, Paul
21:08 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: I like the Etherpad and chat in the same window
21:08 Natalie Bernasconi: Hellooo everyone! Great to be here.
21:08 Peggy George: I agree Dewayne! I always copy/paste both the chat and the notes into Evernote so I can find them later
21:08 Peggy George: Hi Natalie
21:09 Dewayne Dickens, Oklahoma State University WP: Hmm. For some reason my chat has been saying it's from Dewayne
21:09 unnamed: Hello, Natalie.
21:09 Chris Sloan: Hmm. I'll try again
21:09 Chris Sloan: That was weird
21:09 Peggy George: :-) Hi Chris
21:09 unnamed: I wondered about that. I'm Dewayne ... you'll need to remove my name from your color-coded area.
21:09 Peggy George: are you Unnamed?
21:10 Chris Sloan: Got it now
21:10 Chris Sloan: Still it's kind of strange.
21:10 unnamed: Great ... I was hoping you would say great things under my name!!!
21:10 Peggy George: wonder if we need to refresh our page when the stream starts? not seeing it yet
21:10 Peggy George: :-)
21:10 Chris Sloan: I think we're starting now
21:11 Peggy George: seeing it now and didn't have to refresh :-)
21:11 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: OK, now I am name ... I think.
21:11 Chris Sloan: What do you do at OSU Dewayne
21:11 Peggy George: I have found I can keep the small images showing and still see the full chat and notes without scrolling up and down
21:12 Peggy George: with screenshare we'll need to scroll up to see the full document
21:13 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: My latest work has been serving as the Urban Sites Conference coordinator that was in April.
21:13 Chris Sloan: Bet that kept you busy
21:13 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: just a little!
21:14 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: mainly on leadership team though
21:14 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: and where is everyone else froom?
21:14 Peggy George: think this is her wiki she's sharing
21:14 Chris Sloan: I teach high school English and media in Utah
21:15 Paul Allison: streaming is working?
21:15 Peggy George: I'm in Phoenix AZ where it is still 104 degrees at 6:15pm!
21:15 Peggy George: stream is great!
21:15 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: no, I have not heard anything
21:15 Peggy George: seeing it great
21:15 Peggy George:
21:16 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: I refreshed it ...
21:16 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: it's fine now
21:16 Peggy George: good Dewayne!
21:16 Paul Allison: Natalie. scroll a bit to the right
21:16 Peggy George: what a helpful site!!!
21:17 Peggy George: we can view in our browsers too
21:19 Peggy George: what a great idea to design it for both students and teachers!
21:20 Peggy George: I love the resources, videos and examples!
21:28 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: amazing .... the cyber issues of ethics are so much more severe online ... and quite difficult to track down. We seem to need a virtual police force to track down and "ticket" violators.
21:30 Peggy George: it seems it should be easier to track down with technology and the digital footprint
21:33 Chris Sloan: not if you can create an anonymous Twitter account, for instance
21:34 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: I hope ... but I was wondering how one would easily track down some who has stolen a person's image, created an account in a nother person's name, and misspoke for them .... perfect example was when Chris was earlier speaking but had my name .... it was an error, but many students could speak in someone's name more readily online.
21:34 Peggy George: but IP addresses can be traced
21:35 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: true ...
21:35 Peggy George: that glossary is INCREDIBLE!!!
21:35 Peggy George: good point Dewayne
21:36 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: but I'd hope a person would be bright enough to use public or more difficult to trace .... just speaks to how the technology requires a different type of monitoring
21:36 Peggy George: but copyright violations can happen anywhere and we need to teach the students about that (apart from catching students who plagiarize or take someone else's content
21:37 Peggy George: very true!! supervision is important
21:37 Chris Sloan: The vast majority of my students are building their own digital footprint, not to create bogus accounts. So really that's not happening a lot in my area
21:37 Chris Sloan: It's pretty rare when we come across bogus teacher Facebook pages, etc
21:38 Chris Sloan: but it does happen
21:40 Peggy George: that's great Chris! you're living proof that students can learn and be responsible for their own online footprint
21:41 Peggy George: where is that form?
21:46 Peggy George: FYI-Julie Lindsay is spelled with an a :-)
21:46 Peggy George: This is an excellent Prezi. What is the URL?
21:48 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP:
21:48 Peggy George: thanks Dewayne
21:49 Dewayne Dickens, OSU WP: definitely welcome ...
21:50 Peggy George: I agree with that perspective--classroom management and behavior management doesn't have to be different just because they're using technology
21:51 Peggy George:
21:52 Peggy George: now that's a good problem to have! too much money :-)
21:52 Peggy George: want an exciting event!
21:52 unnamed: Peggy, so glad you've joined us
21:54 Peggy George: that is GREAT!!! simple and to the point!!!
21:55 Peggy George: Great job Jim!!
21:55 Peggy George: a lot of learning goes on while they are creating the videos!
21:57 Peggy George: These course materials and the creative work that has gone into their creation is EXEMPLARY! What a huge help for teachers who want to tech digital citizenship!
21:58 Peggy George: Love it!!!
21:58 Peggy George: yes! love seeing these examples!
21:59 Peggy George: wow! that will generate a lot of conversation!
22:00 Peggy George: no questions! really enjoying the presentation!!!!
22:01 Peggy George: I've been following along in the wiki! So impressed!!
22:03 Peggy George: I think learning the vocabulary is a huge step to having them begin to use it outside of the classroom
22:04 Peggy George: that will be wonderful data from the pre-post surveys
22:04 Peggy George: of course you need to come back and share it!
22:04 Peggy George: Yes, Nancy Willard has done some amazing work!!
22:05 Chris Sloan: Not familiar with nancy Willard.
22:07 Peggy George: (Nancy Willard)
22:07 Chris Sloan: Thanks Peggy
22:08 Peggy George: that is so exciting!!
22:09 Peggy George: great description of Gail!
22:09 Peggy George:
22:10 Peggy George: is there a place on the wiki for teachers who want to implement the project to share their student PSAs and other experiences?
22:11 Peggy George: I'm loving the chat!
22:11 Peggy George: Thanks everyone!!!?