Teachers Teaching Teachers #270 - Education Beyond Borders with Noble Kelly, Kimberly Brown, Ian Roberts, and Zac Chase 11.2.11

Post-Show description: 

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers we are joined by Noble Kelly, founder and president of Education Beyond Borders as well as three EBBers:

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20:37:17 Paul Allison: We'll be live in about 25 minutes - 9:00 Eastern https://plus.google.com/u/0/113993022447291199374/posts/2KpNoFo7GZ9
20:58:58 Zac: Hello, gents!
20:59:57 Noble Kelly: I'm here too
21:00:03 Zac: Yes you are!
21:00:07 Zac: Well done!
21:01:40 Paul Allison: Zac are you going to join us in the Hangout?
21:02:00 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Hello
21:02:11 Paul Allison: scott will you be joining us?
21:02:28 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Sure... is there a link to the hangout? I didnt get teh invite
21:04:53 Chris Sloan: Good evening
21:07:03 Paul Allison: Hi Chris.
21:07:12 Paul Allison: Are you joining us?
21:07:35 Chris Sloan: Silly question. How do I access the Hangout again?
21:08:29 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): link on this page.... right above the chat
21:08:37 Zac: Via the link about the list of peeps in the chat room.
21:08:39 Chris Sloan: doh
21:08:43 Chris Sloan: got it
21:08:50 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): thats what I said tll
21:08:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): too
21:13:08 Noble Kelly: so how come I don't get onto the main video screen when I talk :(
21:16:10 Paul Allison: You don't see yourself
21:16:11 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): click on one small frame on the right, click it again and the border turns blue... then the person speaking sill be on your large screen.
21:29:05 Paul Allison: Zac, can you talk about how your experiences with EBB impacted on your classroom?
21:31:00 Paul Allison: Ian, I'm interested in how your experiences with EBB hav impacted on your classroom in the US too.
21:34:15 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Computer lab = testing lab. We take our kids to the lab twice a week, but it is almost all testing.
21:34:54 Ian: Paul, great question - one of the most immediate impacts in my classroom (in Canada) is to reinforce collaborative learning strategies and differentated instruction.
21:52:25 Paul Allison: So... Maybe Nobel is addressing this right now, but I'm wondering if the "progressive" notions that many of us would promote are appreciated by the teachers you have worked with in Kenya and South Africa.
22:02:04 Paul Allison: I'm wondering where the line is between management and guidance. Students don't come to us as blank slates. They have already been managed by the media... by facebook... by the Internet... and there is a lot of this that needs to be unlearned. So we need spaces where they can unlearn from these spaces. It's not only schools that trap our students' minds and expressions.
22:04:23 Paul Allison: Storytelling is important!
22:04:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Storytelling was / is the original literacy
22:09:10 Paul Allison: Noble I want to give you a last word...
22:09:27 Noble Kelly: okay I better think of one ;)
22:11:24 Ian: Thanks everyone!!
22:11:35 Noble Kelly: Thanks all!
22:11:43 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Yes, Thanks all. Good show.
22:11:43 Zac: Peace out, cub scouts.
22:13:05 Noble Kelly: thanks for organizing Paul & Monika
22:13:55 Kimberly: www.tinyurl.com/haultain
22:15:55 Kimberly: globalpeacemovie.weebly.com