Conversations #104 - How do you end the year? [June 12, 2011]

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This week, we discussed ending the school year. Although for some listeners it was a reflection, Lisa, Maria and Sheila all have about 2 more weeks to go! Several ideas and links were shared in the chat.

 11:32:16 Lisa Parisi: Hello Jamie
 11:32:17 connect2jamie: Hi friends!
 11:32:42 connect2jamie: Oops! back in a sec
 11:33:01 Lisa Parisi: Hello Jm
 11:33:16 jm8357: Hi!
 11:33:31 Lisa Parisi: Hello Maureen
 11:33:39 Maureen: Good morning LIsa
 11:34:21 Sheila: Morning all! Welcome to Conversations.
 11:34:45 connect2jamie: Good morning!
 11:35:28 jm8357: morning! :)
 11:35:58 Lisa Parisi: Can you all hear us in Ustream
 11:36:03 connect2jamie: yes
 11:36:13 Cathy E: Hello Friends:D
 11:36:24 connect2jamie: Sorry guys! We're out!
 11:36:27 Lisa Parisi: :{
 11:36:30 Maureen: sorry I finished on Wed.
 11:36:35 connect2jamie: It's 105* down here though!
 11:36:43 jm8357: One more week for me!
 11:36:49 connect2jamie: miserable in Houston.
 11:36:51 Cathy E: I'm going to reboot - not hearine
 11:36:54 Cathy E: hearing
 11:36:55 Cathy E: brb
 11:37:02 Maureen: I'm writing comments- have 134 half page comments to do... actually down to 14 now :-)
 11:37:11 connect2jamie: That is miserable, Lisa.
 11:37:33 rbuckhoff: i'm out!  Last Friday!
 11:37:47 connect2jamie: I can't imagine being w/o ac. We have no windows in our school. LOL
 11:37:55 connect2jamie: It would be unbearable.
 11:38:41 rbuckhoff: They were learning about the animals of Antarctica!
 11:39:06 connect2jamie: I think fathers get a bad deal. There's always mom projects, but we're out by father's day!
 11:39:20 jm8357: Niiiice stretch!
 11:39:26 connect2jamie: LOL
 11:39:27 Maureen: I used to do a book with kids re fathers.. something along the line of my dad is a hero because... kind of thing
 11:39:38 Sheila: one of our teachers worked in Antarctica.
 11:39:48 connect2jamie: Yes. I try to do that in the library too @maureen
 11:39:49 Maureen: Harder now with all the different family configurations
 11:40:11 connect2jamie: Yes, lots of diff families. There are still fathers though.
 11:40:22 jm8357: Yes, I was just thinking about that, I have several students without their fathers in their lives, and some with multiple father-figures.  It gets tricky.
 11:40:23 connect2jamie: Sometimes....
 11:41:41 jm8357: Does she say this to the child?!
 11:41:41 connect2jamie: penguins and families makes me think of one of my fav books: Tango makes Three.
 11:41:50 jm8357: Oh goodness!
 11:41:59 connect2jamie: Would never fly in our very conservative TX school though.
 11:42:15 connect2jamie: We have several 2 mom families or 2 dad families though.
 11:43:00 Lisa Parisi: Hello Peggy
 11:43:04 PeggyG: Hi everyone. Had some login issues today
 11:43:13 connect2jamie: yes that's a good way to go. Some of our kids don't have a "father" but they have a neighbor or a family friend that is a male role model
 11:43:19 connect2jamie: Hi Peggy!
 11:43:20 PeggyG: I'm joining you from Pittsboro, NC on a wireless connection.
 11:43:33 Lisa Parisi: What are you doing in NC?
 11:43:46 Cathy E: Hi Peggy - welcome back to NC
 11:43:52 Lisa Parisi: Arizona'd you get out?
 11:43:52 PeggyG: visiting my daughter and her family for a few weeks before ISTE :-)
 11:43:54 connect2jamie: NC! Far afield! Are you vacationing or at a conference?
 11:44:00 connect2jamie: Fun!
 11:44:08 PeggyG: Having a fabulous time!! :-)
 11:44:16 connect2jamie: Beach time?
 11:44:33 MariaK: @peggyG - you are in Cathy Evanoff's territory
 11:44:37 PeggyG: my 6th gr. grandson just made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast! What an experience... :-)
 11:44:45 Lisa Parisi: Yum?
 11:45:01 connect2jamie: That is great, @peggy. Doesn't matter what they tasted like! :)
 11:45:10 PeggyG: I think that was a great decision Sheila--optional field trip.
 11:45:50 PeggyG: actually they tasted fine--it was the experience of getting the batter made up and the pancakes on the griddle, flipping them, etc. :-) Too funny!!
 11:45:53 jm8357: Is Animoto free to use or does it require a subscription?
 11:46:02 Lisa Parisi: Free for mini movies
 11:46:15 MariaK: I have a free account for longer vids too
 11:46:16 Lisa Parisi: Low cost for everything else...I think like 60 dollars a year
 11:46:18 jm8357: Great (FREE is my favorite word)
 11:46:34 MariaK: you can apply as an educator for the full account for free
 11:46:43 PeggyG: I love Animoto and choose to pay for the subscription just to be ad free and ability to download/save
 11:46:46 Lisa Parisi: I don't think so Maria...DEN allowed us to get longer videos
 11:46:47 connect2jamie: Don't remember it being that much for an ed acct Lisa. Is that what it costs now?
 11:46:56 Lisa Parisi: Not sure, Jamie
 11:47:14 Maureen: The ed acct is free and you can give free full accts to all of your students- 6 months
 11:47:30 PeggyG: I have Animoto on my iphone too
 11:47:54 jm8357: Thanks for sharing-- I will definitely look into the educator account!
 11:48:04 PeggyG: wow!! $200 donation!! incredible!
 11:48:05 connect2jamie: I have an old ed acct. I've paid too tho, b/c my husband used it to make an anniversary vid for his parents. VEry nice.
 11:48:11 Cathy E: I love Animato - used it to make the end of year slide shows
 11:48:24 Maureen: I have it on the ipad and have the xrtranormal app too... Just real limited ones for xtranormal- but fun to use
 11:48:36 PeggyG:
 11:48:47 connect2jamie: My daughter's university used it to create a welcome video for their freshmen the year she was freshman.
 11:49:22 Lisa Parisi: Maureen, I didn't even know that about Animoto.  I've had my account for so long, I never paid attention to how
 11:49:23 rbuckhoff: I take each day the last week of school and theme it around an area of study.  Science day, Math day, Reading and Writing, etc.  I've also heard of Identity day where children make projects about themselves then share the things they are most proud of.
 11:49:35 Maureen: I have a dig wish acct- but we're not really allowed to solicit $ from our parents. The school hits them up for $ all the time
 11:49:44 jm8357: Looking into it right away!
 11:49:50 MariaK:
 11:49:57 connect2jamie: My dist very funny about that too @maureen.
 11:50:16 PeggyG: I used it to create Mother's Day/Father's Day albums that were fantastic! Photos of the kids growing up with music. They loved them.
 11:50:27 Sheila:
  11:50:32 rbuckhoff: Maybe Santa visited you in June.
  11:51:05 Maureen: It's a pain to renew every 6 mos... I would love to have it last a year... making all the accts is a pain- I have to do them indiv for kids under 13- it asks for birthdays- and I don't want them to lie.  I have parent permission
 11:51:11 connect2jamie: I think I just emailed them @lisa
  11:51:20 connect2jamie: They're very prompt too.
 11:51:28 PeggyG: I am a Plus user and pay for my account so I can have unbranded videos, unlimited HD upgrades, and exclusive video styles :-)
 11:51:38 PeggyG: I'm not eligible for an educator account
 11:51:57 PeggyG: Plus is $30 a year
  11:52:00 connect2jamie: Of course, I can't put kids on my acct. Only I can use it. Against our AUP to use any webtools w/ kids that aren't provided by the district. Oh my.
 11:52:02 Maureen: @peggy that seems silly- you are the consummate educator
 11:52:05 PeggyG: or $5 a month
 11:52:14 PeggyG: but I don't have a class of students
 11:52:28 connect2jamie: I've used it with kids--with me sitting there with them. Takes the cool out of it for them though.
 11:52:46 PeggyG: I don't mind paying for the extra features because I usually have videos that are longer than 30 seconds
  11:52:56 connect2jamie: Yes me too @peggy.
 11:53:12 Maureen: I had kids use it for ancient history rap projects this fall
 11:53:18 connect2jamie: I also think they're very supportive of tchrs, and I don't mind paying.
 11:53:32 Maureen: I have a smilebox acct- it's cute... also free for educators
 11:53:35 PeggyG:
 11:53:35 jm8357: @connect2jamie you aren't allowed to use tools that aren't provided by the district? Can you suggest ones that you want included under the AUP?
 11:53:56 Maureen: I used smilebox in december for a holiday project
 11:54:02 connect2jamie: I can try. Never had any success though. We all keep trying though.
 11:54:11 PeggyG: it's so funny to hear you talking about trips before the end of school--school was out in AZ on May 20.
 11:54:41 connect2jamie: Their prob w/ animoto is the music. There's potentially "inappropriate" music there. Not controllable, so not allowed. Old story.
 11:55:10 Sheila: Digital frame -  Digitalwish has 2:1. Thought this may be a good gift for faraway relatives.
 11:55:24 PeggyG: good idea Sheila
 11:56:06 Cathy E: We ended ours on Thursday
 11:56:32 jm8357: Ahh, I see @connect2jamie
 11:56:48 Cathy E: We had 3rd-5th field day on Monday and P-K - 2 on Tuesday
 11:56:55 Maureen: My kids complained because I made them work til the end. They were finishing projects, and working on their portfolios.
 11:57:24 connect2jamie: I tried to have diff grades make suggestions for upcoming students about books they should read in the grade they're leaving. Time constraints, library inventory and not so much tchr interest got in the way. May try again at the beginning of next yr, although that's not the best time to do it.
 11:57:33 jm8357: My kids have been complaining since Memorial Day.  What do you mean we have homework? Its hot outside! 
 11:57:36 Maureen: They ask for birthdays Lisa... the kids have to be +13... or whoever fills out the form has to say that.
 11:58:26 Cathy E: I had some classes make cards for armed forces people
 11:58:38 connect2jamie: Nice idea, @cathy
 11:58:49 Sheila: I'm going to make a wordle of the suggested reading books for summer - student suggestions.
 11:59:22 connect2jamie: yes good idea! I did that w/ kids' favorite gaming sites. Interesting.
 12:00:00 PeggyG: @Maureen--that makes me think that it might be better for the parent to create their account. The teacher can't make their birthday say they are over 13. Would you as a teacher do that?
 12:00:11 connect2jamie: afk for a minute
 12:01:07 rbuckhoff: What's the website for those games?
 12:01:31 Sheila: mangahigh
 12:01:45 Sheila: .com or org?
 12:02:08 Maureen: @peggy- I do, with parent permission. Do not ask the kids to do it.
 12:02:40 PeggyG: there are some amazing, already created Jeopardy games online--
 12:03:08 PeggyG: they have tons of Science review games for all grade levels on that Jeopardy game site
 12:03:41 PeggyG:
 12:04:31 PeggyG: what fun Sheila!!
 12:04:36 Maureen: I was driving back from Franklin in those storms- hit them in Keene and again in Brattleboro... not fun at all. Biggest hail I've ever seen
 12:05:12 connect2jamie: We have to clean everything down from walls, lock it up, etc. Huge job.
 12:05:50 Maureen: I love those experiments. Made the mistake of saving red cabbage juice for too long- had to throw the container away too.
 12:06:06 PeggyG: Sheila-check out all of these Science Jeopardy Review Games :-)
 12:06:06 connect2jamie: oooo yikes @maureen!
 12:06:28 Sheila: Found get background music at
 12:06:34 Sheila: Thanks Peggy G
 12:06:56 PeggyG: oh no! come back Maria!!
 12:07:57 connect2jamie: I had to get rid of angry birds. I was getting too crazy about it!
 12:08:17 connect2jamie: I was playing it before going to bed, and then I couldn't sleep! So dumb! :)
 12:08:19 Maureen: @sheila I used to use the GEMS alien juice bar when I taught science- I don't know if it's still up
 12:08:39 Sheila: Someone showed me Plants vs Zombies!
 12:08:52 connect2jamie: That sounds fun too @sheila!
 12:08:52 rbuckhoff:
 12:09:01 Sheila: I love the GEMS stuff. Will check it out Maureen. THanks.
 12:09:02 rbuckhoff: Love this site!
 12:09:24 PeggyG: I've never tried it but tend not to enjoy the online games...
 12:09:30 connect2jamie: is it paid only, rebecca?
 12:10:02 Sheila: Looks interesting Will check it out.
 12:10:02 rbuckhoff: There is a demo, but if you buy the full version it's a one time, $20.
 12:10:48 Maureen: @Sheila- it's still up... but may be too young for your guys- I used it with 3rd grade
 12:11:01 PeggyG: have you tried Doodle Gods app? it's an incredible way to learn about chemical elements. My grandson is 8 yrs old and loves it--knows way more about elements than I do because of using it.
 12:11:03 Sheila: Thanks!
 12:11:23 Sheila: Another good one to check out!
 12:11:31 PeggyG:
 12:12:13 Maureen: Enigmo is amazing. One of my 6th graders told me about it- asked me to buy it for the ipad.... It is so hard! But great for physics
 12:12:39 PeggyG:
 12:12:40 Lisa Parisi:
 12:12:48 Lisa Parisi: The Physics of Angry Birds
 12:12:50 PeggyG: link for getting Angry Birds on Chrome
 12:13:16 Lisa Parisi: Thanks Peggy.  Done
 12:13:19 Lisa Parisi: LOL
 12:13:21 PeggyG:
 12:13:34 PeggyG: it's in the Chrome Web Store
 12:14:21 PeggyG: Is Amanda part of the Australia Tour this year?
 12:14:36 PeggyG: ok
 12:15:05 PeggyG: I heard from Bron Stuckey and she's coming to AZ for July after ISTE. Can't wait to meet her in person!
 12:19:49 PeggyG: do you ever have them write letters (words of advice/tips) to the incoming kids in their grade level? Kdg/8th grade/etc.
 12:19:51 MariaK: @peggyG very exciting. Will she stay with yo?
 12:20:17 PeggyG: yes
 12:20:49 MariaK: @peggyG - some of the classes do this. We've done pictures for a display for new students. i leave it up for September
 12:20:50 PeggyG: no she's staying with a colleague who has just been hired by ASU and I'm going to show her around a bit.
 12:21:14 rbuckhoff: I had students write about what they liked best and give advice to next year's incoming students.  Some also drew pictures.  I'm going to put them on my classroom blog.
 12:21:17 Maureen: hard decision!  I used to do squid with K...
 12:21:41 rbuckhoff: MREs and sheep eyes seem equally gross to me.
 12:21:49 Lisa Parisi: LOL
 12:22:18 Sheila: Ahh, but you are not a 7th grader ;)
 12:22:42 Maureen: We have several kids with juvenile diabetes and they help run a JDRF walk at the end of the year- they raised 4000 this year.
 12:23:58 PeggyG: Her colleague is Sasha Barab who was hired for Learning Science Institute-(he's the principal investigator of the Quest Atlantis project)
 12:23:59 Cathy E: Lisa - do all you teachers know their grade level assignments for next year
 12:24:23 Maureen: We have reading buddies in our lower school- they go in once a week, I think. It's a great way to practice fluency and fun for both groups.
 12:24:25 PeggyG: those are great ideas rbuckhoff! I'm sure the incoming students love them!
 12:24:34 Sheila: Nice connection PeggyG
 12:24:42 connect2jamie: @lisa what's the library award for?
 12:24:59 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Cathy.  We have all been told.
 12:25:26 Cathy E: That is so nice - we don't even know if we have jobs.  Much less where we will be placed.
 12:25:28 Lisa Parisi: It's for the class that takes the best care of their books.  They get returned on time, not damaged, etc.
 12:25:28 PeggyG: very nice connection :-) amazing how those things happen. Bron and I were both in one of Steve Hargadon's webinars and she sent me a private message to tell me she would be in AZ and would love to connect. :-)
 12:25:39 connect2jamie: @lisa weekly?
 12:25:45 Lisa Parisi: Our contract, Cathy, says by June 1st we will know.
 12:26:17 Lisa Parisi: Jamie, I think it's per month.  We don't do it because our library time is a research time, not a book exchange time, so I'm not really sure.
 12:26:29 PeggyG: can they give them a simulated experience with the hatching???
 12:26:37 Lisa Parisi: But this class won the big award for the year..for winning the most months
 12:26:39 connect2jamie: OK. Thanks!
 12:26:45 Sheila: We have video from last year.
 12:27:10 PeggyG: that could work :-) maybe you can remix it a bit to add their photos?
 12:27:51 Sheila: We should keep a list of end-of-the-year activities.
 12:28:12 Sheila: I'm going to have to go back in this chat for everything!
 12:28:15 PeggyG: what a fantastic story Maria!
 12:28:38 PeggyG: I can't ever copy/paste from this chat. Used to be able to but can't anymore
 12:29:00 Lisa Parisi: I can when it floats.
 12:29:36 connect2jamie: Wow! didn't know it could float! I see icon now.
 12:29:57 connect2jamie: Yikes. I hate that.
 12:30:11 connect2jamie: That's why I fought the good fight against AR in our school
 12:30:16 Cathy E: We use AimsWeb - so after the End of Grade testing from the state we do AimsWeb
 12:30:23 connect2jamie: School libraries should NOT be levelled.
 12:30:39 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): AR produces test scores, not readers
 12:31:22 PeggyG: I can't when it floats. I always float it and I've tried in Firefox and Chrome and Safari and none of them allow me to copy/paste/drag/anything
 12:31:37 connect2jamie: AR is a teacher program, not a program for students. It makes it "easier" to control what kids are reading.
 12:32:08 connect2jamie: It's a slippery slope. I am soooo glad we have support from curriculum and were able to get rid of AR.
 12:32:13 PeggyG: I totally agree with you Scott!!!
 12:32:21 Maureen: Have to go finish grading/writing. Thanks for the conversation
 12:32:23 Lisa Parisi: My daughter stopped reading because of AR.  Don't even get me started.
 12:32:24 connect2jamie: @maria you are so right!
 12:32:35 connect2jamie: My daughter would have if she'd had to deal with AR.
 12:32:52 connect2jamie: I think my daughter and yours are very similar @lisa! :)
 12:32:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I did tutor a 3rd grader that got excited about reading in part to AR, but he was a special case.
 12:33:01 PeggyG: same thing happened to my grandson Lisa!! the books he was reading didn't "count" for AR (he was reading Harry Potter in first grade)
 12:33:07 connect2jamie: :( sad about last show!
 12:33:19 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Peggy.  She refused to read books not on the list.
 12:33:54 PeggyG: there are some awesome sites that have compiled professional development videos and recordings that I'm planning to use this summer :-)
 12:33:57 Cathy E: yes
 12:34:03 PeggyG: can't wait to see you!!!
 12:34:08 Cathy E: I want to make a plan so I made sure I see you
 12:34:11 connect2jamie: librarians are all about free choice reading. I'm so glad to have gotten rid of AR. Hate levelling too...
 12:34:25 connect2jamie: I sense a change in the wind....?
 12:34:44 PeggyG: we did several live shows for Women of Web from NECC/ISTE
 12:34:58 connect2jamie: Ah you're talking about ISTE. Planning on being there virtually!
 12:35:01 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Iste... maybe next year.
 12:35:05 connect2jamie: Have a good week everyone!
 12:35:24 Cathy E: great show
 12:35:29 PeggyG: be sure to check out ISTE Unplugged for some great virtual sessions from ISTE
 12:35:41 PeggyG: see you all next week! have a great week!
 12:35:43 Lisa Parisi:
 12:35:45 connect2jamie: Bye!
 12:35:49 Lisa Parisi: Bye
 12:35:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): have a good summer