2011-2-3 SEEDlings SHow #106 Bridgette Berman

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  bobsprankle ->  hello arvind!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi Brigitte
 DorieWitt ->  Hello :)
 bobsprankle ->  hello bridgette
 PeggyG ->  Hi everyone!
 PeggyG ->  I missed your live snowday show but got to listen to the recording this afternoon. Fun!
 bobsprankle ->  hi peggy!
 bobsprankle ->  hi all!
 PeggyG ->  are you keeping warm?
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  WE were wound up
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi matt
 PeggyG ->  I'm not but I'm a wimp! 45 degrees here in Phoenix AZ :-)
 PeggyG ->  audio is coming through great!
 mattjmd ->  hello
 bobsprankle ->  thanks, peggy!
 bobsprankle ->  glad for that
 PeggyG ->  hahahaha
 PeggyG ->  these are recording breaking cold days for us here--should be back up to high 60's by this weekend
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Go!
 PeggyG ->  are roof rakes something new? I never used one when I lived in snow country (MA and MT)
 PeggyG ->  I think Arvind forgot to log out for his last show :-)
 PeggyG ->  Hi loonyhiker
 PeggyG ->  hello mattjmd and DorieWitt!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  hi y'all! don't send snow here to SC please
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi everyone!
 PeggyG ->  I'm enjoying seeing all the snow on TV!!! no desire to play in it!
 PeggyG ->  TEDxRedmond was incredible!!!!!!
 PeggyG ->  thrilled to be hearing from Bridgette
 PeggyG ->  http://www.doriewitt.com/
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Welcome Trisha
 DorieWitt ->  Hi It's Brigitte
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  Hi Dorie Witt! :)
 PeggyG ->  and now I know how to spell your name :-)
 mattjmd ->  this is very timely for me as our teachers talked to us about bullying just this morning!
 PeggyG ->  I'm really interested to hear if the same bullying advice works anywhere in the world :-)
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Oh matt That's great!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  What kinds of questions do your teachers want to know
 mattjmd ->  they wanted to know what we would do if someone we dont know well was bullied
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Welcome McMackin
 mattjmd ->  being in a small school this was hard to imagine
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  WElcome Connie
 mattjmd ->  but they were wondering if we would talk to them, a teacher, or the bully
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Matt yes that's a great question
 Connie Sitterley ->  Hey eveyone
 PeggyG ->  http://twitter.com/#!/DorieWitt
 Trisha ->  This is my First session! Should I be hearing anything...will I need a headset?
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Trisha: On the top right of teh page click EdETch A
 PeggyG ->  yes Trisha
 PeggyG ->  no headset needed
 PeggyG ->  just click on one of the icons under EdTechTalk A for audio
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  http://www.youtube.com/user/BrigitteBerman1
 PeggyG ->  I'll bet it's more than 40%
 Sheila ->  Hi all!
 PeggyG ->  Hi Sheila
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi Sheila
 Trisha ->  Super TY! :)
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Great point about MODELING
 PeggyG ->  Great Trisha!
 PeggyG ->  Have you seen Kevin Honeycutt's new children's book called "Don't Stay Under the Couch-Starbuck and the Bully" It's fantastic!
 PeggyG ->  http://web.me.com/khoneycuttessdack/kevinhoneycutt.org/Starbuck_Book.html
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Haven't seen it but I can imagine it's great. Link?
 PeggyG ->  it has a companion curriculum guide too :-)
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  You're fast!
 Connie Sitterley ->  Kevin's work is always great
 PeggyG ->  I bought the book and the pictures of his dog Starbuck are wonderful and really help to tell the story
 PeggyG ->  I agree Bob!! nothing like hearing it from a peer!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  :)
 Connie Sitterley ->  My past district participated in the Olweus program which is a quite structured program for k-12  http://www.clemson.edu/olweus/
 PeggyG ->  do you like it Connie?
 Connie Sitterley ->  The Olweus works to develop peer support
 PeggyG ->  that was great advice from her mom
 Trisha ->  Sounds like you took ownership over the situation...powerful!
 Connie Sitterley ->  I believe that it has been quite effective-they rolled it out a couple schools at a time and were just going into the second set when I retired
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Connie: :ools like a good resource
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Looks
 PeggyG ->  http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=55178028049&topic=8554 Her facebook page for the survey "Have you ever felt this way?"
 Connie Sitterley ->  Great example of a supportive family-more kids need that support
 PeggyG ->  it sounds great Connie!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  Thx Connie! Clemson is near where I live too and wonder what other resources they have.
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Yea Cheryl's here!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  hello, just back from parent conferences
 PeggyG ->  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brigitte-Berman/55178028049?v=wall Brigitte's Facebook page. I'm a new fan!!
 PeggyG ->  Hi Cheryl! great to see you!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Peggy me too!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hi Peggy, good to be here.
 PeggyG ->  http://www.totallynotably.com/Brigitte_Bermans_Blog/Brigitte_the_Bully_B...
 PeggyG ->  that's a very long link to her blog "What's Totally Notable Today?"
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  There is no way we should accept, bullying as a right of passage.
 mattjmd ->  I have to go, great talk guys! love your work!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  We should stop that at all corners.
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Bye matt
 PeggyG ->  I agree Cheryl!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  I wonder how many teachers let it go
 PeggyG ->  who wouldn't want Brigitte supporting you?!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  A good survey question, Alice.
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  I grew up being bullied so I can really feel for those kids who are bullied.
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Brigitte it is a huge issue for a school, not just a teacher/classroom issue.
 PeggyG ->  Kevin asks a great question in his book: Can Starbuck learn when he's scared?
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Alice, right, it is a culture of the building.
 PeggyG ->  being scared can totally interfere with your learning at school--that's why it needs to be stopped and not ignored
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Culture and trust SO important
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  i was actually bullied by a teacher as well as other kids
 PeggyG ->  good point loonyhiker!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  "As an adult, the best thing to do is be open and ready to listen."
 Trisha ->  Yes...culture is Key
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  negative talk has become acceptable and standard rather than the opposite
 PeggyG ->  that is such a good point--kids tend to think of it as "normal" but it's not!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Yes, Pat, it is acceptable in many places, not welcomed
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Pat good point.... so much negativity
 Trisha ->  I sometimes feel the lines can sometimes be Blurred between a Conflict (big or small) and Bullying...some days it may seem like an issue and the next day it may not. Any tips to identify?
 PeggyG ->  such a good perspective!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  by bringing this out in the open, we can begin to empower the kids who want to speak up
 Connie Sitterley ->  One good thing that came with the Olweus at our schools was that there were development of that culture and understanding of what bullying looks like and sounds like-in terms appropriate for the age groups
 PeggyG ->  that sounds like a very comprehensive program Connie! Was it expensive?
 Trisha ->  @Connie..yes *appropriate for age groups* is important...
 Trisha ->  as parent we hear a lot about it too @MS level...
 Trisha ->  YES!
 Connie Sitterley ->  I know that there was a grant involved but I wasn't involved with that part
 PeggyG ->  I heard it a lot in my elementary school--even very young kids bully because they see/hear it at home. They all need to be educated.
 PeggyG ->  that word "acccident" comes up a lot! :-)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Yes, Peggy, or I didn't mean it, it was a joke.
 PeggyG ->  exactly
 PeggyG ->  they think they can't be held responsible if it was an accident and they said "sorry"
 Trisha ->  Same Group too it seems?
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  WE have ocnditioned them to say sorry, but they don't know what it really means
 PeggyG ->  right! really doesn't mean anything
 Trisha ->  Excellent Thanks so much :) Looking for those patterns...and restructuring.
 PeggyG ->  I love the videos I have seen created by students using the music from Peter, Paul and Mary for "Don't Laugh at Me"-powerful message
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  @Peggy I haven't seen those
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  i haven't seen them either
 PeggyG ->  I've seen several. There is an entire curriculum guide that goes with it too.
 PeggyG ->  http://www.dontlaugh.org/curricula/index.php
 PeggyG ->  all free materials
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks Peggy
 PeggyG ->  that was an amazing story Brigitte!!
 PeggyG ->  you are so articulate and passionate about bully prevention!!
 Trisha ->  Yes...inspiring!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  http://www.pewinternet.org/Search.aspx?q=cyberbullying   Latest research from Pew Internet
 PeggyG ->  I agree Cheryl!
 Trisha ->  Thanks for Dropping those Links In!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  sure, I love Pew Internet research.
 PeggyG ->  great ideas!
 PeggyG ->  sometimes you can have the older kids prepare stories or puppet plays for younger kids so they get the message as they share it with them
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  I still feel the effects and I'm over 50
 PeggyG ->  yes it stays with you forever!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  when I approach a group of my peers/professionals, my heart beats fast and I want to run (fight or flight response!)
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Yes scars forever.
 PeggyG ->  her point about self-confidence is so important
 Connie Sitterley ->  there is an internet safety program  http://isafe.org/ that deals with internet bullying-they use older students as mentors and have a program specifically to assist with that
 PeggyG ->  so true--you don't have to have all the answers but you just have to let them know you're willing to listen
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Pat, I am so glad you have worked through this, you are a powerful force in the cybersphere! I am so glad you believed in yourself?
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  thanks cheryl but it doesn't come naturally - i really have to push myself but thx for the kind words!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  i felt the same way which is what steered me towards special ed
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Yes, I m all for the underdog, Pat.
 PeggyG ->  you have so much to share loonyhiker! I'm so glad you persevered! I would never have guessed that about you.
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  i was the only Chinese in elem. and jr. high so was bullied because i was different
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Me too loony hiker. You have so much to share!
 PeggyG ->  wish Sheila was still here to hear this about NASA!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  This is so exciting!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Peggy, she will hear the podcast, you know Shelia :-)
 PeggyG ->  of course!!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  i love hearing the enthusiasm in Brigit's voice!
 PeggyG ->  me too! that kind of excitement about learning definitely builds self confidence!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  She is such a great speaker - I bet she could sell ice cream to eskimos!
 PeggyG ->  I'll bet she could too!
 Connie Sitterley ->  What a great show-I need to share the podcast link with some of the teachers I work with
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Sure thing Connie! We have a bunch of them, over 100.
 PeggyG ->  she should definitely host her own show!
 Connie Sitterley ->  I know-I have been listening since Bob started!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  :-)
 PeggyG ->  that's very exciting about Adora Svitak!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  http://www.learner.org/resources/series164.html?pop=yes&pid=1747
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  applause applause for Brigitte
 Trisha ->  ;0
 PeggyG ->  clap clap clap!!!! I'm just smiling!!!!
 Connie Sitterley ->  Thanks so much for sharing, Brigitte
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  http://www.3x3links.com/index.html
 PeggyG ->  I love 3x3 links! first learned about them from EduTecher-Adam Bellow
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  http://www.fotobabble.com/
 Trisha ->  WoW does look cool!
 bobsprankle ->  http://tedxredmond.com/live/
 PeggyG ->  cool tool Cheryl!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  it is very fun! fotobabble
 bobsprankle ->  http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/02/02/19gossip_ep.h30.html?tkn=VY...
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/02/02/19gossip_ep.h30.html?tkn=VY...
 PeggyG ->  fantastic!! more TEDxRedmond guests!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  www.googleartproject.com
 bobsprankle ->  http://www.googleartproject.com/
 PeggyG ->  just started exploring that this week. incredible site!
 PeggyG ->  thank you so much for sharing tonight Brigitte! so inspiring!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  thx brigitte! this was wonderful
 bobsprankle ->  thank you all so much!!!
 AliceBarr (SEEDlings) ->  Thank you all! Great to have you here tonight
 bobsprankle ->  bridgette you sooooo rock!
 DorieWitt ->  Thank you so much!! :)
 PeggyG ->  I'd follow Brigitte anywhere :-)
 DorieWitt ->  you all are so very kind! :) thank you!!
 loonyhiker (aka Pat) ->  nite y'all!
 Trisha ->  Thank You! for your sharing, knowledge and experience :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  good night all, thanks see you next week
 PeggyG ->  Stay warm everyone! see you next week
 Trisha ->  TY!
 Connie Sitterley ->  Night everyone from Phil's state PA