Teachers Teaching Teachers #211 - A Real Team Challenge: Spill! 07.28.10

Post-Show description: 

This summer, we could feel the energy growing around teachers building curriculum about the BP oil spill. This episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers one example. This conversation is part of our ongoing series of podcasts focused on collecting stories, ideas, curriculum, connections, and resources that will help us teach about the Gulf oil spill this fall. Our guests include:

Even though you’re busy this summer with countless poolside BBQs, it’s never too early to plan ahead for Fall semester curriculum.The Virtual Team Challenge is an entirely FREE online, multiplayer business simulation that takes place in the animated 3D world of New City. The team objective in the simulation is to help the mayor stage the most efficient oil spill recovery effort. Top-performing teams are eligible for prizes for themselves, their teachers, and local charities! Virtual Team Challenge will run this Fall from October 12 – November 24. See our article in The New York Times to read about one NJ teacher’s success with the program. Virtual Team Challenge comes complete with lesson plans and in-class exercises which form a curriculum that highlights general business acumen, business ethics, negotiation skills, decision-making processes and accounting while placing a special emphasis on important life/career skills such as teamwork, communication, professionalism and research methods. Register now at www.virtualteamchallenge.com.

  • Teachers from the Gulf join us as well. Even though on this show we feature teachers and resources from "elsewhere," it is always a welcomed moment when we can hear from our new friends from along the Gulf Coast.
  • Oh, if you listen to the end, you'll catch Bill Fitzgerald who had just put up Voices on the Gulf hours before this webcast.

If you haven't joined us at Voices on the Gulf and at Youth Voices, please consider joining now. These are the best ways for keeping up with the work of this community of teachers represented on this podcast this fall.

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20:57:23 Suzie Boss: Hey paul--which is right room for tonight?
20:58:40 Suzie Boss: Hi Susan--is this right room for tonight?
20:58:56 Ellen Steigman: I've only taken part in one of these, so if someone can remind me what to do that would be great.
20:59:25 Suzie Boss: Hi Ellen--looks like everyone's still getting set up
20:59:55 Suzie Boss: I'm recognizing lots of PBL Campers here!
21:00:14 matt montagne: hey y'all...
21:00:32 matt montagne: looking forward to the check in tonight...sounds like some great work is happening here
21:00:41 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone I believe we are broadcasting can you hear?
21:00:45 Suzie Boss: no
21:00:45 Paul Allison: Matt you can talk tonight too.
21:00:52 aruthizer: no
21:01:42 cryospear: no
21:01:57 veisman: No audio.
21:02:43 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone can you hear us?
21:03:06 TParks: Hello everyone!
21:03:11 thanson: I hear you on skype but don't know what I am suppose to do here.
21:03:39 Ellen Steigman: ditto
21:04:12 Suzie Boss: Hey Tammy!
21:04:15 Suzie Boss: Hi Gail!
21:04:44 TParks: Hi Suzie!
21:05:00 Andy Rosenbloom: Benny!
21:05:05 heyitzbenny: hey
21:05:27 heyitzbenny: now how to i listen?
21:05:32 Andrew: hey andy/ben
21:06:14 Andy Rosenbloom: Good evening Mr. Mayo
21:07:20 SusanEttenheim: welcome everyone!
21:07:30 SusanEttenheim: please introduce yourself - where and what do you teach?
21:08:07 Ellen Steigman: sorry- I still don't have audio
21:08:22 Ellen Steigman: never mind, got it.
21:08:34 matt montagne: I'm Matt Montagne, from Palo Alto, California-grades 6-12 instructional technology
21:08:42 SusanEttenheim: ellen just click on edtech talk a
21:08:44 veisman: ***I have audio***   WOW
21:08:44 Paul Allison: http://paulallison.tumblr.com/post/868811052/voices-on-the-gulf-teachers...
21:09:00 SusanEttenheim: great!
21:09:04 SusanEttenheim: where and what do you teach?
21:09:06 aruthizer: I am Alex.  I teach 6th and 7th Grade science in Whitestone NY.  
21:09:07 Ellen Steigman: Ellen Steigman, Mandeville, LA, English II (10th grade)
21:09:17 TParks: Tammy Parks - Howe, OK Convergence Journalism/Multi Media 8th-12th Grade Howe Public Schools Howe, OK www.howeschools.org
21:09:18 veisman: Vincent Eisman, Oakdale, CA. I teach 4th grade, and Grade 3-6 Go club.
21:09:23 SusanEttenheim: welcome ellen!
21:09:26 matt montagne: wow, this game was created 18 months ago?? Did you have a crystal ball!!!
21:09:34 SusanEttenheim: and tammy and vincent welcome!
21:10:02 Ellen Steigman: Thanks, Susan! I was here last month along with Natasha and Carolyn, all from Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project. Good to be back.
21:10:13 thanson: How do you get it?
21:10:21 TParks: Matt - I work a lot w/ @wfryer - know he did some training for you guys out in CA.  He's joining me tomorrow for a multimedia workshop here in Norman, OK.  
21:10:39 Andy Rosenbloom: www.virtualteamchallenge.com
21:10:42 SusanEttenheim: please say hi from us!
21:10:52 Ellen Steigman: will do :-)
21:10:53 cryospear: my name is Jason Neuman, Spring Hill, FL.  I am an Instructional Tech Specialist and teach teachers how to use technology in their classroom
21:10:57 thanson: Can you use it virtually
21:11:01 matt montagne: @Tparks, awesome! and since you work with Wes, you already know what a great facilitator he is. He did a great job with our teachers in June
21:11:17 thanson: For example if I wanted to use it with students from all over?
21:11:23 SusanEttenheim: matt that was quite a lineup you had!
21:11:52 matt montagne: susan, it was fun...I think Wes and the others helped us push the needle a bit.
21:12:01 thanson: :)
21:12:11 SusanEttenheim: hiiii durgg!
21:12:13 matt montagne: durff!!!!!
21:12:17 TParks: Great to meet you Matt! :-)
21:12:26 SusanEttenheim: durff
21:12:40 mrsdurff: you called?
21:12:52 SusanEttenheim: hi! where are you these days?
21:12:57 SusanEttenheim: back from the trip?
21:13:13 SusanEttenheim: matt it sounds as though it must have been amazing!
21:13:15 matt montagne: tparks...do you use twitter??
21:13:23 matt montagne: http://twitter.com/mjmontagne
21:13:27 SusanEttenheim: gail skype is telling me that you're not on???
21:13:29 mrsdurff: I am in hot Southcentral PA
21:13:50 TParks: @Matt yes @TParks
21:14:42 SusanEttenheim: welcome back ben
21:14:46 SusanEttenheim: can you hear ok?
21:14:50 mrsdurff: matt who? never heard of him....
21:14:54 SusanEttenheim: and welcome tmmaerke
21:14:55 Ben: ty
21:15:06 SusanEttenheim: hi dbragg! welcome
21:15:08 Ben: im working on installing realplayer to hear correctly
21:15:12 mrsdurff: hi dbragg, ben, tmmaerke
21:15:21 DBragg: Hi everyone
21:15:24 SusanEttenheim: we still have some introductions - please introduce yourself! Where and what do you teach?
21:15:31 SusanEttenheim: let us know if you need help ben
21:16:11 Suzie Boss: Susan--lost audio?
21:16:20 mrsdurff: i don't know who I am much less where I am, but I do have ice cold Starbucks in my resuable mug from the Starbucks in Seoul
21:16:20 Andy Rosenbloom: Susan, Ben is actually my colleague from Virtual Team Challenge
21:16:28 mrsdurff: hey JL
21:16:45 thanson: Have I lost everyone as I don't hear anything now
21:16:53 DBragg: I teach Parenting and Creative Cooking in the Allentown (PA) school district.  I am the tech liaison with the Penn State - Lehigh Valley WP.
21:16:59 Suzie Boss: Can't hear anything...?
21:17:04 mrsdurff: hi renee
21:17:12 mrsdurff: suzie turn it up
21:17:13 Suzie Boss: skype shows me on hold
21:17:14 thanson: No, I have been put on hold?
21:17:35 SusanEttenheim: suzie it says you are held remotely which means you put it on hold somehow
21:17:42 SusanEttenheim: maybe I should just call you back?
21:17:50 Renee: Hi.  I tried to call in but I am not sure how.
21:17:56 thanson: Ok - back on.
21:18:02 SusanEttenheim: hi jl welcome!
21:18:34 mrsdurff:  hi craig
21:18:42 Suzie Boss: Susan--I'll hang up--can you get me back?
21:18:57 Suzie Boss: I can  hear again!
21:19:04 Suzie Boss: mic on mute
21:19:36 mrsdurff: stream is good
21:20:03 SusanEttenheim: thanks durff - skype gremlins running around tonight
21:20:18 matt montagne: you're doing a great job managing it Susan!!
21:20:28 mrsdurff: Skype is having a day
21:20:33 matt montagne: JL!!!!
21:20:47 mrsdurff: She always does - cool, calm, collected
21:20:51 Ellen Steigman: whoa...time delay. which should I listen on? Skype, I think?
21:20:53 mrsdurff: I just fall to pieces
21:21:07 SusanEttenheim: ha! and talking to myself the whole way - who was having trouble hearing? are you ok now?
21:21:11 mrsdurff: Ellen there is a time delay and that is okay
21:21:20 SusanEttenheim: ellen close the stream and listen to skype yes
21:21:34 mrsdurff: or that
21:21:38 Ellen Steigman: Yup. Much less confusing now. Like life in general...
21:21:41 SusanEttenheim: hi craig welcome
21:21:54 SusanEttenheim: please instroduce yourself - where and what do you teach?
21:22:00 mrsdurff: Confusion is our middle name at ETT
21:22:06 SusanEttenheim: thanson can you hear now?
21:22:18 mrsdurff: teach? the kids teach ME!
21:22:21 thanson: yes, I can hear
21:22:28 SusanEttenheim: ok great
21:22:35 SusanEttenheim: is everyone else hearing ok?
21:22:42 Ellen Steigman: yup. thanks.
21:22:43 mrsdurff: what a big question
21:22:43 DBragg: hearing fine
21:22:50 mrsdurff: define success
21:23:09 mrsdurff: being on the leaderboard?
21:23:15 SusanEttenheim: gail - what's doing with your skype? can you hear?
21:23:19 mrsdurff: being in the top 10?
21:23:22 thanson: I would love to try this with a few students that are here and overseas but I am not sure how, if you download it onto your computer, then how do they work together through the virtual environment.
21:23:25 veisman: Hearing fine with streaming, Susan.
21:23:26 Suzie Boss: wow--ethics angle could get interesting
21:23:30 SusanEttenheim: good
21:23:30 cryospear: yes hear fine - through stream and Windows Media Player
21:23:38 matt montagne: it looks like it is Windows only...can anyone else corroborate this??
21:23:49 mrsdurff: uh?
21:24:00 thanson: I hope not as I use Mac.
21:24:10 SusanEttenheim: stepping away for one sec - be right back
21:24:11 mrsdurff: using a PC
21:24:22 Craig Hicks: I have audio using itunes on a MAC
21:24:23 matt montagne: sadly prophetic
21:24:30 Paul Allison: yes windows, I think
21:25:13 SusanEttenheim: I'm back
21:25:17 Ellen Steigman: no superheroes at BP...only schlubs.
21:25:21 mrsdurff: which character do kids like best? why?
21:25:31 mrsdurff: agreed Ellen
21:25:48 cryospear: I agree completely ellen
21:26:12 Ellen Steigman: living in Louisiana, I don't get to hear the word schlub too often. Ahh, home.
21:26:32 mrsdurff: is this game open to the public?
21:26:41 Andy Rosenbloom: Yes the game is open to the public
21:26:41 matt montagne: I think schools only durff
21:26:46 mrsdurff: is there an url? can I use it this fall?
21:26:50 matt montagne: andy, does the game have a Mac version??
21:26:52 Andy Rosenbloom: Any teacher can register for the program
21:26:56 mrsdurff: with my kids at school
21:26:56 Andy Rosenbloom: www.virtualteamchallenge.com
21:27:01 mrsdurff: cost?
21:27:06 matt montagne: is a mac version in the works??
21:27:09 matt montagne: Game is free
21:27:16 mrsdurff: love it
21:27:21 Andy Rosenbloom: Right now there is no Mac version, but you can run the program on a Mac via a secondary OS
21:27:30 Andy Rosenbloom: And yes, the game is entirely free
21:27:32 matt montagne: rats
21:27:35 mrsdurff: problem solving is such an important skill
21:28:26 Paul Allison: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com/It-Affects-Us-All%21
21:29:48 Andy Rosenbloom: To answer some questions that I missed while talking:  Success is defined most of all by performance in the Sim.  The mayor, for example, will congratulate the students along the way for their jobs well done.  If a team does make it to the leaderboard and furthermore to the top 3 of the leaderboard, all the more success for them
21:30:35 SusanEttenheim: gail it just keeps saying that you're not online
21:30:39 mrsdurff: so success is assessed within the game - excellent motivation
21:31:03 Gail Desler: @Susan - try gail_desler - had to set up new acct.
21:31:27 mrsdurff: someone stole my delicious and diigo add ons - you go away for a measly three weeks and ......
21:31:54 thanson: Dang - It doesn't look like Spill will work for me on the Mac system.
21:32:27 matt montagne: New York kids could study natural gas fracking, which is full of great possibilities for exploratory learning.
21:32:40 Paul Allison: http://voicesonthegulf.org
21:32:51 Andy Rosenbloom: thanson - please contact me tomorrow and we can see if we can help you figure out how to install - [email protected]
21:34:41 cryospear: thank you all for the nice little peak into this great collaborative resource (EdTechTalk)  :)
21:35:01 SusanEttenheim: edtechtalk is awwweeesome
21:35:02 thanson: You got it. I think this would be an awesome challenge to bring students from US and outside of US together to solve.
21:35:15 SusanEttenheim: as in worldbridges!
21:35:29 mrsdurff: the elves are awesome!
21:36:12 SusanEttenheim: hi bill welcome!
21:37:00 Suzie Boss: Hi Bill--sounds like great progress on Voices
21:38:27 Renee: I would like to connect with a school in that area.  Does anyone have any information on that?
21:39:17 Suzie Boss: Renee--there are also teachers from Gulf in PBL Camp. I can introduce you to them if you'd like
21:39:35 mrsdurff: hi bill, hi mary
21:39:36 SusanEttenheim: hi mary
21:39:50 billfitzgerald: hello, mrsdurff
21:40:01 billfitzgerald: hello, Susab and Suzie -
21:40:14 Suzie Boss: Hi Bill--fellow Portlander!
21:40:15 billfitzgerald: Susan == Susab :|
21:40:31 Renee: Thank you. How do I contact you?
21:40:42 billfitzgerald: Suzie: the weather is fine!
21:40:54 Suzie Boss: Bill: indeed!
21:40:57 mary: Is this audio only tonight?
21:41:33 Suzie Boss: Andy has me thinking about Flat Stanley projects and the Gulf region
21:41:51 Andy Rosenbloom: Yes!  Flat Stanley!
21:42:06 matt montagne: ooh, I like that idea Suzie.
21:42:13 Ellen Steigman: [email protected]. What you may want to do is go onto the school district website and scope out a couple of middle schools (4-6th grade). www.stpsb.org. I know one or two middle school teachers that I can forward your email to if you want to send me an email.
21:42:15 matt montagne: That's right, NYC has ePals now, correct??
21:42:25 Ellen Steigman: Oily Stanley?
21:42:26 Suzie Boss: @Matt Could be nice way to engage younger students
21:42:54 mrsdurff: Have you tried doing that online as in a blog?
21:42:59 matt montagne: definitely, ePals could be a great channel
21:42:59 Suzie Boss: Ellen: Oy!
21:43:08 mrsdurff: ClassBlogmeister is great for that age group
21:43:34 mrsdurff: I don't personally like ePals - just personal preference
21:43:43 matt montagne: hopefully district filters haven't picked up on voicesonthegulf.com just yet ;)
21:43:56 mrsdurff: give them time
21:44:15 billfitzgerald: matt - it should be a while - we're flying below the radar
21:44:34 matt montagne: Andy just described the possibilities in comparison to pen pal days of yore...a bit disappointing that we're not able to exploit the possibilities more effectively
21:44:37 Renee: @matt I don't know how that will work for my charter school but i did see the announcement on the e-pals site.
21:45:01 mary -> Room 1: pls post site url again
21:45:44 mrsdurff: I just do it and ask qts later
21:45:55 mrsdurff: of course I am in a private school
21:46:03 Renee: @ Ellen I will e-mail you.  My e-mail address is [email protected]
21:47:08 matt montagne: we could also link back to Edutopia's community professional development pages
21:47:41 Suzie Boss: @Matt--please do
21:47:44 Andy Rosenbloom: the "just do it" attitude comes up a lot with our program.  Last year we actually had the New York Times dispatched out to a New Jersey school.  While the interview was taking place, the Principal turned to me and said, "We're very happy about everything that's going on here, however, the teacher [i]really[/i] should have gotten administrative permission before rolling out a game in his classroom"
21:48:50 Ellen Steigman: Renee, is that educators care, or educator scare? ;-)
21:48:51 Suzie Boss: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com/
21:48:58 matt montagne: I wouldn't replicate the PD support piece from edutopia in voices on the gulf...I would just link back to it
21:49:20 Suzie Boss: http://www.edutopia.org/groups/project-based-learning
21:49:29 Renee: @ Ellen Educators Care.
21:50:00 Gail Desler: @Andy - it can make a huge difference when administrators truly embrace innovative tech integration
21:50:15 mrsdurff: Had to go to my delicious and diigo sites to manually add Spill - this is just too good to lose!
21:50:26 matt montagne: or it could be kinda like the "Flatclassroom Project" where students collaborate to work on a task/series of tasks.
21:51:27 Gail Desler: @Andy Alan November in an ISTE preso talked about "empathy" being the #1 skill for 21st century
21:52:00 matt montagne: @gail...the folks at Stanford's Design School think empathy is one of the most important elements in the design process
21:52:46 Renee: On the Monday Edutopia Webinar they mentioned that many people and even pets were affected but the only way to find out what is truly need is to speak to those that are there.
21:53:01 Gail Desler: @Matt Is there a link to their (STanford's) research on empath?
21:53:09 TParks: @Gail I attended @November's session as well.  Great talk!
21:53:09 matt montagne: I believe that if the folks who got us into this situation had a greater level of empathy that we might note be in a situation we're in right now
21:53:27 mrsdurff: empathy - interesting - Korean schools encourage students to think of others first - close to empathy i would think
21:53:29 Gail Desler: @TParks - I think it was my favorite session
21:53:39 matt montagne: @gail more on Stanford's Design school at: http://dschool.stanford.edu/
21:53:47 Renee: What age group is the game intended for?
21:53:47 Gail Desler: Thanks, Matt
21:53:50 mrsdurff: are USA students behind on this?
21:53:52 matt montagne: empathy is at the forefront of their design process
21:54:09 TParks: @Gail - I agree!  I attended BLC 2008 - great opportunity!
21:54:31 Gail Desler: @TParks - OH I'd love to attend BLC!
21:54:36 matt montagne: @durff...its a really, really good question. I fear we might be behind-perhaps we always have been a bit behind with our isolationist/imperialist tainted history
21:55:21 mrsdurff: maybe we are just too full of ourselves, too sure of our success
21:55:33 mary -> Room 1: has Suzie posted the links? I don't see them in the window I'm viewing titled Worldbridges chat room. Am I viewing the correct window.
21:55:37 Paul Allison: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com/It-Affects-Us-All%21
21:55:39 Ellen Steigman: @mrsdurff That's really interesting about Korean schools. We could use a bit of that.
21:55:56 Renee: My class might be interested in participating and giving feedback.
21:56:18 thanson: Those links were awesome and so full of ideas that can be used.
21:56:24 Suzie Boss: http://www.edutopia.org/project-based-learning-camp-expert-webinar
21:56:48 mrsdurff: Lurkers Unite!
21:56:57 matt montagne: I taught a kid 4 years ago that was a HUGE bird geek. He new birds and could sense birds like I've never seen.
21:57:30 mrsdurff: I had one who was an expert on spiders - ew!
21:58:15 matt montagne: and we have HUGE water issues out here in Califorina as well.
21:58:28 Andy Rosenbloom: Once again, the Spill! program is available at www.virtualteamchallenge.com and it is absolutely free, so please forward the link to any colleagues who may be interested
21:58:44 Gail Desler: Thanks, Andy
21:59:12 matt montagne: I read today somewhere that New York area beachers are some of the most polluted beaches in the country...good research opportunity for the kids to explore stressed/pressured environments right in their own backyards
21:59:14 thanson: I will be in touch with you tomorrow Andy to see if it is something, using the Mac, that I could use with the virtual school.
21:59:37 DBragg: Yeah, Fire Island.  I grew up on the eastern end.  The National Seashore is on both the east and west ends.
21:59:58 Andy Rosenbloom: I would love to have the virtual school participate!
22:00:06 Renee: Who in the chatroom helped to invent the game?
22:00:25 Suzie Boss: Grant opportunity for Gulf edn projects: http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/funding_opps.html
22:00:29 Andy Rosenbloom: I was on the development team for the game
22:00:35 matt montagne: "New York Beachers Seventh Worst in Nation: http://www.brooklyneagle.com/categories/category.php?category_id=31&id=3...
22:00:41 Andy Rosenbloom: Ben and Andrew work on my team to promote the program
22:00:52 matt montagne: hi mary!
22:01:10 Andy Rosenbloom: (it looks like Andrew has signed off)
22:01:37 DBragg: My focus would be on the impact to the food sources.   How do we know that our food is safe?
22:03:19 SusanEttenheim: hi ann
22:03:21 SusanEttenheim: welcome
22:03:29 ann: Hola
22:03:34 ann: Gracias
22:03:45 matt montagne: @dbragg...food is a HUGE topic
22:03:49 Andy Rosenbloom: who is leading the state meeting?
22:03:59 ann: Puerto Rico
22:04:01 Andy Rosenbloom: anyone I can contact to get involved?
22:05:13 billfitzgerald: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com/
22:05:31 Renee: That's a great question.  I am looking at the site right now.
22:05:40 veisman: @dbragg @matt concerning sea food, check out this TED: http://tinyurl.com/l2n8o7
22:05:41 billfitzgerald: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com/
22:06:10 thanson: Another big issue regarding this, as well as other major disasters, is the toll on mental health.  Comparing a man-made disaster vs. natural disaster and that man-made seems to cause more mental health problems.  It is a story that NPR has been dealing with for the past few weeks.
22:06:56 Gail Desler: @thanson that's an interesting perspective.
22:07:14 Renee: I see that posts can be in many languages on the site.
22:07:23 Andy Rosenbloom: very interesting, just shared that with my 3 friends who are standing by in the apartment...
22:07:23 DBragg: @veisman thanks for the link, I'll look at it later.  I saw Jamie Oliver's TED prize presentations.
22:07:40 Andy Rosenbloom: two social workers in the room said that they studied that in their MSW program
22:07:42 Renee: Does anyone have the ability to post?
22:09:11 Ellen Steigman: @thanson I listened to that after getting an update from edutopia. Good article.
22:09:28 Ellen Steigman: I just made a discussion :D
22:09:46 mrsdurff: yes. gtg - bye all
22:10:07 thanson: They have been following that theme so you should be able to find alot of material.  Good theme for health in high school.
22:10:19 Suzie Boss: @Ellen: Are you part of PBL Camp?
22:11:02 veisman: Thnx all, gtg make curried veggie pasta dish.  : )
22:11:25 SusanEttenheim: welcome back ann
22:11:28 Ellen Steigman: @ Suzie no, just lurking
22:11:47 Suzie Boss: @Ellen Let me know if we can get any resources to your/your dist
22:12:08 billfitzgerald: http://vimeo.com/13716311
22:12:32 thanson: Thank you for inviting me.  This has been very interesting and valuable.
22:12:33 Suzie Boss: Please continue discussing at Edutopia--love to see this conversation grow
22:12:36 SusanEttenheim: thanks for joining us bill!
22:12:49 billfitzgerald: Link above (vimeo) is an overview of the site
22:13:06 Renee: You are welcome.  Good night.  Thanks for inviting me.
22:13:17 Suzie Boss: Thanks all--great stuff happening!
22:13:23 Ben: www.virtualteamchallenge.com
22:13:35 matt montagne: great conversation...looking forward to continued collaborations.
22:13:44 TParks: Thanks to all!
22:13:52 Gail Desler: Thanks all
22:13:59 Ellen Steigman: thanks, Suzie! I really hope that Natasha is willing to moderate the Humanities channel; I think it would be great to have someone from the gulf coast doing it.
22:14:02 matt montagne: @tparks...have fun working with Wes tomorrow
22:14:06 matt montagne: bye all!!!
22:14:09 Renee: I would like to come back once we complete our project.
22:14:34 mary: thanks
22:15:03 Ellen Steigman: Suzie, how do I contact you?
22:15:21 Ellen Steigman: oops. oh well. goodnight, all.
23:19:13 mrsdurff -> Room 1: hey
23:19:19 JL -> Room 1: hey