Teachers Without Borders Canada - Report After 6 weeks in Africa

[20:23] <cheri> this is the first time i've been able to use FF in almost 2 years
[20:23] <cheri> so nice
[20:28] <PeggyG> Hi everyone!! getting set up and almost ready to start the stream
[20:29] <PeggyG> new chat window tonight--we're just trying it out.
[20:29] <cheri> can you hear us?
[20:29] <PeggyG> can you let us know if you're hearing the stream on ETT-A???
[20:30] <PeggyG> technology is always such an adventure!!!
[20:31] <PeggyG> with this new chat window you can copy/paste links into the chat--nice feature
[20:31] <PeggyG> Sharon is doing some awesome multitasking!!
[20:32] <PeggyG> so excited to be hearing about Teachers Without Borders-Canada experience!!
[20:33] <cheri> Welcome to WOW 3
[20:33] <PeggyG> just caught that--John is from Ohio but he was on the Canadian team for TWB :-)
[20:33] <cheri> Welcome Jackie!
[20:33] <PeggyG> Hi Jackie! Hi Kim!
[20:33] <jackiegerstein> Hi Cheri
[20:33] <cheri> Hi E
[20:34] <E> hi
[20:34] <jackiegerstein> Hi Peggy
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[20:34] <cheri> Hi Kim and Jenm
[20:34] <PeggyG> I love that Skype makes this kind of connection possible!!
[20:34] <John_Schinker> I was the "international" part of the team, Peggy.
[20:34] <PeggyG> that's really cool John!!
[20:35] <cheri> @John - that's right, thanks for representing us U.S.r's
[20:35] <cheri> Yea!
[20:35] <PeggyG> yeah Jodi!!
[20:35] <cheri> Welcome csitterley
[20:35] <csitterley> Thanks-good to be here
[20:35] <PeggyG> what a great range of teaching expertise on your team!!
[20:36] <PeggyG> Welcome Lois!!!
[20:37] <cheri> Welcome Noble
[20:38] <Sharon> Okay - am finally here in the chat making loud noisy typing sounds
[20:38] <PeggyG> that's amazing!! brought them 12 more computers and then taught them how to use them!!
[20:38] <PeggyG> not hearing your typing now Sharon
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[20:40] <PeggyG> amazing networking Noble!!
[20:40] <Maureen> Ok I'm confused... how do you listen?
[20:40] <PeggyG> click on ETT-A for audio
[20:40] <PeggyG> no ustream for this show
[20:40] <Sharon> Click on little audio icon in top right hand EDtech talk A
[20:40] <cheri> you'll have to go back to the log in page
[20:41] <Maureen> It tells me that I have to reboot ...
[20:41] <Sharon> or start another page ... and login there
[20:41] <PeggyG> the trainer of trainer model makes so much sense!!
[20:41] <cheri> Give them a fish vs. teach them to fish
[20:42] <PeggyG> that's exactly what I was thinking Cheri!
[20:42] <cheri> @Maureen - you can open edtechtalk in a new tab, then look for the EdTechTalk A
[20:42] <Maureen> Thanks Peggy and Sharon- FF gods do not like me today.
[20:43] <Maureen> I've got it now
[20:43] <Sharon> phew!
[20:43] <PeggyG> great Maureen!
[20:43] <PeggyG> what a success story!!
[20:44] <cheri> Welcome LesleyE and Durff
[20:44] <PeggyG> I really appreciate hearing that history!!!
[20:44] <cheri> Welcome elizabeth - didn't see you come in
[20:45] <ehelfant> Hi cheri- listening and watching baseball
[20:45] <PeggyG> that must be an amazing feeling to go back and see the progress they have made since your last visit!
[20:45] <cheri> @ehelfant - me too :-)
[20:45] <durff> hi dr. toledo
[20:46] <cheri> lol
[20:46] <PeggyG> I'm curious how the bandwidth and network connections affected what you did with the teachers there
[20:46] <Sharon> Peggy - it was really amazing to return and see their growth!
[20:46] <cheri> not until tomorrow at classtime durff
[20:46] <LesleyE> Hi, will this be archived?  I think I've joined a little late.
[20:46] <PeggyG> yes this will be recorded and archived
[20:47] <LesleyE> Thx Peggy!
[20:47] <cheri> @LesleyE we still have 45 minutes left
[20:47] <csitterley> I have WOW3 in one ear and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and my husband in the other ear
[20:47] <John_Schinker> bandwidth was a big concern in both countries.
[20:47] <cheri> @csitterley talk about multitasking
[20:47] <PeggyG> @csitterley!! I'm smiling!! what fun!!
[20:47] <durff> apple with peanut butter on fingers....
[20:48] <csitterley> I enjoyed following the trip this last summer when you were able to post information
[20:49] <PeggyG> I love the way you were integrating pedagogy with technology!! Definitely the way to do!
[20:49] <cheri> protein bars
[20:49] <PeggyG> hard to narrow all of that down into a single keen experience!! I love hearing the stories!
[20:49] <cheri> what is keener?
[20:50] <PeggyG> we take so much foregranted here in the US! such a valuable learning experience in South Africa!
[20:51] <cheri> Welcome Sue
[20:51] <PeggyG> wow! no internet access!!
[20:52] <cheri> So the Intranet is so valuable
[20:52] <durff> so a keener is someone who is keen on something - has it been that long since our parents talked that
[20:52] <PeggyG> it sounds like a life-changing experience for all of you!!
[20:53] <durff> they STOLE the wires?
[20:53] <Sharon> copper has value
[20:53] <cheri> not just once
[20:53] <PeggyG> how large were their classes?
[20:53] <Sharon> large
[20:54] <noble> varied from 50 to 100+
[20:54] <John_Schinker> 40 students in SA was not uncommon. Much larger in Kenya
[20:54] <PeggyG> wow!!!!
[20:54] <John_Schinker> Some pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63873121@N00/collections/72157621979922033/
[20:54] <durff> i lost connection (gotta love Comcast in rural PA) so no sound for a bit
[20:55] <John_Schinker> It's just people talking, Durff. You didn't miss much :-)
[20:55] <csitterley> John-will you please share your video that was shared on twitter-it is powerful
[20:55] <jackiegerstein> Gret pics John
[20:55] <John_Schinker> umm.. The one of me just talking about challenges?
[20:55] <PeggyG> the one about how you can help???
[20:55] <csitterley> Yes, John
[20:56] <cheri> How did your experiences change your focus in the classroom?
[20:56] <PeggyG> that is such an important point!
[20:56] <John_Schinker> @csitterley this is the video you're talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrGb__Hw1Ic
[20:56] <durff> john - your hilarious
[20:57] <PeggyG> what a great solution--wireless adapters!
[20:57] <noble> http://www.widernet.org/digitallibrary/
[20:58] <csitterley> Thanks, John
[20:58] <durff> Have middle schoolers who crave global interconnections? http://flatclassroom09-3.flatclassroomproject.org/Sounding+Boards
[20:58] <durff> Only John could do this
[20:59] <PeggyG> that peer review process for flat classroom sounds fantastic, Durff!
[20:59] <durff> @Peggy you could be an expert advisor and a judge! http://flatclassroom09-3.flatclassroomproject.org/Expert+Advisors
[21:00] <cheri> @durff - I'm both
[21:00] <PeggyG> I was on your blog post today Durff! I'm thinking about that :-)
[21:00] <durff> DO IT!!
[21:00] <PeggyG> those are exactly the same things that teachers in NA say :-)
[21:00] <durff> John likes fish?
[21:01] <cheri> How can they continue to get the professional development they need without Internet connectivity? Without visitors with resources?
[21:02] <John_Schinker> Durff: that's our little secret
[21:02] <durff> can they access a connection on their cellphones?
[21:02] <John_Schinker> cheri: that's a big challenge. In SA, we were able to connect them with a Ning so they can build learning communities. In Kenya, it's a lot harder.
[21:02] <PeggyG> patience is very good advice!
[21:03] <durff> A Ning? Which one?
[21:03] <John_Schinker> we set up one specifically for them. Several, actually.
[21:03] <durff> Can the world join?
[21:04] <PeggyG> do they also use this one? http://twbcanada.ning.com/
[21:04] <csitterley> SOunds like you learned lessons that we all need to learn and to help others understand
[21:04] <cheri> Welcome JodyM
[21:04] <JodyM> Hi
[21:04] <durff> @John can the world join their ning in SA?
[21:05] <noble> yes they use the twb-canada site: www.twbcanada.org and their ning: http://ictchamps.ning.com/
[21:05] <PeggyG> what a great point! more inclined to make what I have work for me!
[21:06] <PeggyG> that really puts things into perspective!
[21:06] <cheri> that reminds us that it's not about the technology - it's about the pedagogy - the learning
[21:08] <PeggyG> how much of this experience have you shared with your students/teachers?
[21:09] <durff> The Lion King?
[21:09] <durff> oh boy!
[21:09] <John_Schinker> @Peggy I talk about it to people who are interested. I try really hard not to overwhelm / bore them.
[21:09] <John_Schinker> @durff there's a lot of swahili in Lion King.
[21:10] <PeggyG> I'll bet it's hard not to be sharing it when it was such a powerful experience!! Not sure I could do it!
[21:10] <csitterley> Maybe we owe it to people here to be less patient with their immediacy-their demands-maybe it will help them to try to work things out for themselves
[21:10] <John_Schinker> @Peggy there are lots of outlets for that -- don't worry, it's not staying all bottled up.
[21:11] <cheri> We North Americans can be very impatient when we're not supported the way we want to be - adult temper tantrums
[21:11] <PeggyG> that's so true about impatience--if it doesn't work the first time it's tried they say "forget it"
[21:12] <PeggyG> that would be so excited to have a spontaneous skype call from Kenya!!
[21:12] <cheri> Or - "your the tech person, you fix it" - while they are trying to get their own students to be problem-solvers
[21:12] <cheri> "you're the tech person"
[21:12] <PeggyG> yes cheri!! interesting contradiction
[21:14] <PeggyG> that personal experience really made a big difference! much more engaging for the students because it was so real!
[21:14] <cheri> modeling is multi-faceted ... sometimes we forget that ... we model the obvious and forget about the little things
[21:14] <csitterley> Truly living Global Connectedness
[21:15] <PeggyG> you got to meet Obama's step mother? exciting!
[21:15] <John_Schinker> grandmother
[21:15] <cheri> john talked
[21:17] <PeggyG> profound statement, Noble!!
[21:17] <John_Schinker> Mama Sarah: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2009/08/09/mama-sarah/ and http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2009/09/07/talking-to-students/
[21:18] <PeggyG> the ripple effect from the drop in the ocean!!
[21:19] <PeggyG> thank you Noble!!
[21:19] <cheri> thanks Noble!
[21:19] <noble> thanks for the opportunity all and hope to see you join us on our web site!
[21:19] <PeggyG> sometimes it just takes time to see the difference you really made!
[21:20] <PeggyG> good point John!! reasonable expectations!
[21:20] <cheri> flexibility!
[21:21] <PeggyG> I'm sure an important key was responding to their needs and not just bringing in what you through they needed
[21:21] <cheri> The overall theme of this team is selflessness - it was all for them - adapt to their needs, to what was available
[21:22] <PeggyG> your stories really bring this experience to life for me!! thank you so much for sharing them!
[21:23] <cheri> sounds like good teaching!
[21:23] <PeggyG> listening for the teachable moments!! what great advice!
[21:23] <PeggyG> chocolate for you for for them?
[21:23] <cheri> something we should be doing with our students in our classes
[21:23] <Sharon> brown-outs
[21:23] <durff> i'll take chocolate
[21:24] <PeggyG> how did you do it?
[21:24] <PeggyG> flip videos, portable recorders, battery powered laptops--fantastic!
[21:24] <cheri> me too durff
[21:24] <cheri> and your peanut butter
[21:25] <durff> cellphones in this country and in Europe get online - is it via satelite - can they as well in Africa?
[21:25] <PeggyG> what powerful feedback!!
[21:25] <John_Schinker> yes.
[21:25] <John_Schinker> They can get internet in some places with cells. but it's very expensive
[21:25] <durff> they could blog, twitter, manage email from cellphones
[21:25] <durff> I do this all from an old cellphone
[21:26] <durff> via Dial2Do
[21:26] <PeggyG> :-) hakuna micada!! :-) not sure how to spell it but I can relate!
[21:26] <durff> someone would just need to set these up before going out into unconnected country
[21:26] <PeggyG> what an awesome team!!!!!
[21:27] <John_Schinker> Notice how she waited until Noble left before saying that :-)
[21:27] <durff> shhh!
[21:27] <cheri> clapping!!!
[21:27] <PeggyG> that was such an incredible experience and I'm so glad we have been able to hear this!!
[21:27] <LesleyE> This has been inspiring, thank you!
[21:27] <cheri> this has been excellent
[21:28] <PeggyG> we should save our WOWs of Week for next time!!
[21:28] <PeggyG> this has been so inspiring!!
[21:28] <cheri> Wonderful - thanks to all of you for coming tonight
[21:29] <PeggyG> huge thanks to the team!! you have definitely inspired me!!
[21:29] <csitterley> THe TEAM could be welcomed in most schools here to demonstrate that
[21:29] <PeggyG> let's save them to next week
[21:29] <Sue> Thanks this has been inspiring!
[21:30] <John_Schinker> I'd like to point out that we stopped recording EdTechWeekly about an hour ago and it's *already* posted. Jmad rocks. :-)
[21:30] <cheri> Wonderfully WOW'd
[21:30] <PeggyG> too funny John!!
[21:31] <csitterley> @John-I think it is because of the new chat room....
[21:31] <PeggyG> I'm sure this did have a big impact on your families too!
[21:31] <LesleyE> WOW indeed!
[21:31] <durff> in 3D
[21:31] <PeggyG> yes take us out Sharon!! we'll be back on the first Sunday in December--our shows are first and third Sundays
[21:32] <durff> WOW in 3D - that's a wow!
[21:32] <PeggyG> That will be December 6th--hope you can all come back!
[21:32] <PeggyG> fantastic conversation tonight!!
[21:32] <durff> don't forget to sign up for another global project at http://flatclassroom09-3.flatclassroomproject.org/Expert+Advisors
[21:33] <PeggyG> no first and third Sundays :-)
[21:33] <LesleyE> Thanks!  Wonderful conversation.  Your enthusiasm is infectious.

[21:33] <PeggyG> oh yes Nov. 15 is the next show!! sorry!
[21:33] <durff> and shinker who knows too much....
[21:34] <csitterley> Thanks everyone-Have a good week
[21:34] <durff> night!
[21:34] <LesleyE> Bye!