Teachers Teaching Teachers #171 - Troy Hicks and The Digital Writing Workshop, Part 2 of 3 - Exploring Author's Craft - 10.07.09

Post-Show description: 

In this second episode of a three-part series, our guest-host was Troy Hicks, author of The Digital Writing Workshop, and Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project at Central Michigan University. Troy continued to explore the principles and practices described in the book. For this second episode, we also welcomed four Michigan teachers to the conversation, and they discussed how they teach the craft of digital writing:

  • Dawn Reed of Okemos High School discusses how students craft audio essays in the form of podcasts
  • Aram Kabodian of MacDonald Middle School shares his insights on the process of composing digital stories and public service announcements
  • Sharon Murchie of Bath High School describes how she guides her students through the research process for creating multimedia senior projects
  • Shannon Powell of Central Montcalm Middle School in Michigan discusses her experiences as a new teacher as she has begun to use digital writing in her classroom, including her recent integration of “SSR with RSS” for a class of reluctant readers

Next, on October 14th, Troy and another group of teachers who are featured in his book will discuss the process of conferring and response to student writers as they create digital texts.

Find out more on Troy's Ning:

Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

20:36:30 Jenny Brandon: Greetings fellow early birds!  Any worms?
20:36:55 amusepro: Is there sound too?
20:37:14 Jenny Brandon: Not yet, I don't think.
20:38:23 amusepro: Ok; happy to be in the right place even if it's the wrong time;
20:38:28 demacisaac: hi no sound here ;)
20:47:07 Jenny Brandon: So, anyone know if the Yankees won?
20:49:47 Paul Allison: More from Troy Hicks tonight: http://www.heinemann.com/products/E02674.aspx
20:50:15 Paul Allison: http://paulallison.tumblr.com/post/206359299/on-tomorrows-teachers-teach...
20:51:22 Paul Allison: Welcome all.
20:51:27 brcranda: Hi Paul.
20:51:31 Paul Allison: We are getting started soon
20:51:57 Paul Allison: Have you joined Troy's ning yet? http://digitalwritingworkshop.ning.com/
20:52:18 demacisaac: I just ordered the book
20:56:19 Jenny Brandon: sound yet?
20:59:36 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone! welcome!
21:00:01 Jenny Brandon: Hello Susan
21:00:43 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone! can you hear ok?
21:01:03 carolteach4: It's a little choppy, but I can hear susan and paul
21:01:04 aram: I can hear clearly. 
21:01:12 Jenny Brandon: Susan, I'm having buffering issues tonight, i.e., I've heard 2 words so far.
21:01:17 brcranda: I am using UStream and can hear it.  Bryan
21:01:37 SusanEttenheim: yuk jenny! maybe it would be worth restarting
21:01:47 SusanEttenheim: hi byran thanks!
21:02:25 SusanEttenheim: jenny I was just wondering if it would be worth restarting
21:02:44 carolteach4: It's clear and steady for me now, Susan
21:03:11 SusanEttenheim: thanks carol - how are you tonight? :)
21:03:39 Paul Allison: http://paulallison.tumblr.com/post/206359299/on-tomorrows-teachers-teach...
21:03:42 carolteach4: I'm good - downloading Google Earth as I listen-preparing for social studies integration on Friday
21:04:13 Paul Allison: http://digitalwritingworkshop.ning.com/
21:04:22 SusanEttenheim: ah one of my students was just showing it to me on itouch today
21:04:39 carolteach4: I was very impressed with the show last week and with Troy - looking forward to learning more this week.
21:04:40 Paul Allison: http://www.heinemann.com/products/E02674.aspx
21:04:51 SusanEttenheim: yes, me too!
21:05:20 SusanEttenheim: hi ann and matthew welcome!
21:05:27 matthew valia: hello!
21:05:37 SusanEttenheim: would everyone please introduce yourself - where and what do you teach?
21:05:49 SusanEttenheim: I'm teaching in high school in NYC
21:05:53 SusanEttenheim: welcome!
21:06:07 matthew valia: Matthew Valia - middle school computer teacher in Staten Island, NY
21:06:20 carolteach4: I am the technology integration teacher at a middle school in Bethany, CT
21:06:20 brcranda: Bryan Ripley Crandall - Ph. D student in English Education at Syracuse University.  Taught 10 + years in Louisville, Kentucky.
21:06:26 SusanEttenheim: ah hi matthew! have we met?
21:06:35 Paul Allison: One of my ongoing frustrations is when my principal doesn't seem to "get" that students when they post in a "forum" on the school site aren't writing formal essays.
21:06:45 Ann Chappel: Ann:  TC with Upper Peninsula Writing Project.  I'm from Traverse City, MI
21:06:54 Paul Allison: M=Mode and media
21:06:57 demacisaac: I'm a primary teacher PEI Canada
21:07:10 Paul Allison: We could make a cheer!
21:07:14 matthew valia: We have conversed on Twitter and through Youth Voices
21:07:39 Ann Chappel: I'm an elementary teacher.
21:07:40 SusanEttenheim: hi peggy! welcome! hi brcranda welcome
21:07:54 carolteach4: Hi, demacisaac:)
21:07:56 PeggyG: Hi everyone!
21:08:08 brcranda: I was just on (Bryan) but the audio streaming keeps going out.  It sounds good now!
21:08:12 Ann Chappel: Hello everyone
21:08:28 PeggyG: They just mentioned your show on Liz Kolb's blogtalkradio show about cell phones in learning :-)
21:08:30 demacisaac: Hi Caroltach4
21:08:47 Dawn Reed: hello everyone!  It sounds like we have a lot of excited teachers here tonight :)  I am Dawn Reed from Michigan.  I teach high school in mid-Michigan.
21:09:02 brcranda: Hi, Dawn. 
21:09:05 SusanEttenheim: welcome dawn! thanks for the heads up peggy
21:09:40 PeggyG: a teacher was being interviewed who participated in the writing project this summer
21:09:41 Paul Allison: I think about mode and media all the time. Like put this on line fast ... and revise this... so much is "socially accepted" distinctions - like we just accept different kinds of language in different places. Or is it measured by the media?
21:09:41 SusanEttenheim: amusepro... welcome - did you introduce yourself?
21:09:42 joelmalley: is there a link to this map?
21:09:53 SusanEttenheim: welcome joel and leslie! where and what do you teach?
21:09:57 Paul Allison: A = Audience (my favorite one.)
21:10:03 SusanEttenheim: hi hollyanna welcome!
21:10:09 HollyannaBates: Hi!
21:10:12 SusanEttenheim: paul - url for map??
21:10:12 Dawn Reed: MAPS = Mode/Media Audience Purpose Situation
21:10:24 HollyannaBates: who is talking right now?
21:10:25 leslie d: Hi, I teach Spanish in Colorado.
21:10:30 joelmalley: I teach Mass Media/Film Production, English 10, and AP Literature...I was on but it seems if I switch to a different tab I get logged out.
21:10:43 brcranda: This sounds like Collin Brooke's thinking on 21st Century Rhetoric.
21:10:56 joelmalley: In Cheektowaga, NY, a 1st ring suburb outside of Buffalo, NY
21:11:14 SusanEttenheim: this is Troy Hicks speaking now
21:11:16 PeggyG: @joelmalley-try opening the chat in the "float and dock" window--two little blue edged icons
21:11:20 SusanEttenheim: the author of the book
21:11:24 SusanEttenheim: editor..
21:11:27 Dawn Reed: http://writing.msu.edu/peer-response-workshop
21:11:37 SusanEttenheim: thanks dawn!
21:11:42 PeggyG: when I have my chat open in the floating window I can click on the links without losing my connection
21:11:52 brcranda: Troy and Collin think a lot alike: Lingua Fracta: What We Teach When We Teach About Literacy (Collin Gifford Brooke)
21:12:41 PeggyG: that link really helped to follow what he was describing :-)
21:13:28 brcranda: Congratulations to Troy for this publication.  I'm reading about it online now.
21:13:35 joelmalley: Thanks for the URL
21:14:16 Troy Hicks: Here is the link to the Swenson and Mitchell monograph: http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/download/nwp_file/8965/Enabling_Communities...
21:14:35 PeggyG: digital storytelling is so powerful and engaging for students! :-)
21:15:24 brcranda: Troy, do you know of any podcasts of student written radio scripts?  I'm thinking about the ol' radio shows, but here students write the script.
21:15:37 Paul Allison: I wonder how we can push these folks tonight... like where's the controversey here?
21:15:42 brcranda: podcast theater, in a way.
21:15:46 Jenny Brandon, the sequal: Really not hearing much. 
21:16:16 SusanEttenheim: welcome dan! welcome back joel!
21:16:19 PeggyG: of course Paul!! how does this help students pass the annual tests???
21:16:24 SusanEttenheim: dan where and what do you teach?
21:16:35 Jenny Brandon, the sequal: I'm seeing lots of log outs and in. Is that helping the sound issue?
21:16:38 joelmalley: Thanks...I'm rocking the floating window now.
21:16:40 Paul Allison: That's good Peggy.
21:16:47 PeggyG: how can teachers spend so much time on media when they have tests to prepare for :-)
21:16:49 Dan Woods: I'm a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech English ED
21:16:59 PeggyG: yeah Joel!!
21:17:08 SusanEttenheim: no that's too easy! what about the idea that students have to write "well" before they publish online
21:17:11 Troy Hicks: brcranda -- Hi Bryan
21:17:17 Paul Allison: And access to computers and things on the internet that you need -- how do these wonderful teachers deal with these hurdles?
21:17:20 brcranda: Howdy Ho, Troy! 
21:17:25 PeggyG: that's good too Susan!
21:17:46 Troy Hicks: I know of some podcasts that Rob Rozema at GVSU had his students do
21:17:52 Troy Hicks: I'll look for a link
21:17:56 PeggyG: great idea to make it an exit project!
21:17:56 brcranda:  a multimedia exit project!  That is way cool.  Keep talking.
21:18:56 joelmalley: Ning estoy muy buen
21:19:00 PeggyG: love that--RSS for SSR :-)
21:19:04 joelmalley: or esta
21:19:05 brcranda: How does the Bath teacher (missed her name) implement her multimedia project?  How does she work the research in?
21:19:09 joelmalley: anyway, Ning is awesome stuff
21:19:17 aram: Sustained Silent Reading with Real Simple Syndication....?!
21:19:35 PeggyG: Paul is so humble!
21:20:25 Troy Hicks: http://secondaryworlds.com/page_id=349
21:20:55 smurchie: I'm the Bath teacher, and in a nutshell, students have to research a global issue that will affect their future.  They create a nultimedia presentation with soundtrack and video, complete with MLA citations, and then show them to the entire senior class (and hopefully community members) on their last few days of school.
21:20:59 Paul Allison: I love Troy's question about podcasting around mode and media. Okay, so we have a podcast -- what's the mode?
21:21:01 joelmalley: Troy, it says that URL does not exist
21:21:06 PeggyG: that link didn't work-could you post it again?
21:21:44 Troy Hicks: hmm
21:21:55 Troy Hicks: not having good luck copying and pasting into the chat room
21:22:00 Troy Hicks: suggestions anyone?
21:22:01 PeggyG: do you always require a written script before they podcast?
21:22:14 PeggyG: you have to click and drag the url into the chat window
21:22:19 joelmalley: i was able to copy and paste from the chat room only with floating chat
21:22:27 joelmalley: don't know if that relates
21:22:35 joelmalley: but unable to do so while chat was open in browser
21:22:38 Troy Hicks: http://secondaryworlds.com/?page_id=349
21:22:41 Troy Hicks: Thanks
21:22:50 brcranda: Newsweek used to have a phenomenal personal essay each week called MY TURN.  It was like This I Believe but with more variety.  I was thinking today that it would be great for more audio essays of this variety...where students can take "Their Turn" to address what's on their mind.  This sounds like a job for Paul.
21:22:55 PeggyG: if the chat window is floating it's possible to click/drag URLs :-)
21:22:59 leslie d: How did you record and then post them? Garageband?
21:23:04 Troy Hicks: Sharon's lessons: http://projectwritemsu.wikispaces.com/Murchie_lessons
21:23:41 Dan Woods: audacity is a free and easy program for podcasting also
21:23:49 aram: yes, peggy, you should be able to click on the link and it will open in a separate window
21:23:56 joelmalley: I remember My Turn...that was good stuff...thanks for the reminder
21:24:01 Paul Allison: Listing to Dawn about her podcasting project again. It was in a speech class, and modeled on an NPR show. Her work is so beautifully produced. On the other end I'm interested in keeping a place open for a sloppy, conversational medium too.
21:24:04 PeggyG: yes-that's what I was saying :-)
21:24:09 Troy Hicks: :-)
21:24:21 joelmalley: the mute while typing only goes for those who are being broadcast, right?
21:24:25 brcranda: SMURCHIE (BATH), Do you have a research paper that is submitted (assessed) with the media project?
21:24:38 PeggyG: right Joel-people in the Skype call
21:24:38 SusanEttenheim: yesjoel tnx
21:24:42 aram: only need to mute if you are being broadcast, yes
21:24:50 joelmalley: okay...first time listener...forgive me
21:24:58 smurchie: To answer brcranda, no, there is no paper submitted. 
21:25:02 PeggyG: never a problem joel! that's how we all learn!
21:25:19 Troy Hicks: Good question, Joel. Thanks for joining us tonight for your first webcast!
21:25:22 smurchie: The research statistics and questions they ask are all included in their presentation "video".
21:25:46 PeggyG: I love the stress on the writing of the script--much more than preparing a storyboard!
21:25:47 joelmalley: I've been meaning to join in for some time now...overload in the information age, you know
21:26:14 PeggyG: @Joel--I can definitely relate to information overload!!
21:26:32 Paul Allison: I'm experimenting with fast, sloppy, conversation forms of podcasting on Youth Voices this year: http://youthvoices.net/taxonomy/term/15490/
21:26:41 PeggyG: students really take pride in their work when they have a wider audience!!
21:26:45 aram: it basically all flies by....
21:26:51 aram: very true peggy
21:27:22 brcranda: SMURCHIE, If you go audio again, I look forward to hearing about how the multimedia projects operate in all their glory.
21:27:27 Dan Woods: great point peggy
21:27:36 smurchie: will do. I think I"m up after Aram.
21:27:36 joelmalley: I concur with current caller...my Mass Media/Film Production classes rewrite more than any kids I've ever had...and these are definitely not your prototypical overachievers
21:27:48 PeggyG: great example!! students really care about the quality of their work!
21:28:05 joelmalley: we've also done "This I Believe" essays, only we turned them into videos
21:28:12 joelmalley: like a narrative video
21:28:14 demacisaac: Audacity is very popular, for sure. I added free sounds when I played with this program
21:28:33 Dan Woods: my "Teaching Comp" students are preparing teaching podcasts this week.
21:28:40 demacisaac: can students add sounds or is it too hard?
21:29:48 brcranda: I tried to teach myself GarageBand for making a podcast.  I gave up and did it in IMovie.  The project was called, "What does Visual Literacy Sound Like?"  I wanted to play with how podcasts are "visual" even if we only hear them.  I failed.  I needed to add visuals and make it a digital story.
21:29:55 PeggyG: great idea Joel!! videos of their essays! are they posted anywhere we can see them?
21:30:11 joelmalley: sure...un moment por favor
21:30:51 Dawn Reed: Paul I totally agree with you about the off the cuff podcasts
21:31:01 Paul Allison: I like both.
21:31:13 PeggyG: @brcranda--you're really making me think! does audio only make us use more description language??
21:31:21 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Hello all!
21:31:29 Troy Hicks: Hmm... Bryan, sounds like an interesting "failure" in that sense.
21:31:35 Dawn Reed: Renee Webster taught me this summer about how she uses digital voice recorders with elementary students to record smart thinking.  I think the off the cuff podcasts help capture that and remind us to be meta-cognitive
21:31:38 Paul Allison: But what podcasting has brought us is something different than radio too.
21:31:44 PeggyG: descriptive language...can't type!!
21:31:49 Troy Hicks: What would the purpose be for labeling it primarily as a podcast and not a digital story?
21:31:59 PeggyG: love that Dawn!!
21:32:04 Troy Hicks: What are the differences between the modes and media?
21:32:04 Jenny Br: Dawn, more please
21:32:05 joelmalley: http://cchsfilm.ning.com/video/this-i-believe-3
21:32:16 PeggyG: spontaneous audio recording--wonderful learning opportunities!
21:32:22 matthew valia: I think of mode as the content
21:32:26 PeggyG: thank you Joel!!!!
21:32:29 Ann Chappel: what kind of digital voice recorders did Renee use?  Anyone know?
21:32:36 joelmalley: http://cchsfilm.ning.com/video/briannas-this-i-believe
21:33:08 Dawn Reed: Wow!  I love the This I Believe videos!
21:33:18 SusanEttenheim: hi techtalker - welcome! where and what do you teach?
21:33:27 PeggyG: me too!! what a powerful way to communicate something that means a lot to them!
21:33:31 Troy Hicks: Ann - I think that they were basic model Olympus digital voice recorders
21:33:38 Dan Woods: i like spontaneous podcasts for book discussions, other students or groups can then respond to the original book talk and they can go back and forth as a book club
21:33:40 SusanEttenheim: funny I'm having trouble with the link too! We'll have it to you soon thought!
21:33:54 PeggyG: I use an Olympus digital audio recorder and love it!
21:34:07 techtalker: IT in Michigan
21:34:14 brcranda: Here's the truth about my visual/audio thinking.  I was doing a workshop and a woman in the audience discussed her issues with students.  She taught at the school of the blind and said they write with senses other than sight.  I think this is remarkable and something writing teachers must always consider.  It is why I love this podcast and podcasts in general.
21:34:15 joelmalley: Thanks...the kids really ran with the concept...some great, some good, some...in need of improvement, lol
21:34:22 Dawn Reed: I did have some students that ended up telling me they used the this I believe format to develop their response to our state test and passed.  This leads me to think it's about writer's craft
21:34:35 brcranda: sonic literacy
21:34:36 PeggyG: great story brcranda!
21:34:54 Dawn Reed: I love that idea brcranda
21:35:27 PeggyG: then neat thing is that all of those things might impact them as they make decisions about what to include
21:35:53 PeggyG: bernajean would say the stories have to come from your soul :-)
21:36:22 demacisaac: folks interested in podcasts might like this site  http://www.podbean.com/podcast_hosting_audio_video_blog_hosting (mobile podcast directory)
21:36:34 brcranda: In my classroom, I often brought all my ties and made my students write (and move on a walk throughout our school) blindfolded.  The goal:  sensory rich language beyond our EYE CANDY world.
21:36:54 Ann Chappel: Peggy, where did you purchase your Olympus digital audio recorder?
21:37:11 PeggyG: that is such an important point Troy!! does the technology enhance the story in ways you couldn't do it without the technology
21:37:23 PeggyG: @Ann-purchased mine online from Amazon :-)
21:37:36 Ann Chappel: Thanks!
21:37:46 Troy Hicks: Aram's Class Wiki: http://kabodian7.pbworks.com/
21:38:02 PeggyG: my recorder has a usb tab so I can plug it right into my computer to download the audio.
21:38:21 Ann Chappel: Peggy, that it awesome.
21:38:44 Dan Woods: I think it widens the audience and so the audience is more real to the students
21:38:54 joelmalley: I've had good luck with an iPod and a Griffin mic attachment...not so good luck with a Sony voice recorder that only worked with PC's
21:39:09 matthew valia: titles ... that's it
21:39:26 PeggyG: @brcanda-I love that example of the blindfolded students--my daughter did that one night for dinner with her kids and it was quite an eye-opening experience for all of us!
21:40:01 brcranda: Working with a group of refugees recently, we used a recorder, plugged it into ITunes and then edited their stories.  Graduate students helped them edit and produced audio stories and printed text.  The teachers used these to teach younger students because the stories of adolescents in the area was inspirational to younger refugee kids at the elementary schools.  It was pretty remarkable.
21:40:04 carolteach4: I had to speak to a student this afternoon working on a health project on vitamins - included a movie he created in his basic PowerPoint presentation - had nothing to do with the content. I hated to discourage him, but I had to point out that, as cool as it was, it had nothing to do with the topics of his reseach project.
21:40:21 PeggyG: Twitter is a good example of that--you have to carefully choose your words with only 140 characters :-)
21:40:36 SusanEttenheim: how true carol
21:40:57 brcranda: Oif!  I need to edit my chat-grammar!
21:41:01 PeggyG: you are all sharing such awesome examples!! thank you!
21:41:24 aram: I put the link to digital storytelling info on my wiki
21:41:35 PeggyG: @carolteach4-painful but important learning experience for your student!
21:42:39 PeggyG: @aram-your class wiki is fantastic!
21:43:05 aram: thanks!
21:43:58 carolteach4: I encouraged him to continue with his video creation skills but to come after school to computer club to play - the technology techniques he used were cool, but the content was both irrelevant and inappropriate in places.
21:44:08 Troy Hicks: Situation
21:44:09 aram: I'm not like Dawn...and many of you...I can't talk and read and chat.That seems impossible tom
21:44:13 Troy Hicks: Indeed!
21:44:23 aram: to me
21:44:38 Troy Hicks: Yes, Paul, I think tht this is a very good example of the "situation" for the writers and the writing.
21:44:44 brcranda: Is this two months in an English class?
21:45:00 brcranda: wow.  Large Group, en masse!
21:45:02 PeggyG: it's always a challenge to keep students engaged after the testing is over!! this is a brilliant way to do it!
21:45:30 carolteach4: Ooh! That's scarey - having to pass to graduate. I do hope you have lots of support for those who don't pass the first time.
21:45:36 Troy Hicks: Sharon clearly has pedagogical goals by putting students in this particular writing situation -- both to help them be civic minded and to engage with the technology and compose digital writing.
21:45:48 brcranda: How big's the senior class?
21:45:49 PeggyG: what a finale for the school year!! :-)
21:46:04 Troy Hicks: Bryan -- yes, last two months of senior year.
21:46:20 PeggyG: what I did on my summer vacation--time for a new topic!! :-)
21:46:39 Dawn Reed: Aram, I like how digital psas help them look at the role of transitions in a visual and textual sense
21:46:39 Troy Hicks: Not sure how big her class is... she will have to address that. I can tell you that it is a rural school.
21:46:53 Dawn Reed: I'll add it
21:46:59 Troy Hicks: Author's craft and mentor texts!
21:47:11 Troy Hicks: Ralph Fletcher would be very proud of us!
21:47:13 PeggyG: this project gave them an authentic task for their creation!!
21:47:14 smurchie: http://www.thefischbowl.blogspot.com/
21:47:18 brcranda: A lot of these approaches remind me of Wigginton's FOXFIRE approach.  Give the "Givens" and let teh students find their way to their product.
21:47:21 aram: yes, dawn it's interesting to see them use transitions carefully and purposefully
21:47:45 PeggyG: YES brcranda!!!
21:47:52 Troy Hicks: But... point being that showing students model texts will help them see the possibilities for composing their own texts, both in print and non-print media.
21:48:12 Dawn Reed: I love Sharon's examples at https://projectwritemsu.wikispaces.com/Murchie_lessons
21:48:17 PeggyG: I like the 4.0 version best :-)
21:48:25 Troy Hicks: Sharon is making the MAPS of each model very explicit to students, helping them see how the authors crafted their compositions.
21:48:43 carolteach4: love it - a gazillion - or at least 10
21:48:53 carolteach4: talk about hyperbole
21:48:56 smurchie: http://sites.google.com/site/bhsseniorseminar/final-project-videos
21:49:00 Dawn Reed: Yes!  I love how they look at words, audio, and messages
21:49:03 brcranda: Awesome!  You, Yes You!  Stay Quiet.  Let the presentation stand!  Nice.
21:49:06 Troy Hicks: Yeah, Sharon!
21:49:14 aram: nice job sharon
21:49:43 Ann Chappel: I've checked out "Did You Know..." before and agree that the multiple versions create a different visual effect and meaning. 
21:50:15 Troy Hicks: Part of the situation of the writing -- citation
21:50:25 PeggyG: great idea Paul!
21:50:25 Troy Hicks: Inviting students to be good digital citizens
21:50:41 Troy Hicks: and be good writers, because this is what we do when we do research
21:50:48 brcranda: good question, Paul.
21:51:07 PeggyG: great answer!
21:51:12 carolteach4: That is the way to go - it's not the specific technology that counts- it's the learning students encounter on the way to the final product. We did this with our 8th grade social studies project "Person of the Era" examining different main players in the Renaissance
21:51:31 PeggyG: put the focus on being a good digital citizen rather than plagiarism!
21:52:17 brcranda: One question I have is if we encourage students to also cite the pictures they use that are easily grabbed from a basic google search.  Photos, too, are art and the artists deserve credit.  No?
21:52:33 Troy Hicks: Yes, no citations to google.com
21:52:37 demacisaac: are student projects getting global feedback?
21:52:38 carolteach4: Many of us  teachers have gotten sloppy about citation. We have to get back to impressing on our students how important it is. We also need to model good citation in handouts and presentions we prepare for our students.
21:52:40 Troy Hicks: Must have exact URLs
21:53:12 smurchie: Brcranda:  They have to cite their pictures and all visuals as well.
21:53:24 aram: i agree with troy; my students use the url, never google (unless they want to get graded down)
21:53:24 dan woods: great point Carol
21:53:38 PeggyG: posting online really expands their view of audience--for all ages!!
21:53:40 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Teach them Zotero! :)
21:53:48 aram: hi sara
21:53:54 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: hi aram
21:53:57 Troy Hicks: http://www.zotero.org/
21:54:04 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Thanks! :)
21:54:07 demacisaac: glogster is a great digital poster maker
21:54:09 smurchie: Citations are so easy, now with landmark project or with easybib, that I insist on citations correctly formatted on everything.
21:54:13 Paul Allison: When we copy quotation from diigo (for example) and have links back to original sources, doesn't that change how we site work?
21:54:14 Troy Hicks: Firefox plugin that is a bibliography manager
21:54:15 aram: thanks to everyone for all the links!!!
21:54:23 dan woods: just downloaded zotero yesterday and have been playing with it
21:54:36 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Zotero is amazing...and so very useful for research.
21:55:05 PeggyG: @Paul-I think it does change how we site work using Diigo
21:55:41 Troy Hicks: Shameless plug for my blog, and a post I just made today about the research process in a digital age: http://hickstro.org/
21:55:54 PeggyG: Voicethread does a great job of encouraging that kind of interaction and reflective responses to each others work
21:55:58 carolteach4: I'd never heard of zotero before; thanks
21:56:26 Troy Hicks: Do You Use 3x5 Cards? Rethinking the Research Process
21:56:28 brcranda: Troy:  I love your Oct 7th Post.  Index cards.  Really?
21:56:31 PeggyG: you should be plugging your blog Troy!!
21:56:40 Troy Hicks: A response to a HS English teacher
21:56:41 demacisaac: wallwisher another collaborative poster maker
21:56:44 aram: yes, peggy.  I've been able to find conversations on voicethread about anything I'm teaching...and get my students involved in the conversation
21:56:55 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Wallwisher is fun!
21:57:14 carolteach4: I am anxious to take a closer look at your blog, Troy.Thanks.
21:57:30 PeggyG: wallwisher is very interesting but hard for me to follow!
21:57:52 PeggyG: smiling at "slightly overwhelmed"
21:58:15 aram: constantly slightly overwhelmed
21:58:41 demacisaac: have to leave..thanks for great chat, look forward to reading book
21:59:11 SusanEttenheim: purpose!
21:59:12 carolteach4: FYI - using Google Docs to capture some of the websites so I'll have them even before the chat gets published. I love being able to access Google docs from any computer anywhere.
21:59:23 PeggyG: you always have such fantastic guests on this show!! my library is growing with all of these outstanding books!!
21:59:35 Troy Hicks: Dawn -- recording their voice
21:59:40 Troy Hicks: Aram -- using a wiki
21:59:48 carolteach4: Google Sites is Google's answere to the wiki - so easy to use.
21:59:55 Troy Hicks: Sharon -- Google Docs
21:59:56 carolteach4: answer
22:00:09 Troy Hicks: Shannon -- digital stories
22:00:35 brcranda: Good night, all. 
22:00:44 PeggyG: so hard to choose just one!!
22:00:45 matthew valia: before we go, if any English teacher could help me with my master's thesis 2-question survey...http://quicklitquestion.com   it would mean a lot! 
22:00:48 aram: some sort of wiki digital story
22:00:55 carolteach4: We just rolled out Google Apps for Education at our school, and it's very exciting.
22:01:05 Dawn Reed: let's just use all of the tools :)
22:01:08 PeggyG: good for you Matthew! using your PLN to help you with your thesis!
22:01:20 SusanEttenheim: peggy - the best insert is the one wh ere ut diesb grow
22:01:33 Jenny Br: digital voice recorder that's mac compatible?  Olympus doesn't appear to be.  Suggestions?
22:01:36 aram: matt it doesn't work
22:01:53 matthew valia: http://quicklitquestion.com
22:02:12 aram: thanks, matt.
22:02:18 carolteach4: He needs to send the link again without the extra words - trying isolate it but can't
22:02:18 PeggyG: my Olympus recorded is compatible with my Mac-Olympus WS-300M (older model but still works great)
22:02:19 dan woods: olympus is, i use it with my mac. the recorder has a usb that connects directly to the computer
22:02:36 Jenny Br: thanks Peggy !
22:03:11 Dawn Reed: Thanks everyone.  Great conversation.
22:03:13 carolteach4: What about using the iPhone to easily record audio???? Lots of kids have them.
22:03:15 Paul Allison: http://www.heinemann.com/products/E02674.aspx
22:03:29 PeggyG: wow! what an awesome conversation tonight!! I'm so energized with all of the great ideas!!
22:03:47 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Keep the conversation going, Twitter Follow @digwritwkshp
22:04:10 Troy Hicks: Thanks, Sara.
22:04:15 PeggyG: the iphone is great for recording coversation/audio if students have them
22:04:25 Troy Hicks: http://digitalwritingworkshop.ning.com/
22:04:30 matthew valia: new 3.0 software has a great recorder
22:04:30 PeggyG: I also use my ipod to record audio
22:04:31 joelmalley: Thanks guys...enjoyed my first time
22:04:36 matthew valia: me too...
22:04:53 SusanEttenheim: night all!
22:04:56 PeggyG: you did a fantastic job navigating everything Joel!! so glad you were here!!
22:05:03 Ann Chappel: JUst listened to last weeks podcast as well as tonight.  I'm gaining a broader perspective and specific tips.  Thank you all! 
22:05:11 PeggyG: good night everyone! that hour just flew by!!!
22:05:13 Paul Allison: Troy, you do such a calm, collected show.
22:05:16 carolteach4: Thanks
22:05:30 Troy Hicks: Thanks, Paul.
22:05:39 Troy Hicks: I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of TTT
22:05:46 Troy Hicks: See you next week!
22:05:46 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: Paul: Laughing as it was nothing but calm or collected at our house before TTT!
22:05:47 Sara Beauchamp-Hicks: :)
22:06:13 dan woods: Thanks for a great hour!
22:06:27 leslie d: Thanks for the new ideas!
22:07:05 matthew valia: Paul... If you wouldn't mind just tweeting my link... I would mean a lot.  The link has the info about the project... It has a video game and literature theme...
22:07:09 matthew valia: http://quicklitquestion.com
22:07:28 matthew valia: you made mention of games in the discussion tonight
22:08:18 dan woods: sara, what was the twitter address again?
22:09:15 student_jen: Twitter Follow @digwritwkshp
22:09:35 dan woods: thanks jen