EdTech Community Meeting - July 19, 2009

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EdTechTalk Community Meeting
July 19, 2009

Disabling comments, ETT Redesign, Service vs. Community, & other stuff

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20:00:12  carolteach4 ->  I finally downloaded Skype; do I call WorldBridges?
20:00:43  kcaise ->  we caved and bought one too
20:00:55  carolteach4 ->  Hi, Matt.
20:00:57  SR ->  going over to the other side
20:00:59  carolteach4 ->  Lots of static
20:01:17  matt montagne ->  hey Carol
20:01:20  matt montagne ->  and everyone else
20:02:07  Scott Shelhart ->  The short blog post I made linking to a kindergarten science video is the #1 page accessed on my blog by far. http://shelhart.blogspot.com/2009/03/kindergarten-science-plants-mrs-pou...
20:05:23  tjmeister ->  With reasonable hardware and net access on your end, I can open up an OpenSim Virtual world meeting place... 
20:08:07  Jason R ->  Raises hand
20:11:22  Jason R ->  I agree
20:11:53  Scott Shelhart ->  Too many comments will mike ETT feel like any of the other ning site.  I like the live aspect of ETT. If I have a comment. I'll show up real time or contact an individual directly.
20:14:47  kcaise ->  jeff, i would be happy to help you and durrf approve/monitor the comments if you continue that option
20:15:02  Jason R ->  Scott - agreed
20:15:38  Jason R ->  Or just yell impotently at the car stereo when I am listening to Dave be wrong on my iPod
20:15:42  Jason R ->  Kidding
20:15:44  Jason R ->  :D
20:17:08  Jason R ->  I think Twitter has soaked up some of my commenting and posting habits
20:17:50  Jason R ->  I now close comments on my blog after 30 days. Not that I get any anyway.
20:18:18  kcaise ->  yes he is
20:18:27  Scott Shelhart ->  Yes, Wes is using guests
20:22:31  guest478 ->  http://magazine.openhabitat.org
20:22:34  kcaise ->  pink is always a good color
20:23:14  Jason R ->  fun
20:23:54  Jason R ->  If you need changes, tweaks to what I made, let me know. Or if you want to go in a different direction that's cool too
20:24:47  Jason R ->  How much are the other shows depending on ETT technology?
20:25:00  2agujas -> -Puentes al Mundo: hola
20:26:42  matt montagne ->  we've even managed to kick each other out of chat rooms :-)
20:27:52  mjmontagne ->  ;-)
20:28:39  Lorna ->  @Matt:)
20:30:25  mjmontagne ->  wow
20:30:32  Jason R ->  Obliquely apt - "I love it when people say they've found a flaw in RSS but it's really a feature request for their feed reader." - Dave Winer
20:31:35  Jason R ->  bake sales
20:31:56  Gary ->  Virtual pies???
20:32:31  matt montagne ->  Do all the baked goods need to be pre-packaged??
20:32:57  Lorna ->  I like the calendar - no cooking allowed
20:36:11  Jason R ->  What happens to ETT if one of yous drop out? Could it survive w/o Jeff or Dave or ...
20:38:10  Gary ->  Jeff and Dave need to be cloned - now!!
20:38:31  Gary ->  Not that they are sheep but we need them to continue the community
20:39:34  Jason R ->  Both how to teach in that world much less how to learn
20:42:30  Jason R ->  Suppose it will survive rhizomatically and spawn different shrubs nearby but are different
20:43:37  kcaise ->  nope, just lurking
20:44:58  Lorna ->  eluminate is excellent but very public
20:45:32  Jason R ->  ??? elluminate.com
20:45:58  Lorna ->  sorry not clear
20:46:05  Lorna ->  people can't just listen
20:46:15  guest478 ->  ah. yes.
20:46:17  Lorna ->  and be a lurker
20:46:58  kcaise ->  adobe connect is more prevalent in business communities for online meetings
20:47:21  Lorna ->  ETT has a role and Elluminate has another role
20:48:18  Lorna ->  yes pretty!!
20:48:27 [Action] Jason R ->  fan of iTunes. Can helpish.
20:50:26  Jason R ->  Done.
20:51:34  Jason R ->  Fun

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