Open Source Education Community and Summer Curricula Writing Opportunity


I suspect many of you are familiar with Curriki--an online education community of teachers, students and other education stakeholders committed to using and sharing free, open-source K-12 instructional materials with others around the globe.

This summer, Curriki is sponsoring its annual "Summer of Content" initiative. This is an opportunity for teachers to share their own curricula units online with a Curriki audience of several hundred thousand educators.

Select applicants will receive a stipend for their work and with have their content featured on the homepage of Curriki. To learn more, click here.

I suspect many of you have wonderful lessons that the world would love to see or at least know other teachers that might be interested in earning a bit of cash over the summer while contributing to a good cause! Regardless, feel free to look at the site as it has nearly 25,000 lessons and learning objects that are 100% open source and free!


P.S. Make sure to check out Curriki on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!