Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, October 30, 2008, an evening with David Truss

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 This week, the Seedlings speak with David Truss,  David’s Blog: Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts, principal of a middle school in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The conversation picks up student leadership, David's great video clip and more.

The “Geek of the Week” Links for 2008-10-30

The Chat:

 19:27:56  cheryloakes seedlings  Hello David, and HHG
 19:28:01  cheryloakes seedlings  Welcome
 19:28:14  datruss  hello, I'm here!
 19:30:24  HHG  Hi!
 19:32:37  sheila  Evening all!
 19:32:44  alicebarr  Hi Sheila
 19:32:49  alicebarr  Can you hear us?
 19:32:49  bobsprankle  hi all!
 19:32:54  sheila  yes
 19:33:02  bobsprankle  all of us?
 19:33:05  alicebarr  Do you hear 4 of us?
 19:33:12  sheila  I think so
 19:33:13  DaveC  yes :)
 19:33:26  cathywolinsky  I can hear Alice & CHeryl
 19:33:33  DaveC  I can hear Bob too.
 19:33:36  bobsprankle  hi cathy, hi dave, hi sheila
 19:33:37  cheryloakes seedlings  we are great
 19:33:40  sheila  Feel so important when my name is mentioned.
 19:33:43  cathywolinsky  Hi Bobb
 19:34:00  PeggyG  Hi all! audio is coming through fine :-)
 19:34:01  HHG  Can hear you all
 19:34:03  DaveC  I heard the 4 of you.
 19:34:41  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks,
 19:35:58  cheryloakes seedlings  Yeah Vancouver, BC, CAnada
 19:36:20  HHG  yeah Coquitlam!
 19:36:40  DaveC  Grades 5-8?
 19:36:55  HHG  Grades 6 - 8
 19:36:58  cheryloakes seedlings  welcome hhg, where are you from?
 19:37:05  HHG  Coquitlam! :-)
 19:37:06  cheryloakes seedlings  evening davec
 19:37:14  DaveC  Evening Cheryl.
 19:37:39  cheryloakes seedlings  Look at our group tonight. Cathy, Darren, Lori,Peggy, Shelia
 19:37:46  PeggyG  Link for Dave Truss' blog ?
 19:37:53  cheryloakes seedlings  yes coming
 19:37:59  HHG
 19:38:26  bobsprankle  thanks hhg
 19:38:27  PeggyG  thanks Cheryl :-) Didn't mean to rush you!
 19:38:57  alicebarr  We also met Dave at BLC1
 19:39:00  sheila  Read about the Halloween scavenger hunt today.
 19:39:08  cheryloakes seedlings  Peggy having a little echo, that is all
 19:40:10  PeggyG  I'm not hearing the echo here
 19:40:22  cheryloakes seedlings  peggy you didn't rush me we were looking for you to do the sound check:-)
 19:40:45  datruss
 19:40:48  cheryloakes seedlings  did you hear alice's echo
 19:41:02  DaveC  @Cheryl, every once in a while.
 19:41:22  PeggyG  yes just now I heard Alice's echo
 19:41:23  DaveC  ok, now I do.
 19:41:39  cheryloakes seedlings  looking for the echo gremblin,
 19:41:42  bobsprankle  we're checking on Alice's echo
 19:42:17  PeggyG  Thanks for the link to the Master's paper-that will be really valuable!
 19:43:39  bobsprankle  very valuable :)
 19:45:13  PeggyG  A film festival sounds fantastic! That was incredibly successfor for Tim Tyson!
 19:45:24  sheila  Resource is very interesting!
 19:46:37  PeggyG  How great that the Superintendent is willing to get involved!
 19:46:58  HHG  The SLC students are such an amazing group - I've gone to a few of the meetings
 19:47:23  HHG  we have a great Superintendent
 19:48:11  PeggyG  that is such a good idea to approach the guidelines from the positive rather than what they can't do
 19:49:00  cheryloakes seedlings  no echo now, a nd it is a mystery, thanks for sticking with this.
 19:49:12  DaveC  I like the way the rules are structured.  What you should do, not what you shouldn't do.   ie, tell where the "line" ends, not where it starts and make the students guess.
 19:49:14  bobsprankle  echo-be-gone!
 19:49:21  alicebarr  It's teh trick or treaters!
 19:49:31  cheryloakes seedlings  remember questions from the chat will be given to our guest and be part of our chat andposted
 19:49:44  PeggyG  miracle workers! the echo is gone :-)
 19:49:48  bobsprankle  right alice!
 19:50:05  cheryloakes seedlings  we have rules in our school and they extend to the laptop program
 19:50:19  cathywolinsky  Who is coordinating the film festival for all the schools?
 19:50:20  bobsprankle
 19:50:36  alicebarr  Welcome HHG!
 19:50:49  HHG  Hi Alice!
 19:51:13  HHG  Thanks Dave!
 19:51:23  DaveC  And the return of the echo gremlin
 19:51:30  cathywolinsky  Yikes!
 19:51:36  HHG  ??
 19:51:42  PeggyG  I'm interested in the film festival plans too. It will be great to see how that develops.
 19:51:45  alicebarr  Bad Sound again?
 19:51:48  cheryloakes seedlings  I think we just keep going and ignore the echo gremlins
 19:52:14  PeggyG  Heidi-how great to have you join us!
 19:52:34  HHG
 19:52:54  cheryloakes seedlings  Heidi's blog, I was thinking. We will watch the video!
 19:53:06  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks, this is a group effort.
 19:53:07  PeggyG  how do we find the video on the blog?
 19:53:20  HHG  You're welcome!
 19:53:47  HHG  I put the direct link to YouTube above and if you go to and search for "what I want" - you'll find my post.
 19:53:48  bobsprankle  love the video heidi!
 19:54:25  PeggyG  Just discovered that it was a direct link to the video. Thanks!!
 19:55:29  PeggyG  I love hearing about schools that try learning themes schoolwide. Very exciting!
 19:55:31  cheryloakes seedlings  For those listening tonight, thanks for coming. We love these free tools, but sometimes we struggle with the glitches, like echo and wavy sound. But, think of how cool this is that we can connect across the continent and around the world.
 19:55:51  bobsprankle  def, cheryl
 19:55:55  bobsprankle  def, cheryl
 19:55:59  cathywolinsky  Alice, we should think about teachers doing "Learning Teams" sessions.
 19:56:16  bobsprankle  <the echo was a joke>
 19:56:17  cheryloakes seedlings  evening shawnkball, any snow for you?
 19:56:27  PeggyG  is it voluntary for teachers to be part of a learning team?
 19:56:33  HHG  The learnign team at my daughter's school had people from three different schools
 19:56:38  datruss
 19:56:39  cheryloakes seedlings  evening cpriest, welcome
 19:56:41  HHG  Completely voluntary
 19:56:51  shawnkball  No, is it snowing some places?
 19:56:59  cheryloakes seedlings  heidi that makes it more collaborative and moves things forward
 19:57:10  cheryloakes seedlings  snowing in NH,mountains
 19:57:17  cpriest  Hi Cheryl
 19:57:20  datruss  blog rules based on beliefs
 19:57:36  PeggyG  I am a huge believer in action research! It can be so powerful in improving teaching practice!
 19:57:46  HHG  it was great to see - because there was a variety of technical levels and so much shared learning
 19:57:50  cheryloakes seedlings  right Peggy, and it is so worth the time.
 19:58:16  sheila  THis is so timely. We started talking about blog rules today!
 19:58:20  cheryloakes seedlings  right heidi, that is what makes the learning grow so quickly.
 19:58:46  cheryloakes seedlings  Right Shelia, it should just be more the culture of your school extended
 19:58:50  shawnkball  no audio, what am I doing wrong?
 19:59:00  shawnkball  chat only
 19:59:02  PeggyG  There was a great preso on k12online this week about using action research in an early childhood program in NZ. It really made a difference! Elaine Newton I think.
 19:59:03  alicebarr  @cathywo Like our coversation with Ben yesterday!
 19:59:28  cheryloakes seedlings  Shawn, tothe right you see live participation and click on the audio choices, itunes, then your audio comes through itunes.
 19:59:47  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks peggy, i am working my way through the presentations.
 20:00:18  cheryloakes seedlings  DAvid, what a great engaging way to run this project.
 20:00:22  PeggyG  me too, Cheryl--working my way through the presos!
 20:00:49  DaveC  I just started transcribing one.
 20:01:06  cheryloakes seedlings  anntruss, any relation to datruss?
 20:01:20  cheryloakes seedlings  davec, that is so cool, how did you sign up for it?
 20:01:21  anntruss  Yup, wife.
 20:01:46  cheryloakes seedlings  Welcome Ann, glad you are hear, not too many spouses join in.
 20:01:57  alicebarr  Hi Cpriest!
 20:02:05  alicebarr  Welcome anntruss
 20:02:13  cpriest  Hey Alice!
 20:02:19  DaveC  @cheryl. just sign up on (where the preso vids are) and you can get going on it. What an awesome way for people to practice a foreign language.
 20:02:21  sheila  We did a DaVinci rebirth-day party for a culmin ating event.
 20:02:35  cheryloakes seedlings  DaveC, can you chat about how you signed up to transcribe for k12online? Just saw this, thanks
 20:02:45  datruss
 20:02:47  cheryloakes seedlings  Shelia, that is good.
 20:03:04  PeggyG  those events sound so exciting for the students!
 20:03:14  DaveC  @cheryl, sure.
 20:03:37  datruss
 20:04:11  cheryloakes seedlings  shawnkball, did you get sound?
 20:04:15  cheryloakes seedlings  Evening Kern,
 20:04:18  PeggyG  @DaveC-are you tralking about the video transcription service Dotsub?
 20:04:20  alicebarr  Shawn can you get audio OK?
 20:04:28  cheryloakes seedlings  Evening Scott
 20:04:29  DaveC  @Peggy, yes.
 20:04:30  Kern  Hi
 20:04:40  Scott Shelhart  Hi Cheryl
 20:04:53  cheryloakes seedlings  Scott where are you from?
 20:05:02  shawnkball  no, and I have the most recent Java version
 20:05:13  Scott Shelhart  NW Indiana, abt one hour from Chicago
 20:05:31  cheryloakes seedlings  glad you can join us from Indiana.
 20:05:38  cheryloakes seedlings  shawn, what browser?
 20:05:42  DaveC  @Shawn: The video is done through streaming, try the black speaker icon under Channel (EdTechTalk A)
 20:05:54  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks for helping DaveC
 20:05:57  datruss
 20:05:57  shawnkball  flock, should try firefox huh?
 20:06:05  sheila  @datruss - I'm sending out your links left and right to others in my school!  :)
 20:06:13  cheryloakes seedlings  yes, shawn, try firefox.
 20:06:21  cheryloakes seedlings  sometimes this is funky.
 20:06:30  cathywolinsky  @shawn- Flock is OK for me on the speaker icon for audio
 20:06:53  cheryloakes seedlings  me to cathy, but depends on the version and mac os.
 20:07:13  PeggyG  Did any of you get to listen to the student radio show that Matt Montagne's students did last night? I had to miss it and am sure it was great!
 20:07:38  sheila  @PeggyG - I stayed up for a bit. about 20 mins.
 20:07:44  cheryloakes seedlings  no Peggy I missed it.
 20:08:06  sheila  It was great! I was very impressed and couldn't tell how old the girls were. very professional
 20:08:19  cheryloakes seedlings  i love the music!!
 20:08:20  bobsprankle  yikes!
 20:08:26  bobsprankle  it's moby!
 20:08:39  cheryloakes seedlings  hi Shawn, sound yet?
 20:08:47  shawnkball  is there just audio?
 20:08:53  shawnkball  no sound
 20:08:59  cheryloakes seedlings  yes, shawn, just audio, no video
 20:09:16  bobsprankle  audio gremlins tonight :(
 20:09:25  datruss
 20:09:27  cheryloakes seedlings  real audio gremblins.
 20:09:30  shawnkball  I click on Status hyperlink, right?
 20:09:43  PeggyG  Tim Tyson was our year-long keynote speaker for AzTEA conferences last year and he shared a lot of the information about the film festival and the impact it had on his community. He's a great resource!
 20:09:45  Kern  is there a ustream?
 20:10:09  sheila  no ustream
 20:10:11  cheryloakes seedlings  no ustream Kern, just audio with skype problems,
 20:10:13  cathywolinsky  Shawn- go to Channel, Edtech Talk-A and the speaker icon
 20:10:25  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks for helping cathyw0
 20:10:35  Kern  gotcha  - grrr Skype!
 20:10:46  HHG  the power of the network is only understood once you experience it!
 20:10:49  cheryloakes seedlings  I know we pay a lot of money for this!
 20:10:53  DaveC  Audio stream is here:
 20:11:22  bobsprankle  hey kern!
 20:11:41  Kern  Hi there Bob :)
 20:13:06  datruss
 20:13:24  Kern
 20:15:06  HHG  the part that talks about the student feedback and what they got from the projects was really powerful
 20:15:20  DaveC  I watched the history of youtube, very good :)
 20:15:40  datruss
 20:15:51  Kern  NIN does something similiar I think
 20:16:11  cheryloakes seedlings  If you click on a link, it might throw youout of the chat, be ready.
 20:16:14  bobsprankle
 20:16:27  cheryloakes seedlings  thanks bob, great link David
 20:17:49  PeggyG  Have you seen the original podsafe music project created by Riptide Furse? He provides 1 new song every day of 30 sec clips that are loopable and work on podcasts :-) Great resource!
 20:19:03  PeggyG  love that point about "doing technology"--hear it all the time! do you "do voicethread"... "do you do blogs?"
 20:19:04  cheryloakes seedlings  Media Smarts from PBS   
 20:19:34  cheryloakes seedlings
 20:20:02  HHG  our kids live in a social world that includes technology - and some of the power of tech is that we're honoring how THEY learn.  It's empowering them to learn their way.
 20:20:52  DaveC  @HHG: yes.
 20:21:13  cheryloakes seedlings  Kern what is NIN?
 20:21:31  PeggyG  oldie but goody--love them!
 20:22:02  Kern  Trent Reznor's Band - Nine In Nails
 20:22:09  HHG  I sat on our District's Literacy Planning Committee - had a conversation about definition of literacy.  Used to be "read, write and understand" but now we have to add "verify"
 20:22:13  cheryloakes seedlings  OH, I wondered.
 20:22:25  DaveC  Is there a link for Bob's GotW?
 20:22:33  alicebarr
 20:22:35  cheryloakes seedlings  oh, good point Heidi. verify
 20:22:37  bobsprankle
 20:22:38  HHG  the critical thinking piece
 20:22:43  sheila  @HHG - That's good def.
 20:22:48  bobsprankle  woops... correction:
 20:22:58  DaveC  thanks
 20:23:07  cheryloakes seedlings  who knew what google gmail would do next???
 20:23:19  Kern  ;)
 20:23:20  cheryloakes seedlings  Oh, fun, there goes another hour of my life.
 20:23:36  Kern  mail goggles
 20:24:37  cheryloakes seedlings     or go to   schedule and look for Oct. 31st  elluminate
 20:24:51  DaveC  Ok, let's all log in to Alice's gmail and try it :)
 20:25:15  alicebarr  Don't get too scared when you see my gmail! :)
 20:25:22  PeggyG  Have you seen this timeline of mashable posts from AllofMe? Amazing stuff you can do with creating timelines on the site!
 20:25:36  DaveC  Fireside chat starting in about 30 minutes:
 20:26:05  PeggyG  the Fireside chat is tonight :-) those time zones can be confusing!
 20:26:31  HHG  @peggyG - thanks! I've been thinking I have to go find a timeline tool, so I'll check that out.
 20:26:55  PeggyG  this has been an amazing week of presentations so I'm sure the fireside chat will be very exciting!
 20:26:56  DaveC  The "through the night" 24-hr session starts tomorrow at 8:00pm EDT
 20:27:11  DaveC  ..oops, "when night falls"
 20:27:19  cheryloakes seedlings  Thanks for the help David!!
 20:28:05  cheryloakes seedlings  This has been a really quick hour. Thanks for all of you in the chat room, you make our show! please look for the chat, links and audio in edtechtalk and bitbybit tomorrow
 20:28:07  cheryloakes seedlings  or Sat.
 20:28:24  HHG  Thanks!
 20:28:36  cheryloakes seedlings  David Truss, thanks for being here!
 20:28:54  PeggyG  I'm loving the quality of the presentations this year! The 20 minute lenthg makes it really easy to share with others and still have time to discuss.
 20:28:59  cheryloakes seedlings  This has been a great show, even though we had the echo gremlin!
 20:29:00  alicebarr  DAvid Thank you so much!!!
 20:29:13  datruss  It has been great... thanks!
 20:29:19  sheila  Got a lot out of tonight's show! Thanks David and hosts!
 20:29:20  cheryloakes seedlings  Thanks for coming.
 20:29:33  HHG  G'night all!
 20:29:35  PeggyG  Wonderful show! Thanks a lot David for sharing your great stuff with us!
 20:29:42  cheryloakes seedlings  Goodnight, thanks for coming.
 20:29:58  cheryloakes seedlings  We will be shutting down for a break before Fireside Chat!
 20:30:08  Kern  bye all!
 20:30:09  DaveC  Great show.  See some of you in about 30 mins at
 20:30:13  cheryloakes seedlings  Now we have David's comments coming back.
 20:30:25  cheryloakes seedlings  See you in 30 minutes! Bye for now.
 20:31:04  PeggyG  Absolutely! Looking forward to the Fireside Chat! Thanks all!
 20:31:12  shawnkball  thank you!
 20:31:31  cheryloakes seedlings  bye bye for a few!!
 20:31:37  bobsprankle  thanks all!