Women of Web 2.0 Show 84 Reflections from NECC08 and a tribute to Vicki Davis

How do you keep a secret from one of the most connected ladies in the blogosphere? Jen Wagner pulled off this amazing feat. You will need to listen to the show, read the radical chat, and check out the tribute to Vicki as she steps back from Women of Web 2.0 this evening to head on to other most important ventures-- her family. Someone said it best, you will probably not regret spending more time at work, but you will regret spending those moments with your family and creating those memories with your family. We have all benefited from your times with us and have the memories in podcasts, videos and chats.

The tribute page made by Jen Wagner, such a great idea!!! You can still contribute by adding a photo, a note, a comment to the VoiceThread!


Vicki's response: http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2008/07/what-great-way-to-honor-someone-who-is.html

The Chat!!!! Where Vicki takes over and starts a cheer for templates! I think we broke our record in the chat room for more than 60 participants!

vdavistributeshow 20:50:59  JenWagner  Hey Everyone!
vdavistributeshow 20:51:15  JenWagner  trying to figure out why my headphones are very very quiet but my volume is all the way up
vdavistributeshow 20:51:30  misst2  Hello Jen from beautiful Savannah
vdavistributeshow 20:51:36  cheryloakes wow2.0  Setting up on this hot steamy evening
vdavistributeshow 20:51:55  misst2  I hear no sound yet, should I?
vdavistributeshow 20:51:59  JenWagner  @misst -- not yet
vdavistributeshow 20:52:21  JenWagner  and Cheryl -- it is horrid hot here -- even heard someone say HUMID today.  However, humid in CA is nothing like humid in ME
vdavistributeshow 20:52:29  misst2  Ok  thanks.  I always have proplems with sound.
vdavistributeshow 20:53:35  alicebarr  Hi all!
vdavistributeshow 20:53:44  misst2  Hi Alice!
vdavistributeshow 20:53:49  nhill  Good evening everyone!
vdavistributeshow 20:53:53  nzchrissy  Hi Alice & everyone!
vdavistributeshow 20:54:20  PeggyG  Hi everyone-has the stream started yet?
vdavistributeshow 20:54:23  alicebarr  Hey nzchrissy nice to see you!
vdavistributeshow 20:54:29  alicebarr  No stream yet
vdavistributeshow 20:54:37  nzchrissy  Great to be here - thank goodness for school holidays
vdavistributeshow 20:54:44  alicebarr  :)
vdavistributeshow 20:55:00  cheryloakes wow2.0  no stream yet, but soon
vdavistributeshow 20:55:06  PeggyG  Hi Chrissy-great you're able to joijn us-what time is it there?
vdavistributeshow 20:56:22  nzchrissy  It is Wednesday 12.56pm
vdavistributeshow 20:56:23  drlaurie  hi ya'll
vdavistributeshow 20:56:27  drlaurie  glad to be here
vdavistributeshow 20:56:50  PeggyG  Amazing! It's 6:00pm in Phoenix AZ :-)
vdavistributeshow 20:57:06  drlaurie  and almost 8 in tuscaloosa alabama
vdavistributeshow 20:57:20  misst2  9 Here in Georgia
vdavistributeshow 20:57:21  PeggyG  Has anyone heard from Sharon? How's she doing in Africa?
vdavistributeshow 20:57:35  drlaurie  ive seen some of sharon's blog posts
vdavistributeshow 20:57:42  drlaurie  its beautiful there
vdavistributeshow 20:58:07  adinasullivan  Hi all
vdavistributeshow 20:58:09  paulrwood  what is the url forher blog
vdavistributeshow 20:58:23  drlaurie  hold on and i'll get it
vdavistributeshow 20:58:31  paulrwood  Thanks
vdavistributeshow 20:59:13  cheryloakes wow2.0  are you getting sound in 10 seconds
vdavistributeshow 20:59:16  PeggyG  Hi Kristin
vdavistributeshow 20:59:33  khokanson  I have little bits of sound now
vdavistributeshow 20:59:41  cheryloakes wow2.0  oh, lots of great folks are here!
vdavistributeshow 20:59:44  khokanson  have to go find my son's duck
vdavistributeshow 20:59:50  drlaurie  http://wearejustlearning.ca/ is sharon's blog
vdavistributeshow 21:00:07  PeggyG  Hooray here comes the sound
vdavistributeshow 21:00:10  Valaina  should we have sound?
vdavistributeshow 21:00:17  JenWagner  Peggy G -- are you everywhere??
vdavistributeshow 21:00:23  janices  I hear sound
vdavistributeshow 21:00:27  PeggyG  LOL-not at all!
vdavistributeshow 21:00:28  JenWagner  just read TFreedman's post --
vdavistributeshow 21:00:29  nzchrissy  I have sound - loud and clear
vdavistributeshow 21:00:36  paulrwood  Loud and clear
vdavistributeshow 21:00:38  cheryloakes wow2.0  you shoushould hear typing and all of us
vdavistributeshow 21:00:40  PeggyG  Terry is a good friend of mine :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:00:40  JenWagner  and he namedropped you -- as helping with Coming of Age 2
vdavistributeshow 21:00:45  drlaurie  i have no sound
vdavistributeshow 21:00:48  nzchrissy  but just cheryl talking and typing
vdavistributeshow 21:00:49  JenWagner  I realized you were EVERYWHERE
vdavistributeshow 21:00:57  khokanson  link for Terry's post :)
vdavistributeshow 21:00:58  alicebarr  Only Cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:01:06  khokanson  please :)
vdavistributeshow 21:01:11  JenWagner  just a sec -- it is the tech4learning blog
vdavistributeshow 21:01:22  shoemap  Sound is great using realplayer
vdavistributeshow 21:01:22  khokanson  oh ok
vdavistributeshow 21:01:39  paulrwood  can you give sharon's link again
vdavistributeshow 21:01:42  JenWagner  http://www.techlearning.com/blog/
vdavistributeshow 21:02:04  PeggyG  Hi Cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:02:05  alicebarr  Ca heaar all now
vdavistributeshow 21:02:06  nzchrissy  Hearing everyone now
vdavistributeshow 21:02:10  paulrwood  I hear more than one
vdavistributeshow 21:02:31  alicebarr  Hi kegmiliano! Welcome from my univ. class
vdavistributeshow 21:02:36  JenWagner  http://www.f1forkids.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:03:14  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hello all, now the sound is live and hijacked, so you can here all of us.
vdavistributeshow 21:03:16  lparisi  Hello everyone
vdavistributeshow 21:03:20  JenWagner  http://betch.edublogs.org/2008/06/30/going-live-vs-doing-life/
vdavistributeshow 21:03:26  PeggyG  Hi Lisa-great to see you
vdavistributeshow 21:03:27  cheryloakes wow2.0  howdy Joyce, jason, lisa, and dr. laurie
vdavistributeshow 21:03:34  lparisi  Hi Peggy
vdavistributeshow 21:03:40  Elaine  Hello all
vdavistributeshow 21:03:48  lparisi  Sounds good Cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:03:54  cheryloakes wow2.0  thanks Lisa
vdavistributeshow 21:03:57  joycevalenza  hello everyone
vdavistributeshow 21:04:05  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hello Elaine good evening!
vdavistributeshow 21:04:17  Jason  'evening :)
vdavistributeshow 21:04:51  JenWagner  thanks everyone for coming in
vdavistributeshow 21:05:29  nancyporter  I see chat but can't hear anything. Do I need to do something?
vdavistributeshow 21:05:29  PeggyG  Sounds like your Flat Classroom workshop in St. Louis is going GREAT!
vdavistributeshow 21:05:33  JenWagner  http://www.plurk.com/p/10sqa
vdavistributeshow 21:05:47  julielindsay  Hi Peggy
vdavistributeshow 21:05:52  JenWagner  http://franksblog.edublogs.org/2008/07/04/plurknovelas-fictional-digital...
vdavistributeshow 21:05:52  julielindsay  yes, we are having a great time
vdavistributeshow 21:05:54  lparisi  Did you click on the listen button on the right sidebar Nancy?
vdavistributeshow 21:05:54  PeggyG  Click on the idon for Audio A
vdavistributeshow 21:05:59  khokanson  @nancy in the top right corner...there is an icon to click to get audio it will come through real player or itues
vdavistributeshow 21:06:13  JenWagner  Here is our DELICIOUS LINK FOR TONIGHT:  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080708
vdavistributeshow 21:06:22  lparisi  Hello Elizabeth
vdavistributeshow 21:06:30  ehelfant  hello!
vdavistributeshow 21:06:31  JenWagner  choose your color please -- last icon on the LEFT
vdavistributeshow 21:06:33  JenWagner  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:06:49  nancyporter  Thanks! Got it!
vdavistributeshow 21:06:50  lparisi  I chose purple
vdavistributeshow 21:06:56  nhill  I'm green
vdavistributeshow 21:06:57  drlaurie  i still can'thear help!
vdavistributeshow 21:06:57  nzchrissy  Green please
vdavistributeshow 21:07:02  ehelfant  blue
vdavistributeshow 21:07:05  paulrwood  Got mine
vdavistributeshow 21:07:18  JenWagner  http://teachandlearn.ca/blog/
vdavistributeshow 21:07:21  misst2  Got mine
vdavistributeshow 21:07:21  lparisi  Dr. Laurie, did you click on the audio icon on the right side bar?
vdavistributeshow 21:07:32  drlaurie  uh maybe not
vdavistributeshow 21:07:43  cheryloakes wow2.0  thanks for the help in the chat room getting folks in the right places!
vdavistributeshow 21:07:46  nhill  pingfm would be great thanks
vdavistributeshow 21:08:28  julielindsay  http://www.terry-freedman.org.uk/free_web2/Web_2.0_Projects.pdf
vdavistributeshow 21:08:56  cfoote  having trouble getting in to hear the chat
vdavistributeshow 21:09:14  lparisi  Is that why you keep refreshing, Carolyn?
vdavistributeshow 21:09:16  PeggyG  Terry's Web 2.0 project ebook has lots of great ideas in it. Free download from the link Julie shared.
vdavistributeshow 21:09:46  cheryloakes wow2.0  http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/EducatorResources/YourLearnin...
vdavistributeshow 21:09:58  khokanson  hey chad :)
vdavistributeshow 21:10:07  lparisi  Hi Kristin!
vdavistributeshow 21:10:11  PeggyG  It will take you hours to explore all of the projects!
vdavistributeshow 21:10:16  cfoote  @lparisi  yes....everything I click on is giving me strange messages
vdavistributeshow 21:10:22  imcguy  Hi Kristin
vdavistributeshow 21:10:36  cheryloakes wow2.0  http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2008/program/presenter_handouts.php
here are the podcasts!  http://www.kzowebcasting.com/necc/
vdavistributeshow 21:10:41  lparisi  I got that too, Carolyn.  I switched browers.  Flock didn't work, IE does.
vdavistributeshow 21:10:45  imcguy  Just popped in for a second to check this out - saw a Tweet come through
vdavistributeshow 21:10:51  loonyhiker  sorry i'm late guys
vdavistributeshow 21:10:51  JenWagner  Keep an eye on the link Cheryl just linied too -- and don't let ISTE let it slide -- the one right above theone she just linked to
vdavistributeshow 21:10:51  joycevalenza  welcome sara!
vdavistributeshow 21:10:58  cfoote  ok, let me try ie
vdavistributeshow 21:11:04  cheryloakes wow2.0  http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2007/program/search_results_details.p...
vdavistributeshow 21:11:29  drlaurie  still can't hear when i click listen or the icon it asks me to download a file?
vdavistributeshow 21:11:31  khokanson  the most frustrating thing about this though is you cant subscribe in itunes :(
vdavistributeshow 21:11:38  imcguy  I'm new to this, what usually happens here?
vdavistributeshow 21:11:50  adinasullivan  I still have many more sessions to "attend"
vdavistributeshow 21:11:53  lparisi  IE is how I was able to listen.
vdavistributeshow 21:11:55  loonyhiker  @imcguy sit back and enjoy :)
vdavistributeshow 21:11:55  nzchrissy  imcguy are you listening to the stream?
vdavistributeshow 21:11:58  PeggyG  I spent the day listening to NECC webcasts! Great learning opportunities.
vdavistributeshow 21:12:00  lparisi  Me, too, Adina.
vdavistributeshow 21:12:08  nnorris  hi clad, click on the channel on the right side
vdavistributeshow 21:12:19  nnorris  I mean Chad
vdavistributeshow 21:12:23  janice s  You can for the ones at ALI Conference Connections. Different ones though.
vdavistributeshow 21:12:25  Elaine  listened to the opening keynote webcast.  i'm reading his book.
vdavistributeshow 21:12:35  adinasullivan  NECC is officially 3 days, but really takes weeks (at elast) to absorb
vdavistributeshow 21:13:02  lparisi  Adina, your blog reflections were spot on.
vdavistributeshow 21:13:13  drlaurie  still can't hear
vdavistributeshow 21:13:14  Virtual Teacher  So frustrating to listen on a dial-up connection after the live version at NECC - audio rebuffers every 5 minutes
vdavistributeshow 21:13:18  nhill  was nice to be able to participate from home
vdavistributeshow 21:13:18  drlaurie  ;(
vdavistributeshow 21:13:29  JenWagner  if you need the link to the "wiki" -- for tonight -- :)   please let me know
vdavistributeshow 21:13:30  lparisi  Dr. Laurie, did you try another browser?
vdavistributeshow 21:13:32  PeggyG  Got to hear Stephanie Sandifer's Marzano-Web 2.0 tools preso today and she was even online at the same time to chat with me. Amazing world!
vdavistributeshow 21:13:40  drlaurie  im on firefox
vdavistributeshow 21:13:42  nnorris  click on edtechtalk speaker on the right side
vdavistributeshow 21:13:50  adinasullivan  Thx Lisa, I appreciate that
vdavistributeshow 21:13:50  imcguy  I hear Jen
vdavistributeshow 21:13:51  nnorris  go to safari
vdavistributeshow 21:13:54  lparisi  IE is what worked for me, Dr. Laurie
vdavistributeshow 21:13:54  khokanson  I see Vicki on skype
vdavistributeshow 21:14:03  drlaurie  let me try ie
vdavistributeshow 21:14:18  lparisi  Hi Karen!
vdavistributeshow 21:14:19  mrsdurff  i have it too
vdavistributeshow 21:14:44  lparisi  Hello Linda.
vdavistributeshow 21:14:49  dgoodman  I need the link to the wiki, please
vdavistributeshow 21:15:00  cheryloakes wow2.0  This is the NECC reflection show, last week we had guest speakers, today we are going to try and talk about where do we go next
vdavistributeshow 21:15:01  loonyhiker  sounds like a cell phone commercial: can u hear me now? lol
vdavistributeshow 21:15:03  mrsdurff  hi Dr Tedd
vdavistributeshow 21:15:05  KarenJan  hi, Lisa!
vdavistributeshow 21:15:11  LindaN  Hi Lisa
vdavistributeshow 21:15:14  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hey Cheri, I missed you at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:15:16  lparisi  It is so cool to see people enter the room and actually know who they are!
vdavistributeshow 21:15:19  Virtual Teacher  I will have to get to a high speed connection sometime this summer to catch some of these NECC sessions
vdavistributeshow 21:15:28  drlaurie  yeah I got in using IE
vdavistributeshow 21:15:29  lparisi  Hello Cheri!
vdavistributeshow 21:15:30  drlaurie  :O
vdavistributeshow 21:15:30  imcguy  How long does this usually last?
vdavistributeshow 21:15:32  adinasullivan  Lisa - Agreed!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:15:34  cheri t  Hi Lisa
vdavistributeshow 21:15:38  paulrwood  This is such a great group to learn from
vdavistributeshow 21:15:44  nzchrissy  You got to meet a lot of people f2f didn't you Lisa!!
vdavistributeshow 21:15:49  lparisi  Glad, Dr. Laurie.  Don't know why no other browser was working tonight
vdavistributeshow 21:15:51  loonyhiker  vicki and julie: great session this morning! i enjoyed it and thanks for letting me be a part of it
vdavistributeshow 21:15:53  drlaurie  drlaurie is crimson
vdavistributeshow 21:16:02  lparisi  Yes, Chrissy.  I said hello to everyone!
vdavistributeshow 21:16:02  Virtual Teacher  @Lisa - I agree too!
vdavistributeshow 21:16:04  drlaurie  firefox 3 has been giving me fits
vdavistributeshow 21:16:09  Vicki Davis  @loonyhiker -- Thanks it was fun - we're going to ustream it again tomorrow.
vdavistributeshow 21:16:10  julielindsay  thanks Pat @loonyhiker  :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:16:13  paulrwood  Most times the wifi was pretty good
vdavistributeshow 21:16:19  cheri t  couldn't get into chat - FF3 nor FF2 worked - I'm on Safari
vdavistributeshow 21:16:19  Vicki Davis  @drlaurie - I've had some trouble off and on as well
vdavistributeshow 21:16:23  cheri t  phew
vdavistributeshow 21:16:27  joycevalenza  It was wonderful that the librarians who chose to attend ALA were able to get to this stuff
vdavistributeshow 21:16:33  loonyhiker  i can't be there tomorrow cuz i'm going tubing in saluda, nc :)
vdavistributeshow 21:16:36  lori a  HI all
vdavistributeshow 21:16:37  paulrwood  Make sure you also fill out conference eval form.
vdavistributeshow 21:16:40  drlaurie  @vicki how was your flat classroom workshop today
vdavistributeshow 21:16:42  Vicki Davis  @loonyhiker - I LOVE TUBING!
vdavistributeshow 21:16:43  PeggyG  @cheri t-can you try Flock? I'm using that on my Mac
vdavistributeshow 21:16:44  lparisi  Hi Lori.
vdavistributeshow 21:16:47  drlaurie  hi
vdavistributeshow 21:16:53  Vicki Davis  @drlaurie - it was great -- JULIE WAS AMAZING!!! ;-)
vdavistributeshow 21:16:56  joycevalenza  The tech support at the conf was superior!
vdavistributeshow 21:16:58  lparisi  Flock didn't work for me Peggy.  Only IE
vdavistributeshow 21:17:01  khokanson  @drlaurie their workshop was going GREAT when I was there
vdavistributeshow 21:17:02  dgoodman  enjoyed seeing faces of those I've listened to hear at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:17:03  drlaurie  i know she was!
vdavistributeshow 21:17:13  PeggyG  So sorry!
vdavistributeshow 21:17:15  nhill  no way to keep everyone happy
vdavistributeshow 21:17:17  adinasullivan  Constructive criticism w/ ideas is key
vdavistributeshow 21:17:24  loonyhiker  today's workshop was so clear and easy to understand
vdavistributeshow 21:17:43  drlaurie  did they post the WOWs of the week on del.icio.us?
vdavistributeshow 21:17:43  chrisssve  thank you for the link to info on past necc
vdavistributeshow 21:17:47  khokanson  As PAECT regional director..PA ISTE affiliate, I am REALLY nervouse about it being in Phila in 2011
vdavistributeshow 21:17:52  loonyhiker  u don't know hot and steamy until u come to SC lol
vdavistributeshow 21:17:58  nzchrissy  It's soooooo cold here in NZ!  Am jealous of you all with the warm weather
vdavistributeshow 21:18:03  drlaurie  i had a great time in PHilly several years ago
vdavistributeshow 21:18:05  PeggyG  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080708
vdavistributeshow 21:18:06  Sue Waters  Hey NZ Chrissy
vdavistributeshow 21:18:09  lparisi  By then, Kristin, it better be perfect. ;)
vdavistributeshow 21:18:10  drlaurie  thanks!
vdavistributeshow 21:18:13  mrsdurff  kristin - starbucks in philly
vdavistributeshow 21:18:13  nzchrissy  Hey Sue!
vdavistributeshow 21:18:16  LindaN  Seeing people f2f and then chatting online feels so different1
vdavistributeshow 21:18:16  laurabfogle  I added the NECC podcast to iTunes but it never downloaded any podcasts.
vdavistributeshow 21:18:18  Elaine  we had weather in the 70s over the 4th holiday.  unheard of for chicagoland
vdavistributeshow 21:18:21  misst2  I'm ready for the heat to go
vdavistributeshow 21:18:22  JenWagner  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080708
vdavistributeshow 21:18:25  JenWagner  DELICIOUS LINK
vdavistributeshow 21:18:29  lparisi  I agree Linda
vdavistributeshow 21:18:34  Sue Waters  @NZChrissy how is the weather?
vdavistributeshow 21:18:36  joycevalenza  the rooms were too small
vdavistributeshow 21:18:38  mrsdurff  hi kevin'
vdavistributeshow 21:18:45  mrsdurff  hi susan
vdavistributeshow 21:18:48  khokanson  @lisap great..no pressure.
vdavistributeshow 21:18:53  lparisi  lol
vdavistributeshow 21:18:56  PeggyG  I would like to try to use Kevin Honeycutt's keychain idea.
vdavistributeshow 21:18:57  mrsdurff  derrall!
vdavistributeshow 21:18:59  drlaurie  hey miguel
vdavistributeshow 21:19:00  nzchrissy  Jolly cold -7 degrees Celcius Sue!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:03  khokanson  Hi Miguel!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:07  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi Miguel, glad to see you.
vdavistributeshow 21:19:08  drlaurie  i am a reader of your blog!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:09  mrsdurff  don't forget your toothbrush
vdavistributeshow 21:19:09  lparisi  Peggy, I think he should sell them
vdavistributeshow 21:19:11  Vicki Davis  I enjoyed testing out the mini notebooks -- I really like the hp mini notebook - does anyone like that one?
vdavistributeshow 21:19:11  khokanson  Hi Derrall
vdavistributeshow 21:19:15  Vicki Davis  Oh, the keychain thing is great
vdavistributeshow 21:19:16  julielindsay  @Peegy G Yes, the keychain was a great idea
vdavistributeshow 21:19:18  Sue Waters  @NZChrissy ok will try to stop complaining about the cold :)
vdavistributeshow 21:19:18  Elaine  poster sessions are often underrated but there were some really good ones this year
vdavistributeshow 21:19:28  drlaurie  i like poster sessions too
vdavistributeshow 21:19:29  kevinh  llo
vdavistributeshow 21:19:30  PeggyG  Great to see you Miguel! I really enjoyed meeting you f2f at NECC!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:38  kevinh  Hello
vdavistributeshow 21:19:39  SusanEttenheim  hi everyone what a crowd!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:39  Maureen/bcdtech  I love Kevin's idea and will try it out with my teachers this fall
vdavistributeshow 21:19:40  loonyhiker  hey miguel - loved seeing you in everyone's pix from necc. u were a star :)
vdavistributeshow 21:19:42  julielindsay  Hi Miguel
vdavistributeshow 21:19:43  mrsdurff  they are getting them up
vdavistributeshow 21:19:46  paulrwood  @Vicki Davis friend said great laptop but the batteries get really hot
vdavistributeshow 21:19:53  lori a  posters were great
vdavistributeshow 21:19:55  MGuhlin.net  Howdy!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:58  joycevalenza  Miguel!
vdavistributeshow 21:19:59  lparisi  I'm glad all those resources are available.  Glad that I can make up what I missed there.
vdavistributeshow 21:19:59  khokanson  I wish there was a place that all of THAT was archived
vdavistributeshow 21:20:01  cheri t  Hey Miguel!
vdavistributeshow 21:20:05  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi sendkathy, welcome, loonyhiker, Hi, Durff
vdavistributeshow 21:20:05  khokanson  necc unplugged maybe?
vdavistributeshow 21:20:09  MGuhlin.net  Joyce! You're famous!
vdavistributeshow 21:20:14  sendkathy  Hi Hi
vdavistributeshow 21:20:15  khokanson  will check necc ning then
vdavistributeshow 21:20:20  joycevalenza  thanks to you, my friend
vdavistributeshow 21:20:26  MGuhlin.net  Hi Dr. Laurie! Needed sleep material, huh?
vdavistributeshow 21:20:31  nancyporter  I found it even more productive to listen to NECC after I left...time to think about things.
vdavistributeshow 21:20:32  jepcke   What's the keychain idea?
vdavistributeshow 21:20:36  kcaise  hi miguel
vdavistributeshow 21:20:38  derrallg  hi everyone chat room is slow for me sorry i'm late
vdavistributeshow 21:20:39  KarenJan  @miguel - wasn't she already famous? what's new?
vdavistributeshow 21:20:41  drlaurie  no, love your stuff and i am trying to comment more too
vdavistributeshow 21:20:46  nhill  I would love to see more of the key chain
vdavistributeshow 21:20:47  nzchrissy  When you are in a country so far away from NECC it's fantastic to have archived stuff available
vdavistributeshow 21:20:47  Elaine  especially if you think of all the composite resources of various podcasts and ustreams done by individuals
vdavistributeshow 21:20:47  loonyhiker  i loved seeing pix of ppl that i follow on twitter
vdavistributeshow 21:20:47  adinasullivan  Kevin was the STAR
vdavistributeshow 21:20:50  sendkathy  explain the keychain
vdavistributeshow 21:20:54  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi Derrallg, you made it home
vdavistributeshow 21:20:55  nhill  only saw the picture
vdavistributeshow 21:20:55  dgoodman  the only negative I had for tNECC was the sessions that were closed due to overcrowding - with all the technology available, there should be some way for those who wanted to attend to join in virtually outside somewhere
vdavistributeshow 21:21:02  lparisi  Hi Derrall...China?
vdavistributeshow 21:21:04  PeggyG  http://web2thatworks.com/index.php?title=NECC Stephanie's site for her preso at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:21:07  Vicki Davis  http://a330.g.akamai.net/7/330/2540/20080629093153/www.schoollibraryjour...
vdavistributeshow 21:21:14  Vicki Davis  That is the picture
vdavistributeshow 21:21:21  derrallg  @cheryl yeah finishing up all the forms I have to take for the visa
vdavistributeshow 21:21:24  JenWagner  http://kevinhoneycutt.org/
vdavistributeshow 21:21:25  Elaine  i think NECC underestimated the number of folks who would attend certain sessions
vdavistributeshow 21:21:26  lparisi  That would be fabulous.
vdavistributeshow 21:21:26  nhill  wonderful idea
vdavistributeshow 21:21:28  KarenJan  seems like the keychain idea that can be used in many diff. ways
vdavistributeshow 21:21:30  Vicki Davis  Hey elizabeth!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:21:32  Elaine  that would have been GREAT!
vdavistributeshow 21:21:33  Valaina  I wish there was more info about the keychains too
vdavistributeshow 21:21:34  adinasullivan  Hers is the link to the Ning Kevin's group uses http://iconnectilearn.ning.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:21:40  joycevalenza  I feel overwhelmed by having to do so much disseminating. It takes a posse
vdavistributeshow 21:21:41  lparisi  He would have made a fortune.
vdavistributeshow 21:21:46  JenWagner  here is the link to the keychain  http://kevinhoneycutt.org/
vdavistributeshow 21:21:47  dgoodman  thanks for the marzano link - that was one I wanted to attend
vdavistributeshow 21:21:48  mrsdurff  here http://www.flickr.com/photos/78154370@N00/2620023239/
vdavistributeshow 21:21:56  khokanson  Add this to  tlinks for the show please http://kzowebcasting.com/necc
vdavistributeshow 21:22:00  JenWagner  hmmm -=-  a kevin honeycutt donation button???
vdavistributeshow 21:22:01  Vicki Davis  @joyce it does take a posse - it is so hard to set up everything and archive it.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:06  carolynfoote  ok...got it now
vdavistributeshow 21:22:09  khokanson  I have it hold a sec
vdavistributeshow 21:22:13  carolynfoote  hello all :)
vdavistributeshow 21:22:15  Virtual Teacher  @dgoodman - yeah, I missed out on Vicki's wiki presentation because it was full 30 minutes before it started.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:21  derrallg  @dgoodman me too and people snuck in the previous session to get in
vdavistributeshow 21:22:22  joycevalenza  yes, i sometimes feel that the guys have a better posse
vdavistributeshow 21:22:27  cheri t  there were many oohs and ahhs from the crowd
vdavistributeshow 21:22:27  JenWagner  Kristin -- this is why my browser says:  Firefox can't find the server at kzowebcasting.com.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:27  Vicki Davis  @Virtual Teacher - and we tried to ustream it out.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:31  JenWagner  another link??
vdavistributeshow 21:22:34  MGuhlin.net  Hi Kim (kcaise)
vdavistributeshow 21:22:35  LindaN  There are pictures of his keychain on the NECC flickr site
vdavistributeshow 21:22:37  Vicki Davis  But it wouldn't ustream we were just locked down.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:41  Valaina  Wish we could see the back of them
vdavistributeshow 21:22:45  Elaine  maybe that's one of the good things Pearson can do next year is provide video capability for those who can't attend sessions
vdavistributeshow 21:22:50  khokanson  http://kevinhoneycutt.org
vdavistributeshow 21:22:54  imcguy  I have to put the kids to bed, I'll be back later
vdavistributeshow 21:22:56  kevinh  I should have a template  online to download tomorrow, my colleague has had some local challenges.
vdavistributeshow 21:22:57  Maureen/bcdtech  It would be so nice to have one place where all of the stuff is archived, like K12 online- I keep going back to it and to the year before as well
vdavistributeshow 21:23:04  carolynfoote  bye imcguy :)
vdavistributeshow 21:23:12  Vicki Davis  Hey kevin is in here, guys!
vdavistributeshow 21:23:12  LindaN  I think Kevin hit on the idea that we need to meet teachers where they are not where we want them to be.
vdavistributeshow 21:23:16  KarenJan  @joyce - yes we need our own old girls network - will you be at Edubloggercon East on MOnday?
vdavistributeshow 21:23:19  Virtual Teacher  @Vicki - I know, I tried to get it, but couldn't seem to for some reason.  Is the Ustream archived?
vdavistributeshow 21:23:21  dgoodman  @maureen  I agree
vdavistributeshow 21:23:24  carolynfoote  Hi Kevin :)
vdavistributeshow 21:23:26  khokanson  I think we should make them like badges and post on our blogs ;-)
vdavistributeshow 21:23:27  Vicki Davis  Do you have information @kevinh about this.
vdavistributeshow 21:23:29  joycevalenza  yes, Karen!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:23:34  JenWagner  http://kevinhoneycutt.org/   --- and you can tell him THANK YOU
vdavistributeshow 21:23:37  loonyhiker  @linda sounds just like the way we should be teaching our students :)
vdavistributeshow 21:23:39  khokanson  folks can know what you are the "expert" in
vdavistributeshow 21:23:49  JenWagner  http://kevinhoneycutt.org/
vdavistributeshow 21:23:54  JenWagner  Kevin has entered the building
vdavistributeshow 21:23:56  mrsdurff  and http://www.flickr.com/photos/78154370@N00/2620023239/
vdavistributeshow 21:23:58  LindaN  @khokanson OOHHH I like that idea!
vdavistributeshow 21:24:02  nzchrissy  Imagine have a classroom set of experts
vdavistributeshow 21:24:06  MGuhlin.net  @KarenJan listen to Joyce here http://tinyurl.com/5rdc54
vdavistributeshow 21:24:06  Maureen/bcdtech  I plan to make the physical ones and put a graphic with hot spots on the moodle for faculty as well
vdavistributeshow 21:24:11  KarenJan  @joyce - looking forward to it - smaller group, we can learn from those of you who were at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:24:16  adinasullivan  Thank you Kevin!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:24:18  mrsdurff  miguel!
vdavistributeshow 21:24:18  nzchrissy  each student makes a keychain
vdavistributeshow 21:24:21  JenWagner  Please drop in ALL your NECC links
vdavistributeshow 21:24:25  MGuhlin.net  Agree, Kevin was awesome. One of my team heard about it and shared!
vdavistributeshow 21:24:26  KarenJan  @miguel, thanx
vdavistributeshow 21:24:29  joycevalenza  We had a cool idea, also unplugged at the library session
vdavistributeshow 21:24:31  JenWagner  and if you have a NECC MOMENT -- please post them HERE!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:24:34  khokanson  @nzchrissy we can create this within the network...and post the badge on our sites
vdavistributeshow 21:24:37  MGuhlin.net  Durff!!! Where ya been?!?
vdavistributeshow 21:24:39  LindaN  Yes, they were local people.
vdavistributeshow 21:24:43  joycevalenza  he's been here
vdavistributeshow 21:24:53  LindaN  He also made keychains for his students
vdavistributeshow 21:24:56  drlaurie  hey kevin  yeah you! we love the keychain
vdavistributeshow 21:24:56  loonyhiker  kevin is famous lol
vdavistributeshow 21:24:58  mrsdurff  right here, where you been?
vdavistributeshow 21:25:01  drlaurie  idea
vdavistributeshow 21:25:03  JenWagner  Julie Lindsay is a guest host tonight --
vdavistributeshow 21:25:16  kevinh  I would skype in
vdavistributeshow 21:25:20  Maureen/bcdtech  My NECC moment- meeting Cherly Oakes and others who I only knew virtually
vdavistributeshow 21:25:23  kevinh  web slow here
vdavistributeshow 21:25:26  nzchrissy  Keychains for students - that's such a cool idea to celebrate kids' strengths
vdavistributeshow 21:25:28  JenWagner  LOL -- kevin -- what is your skype name??
vdavistributeshow 21:25:35  mrsdurff  they're talking about you kevin
vdavistributeshow 21:25:39  lparisi  That's what I have...an HP
vdavistributeshow 21:25:41  kevinh  kevinessdack
vdavistributeshow 21:25:41  carolynfoote  Hi Julie :)
vdavistributeshow 21:25:48  dgoodman  love the keychain idea
vdavistributeshow 21:25:53  joycevalenza  believe it or not, I enjoyed the Pearson panel
vdavistributeshow 21:25:59  mrsdurff  wwhat about the acer?
vdavistributeshow 21:26:06  Elaine  i thought jo mcleay had one with her at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:26:08  Virtual Teacher  Our school board built its own laptop carts
vdavistributeshow 21:26:14  lparisi  Acer is tiny Durff with no battery life at all
vdavistributeshow 21:26:18  Maureen/bcdtech  Anyone use HP 2123?
vdavistributeshow 21:26:24  carolynfoote  Barbara BArreda had a ee 
vdavistributeshow 21:26:34  carolynfoote  she liked it a lot.
vdavistributeshow 21:26:35  lparisi  I have HP 2000
vdavistributeshow 21:26:36  shoemap  can someone explain the keychain idea
vdavistributeshow 21:26:38  mrsdurff  really, so Asus is better than Acer?
vdavistributeshow 21:26:45  KarenJan  so which mini laptop is best? - best battery life, etc?
vdavistributeshow 21:26:46  Maureen/bcdtech  DO you like it LIsa?
vdavistributeshow 21:27:00  derrallg  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:27:04  lparisi  I LOVE my laptop...and it's small and manageable and very powerful
vdavistributeshow 21:27:09  LindaN  @Virtual Teacher Can you pass on the plans or send a link?
vdavistributeshow 21:27:11  JenWagner  Kevin -- turn on your SKYPE   :)
vdavistributeshow 21:27:17  KarenJan  @lisap - how much was it?
vdavistributeshow 21:27:28  Vicki Davis  OK, so which one do you like?
vdavistributeshow 21:27:29  mrsdurff  what time do you fly out derrall?
vdavistributeshow 21:27:35  JenWagner  Please -- KEVIN
vdavistributeshow 21:27:47  lparisi  Karen, it was about - I forget - I'm thinking about 1800
vdavistributeshow 21:27:48  kevinh  skype is on
vdavistributeshow 21:27:50  derrallg  asus needs to include bifocals
vdavistributeshow 21:27:51  MGuhlin.net  <gasp> Windows? Go GNU/Linux!
vdavistributeshow 21:27:51  Virtual Teacher  @ LIndaN I can look into it.  I think a shop class at one of the high schools built them
vdavistributeshow 21:27:53  PeggyG  My 2 NECC moments were getting to be interviewed live by Maggie about Diigo with Miguel :-) and the WOW2 live webcast :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:28:02  JenWagner  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:28:04  gisele1  I am looking for a tech savvy media specialist to swap ideas with .... want to integrate tech in school library/media center ...any ideas
vdavistributeshow 21:28:12  joycevalenza  Derrall--I am so grateful for your help
vdavistributeshow 21:28:14  JenWagner  and my NECC Moment was seeing PeggyG wearing a WOW2 t-shirt  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:28:19  Elaine  here's a link from March doing some comparison on mini laptops
vdavistributeshow 21:28:19  carolynfoote  gisele  maybe I could help?
vdavistributeshow 21:28:19  MGuhlin.net  @PeggyG, hey...where did she post that?
vdavistributeshow 21:28:20  Vicki Davis  @PeggyG -- cool.  It was all fun -- it was just SOOOOOOOOOOO tiring.
vdavistributeshow 21:28:21  Elaine  http://blogs.computerworld.com/new_mini_laptop_to_cost_under_300
vdavistributeshow 21:28:25  mrsdurff  So Miguel votes for Asus Linux
vdavistributeshow 21:28:28  KarenJan  @gisele1 - no one better than Joyce Valenza who is here
vdavistributeshow 21:28:28  PeggyG  LOL
vdavistributeshow 21:28:32  carolynfoote  @gisele  are u on twitter
vdavistributeshow 21:28:35  joycevalenza  gisele email m?e
vdavistributeshow 21:28:39  khokanson  I noticed that on any of them ...if you chose linux they would give you more memory ^& ram for the same price
vdavistributeshow 21:28:43  carolynfoote  @karenjan  agreed :)  joyce is the best!
vdavistributeshow 21:28:44  derrallg  @joyce That was a peak moment with the allstar panel
vdavistributeshow 21:28:46  JenWagner  can someone please count the people in chat -- we hope to pass 60
vdavistributeshow 21:28:46  gisele1  yes ... twitter ... gcwebster
vdavistributeshow 21:28:47  Valaina  I'd like a mini PC that would do SecondLife
vdavistributeshow 21:28:52  MGuhlin.net  What about the Acer Aspire 1?
vdavistributeshow 21:29:02  lparisi  Watch battery life carefully...the smaller the laptop, the smaller the battery
vdavistributeshow 21:29:11  KarenJan  @gisele - and carolyn foote is great too!
vdavistributeshow 21:29:16  PeggyG  Exhausting definitely--still recovering and I'm not leading a 2-day workshop
vdavistributeshow 21:29:18  joycevalenza  lots of resources here--try carolyn, cathy jo, durff
vdavistributeshow 21:29:19  Elaine  this is a more recent link http://www.pcworld.com/article/146984-1/the_minilaptops_of_summer.html
vdavistributeshow 21:29:21  gisele1  will this chat be archived ... I definitely want to follow up
vdavistributeshow 21:29:27  Virtual Teacher  My 2 NECC moments were the Live Wow2 show and Will Richardson et al workshop on live TV.  Can't wait to get into this next year
vdavistributeshow 21:29:29  edventures  58
vdavistributeshow 21:29:32  mrsdurff  yeah miguel what about it?
vdavistributeshow 21:29:45  nzchrissy  Yep 58
vdavistributeshow 21:29:51  Elaine  the pcworld link offers some nice technical comparative information
vdavistributeshow 21:30:24  mrsdurff  so now i have to look at three choices instead of two?
vdavistributeshow 21:30:34  joycevalenza  dropping is bad
vdavistributeshow 21:30:37  nzchrissy  it's a tough world durff!
vdavistributeshow 21:30:42  joycevalenza  we've had to do walking lessons
vdavistributeshow 21:30:44  mrsdurff  pooh
vdavistributeshow 21:30:46  Elaine  and there will be MORE choices as more vendors get involved
vdavistributeshow 21:30:51  MGuhlin.net  Dell sells the Asus Eee
vdavistributeshow 21:30:58  PeggyG  what are walking lessons?
vdavistributeshow 21:31:11  julielindsay  Hi Kevin!
vdavistributeshow 21:31:14  kcaise  wouldn't regular campus/district insurance cover damage after being dropped?
vdavistributeshow 21:31:17  joycevalenza  how to walk down the hall to the library with your laptop
vdavistributeshow 21:31:18  gisele1  thanks for suggestions for media contacts ... I will follow-up on twitter
vdavistributeshow 21:31:19  KarenJan  even Intel hates Vista
vdavistributeshow 21:31:23  MGuhlin.net  It's Vicki's fault that MS is angry about Vista ban!! ;->
vdavistributeshow 21:31:25  jepcke  Isn't there a mini laptop called MSI Wind? Kathy Schrock just bought one.
vdavistributeshow 21:31:32  PeggyG  OH-I get it :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:31:34  cheryloakes wow2.0  Kevin has joined us and will clear up the keychain idea.
vdavistributeshow 21:31:36  JenWagner  Welcome KEVIN!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:31:42  derrallg  hi Kevin
vdavistributeshow 21:31:45  JenWagner  this is the TRUE STORY!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:31:57  KarenJan  @jepcke - Kathy buys everything! she had an Asus EEE last fall, has the Kindle, she gets all the new toys
vdavistributeshow 21:32:09  alicebarr  Did we lose them?
vdavistributeshow 21:32:14  JenWagner  we will be back
vdavistributeshow 21:32:17  derrallg  @KarenJan does she have a Chumby?
vdavistributeshow 21:32:20  JenWagner  we had a blip
vdavistributeshow 21:32:21  mrsdurff  so why can i not use a linux machine in a windows world?
vdavistributeshow 21:32:23  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi shelia
vdavistributeshow 21:32:30  Elaine  definitely check out the June http://www.pcworld.com/article/146984/the_minilaptops_of_summer.html article as it gives some good comparative information about mini laptops
vdavistributeshow 21:32:33  KarenJan  @derrallg - not sure - what is a Chumby?
vdavistributeshow 21:32:34  Maureen/bcdtech  Is kathy coming to Boston on MOnday? Maybe she can bring her toys and show us.
vdavistributeshow 21:32:35  drlaurie  kevin do you have a picture of a keychain?
vdavistributeshow 21:32:39  mrsdurff  the urban legend http://www.flickr.com/photos/78154370@N00/2620023239/
vdavistributeshow 21:32:43  sheila  HI all!
vdavistributeshow 21:32:52  joycevalenza  I think Kathy is passing
vdavistributeshow 21:33:00  khokanson  Miguel just sent your post to my kindergarten teacher who attended NECC this year and did a poster session...hpe she jumps in and posts ;-)
vdavistributeshow 21:33:13  justinreeve  Howdy!
vdavistributeshow 21:33:17  derrallg  @karenJan a small device that is wireless and can show RSS and widgets
vdavistributeshow 21:33:27  mrsdurff  I WAS HERE FIRST
vdavistributeshow 21:33:28  KarenJan  did Kathy Schrock participate in the blogger's cafe or the unconference at NECC?
vdavistributeshow 21:33:38  justinreeve  DARN IT!
vdavistributeshow 21:33:42  dgoodman  hi justinreve
vdavistributeshow 21:33:44  MGuhlin.net  @khokanson thanks so much!!
vdavistributeshow 21:33:48  justinreeve  howdy dgoodman
vdavistributeshow 21:33:49  Vicki Davis  @KarenJan - I saw kathy but I was not in bloggers cafe a lot.
vdavistributeshow 21:33:52  joycevalenza  i fell in love with Kathy's Kindle and broke down and bought one
vdavistributeshow 21:33:54  nhill  that would be great
vdavistributeshow 21:34:01  Vicki Davis  @joyce - do you love the kindle?
vdavistributeshow 21:34:09  ehelfant  i think you just hit 60 in chat room
vdavistributeshow 21:34:22  joycevalenza  Hope it comes in time for the Boston trip.  I don't have it yet, Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:34:28  MGuhlin.net  Wait a couple of weeks?!? Get her off the mic!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:30  carolynfoote  I noticed Doug Johnson has a kindle too?
vdavistributeshow 21:34:31  paulrwood  60 in the house
vdavistributeshow 21:34:31  KarenJan  @joyce - wish it offered Text-to-speech for my kids with reading disabilities
vdavistributeshow 21:34:33  PeggyG  My computer is doing weird things-the chat window keeps scrolling back to the top :-( almost funny!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:38  lparisi  I agree, Miguel!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:43  Elaine  a friend of mine has a Kindle and LOVES it
vdavistributeshow 21:34:45  joycevalenza  karen, that would be good
vdavistributeshow 21:34:46  ehelfant  i love the kindle when traveling- i prefer a book when reading at night
vdavistributeshow 21:34:48  Vicki Davis  I WANT IT NOW!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:52  Vicki Davis  I want the template!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:57  Vicki Davis  I want the template!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:58  lparisi  Me, too!
vdavistributeshow 21:34:59  joycevalenza  it is okay on the plane?
vdavistributeshow 21:34:59  edventures  60!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:02  Valaina  I'd still like to see a picture of the back to get same idea
vdavistributeshow 21:35:02  Vicki Davis  Everyone -- I WANT IT NOW!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:05  khokanson  DIDYOU SEE MY IDEA ABOUT CREATING BLOG BADGES?????
vdavistributeshow 21:35:06  MGuhlin.net  Sheesh!! WE WANT IT NOW!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:07  lparisi  Why reinvent the wheel?
vdavistributeshow 21:35:07  Valaina  I want it too
vdavistributeshow 21:35:11  imcguy  I'm on info overload - listening to this and participating in a 4 person Skype
vdavistributeshow 21:35:13  Elaine  yes, the kindle is fine on the plane
vdavistributeshow 21:35:13  mrsdurff  you can make your own template Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:35:15  lparisi  Hello Sue
vdavistributeshow 21:35:21  Vicki Davis  I know - why reinvent the wheel?  I WANT THE TEMPLATE!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:22  justinreeve  it sure is rowdy in here
vdavistributeshow 21:35:23  derrallg  A bunch of geeks that want immediate gratification :)
vdavistributeshow 21:35:25  Vicki Davis  I WANT IT!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:27  loonyhiker  sounds like vicki is throwing a temper tantrum lol
vdavistributeshow 21:35:28  edventures  Liking the idea. Wonder if it would work with my higher ed faculty.
vdavistributeshow 21:35:29  adinasullivan  Kevin - Thanks for being so willing to share the idea
vdavistributeshow 21:35:29  sujokat  hi best new friend
vdavistributeshow 21:35:29  marsenault  I wish the Kindle did RSS without paying extra.
vdavistributeshow 21:35:30  KarenJan  @Elaine thanks for the pc world link
vdavistributeshow 21:35:32  Elaine  i think Vicki wants the template
vdavistributeshow 21:35:33  JenWagner  If you want the template-- email KEVIN
vdavistributeshow 21:35:35  nhill  easier to change the template to your own ideas
vdavistributeshow 21:35:42  mrsdurff  Kristin what about blog badges?
vdavistributeshow 21:35:44  Sue Waters  Hey @Sujokat :)
vdavistributeshow 21:35:44  nhill  why recreate the wheel
vdavistributeshow 21:35:45  JenWagner  if you want to be creative -- please make your own
vdavistributeshow 21:35:47  Vicki Davis  Please rebel chat room, rebel.  This is my last show -- in honor of it, REBEL, REBEL.  REBEL!
vdavistributeshow 21:35:47  loonyhiker  i think it would work for most ages
vdavistributeshow 21:35:48  dgoodman  kindle??
vdavistributeshow 21:35:58  khokanson  everyone decide what they or a freiend is an expert in and have them make their own...bage and we can grab them from their sites
vdavistributeshow 21:35:59  Virtual Teacher  I would love that template too!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:03  Vicki Davis  ;-)
vdavistributeshow 21:36:04  carolynfoote  lol, Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:06  joycevalenza  i think it does do rss
vdavistributeshow 21:36:06  mumms  we want the template!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:06  drlaurie  this would be a great session for K12 online conference for the Getting Started strand
vdavistributeshow 21:36:08  lparisi  Template, template, template, template!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:09  sujokat  hey just did elluminate moderator training
vdavistributeshow 21:36:09  Valaina  Go Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:36:12  Valaina  I'm with you
vdavistributeshow 21:36:14  Vicki Davis  Template!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:14  nancyporter  I want the template too!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:16  mrsdurff  REVOLUTION!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:17  justinreeve  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:18  loonyhiker  we want a template!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:19  drlaurie  template
vdavistributeshow 21:36:20  drlaurie  template
vdavistributeshow 21:36:21  Elaine  template
vdavistributeshow 21:36:22  PeggyG  Rebel against what????
vdavistributeshow 21:36:24  derrallg  anarchy for Vicki's last show
vdavistributeshow 21:36:24  Sue Waters  @sujokat how did you find it?
vdavistributeshow 21:36:25  carolynfoote  Vicki, should we have Kevin share it in the room, and then we will close our eyes if we don't want to see it??
vdavistributeshow 21:36:26  Valaina  template
vdavistributeshow 21:36:26  paulrwood  temple
vdavistributeshow 21:36:27  khokanson  BLOG BADGES!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:36:29  edventures  Twitter?
vdavistributeshow 21:36:30  paulrwood  template
vdavistributeshow 21:36:34  Vicki Davis  VIVA LA Template de Kevin de Honeycut
vdavistributeshow 21:36:39  cheryloakes wow2.0  I challenge you to give to get, give Kevin a tool and be the sponsor or mentor for that tool.
vdavistributeshow 21:36:40  sujokat  ok a lot to get in one hit
vdavistributeshow 21:36:41  carolynfoote  we drove Kevin away ...lol :(
vdavistributeshow 21:36:41  drlaurie  send a tweet or plurk it vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:36:41  edventures  Figured that was the addiction
vdavistributeshow 21:36:43  Vicki Davis  It is the Honey-cut keychain.
vdavistributeshow 21:36:43  lparisi  Oh please, we'll take what she has now
vdavistributeshow 21:36:44  MGuhlin.net  Kevin is great. He helped my staff member at the end of a long day.
vdavistributeshow 21:36:46  khokanson  MAKE YOUR OWN
vdavistributeshow 21:36:47  Elaine  that's a great idea
vdavistributeshow 21:36:53  khokanson  BE CCREATIVE...isn't that what we want the kids to do
vdavistributeshow 21:36:57  sujokat  hey kev
vdavistributeshow 21:37:00  sheila  great idea cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:37:03  khokanson  YES LOVE THAT IDEA
vdavistributeshow 21:37:07  mrsdurff  bribery
vdavistributeshow 21:37:09  drlaurie  now we have to work for it!
vdavistributeshow 21:37:10  Maureen/bcdtech  Was that you Cheryl?
vdavistributeshow 21:37:12  JenWagner  Smiles -- I felt the TIDE TURN -- pshew
vdavistributeshow 21:37:13  sujokat  hi kristen
vdavistributeshow 21:37:14  lparisi  That's a good idea
vdavistributeshow 21:37:14  cheri t  can I get a pirate copy?
vdavistributeshow 21:37:17  drlaurie  i will do it though
vdavistributeshow 21:37:17  Vicki Davis  oh, please.  I want a keychain.
vdavistributeshow 21:37:19  loonyhiker  but wait, everyone is better than me at everything. then i would never get one :(
vdavistributeshow 21:37:20  imcguy  you want us to work for the template?
vdavistributeshow 21:37:21  Vicki Davis  template
vdavistributeshow 21:37:24  sujokat  hi cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:37:25  cheryloakes wow2.0  of course Durff, that wa me, Maureen
vdavistributeshow 21:37:26  khokanson  hey sue
vdavistributeshow 21:37:27  Elaine  template
vdavistributeshow 21:37:28  mrsdurff  MUTINY!
vdavistributeshow 21:37:28  edventures  template
vdavistributeshow 21:37:30  drlaurie  i'll share loonyhiker
vdavistributeshow 21:37:32  Vicki Davis  I'm too tired
vdavistributeshow 21:37:34  sujokat  hey durff
vdavistributeshow 21:37:34  derrallg  yeah lets spam Kevin's email if he doesn't
vdavistributeshow 21:37:34  MGuhlin.net  Photon torpedos away!
vdavistributeshow 21:37:36  Vicki Davis  I want a template.
vdavistributeshow 21:37:38  loonyhiker  thanks drlaurie
vdavistributeshow 21:37:41  lparisi  How about a keychain with blanks.  We'll fill in the blanks.
vdavistributeshow 21:37:42  Elaine  everyone is going to write kevin!
vdavistributeshow 21:37:42  justinreeve  www.spamyourenemies.com
vdavistributeshow 21:37:45  Maureen/bcdtech  Could everyone  in the chat room make one key and send it to Vicki?
vdavistributeshow 21:37:46  Virtual Teacher  Template
vdavistributeshow 21:37:46  paulrwood  template for Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:37:46  carolynfoote  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:37:46  mrsdurff   HEYSUKOJAT
vdavistributeshow 21:37:53  paulrwood  Template for Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:37:58  drlaurie  where is kevin's email??
vdavistributeshow 21:38:01  adinasullivan  @derrallg LOL!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:38:02  mrsdurff  are my caps off now?
vdavistributeshow 21:38:02  nhill  how many emails will Kevin be getting. LOL
vdavistributeshow 21:38:07  JenWagner  [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:38:08  drlaurie  a ton i bet
vdavistributeshow 21:38:08  Elaine  yes
vdavistributeshow 21:38:11  MGuhlin.net  photon torpedoes away! destroy the gatekeepr!
vdavistributeshow 21:38:13  cheryloakes wow2.0  yes, durff
vdavistributeshow 21:38:16  JenWagner  jenuinetech@gmail com -- is me
vdavistributeshow 21:38:17  mrsdurff  ty
vdavistributeshow 21:38:18  sujokat  what is the template?
vdavistributeshow 21:38:24  JenWagner  it you want it now -- [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:38:25  carolynfoote  Hi Linda :)
vdavistributeshow 21:38:27  mrsdurff  so MUTINY!
vdavistributeshow 21:38:29  lori a  I just emailed  Kevin
vdavistributeshow 21:38:31  JenWagner  if you wish to make your own:  [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:38:32  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi LindaN, welcome.
vdavistributeshow 21:38:33  PeggyG  It would be great to add student names as mentors on the keychain :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:38:37  JenWagner  LOL
vdavistributeshow 21:38:38  edventures  [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:38:39  Sue Waters  @sujokat for the keychain
vdavistributeshow 21:38:40  JenWagner  poor kevin
vdavistributeshow 21:38:41  lparisi  Sue, didn't you see Kevin's keychain?
vdavistributeshow 21:38:41  mrsdurff  we scared miguel away
vdavistributeshow 21:38:44  JenWagner  [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:38:44  edventures  template
vdavistributeshow 21:38:49  cheri t  342
vdavistributeshow 21:38:52  nancyporter  Template!
vdavistributeshow 21:38:52  dgoodman  omg, i want the template too
vdavistributeshow 21:38:55  sujokat  yay i asked for that when i saw him
vdavistributeshow 21:38:59  Elaine  he was at EduBloggerCon, right?
vdavistributeshow 21:39:00  tracypariseau  template
vdavistributeshow 21:39:03  loonyhiker  i emailed kevin too!
vdavistributeshow 21:39:03  Elaine  the smackdown guy?
vdavistributeshow 21:39:03  JenWagner  HERE IS THE TEMPLATE -- http://web.mac.com/khoneycuttessdack/Kevin/iConnect_iLearn.html
vdavistributeshow 21:39:04  mrsdurff  345
vdavistributeshow 21:39:09  paulrwood  Template for Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:39:10  dgoodman  [email protected]
vdavistributeshow 21:39:11  khokanson  still like my idea :)
vdavistributeshow 21:39:11  joycevalenza  let's have a template contest
vdavistributeshow 21:39:16  PeggyG  Give the link to the smackdown
vdavistributeshow 21:39:17  JenWagner  http://web.mac.com/khoneycuttessdack/Kevin/iConnect_iLearn.html
vdavistributeshow 21:39:18  loonyhiker  the smackdown guy? sounds mean
vdavistributeshow 21:39:19  nhill  I heard a brief mention of smackdown.
vdavistributeshow 21:39:20  sujokat  kevin is a honey
vdavistributeshow 21:39:22  gisele1  carolyn, did you say you would be willing to help me?  I'm trying to catch all of the names
vdavistributeshow 21:39:23  JenWagner  secret link -- click on the KEYS
vdavistributeshow 21:39:26  mrsdurff  paul r wood = smack down guy
vdavistributeshow 21:39:32  edventures  Dang, this is fun, what have I been missing all these months?
vdavistributeshow 21:39:35  sujokat  cutt:)
vdavistributeshow 21:39:37  dgoodman  and don't we give our students examples when they ask
vdavistributeshow 21:39:37  carolynfoote  @gisele1  yes--email is technolibrary at gmail.com
vdavistributeshow 21:39:44  cheri t  ah, Paul the timer
vdavistributeshow 21:39:46  jepcke  I thought Kevin said the template would be posted tomorrow
vdavistributeshow 21:39:51  paulrwood  Smackdown Timer!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:39:51  cheryloakes wow2.0  this is where many of us hang out on Tues. for good reason
vdavistributeshow 21:39:54  justinreeve  is anyone else watching Moment of Truth?
vdavistributeshow 21:39:56  Vicki Davis  http://www.edubloggercon.com/Web+2.0+Smackdown
vdavistributeshow 21:39:57  JenWagner  Judith -- I am howling!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:40:01  justinreeve  good grief, I hate that show
vdavistributeshow 21:40:07  Vicki Davis  Paul was the smackdown timer -- he was great.
vdavistributeshow 21:40:08  edventures  Hah!
vdavistributeshow 21:40:08  sujokat  hi ms vicki from oz
vdavistributeshow 21:40:12  dgoodman  template = example
vdavistributeshow 21:40:15  JenWagner  How many in the chat???  please
vdavistributeshow 21:40:16  derrallg  to template or not to template that is the question
vdavistributeshow 21:40:16  joycevalenza  can we smackdown again on Monday?
vdavistributeshow 21:40:17  mrsdurff  @eedventures welcome to the chaos
vdavistributeshow 21:40:19  sujokat  how is your camera lisa?
vdavistributeshow 21:40:20  carolynfoote  brb
vdavistributeshow 21:40:22  justinreeve  11 billion people
vdavistributeshow 21:40:23  edventures  Was 60 a minute ago
vdavistributeshow 21:40:24  loonyhiker  @edventures this is a lively group! :)
vdavistributeshow 21:40:25  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi sujokat
vdavistributeshow 21:40:25  cheri t  The template is drawing you in
vdavistributeshow 21:40:26  Vicki Davis  @joyce - I'd love to smackdown again.
vdavistributeshow 21:40:32  Vicki Davis  I love smackdown.
vdavistributeshow 21:40:33  carolynfoote  smackdown was fun, btw..Vicki you have great ideas :)
vdavistributeshow 21:40:39  LindaN  Link to keychain pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/10509890@N05/2621465709/in/set-72157605883919244/
vdavistributeshow 21:40:40  sujokat  it was so good
vdavistributeshow 21:40:43  jepcke  @jen Back at ya! :)
vdavistributeshow 21:40:48  lparisi  Ok, Kevin, check your email.
vdavistributeshow 21:40:52  nhill  please
vdavistributeshow 21:40:54  MGuhlin.net  gotta go
vdavistributeshow 21:41:04  loonyhiker  bye miguel
vdavistributeshow 21:41:07  derrallg  bye Miguel
vdavistributeshow 21:41:08  edventures  @loonyhiker: I guess, w.o.w.==WOW
vdavistributeshow 21:41:09  paulrwood  I had a blast Vicki at the Smackdown
vdavistributeshow 21:41:20  nhill  <= is a newbie!
vdavistributeshow 21:41:26  PeggyG  Where did the word smackdown come from?
vdavistributeshow 21:41:27  Vicki Davis  @carolyn - my best ideas come after 11 pm.  That was one of THOSE half delirious ideas.
vdavistributeshow 21:41:29  sujokat  kevin you rock
vdavistributeshow 21:41:30  MGuhlin.net  warm regards! Bye, Vicki <sniff> (tear trickles down)
vdavistributeshow 21:41:40  Vicki Davis  @paul -- it was so much fun -- I loved it when Darren smacked me down.
vdavistributeshow 21:41:48  Vicki Davis  lol Mguhlin - I'm not going too far.
vdavistributeshow 21:42:04  Vicki Davis  I love empowering everyone to be an expert of something.
vdavistributeshow 21:42:08  paulrwood  Kevin should talk about the I-35 ustream show with Wes Fryer and 2 vehicles.
vdavistributeshow 21:42:19  loonyhiker  i'm just an expert at being loony
vdavistributeshow 21:42:20  paulrwood  Coming down to San Antonio
vdavistributeshow 21:42:21  Vicki Davis  @paulrwood - You USTREAMED IN A CAR!?
vdavistributeshow 21:42:29  nhill  likewe demand the template LOL
vdavistributeshow 21:42:33  LindaN  @ Vicki You do just that! Thanks!
vdavistributeshow 21:42:35  paulrwood  Kevin and Wes Fryer did
vdavistributeshow 21:42:41  Vicki Davis  @PAUL - you couldn't smack them down into sanity -- hopefully someone wasn't driving when they ustreamed.
vdavistributeshow 21:42:51  Vicki Davis  OH my goodness that sounds really dangerous.
vdavistributeshow 21:43:05  loonyhiker  hopefully no one was smackdowned or smacked down when they were driving
vdavistributeshow 21:43:06  Vicki Davis  @paul -- that is insane.
vdavistributeshow 21:43:11  paulrwood  No one driving was ustreaming there were more than 2 people per car
vdavistributeshow 21:43:14  PeggyG  humanizing the device-great concept
vdavistributeshow 21:43:17  mrsdurff  he is insane
vdavistributeshow 21:43:21  Vicki Davis  Ok, everyone -- give me a "T"
vdavistributeshow 21:43:24  cheri t  @Vicki - you could use your phone and mobile stream like Denbo showed at the Smack Down
vdavistributeshow 21:43:26  Elaine  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:26  joycevalenza  six degrees of separation
vdavistributeshow 21:43:27  loonyhiker  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:27  mrsdurff  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:29  derrallg  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:29  nhill  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:29  paulrwood  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:31  cheri t  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:32  adinasullivan  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:34  mumms  T
vdavistributeshow 21:43:34  Vicki Davis  Give me an "E"
vdavistributeshow 21:43:36  paulrwood  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:36  sendkathy  e
vdavistributeshow 21:43:36  loonyhiker  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:37  adinasullivan  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:37  nhill  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:37  mrsdurff  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:38  JenWagner  what is the T for???
vdavistributeshow 21:43:38  Elaine  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:39  cheri t  LOL
vdavistributeshow 21:43:40  sujokat  Q
vdavistributeshow 21:43:41  mumms  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:43  adinasullivan  Q
vdavistributeshow 21:43:43  Vicki Davis  Give me an "M"
vdavistributeshow 21:43:45  sendkathy  m
vdavistributeshow 21:43:45  loonyhiker  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:45  sujokat  hehe
vdavistributeshow 21:43:46  adinasullivan  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:46  paulrwood  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:46  Elaine  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:47  nhill  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:47  mrsdurff  M
vdavistributeshow 21:43:49  misst2  m
vdavistributeshow 21:43:51  Vicki Davis  Give me a "P"
vdavistributeshow 21:43:52  loonyhiker  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:53  Elaine  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:53  paulrwood  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:54  misst2  p
vdavistributeshow 21:43:54  sendkathy  p
vdavistributeshow 21:43:54  adinasullivan  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:54  mrsdurff  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:55  sheila  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:55  mumms  p
vdavistributeshow 21:43:55  nhill  P
vdavistributeshow 21:43:57  sujokat  hey adina
vdavistributeshow 21:43:58  nzchrissy  E
vdavistributeshow 21:43:59  dgoodman  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:00  Vicki Davis  Give me an "L"
vdavistributeshow 21:44:01  loonyhiker  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:01  nzchrissy  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:02  misst2  l
vdavistributeshow 21:44:02  sendkathy  l
vdavistributeshow 21:44:02  Elaine  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:02  paulrwood  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:03  adinasullivan  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:03  mrsdurff  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:03  nhill  L
vdavistributeshow 21:44:08  sujokat  ZX
vdavistributeshow 21:44:08  cheri t  glad you can spell Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:44:11  dgoodman  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:11  adinasullivan  HIi Sue
vdavistributeshow 21:44:12  Vicki Davis  Give me an "A"
vdavistributeshow 21:44:13  loonyhiker  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:13  sendkathy  a
vdavistributeshow 21:44:14  Elaine  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:14  paulrwood  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:14  nhill  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:15  misst2  a
vdavistributeshow 21:44:15  adinasullivan  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:15  mrsdurff  A
vdavistributeshow 21:44:17  shoemap  a
vdavistributeshow 21:44:19  sujokat  h
vdavistributeshow 21:44:22  derrallg  EE
vdavistributeshow 21:44:27  mrsdurff  derrall
vdavistributeshow 21:44:29  sujokat  i am dyslexic
vdavistributeshow 21:44:29  justinreeve  $
vdavistributeshow 21:44:29  Vicki Davis  Give me a "T"
vdavistributeshow 21:44:30  loonyhiker  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:30  sendkathy  t
vdavistributeshow 21:44:31  mrsdurff  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:31  Elaine  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:31  paulrwood  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:31  nhill  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:32  adinasullivan  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:32  misst2  t
vdavistributeshow 21:44:34  sujokat  b
vdavistributeshow 21:44:35  shoemap  T
vdavistributeshow 21:44:38  Vicki Davis  Give me an "e"
vdavistributeshow 21:44:39  paulrwood  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:39  loonyhiker  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:39  sendkathy  e
vdavistributeshow 21:44:40  Elaine  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:40  misst2  e
vdavistributeshow 21:44:41  adinasullivan  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:41  mrsdurff  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:41  nhill  E
vdavistributeshow 21:44:43  shoemap  e
vdavistributeshow 21:44:44  justinreeve  *
vdavistributeshow 21:44:46  sujokat  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
vdavistributeshow 21:44:47  KarenJan  left to read twitter - what's with the letters here?
vdavistributeshow 21:44:57  loonyhiker  template....template....template....
vdavistributeshow 21:44:59  mrsdurff  eventually she says....
vdavistributeshow 21:44:59  paulrwood  TEMPLATE
vdavistributeshow 21:45:00  edventures  TEMPLATE!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:00  sendkathy  template!!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:03  cheri t  rah, rah, rah
vdavistributeshow 21:45:04  Elaine  woo hoo template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:04  nhill  TEMPLATE!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:04  dgoodman  P
vdavistributeshow 21:45:06  Vicki Davis  Everyone Template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:06  Elaine  template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:07  derrallg  A
vdavistributeshow 21:45:11  sujokat  ribbons
vdavistributeshow 21:45:12  adinasullivan  LOL!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:12  Vicki Davis  Tem-plate
vdavistributeshow 21:45:12  Valaina  wOOt
vdavistributeshow 21:45:12  justinreeve  KarenJan: Don't ask
vdavistributeshow 21:45:15  mrsdurff  TEMPLATE
vdavistributeshow 21:45:16  paulrwood  Ask Kevin about the ustream on I-35
vdavistributeshow 21:45:18  cheri t  here a template, there a template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:19  Vicki Davis  Rah Rah Template -- GOOOOOOOO TEmplate
vdavistributeshow 21:45:22  Maureen/bcdtech  template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:23  sujokat  ribbons
vdavistributeshow 21:45:23  justinreeve  uh oh, now people are leaving
vdavistributeshow 21:45:24  edventures  The Badge Clan at NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:45:24  KarenJan  guess i don't multitask well
vdavistributeshow 21:45:29  loonyhiker  everywhere a template...
vdavistributeshow 21:45:31  sheila  rah
vdavistributeshow 21:45:34  cheri t  Now we need template pompoms
vdavistributeshow 21:45:36  sujokat  RIBBONS!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:37  janice s  Oops the lights just went out in my office. Wonder if I need to leave.
vdavistributeshow 21:45:37  sendkathy  that was fun, it's the little things!
vdavistributeshow 21:45:47  edventures  Who gets to be grand Poo-Bah?
vdavistributeshow 21:45:51  Elaine  rah rah template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:53  sujokat  RIBBONS
vdavistributeshow 21:45:53  derrallg  *)
vdavistributeshow 21:45:53  edventures  Kevin or Vicki?
vdavistributeshow 21:45:54  loonyhiker  @janice they heard we were rebeling
vdavistributeshow 21:45:55  drlaurie  template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:56  drlaurie  template
vdavistributeshow 21:45:58  sendkathy  can we do a wave now!!
vdavistributeshow 21:46:02  joycevalenza  you coulbadges
vdavistributeshow 21:46:02  drlaurie  template, template, template
vdavistributeshow 21:46:12  mrsdurff  but some have ADD or something
vdavistributeshow 21:46:20  Vicki Davis  @sendkathy you tell me how -- I'm stopping b/c people are dropping out of the show like flies.  They are voting w/ their "clicks"
vdavistributeshow 21:46:26  cheri t  Kevin was your mobile tech support
vdavistributeshow 21:46:31  sujokat  kevin rocks xx
vdavistributeshow 21:46:35  sendkathy  wish I knew how!
vdavistributeshow 21:46:47  justinreeve  hahaha http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/funny-pictures-why...
vdavistributeshow 21:46:52  Cindy Phthisic  heard there was mutiny happening at WOW2.0
vdavistributeshow 21:46:58  kristin hokanson  lost the chat in the other browser
vdavistributeshow 21:47:03  paulrwood  I told you
vdavistributeshow 21:47:04  joycevalenza  It takes a posse
vdavistributeshow 21:47:11  Lori A  me too had to go to Safari for chat
vdavistributeshow 21:47:13  cheryloakes wow2.0  this is the happening place for rebels
vdavistributeshow 21:47:14  nzchrissy  I keep getting booted out
vdavistributeshow 21:47:17  LindaN  Wave- w A v E
vdavistributeshow 21:47:22  Vicki Davis  @Cindy we are really a lot of rebels here.
vdavistributeshow 21:47:24  PeggyG  There were so many great session in the Blogger's Cafe this year. Loved the Understanding by Design by Chris Lehman
vdavistributeshow 21:47:32  paulrwood  I watched it in San ANtonio
vdavistributeshow 21:47:32  Cindy Phthisic  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:47:36  drlaurie  is anyone in chat room presenting at K12 online conference?
vdavistributeshow 21:47:39  janice s  Thought it was my browser. Switched to Safari also.
vdavistributeshow 21:47:41  JenWagner  smiles -- forgot that we were talking about NECC
vdavistributeshow 21:47:42  cheryloakes wow2.0  Peggy, glad you got us back on track
vdavistributeshow 21:47:43  sujokat  @chrissy thats coz we talk funny
vdavistributeshow 21:47:46  nhill  lolLOve Chris Lehman to looking forward to Philly
vdavistributeshow 21:47:47  Vicki Davis  @drlaurie - Julie and I are keynoting a strand.
vdavistributeshow 21:47:48  adinasullivan  Peggy, sorry I didn't get to talk to you in SA
vdavistributeshow 21:47:53  JenWagner  DrLaurie -- have they announced the sessions??  I know they did Keynotes
vdavistributeshow 21:47:54  mrsdurff  drlaurie not announced yet
vdavistributeshow 21:47:55  Elaine  it's handsfree in chicago
vdavistributeshow 21:47:56  LindaN  Rebels see what needs to be changed and dare to change it!
vdavistributeshow 21:47:56  Vicki Davis  Pushing the boundaries.
vdavistributeshow 21:47:57  loonyhiker  glad they weren't pulled over for reckless driving lol
vdavistributeshow 21:48:01  adinasullivan  Just CA
vdavistributeshow 21:48:02  KarenJan  just CA
vdavistributeshow 21:48:04  drlaurie  would a session on Reading and 2.0 tools be a good session to propose
vdavistributeshow 21:48:05  Cindy Phthisic  thanks to all of you who blogged and ustreamed from Necc watched several sessions thanks to you
vdavistributeshow 21:48:08  Vicki Davis  @drlaurie - Cheryl is keynoting w/ Alice and Bob
vdavistributeshow 21:48:11  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi Adina, I saw some great photos today of the dinner
vdavistributeshow 21:48:11  loonyhiker  just ca, not in sc
vdavistributeshow 21:48:12  ColetteC  WA too
vdavistributeshow 21:48:12  cheri t  Just CA and some other cities and states
vdavistributeshow 21:48:13  mrsdurff  the keynotes are
vdavistributeshow 21:48:15  drlaurie  cool
vdavistributeshow 21:48:19  LisaMLane  yes, we laughingly call it "hands-free driving"
vdavistributeshow 21:48:20  Vicki Davis  @Cindy what was your favorite -- please veryone share your favorite things.
vdavistributeshow 21:48:23  adinasullivan  Hi Cheryl!
vdavistributeshow 21:48:24  edventures  Hollywood would revolt if they took away texting in CA
vdavistributeshow 21:48:24  imcguy  you can in Wisconsin
vdavistributeshow 21:48:28  mrsdurff  but the proposals are not due yet
vdavistributeshow 21:48:28  PeggyG  The informal conversation about Twitter rules was really interesting-missed it live but watched it when I got home.
vdavistributeshow 21:48:31  Elaine  ironic isn't it?
vdavistributeshow 21:48:32  JenWagner  yes --- we can't talk on the phone but we can text --- figure that out
vdavistributeshow 21:48:32  gisele1  I have a question --- is FETC a good conference for media specialists?
vdavistributeshow 21:48:37  cheryloakes wow2.0  yes dr, laurie that would be great
vdavistributeshow 21:48:38  stevesoko  CT is hands free as well
vdavistributeshow 21:48:45  drlaurie  yes FETC is great for everyone!
vdavistributeshow 21:48:47  derrallg  hands free Ustreaming no law against that
vdavistributeshow 21:48:47  lparisi  NY is hands free
vdavistributeshow 21:48:51  Elaine  texting and driving just seems really dangerous
vdavistributeshow 21:48:52  Cindy Phthisic   Web 2 smack down - loved Kevin's keychain idea
vdavistributeshow 21:48:56  JenWagner  have not been to FETC -- sorry
vdavistributeshow 21:49:05  drlaurie  okay i am going to submit a proposal here at the last minute :)
vdavistributeshow 21:49:06  mumms  I loved all the live blogging - could sit in one session and read about another
vdavistributeshow 21:49:07  Elaine  FETC is a good conference, too
vdavistributeshow 21:49:10  loonyhiker  sounds like ca legislature needs a smackdown
vdavistributeshow 21:49:15  edventures  Someone has a cam rigged to their visor with a boundary mic for recording.
vdavistributeshow 21:49:16  sujokat  hiya jen sorry we didn't meet
vdavistributeshow 21:49:19  Vicki Davis  @drlaurie - I submitted a proposal and it changed my life.
vdavistributeshow 21:49:19  mrsdurff  or a hologram - like he said
vdavistributeshow 21:49:22  JenWagner  me too SUJOKAT
vdavistributeshow 21:49:23  Vicki Davis  That is how I met Julie.
vdavistributeshow 21:49:29  sujokat  I did wave
vdavistributeshow 21:49:31  drlaurie  maybe it will change mine too!
vdavistributeshow 21:49:32  nhill  I always talk on cell...blue tooth on long trips
vdavistributeshow 21:49:34  cheryloakes wow2.0  @mumms, just think what the kids would do with that live blogging
vdavistributeshow 21:49:42  drlaurie  you are my mentor Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:49:43  mrsdurff  or Gabcast
vdavistributeshow 21:49:48  drlaurie  i love Gcast
vdavistributeshow 21:49:49  paulrwood  I use more minutes when traveling than any other time.  Talk  to all kinds of folks to pass time
vdavistributeshow 21:49:52  sujokat  you rock vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:49:56  ColetteC  Gabcast too
vdavistributeshow 21:49:58  PeggyG  You do an amazing job with gcast, Vicki! No script???
vdavistributeshow 21:50:04  jepcke  Does FETC select FLA teachers to present before others?
vdavistributeshow 21:50:09  tracypariseau  i get bored when i drive thats why I drive with the speakerphone on
vdavistributeshow 21:50:11  loonyhiker  i listen to wow2 podcasts to get me thru my power walks
vdavistributeshow 21:50:17  drlaurie  nope i have presented before and am from AL
vdavistributeshow 21:50:17  stevesoko  I do a lot of JOTT messages via Bluetooth in car.
vdavistributeshow 21:50:23  sujokat  hey carole
vdavistributeshow 21:50:24  Elaine  i don't think so.  i think FETC works hard to encourage presenters from outside the state
vdavistributeshow 21:50:29  cheryloakes wow2.0  Steve, I love my Jott!
vdavistributeshow 21:50:35  drlaurie  what's jott?
vdavistributeshow 21:50:37  mrsdurff  thank goodness - i worry about these people who podcast while driving
vdavistributeshow 21:50:37  JenWagner  anyone have the link to the streaming from cell phones??
vdavistributeshow 21:50:43  stevesoko  Jott.com
vdavistributeshow 21:50:43  mrsdurff  like Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:50:43  LindaN  I love Jott too!
vdavistributeshow 21:50:44  janice s  Steve and Cheryl, Jott Rocks!
vdavistributeshow 21:50:47  drlaurie  thanks
vdavistributeshow 21:50:49  Cindy Phthisic  qik.com
vdavistributeshow 21:50:50  sujokat  this is soo fun I know faces to go with voices now
vdavistributeshow 21:50:52  LisaMLane  I have a post on this subject at my history blog: http://lisahistory.net/nucleus2
vdavistributeshow 21:51:04  imcguy  yep, I saw Hall's presentation
vdavistributeshow 21:51:06  LindaN  Hall Davidson did a reat job
vdavistributeshow 21:51:07  kristin hokanson  jott only gves you 30 sec though
vdavistributeshow 21:51:10  derrallg  @sujokat and voices as well
vdavistributeshow 21:51:12  mrsdurff  i love polleverywhere
vdavistributeshow 21:51:15  mrsdurff  qik
vdavistributeshow 21:51:17  kristin hokanson  http://qik.com
vdavistributeshow 21:51:17  kcaise  qik.com
vdavistributeshow 21:51:20  Lori A  qik
vdavistributeshow 21:51:20  mrsdurff  qik
vdavistributeshow 21:51:21  brenda.muench  pik now
vdavistributeshow 21:51:22  sujokat  hey derrall!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:51:24  paulrwood  68 in the room
vdavistributeshow 21:51:24  Valaina  starts with  V
vdavistributeshow 21:51:25  JenWagner  Hey -- Look -- it is Liisa Lane ---   :)
vdavistributeshow 21:51:25  brenda.muench  qik
vdavistributeshow 21:51:26  stevesoko  Jott = cell phone to email (and other places)
vdavistributeshow 21:51:29  jepcke  Heard a pocast this weekend of a guy who was running and podcasting
vdavistributeshow 21:51:31  ehelfant  qik.com
vdavistributeshow 21:51:35  derrallg  hey Sue
vdavistributeshow 21:51:37  drlaurie  cool
vdavistributeshow 21:51:38  KarenJan  @kristin - have you run out of time? i haven't yet, but you can continue where you left off
vdavistributeshow 21:51:39  JenWagner  thanks ehelfant -- and everyone else
vdavistributeshow 21:51:41  paulrwood  qik.com
vdavistributeshow 21:51:45  sujokat  how are the holidays going?
vdavistributeshow 21:51:48  loonyhiker  @jepcke sounds like a lot of heavy breathing lol
vdavistributeshow 21:51:51  kristin hokanson  @karenjan I have
vdavistributeshow 21:51:56  janice s  @jpecke don't think I'd like to listen to that. :)
vdavistributeshow 21:51:57  kristin hokanson  run out of time
vdavistributeshow 21:51:59  Maureen/bcdtech  I heard that today too. Great idea
vdavistributeshow 21:52:03  nhill  YeS!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:52:06  mrsdurff  phones http://qik.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:52:06  nhill   AMazing
vdavistributeshow 21:52:07  paulrwood  qik.com for cell phone stream I believe
vdavistributeshow 21:52:08  LisaMLane  hi, Jen, I sneaked in
vdavistributeshow 21:52:08  JenWagner  this chat is going to be unbelievable
vdavistributeshow 21:52:11  kristin hokanson  I think I am too marble mouthy
vdavistributeshow 21:52:17  JenWagner  Smiles --- how are things in Temecula??
vdavistributeshow 21:52:17  LindaN  You will all inspire me to finish my notes and postthem!
vdavistributeshow 21:52:19  kristin hokanson  My jotts never come out clear
vdavistributeshow 21:52:21  jepcke  it was a bit distracting
vdavistributeshow 21:52:22  JenWagner  its hot in Wildomar
vdavistributeshow 21:52:23  nhill  Ipod, DVD, or just online
vdavistributeshow 21:52:23  Vicki Davis  http://educationalvodcasting.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:52:24  drlaurie  oh yeah I read that article about the kids doing the lectures at home
vdavistributeshow 21:52:30  Cindy Phthisic  think qik only works with Nokia phones unless that's changed
vdavistributeshow 21:52:33  sendkathy  Which schools are doing the reverse classroom?
vdavistributeshow 21:52:35  paulrwood  Who is in Temecula
vdavistributeshow 21:52:36  sendkathy  Great idea
vdavistributeshow 21:52:37  mrsdurff  i like jott
vdavistributeshow 21:52:39  Elaine  there was an article a couple of years ago about college profs trying the reverse classroom. 
vdavistributeshow 21:52:41  janice s  @kristin roll up you window :)
vdavistributeshow 21:52:44  Vicki Davis  http://www.webertube.com/mediadetails.php?key=5a9d989add6e92e23fef&media... is the video about this one.
vdavistributeshow 21:52:45  cheryloakes wow2.0  kristin, i speak really slowly and robot like, thnen JOtt is good.
vdavistributeshow 21:52:45  sendkathy  I mean why get lectured in person
vdavistributeshow 21:52:46  justinreeve  link is here: http://www.webertube.com/mediadetails.php?key=5a9d989add6e92e23fef
vdavistributeshow 21:52:48  derrallg  @sujokat are you back in school?
vdavistributeshow 21:52:51  mrsdurff  it sends my messages to email
vdavistributeshow 21:52:51  Elaine  i think they were from duke, but i can't be sure
vdavistributeshow 21:52:52  sendkathy  in class should be interactive
vdavistributeshow 21:52:53  joycevalenza  (so much trouble with the chat)
vdavistributeshow 21:52:56  edventures  @Elaine: Would love to see that at my uni
vdavistributeshow 21:52:59  JenWagner  Sorry -- JOYCE
vdavistributeshow 21:52:59  mrsdurff  it is http://qik.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:53:00  kcaise  what happens if the student doesnt have an ipod or doesnt have internet access/
vdavistributeshow 21:53:03  Vicki Davis  @Elaine -what did you hear about it?  @Justin did you hear anything?
vdavistributeshow 21:53:04  JenWagner  we have a LOT of people here
vdavistributeshow 21:53:09  joycevalenza  something like Kevin's idea
vdavistributeshow 21:53:13  KarenJan  @kristin - at least you can hear what you said again
vdavistributeshow 21:53:13  JenWagner  Kcaise -- you can use audacity
vdavistributeshow 21:53:15  sujokat  no not till monday so I can hear podcasts
vdavistributeshow 21:53:19  stevesoko  Is there a k12 version of Itunes U?
vdavistributeshow 21:53:21  derrallg  the chat is spastic for me jumping by 10 messages at a time
vdavistributeshow 21:53:24  JenWagner  @kcaise -- mac or PC??
vdavistributeshow 21:53:31  JenWagner  derrallg -- hmmmmm -
vdavistributeshow 21:53:33  justinreeve  notice how many people have viewed that link since Vicki tweeted it, compared to how many have viewed the other videos on that site. webertube.com hasn't "officially" even launched yet
vdavistributeshow 21:53:34  Elaine  the university faculty posted their lectures on the LMS but also made them available via podcasts
vdavistributeshow 21:53:46  Elaine  then the students could focus on PBL or inquiry learning.
vdavistributeshow 21:53:49  joycevalenza  Anita Beaman shared that she inserted little labels in library books linking readers to author/fan/fan music sites
vdavistributeshow 21:53:50  JenWagner  sorry derrallg   :)  perhaps the TEMPATE WAR CRY broke the chatroom
vdavistributeshow 21:53:51  kristin hokanson  @steveosko rolled out at NECC 7 states taht are adding to k12 content in itunes u
vdavistributeshow 21:53:52  JenWagner  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:53:55  justinreeve  i think it's awesome
vdavistributeshow 21:53:57  Vicki Davis  ;-)  Justin -- were you with us today? in the session?
vdavistributeshow 21:53:59  derrallg  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:54:01  Elaine  they did a lot of case study work. . . depended on the content area
vdavistributeshow 21:54:06  joycevalenza  SHE has a template!
vdavistributeshow 21:54:07  Vicki Davis  I think that we are just a rocking chat room.
vdavistributeshow 21:54:10  LisaMLane  we're building that into our prof devel program in a way also
vdavistributeshow 21:54:18  LisaMLane  I love that idea!
vdavistributeshow 21:54:20  brenda.muench  i love the idea of getting credit for my self taught stuff
vdavistributeshow 21:54:22  nzchrissy  arghhh! having trouble with the chat
vdavistributeshow 21:54:22  kevinh  Fun!
vdavistributeshow 21:54:24  adinasullivan  Anyone else getting other sound - non WOW?
vdavistributeshow 21:54:24  Elaine  i did a low tech version in my own college classroom a while ago bc not all my students had an ipod
vdavistributeshow 21:54:25  justinreeve  yeah.  webertube.com is my site, actually.  I uploaded the vid :)
vdavistributeshow 21:54:25  Maureen/bcdtech  If kids don't have ipods or access they can have it on dvd
vdavistributeshow 21:54:25  cheri t  I would add Gabcast to the cell phone podcast list. You create an account and then give students a phone number to call - everyone's podcast loads as you're watching the screen - it's a cool tool - http://gabcast.com
vdavistributeshow 21:54:28  drlaurie  i agree with being able to get credit for PLN work
vdavistributeshow 21:54:29  nhill  how do you motivate teachers that have never done this to engage in the learning?
vdavistributeshow 21:54:33  cheryloakes wow2.0  hello BrianW, I am sorry I missed you at NECC!
vdavistributeshow 21:54:42  justinreeve  someone else mentioned it, though.  I LOVE the idea.  I've already mentioned it to another teacher.
vdavistributeshow 21:54:45  ColetteC  I would be a PhD then!
vdavistributeshow 21:54:48  drlaurie  i have done lots more on my own by exploring and playing (thanks Dan Pink!)
vdavistributeshow 21:54:50  JenWagner  https://vdavistribute.wikispaces.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:54:55  PeggyG  I love the way k12online offers PD opportunities for participation
vdavistributeshow 21:55:01  nhill  I spend a lot of time on my own
vdavistributeshow 21:55:02  KarenJan  Hi, @brianw!
vdavistributeshow 21:55:05  dgoodman  ok..lots of outside noise coming in
vdavistributeshow 21:55:08  BrianWojcik  Hi chery...NECC was great but VERY busy...
vdavistributeshow 21:55:17  loonyhiker  at our state CEC conference, everyone gets a certificate at the end of a session
vdavistributeshow 21:55:18  cheri t  Hi Brian
vdavistributeshow 21:55:25  derrallg  awww
vdavistributeshow 21:55:29  PeggyG  Wow the time has just flown!
vdavistributeshow 21:55:32  cheri t  I can't believe I never saw you
vdavistributeshow 21:55:34  drlaurie  yes it had
vdavistributeshow 21:55:35  drlaurie  has
vdavistributeshow 21:55:40  nzchrissy  OMGoodness an hour up all ready???
vdavistributeshow 21:55:41  Elaine  applause applause applause
vdavistributeshow 21:55:49  lparisi  That was a fast hour.
vdavistributeshow 21:55:52  cheri t  woohoo
vdavistributeshow 21:55:57  loonyhiker  wow, this hour went way too fast
vdavistributeshow 21:55:58  PeggyG  Best kept secret :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:55:58  carolynfoote  back
vdavistributeshow 21:56:01  carolynfoote  awwww
vdavistributeshow 21:56:05  julielindsay  Vicki is an inspiration to educators all over the world......and she is my friend!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:06  loonyhiker  it was because we were rebeling lol
vdavistributeshow 21:56:10  justinreeve  in other words, they spammed everyone to come here
vdavistributeshow 21:56:12  dgoodman  anyone else hearing a loud guy
vdavistributeshow 21:56:15  kevinh  Go not gentle into that long goodnite!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:17  Vicki Davis  Y'all are so sweet.
vdavistributeshow 21:56:18  lparisi  Hooray for Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:18  nzchrissy  Mexican wave to vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:25  carolynfoote  We'll miss you!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:26  justinreeve  woot @ Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:30  KarenJan  standing ovation for Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:30  sendkathy  Trailblazer
vdavistributeshow 21:56:32  edventures  Oooh-RAH
vdavistributeshow 21:56:35  joycevalenza  I heart Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:56:35  derrallg  Give me a V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:36  loonyhiker  i'm standing
vdavistributeshow 21:56:37  LisaMLane  and I love her blog!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:38  Elaine  V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:40  loonyhiker  V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:41  kolson29  Congrats Vicki :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:56:44  joycevalenza  Gimme a V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:45  lparisi  V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:46  mrsdurff  @nzchrissy what is a mexican wave?
vdavistributeshow 21:56:46  Maureen/bcdtech  Wow! Vicki is an inspriation- the dynamite for breakfast woman!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:48  sujokat  what a great woman a leader for all of us
vdavistributeshow 21:56:50  sendkathy  standing O
vdavistributeshow 21:56:50  nnorris  Whoo Hoo! Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:56:51  nancyporter  I'm standing and clapping! Yippee!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:51  janice s  Yeah for Vicki. Your energy is amazing!
vdavistributeshow 21:56:52  PeggyG  Vicki-you'll really be missed on WOW2! I've shared my thoughts on the wiki and voicethread
vdavistributeshow 21:56:53  kevinh  Vicki, you're an inspiration. : )
vdavistributeshow 21:56:54  LindaN  Vicki, Vicki, Give me a V
vdavistributeshow 21:56:56  ColetteC  Thanks for being the lead penguin Vicki - for diving in first - we're right behind you
vdavistributeshow 21:57:00  alicebarr  WOnderful Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:00  mrsdurff  V
vdavistributeshow 21:57:02  cheri t  Thanks Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:57:03  stevesoko  I want to be a TEMPLATE of Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:03  Virtual Teacher  V
vdavistributeshow 21:57:04  joycevalenza  Quietly????
vdavistributeshow 21:57:07  edventures  Doh!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:08  cheri t  Nothing quiet about you
vdavistributeshow 21:57:09  loonyhiker  quietly hah
vdavistributeshow 21:57:09  paulrwood  Proud to have served as Vicki's Smackdown Timer
vdavistributeshow 21:57:10  PeggyG  V-V-V
vdavistributeshow 21:57:10  derrallg  Give me a I
vdavistributeshow 21:57:10  carolynfoote  lol stevesoko
vdavistributeshow 21:57:11  cheri t  or us
vdavistributeshow 21:57:15  loonyhiker  I
vdavistributeshow 21:57:18  nnorris  Vicki is our template
vdavistributeshow 21:57:21  mrsdurff  I
vdavistributeshow 21:57:22  kristin hokanson  VIcki has been the single biggest inspiration for me!!!!!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:22  sheila  Standing O!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:23  laurabfogle  Vicki is so generous with her time.  An inspiration to all of us!!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:23  tracypariseau  congrats
vdavistributeshow 21:57:25  Elaine  I met Vicki via email just before NECC and I'm so thrilled that I may have the opportunity to work with her in the future
vdavistributeshow 21:57:25  cheri t  Give me a T
vdavistributeshow 21:57:26  Lori A  thanks vicki for all you have done
vdavistributeshow 21:57:28  janice s  i
vdavistributeshow 21:57:29  paulrwood  Glad to have met you and sorry I didn't sooner
vdavistributeshow 21:57:30  drlaurie  thanks vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:57:30  kolson29  Thanks Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:32  cheri t  Give me a V
vdavistributeshow 21:57:33  sujokat  great to meet you have a great semi retirement enjoy the kids
vdavistributeshow 21:57:35  JenWagner  https://vdavistribute.wikispaces.com/
vdavistributeshow 21:57:37  mrsdurff  TV
vdavistributeshow 21:57:38  carolynfoote  Thanks Vicki--hope you will come visit Wow2
vdavistributeshow 21:57:42  lparisi  Thank you Vicki for being around, being an inspiration, being you.
vdavistributeshow 21:57:43  adinasullivan  Thanks for all the energy and inspriration.  Looking forward to more in other venues
vdavistributeshow 21:57:44  cheri t  what are you plans, Vicki?
vdavistributeshow 21:57:45  Cindy Phthisic  3 cheers for Vicki :D lol :D
vdavistributeshow 21:57:45  mumms  Thanks for all your inspiration Vicki!!
vdavistributeshow 21:57:49  LisaMLane  thanks Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:57:49  jepcke  Hoping Vicki will be stopping by the chatroom
vdavistributeshow 21:57:49  loonyhiker  we love u vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:57:54  drlaurie  I am still a faithful reader of Cool Cat Teacher Blog and will continue to be
vdavistributeshow 21:57:55  janice s  Yeah Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:58:04  nancyporter  Thanks, Vicki, for leading the way.
vdavistributeshow 21:58:06  drlaurie  you are a wonderful inspiration
vdavistributeshow 21:58:06  derrallg  Vicki Vicki Vicki :)
vdavistributeshow 21:58:07  Elaine  we can hear you
vdavistributeshow 21:58:08  sendkathy  Give me a V-i-c-k-i D-a-v-i-s
vdavistributeshow 21:58:11  JenWagner  Hmmmm
vdavistributeshow 21:58:11  dgoodman  thanks and bye everyone
vdavistributeshow 21:58:12  PeggyG  Hope Vicki will come back as a guest along the way :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:58:13  JenWagner  lost me too
vdavistributeshow 21:58:18  drlaurie  Vicki, Vicki, Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:58:18  LindaN  GGHive ve me an I
vdavistributeshow 21:58:19  justinreeve  I even featured Cool Cat Teacher Blog on our district's Link of the Day: http://www.weber.k12.ut.us/index.php?page=link-of-the-day
vdavistributeshow 21:58:19  JenWagner  https://vdavistribute.wikispaces.com/ -- let me know if you want to post
vdavistributeshow 21:58:22  Vicki Davis  I'm in teh chat.
vdavistributeshow 21:58:26  brenda.muench  Vicki - I respect you for knowing where your boundries lie!  You are a great example!
vdavistributeshow 21:58:27  justinreeve  that's how great I think your blog is, Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:58:28  Cathy E  You have been a great inspiration, Viki
vdavistributeshow 21:58:29  Vicki Davis  Y'all are so sweet
vdavistributeshow 21:58:31  drlaurie  I want to post but can't get to the wiki
vdavistributeshow 21:58:34  carolynfoote  I can hear you Vicki :)
vdavistributeshow 21:58:35  Elaine  uh oh
vdavistributeshow 21:58:36  Vicki Davis  Thank you so much.
vdavistributeshow 21:58:42  drlaurie  can I send a request for membership
vdavistributeshow 21:58:42  joycevalenza  You have an accent when you type
vdavistributeshow 21:58:44  nhill  Yeah Vicki, you are such an inspiration!
vdavistributeshow 21:58:44  JenWagner  we will have GEOCACHING  next week
vdavistributeshow 21:58:45  Virtual Teacher  Thank-you Vicki
vdavistributeshow 21:58:46  mrsdurff  and that is justin being nice
vdavistributeshow 21:58:49  Elaine  you are on air
vdavistributeshow 21:58:50  JenWagner  then be off for 4 weeks
vdavistributeshow 21:58:55  JenWagner  and will see you again -- AUGUST 19th
vdavistributeshow 21:58:59  cheri t  jen's gone too
vdavistributeshow 21:59:00  carolynfoote  You all are amazing...what a great effort Wow is.
vdavistributeshow 21:59:06  janice s  Have a great vacation All!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:06  justinreeve  don't act so surprised, mrsdurff.  I can be quite pleasant when I want to be.
vdavistributeshow 21:59:07  JenWagner  we will be right back
vdavistributeshow 21:59:08  PeggyG  Cheryl It's all you now :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:59:09  brenda.muench  woot - Geocaching!  I love that hobby!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:10  cheri t  cheryl is the last WOW standing
vdavistributeshow 21:59:10  edventures  Gremlins
vdavistributeshow 21:59:10  lparisi  We can hear you Cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:59:11  mrsdurff  yes
vdavistributeshow 21:59:12  dgoodman  geocaching, yes
vdavistributeshow 21:59:13  edventures  Yes you are
vdavistributeshow 21:59:13  carolynfoote  yes we can hear you!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:14  joycevalenza  we can hear you
vdavistributeshow 21:59:16  mumms  I can hear you!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:16  drlaurie  yep you are
vdavistributeshow 21:59:16  paulrwood  yes
vdavistributeshow 21:59:17  alicebarr  You are on air
vdavistributeshow 21:59:18  lparisi  Yes, you are Cheryl
vdavistributeshow 21:59:18  edventures  We can hear you
vdavistributeshow 21:59:19  kcaise  you are still on air
vdavistributeshow 21:59:20  Cindy Phthisic  you are on air
vdavistributeshow 21:59:21  mrsdurff  cheryl you are streaming
vdavistributeshow 21:59:21  nhill  We can hear you!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:24  lparisi  Still streaming
vdavistributeshow 21:59:24  drlaurie  cheryl you are there
vdavistributeshow 21:59:27  janice s  :)
vdavistributeshow 21:59:30  nancyporter  You are still being heard.
vdavistributeshow 21:59:31  stevesoko  Thank you for always being so kind and for challenging me reacher higher
vdavistributeshow 21:59:34  Elaine  go for it
vdavistributeshow 21:59:39  PeggyG  Isn't technology grand :-)
vdavistributeshow 21:59:40  derrallg  @cherryl your computer can't deal with Vicki leaving
vdavistributeshow 21:59:45  JenWagner  Keep good thoughts for SHARON
vdavistributeshow 21:59:48  Maureen/bcdtech  Everyone will come back if you give Vivki the template
vdavistributeshow 21:59:50  edventures  It's rebelling
vdavistributeshow 21:59:52  JenWagner  and goodbyes to VICKI
vdavistributeshow 21:59:54  joycevalenza  Who will be playing in Boston?
vdavistributeshow 21:59:56  Maureen/bcdtech  Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:57  edventures  Give her the template!
vdavistributeshow 21:59:59  drlaurie  yes sharon's trip seems to be going great
vdavistributeshow 22:00:00  mrsdurff  that's it derrall
vdavistributeshow 22:00:01  dgoodman  @brenda   met too
vdavistributeshow 22:00:04  JenWagner  I like the cheer idea
vdavistributeshow 22:00:07  JenWagner  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:08  JenWagner  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:08  drlaurie  there's vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:00:09  matt montagne  hey y'all
vdavistributeshow 22:00:10  JenWagner  K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:10  JenWagner  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:12  JenWagner  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:13  carolynfoote  that was a farewell of sorts! lol
vdavistributeshow 22:00:16  joycevalenza  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:17  paulrwood  Vicki, if you ever need a smackdown timer again let me know I will be there!
vdavistributeshow 22:00:21  mrsdurff  give me a V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:22  derrallg  hey matt
vdavistributeshow 22:00:25  paulrwood  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:26  carolynfoote  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:30  shoemap  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:31  derrallg  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:32  mrsdurff  give me a I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:32  drlaurie  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:33  Cindy Phthisic  V
vdavistributeshow 22:00:34  ColetteC  VVVVVVVVVV
vdavistributeshow 22:00:35  paulrwood  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:35  drlaurie  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:36  Cindy Phthisic  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:36  drlaurie  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:36  derrallg  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:36  carolynfoote  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:37  drlaurie  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:38  adinasullivan  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:38  shoemap  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:39  drlaurie  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:39  joycevalenza  Big hugs, V!
vdavistributeshow 22:00:40  drlaurie  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:41  drlaurie  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:41  ColetteC  IIIIIIIIIIIII
vdavistributeshow 22:00:41  paulrwood  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:42  mrsdurff  give me a C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:43  mumms  k
vdavistributeshow 22:00:45  carolynfoote  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:45  ColetteC  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
vdavistributeshow 22:00:46  drlaurie  KKk
vdavistributeshow 22:00:47  paulrwood  K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:47  adinasullivan  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:47  shoemap  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:48  drlaurie  KKKKKKK
vdavistributeshow 22:00:48  ColetteC  KKKKKKKKKKKK
vdavistributeshow 22:00:50  Cindy Phthisic  C
vdavistributeshow 22:00:52  Cindy Phthisic  K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:52  drlaurie  IIIIIIIIII
vdavistributeshow 22:00:53  mrsdurff  give me a K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:54  shoemap  K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:55  sujokat  kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
vdavistributeshow 22:00:56  adinasullivan  K
vdavistributeshow 22:00:57  Cindy Phthisic  I
vdavistributeshow 22:00:57  cheryloakes wow2.0  good night all, thanks for coming. This is all about our great audience
vdavistributeshow 22:00:58  ColetteC  IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
vdavistributeshow 22:00:59  carolynfoote  KK
vdavistributeshow 22:01:02  paulrwood  I
vdavistributeshow 22:01:04  mrsdurff  give me a I
vdavistributeshow 22:01:05  PeggyG  Tears...sad farewell!
vdavistributeshow 22:01:06  shoemap  I
vdavistributeshow 22:01:06  adinasullivan  I
vdavistributeshow 22:01:07  derrallg  C
vdavistributeshow 22:01:09  sujokat  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
vdavistributeshow 22:01:13  mrsdurff  who is are girl?
vdavistributeshow 22:01:21  sheila  i
vdavistributeshow 22:01:25  mrsdurff  VICKI!
vdavistributeshow 22:01:26  sujokat  i agree vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:01:29  Cindy Phthisic  @ Vicki I hope you're still coming to Raleigh next spring
vdavistributeshow 22:01:36  Vicki Davis  Thank you, guys.
vdavistributeshow 22:01:42  Elaine  Thank YOU
vdavistributeshow 22:01:42  ColetteC  VICKI VICKI VICKI VICKI
vdavistributeshow 22:01:46  Vicki Davis  @Cindy - I am and very excited.
vdavistributeshow 22:01:48  julielindsay  goodnight
vdavistributeshow 22:01:49  paulrwood  Vicki you are the bomb!!
vdavistributeshow 22:01:53  drlaurie  Thanks for al l you do Vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:01:54  Vicki Davis  Not leaving the world just the show.  ;-)
vdavistributeshow 22:01:56  laurabfogle  What is the venue in Raleigh next spring for Vicki?
vdavistributeshow 22:01:57  julielindsay  thank you WOW!
vdavistributeshow 22:01:58  Vicki Davis  thank you so much!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:01  carolynfoote  lol, Vicki :)
vdavistributeshow 22:02:07  sujokat  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
vdavistributeshow 22:02:10  kevinh  Nite all!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:11  Vicki Davis  @laura - the north caroline tech conference -- going to go to that.
vdavistributeshow 22:02:11  sendkathy  hugs all around group hug
vdavistributeshow 22:02:14  Elaine  hey laurafogle!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:15  carolynfoote  Thanks for being a great cohost, Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:15  drlaurie  night
vdavistributeshow 22:02:18  loonyhiker  hugs
vdavistributeshow 22:02:20  cheryloakes wow2.0  goo d night
vdavistributeshow 22:02:23  Cindy Phthisic  NCAECT - NCTIES THE North Carolina Technology Conference
vdavistributeshow 22:02:25  Elaine  good night
vdavistributeshow 22:02:28  sendkathy  templates all around
vdavistributeshow 22:02:29  gisele1  NCaect
vdavistributeshow 22:02:34  loonyhiker  good nite y'all. thank u. we will miss you vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:02:38  Elaine  safe travels to everyone
vdavistributeshow 22:02:39  sheila  Vicki wanted a template? hmmm
vdavistributeshow 22:02:42  PeggyG  Thank for all for an incredible evening!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:42  Maureen/bcdtech  Good NIght all. Thank you Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:47  kevinh  I will be at NCaect
vdavistributeshow 22:02:48  joycevalenza  Hey Sharon!  Thanks all
vdavistributeshow 22:02:49  loonyhiker  nite
vdavistributeshow 22:02:50  cheri t  They'll have to listen to the recording in order to understand the chat
vdavistributeshow 22:02:52  cheryloakes wow2.0  bye you all are great!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:53  gisele1  me 2
vdavistributeshow 22:02:53  Elaine  have a great week
vdavistributeshow 22:02:53  sendkathy  night!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:53  paulrwood  Good night
vdavistributeshow 22:02:54  adinasullivan  Good night all!
vdavistributeshow 22:02:55  mrsdurff  and Konrad too
vdavistributeshow 22:02:55  PeggyG  is WOW2 on vacation soon?
vdavistributeshow 22:02:56  lparisi  Good night.
vdavistributeshow 22:02:58  derrallg  Thank you Vicki good night
vdavistributeshow 22:02:59  Lori A  best of luck to vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:03:00  Lori A  night
vdavistributeshow 22:03:01  nhill  GNIght!  Thanks so much!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:03  BrianWojcik  Thanks and good luck Vicki!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:04  cheri t  Bye Vicki
vdavistributeshow 22:03:05  mrsdurff  Derrall travel well
vdavistributeshow 22:03:06  lparisi  Great seeing you all again.
vdavistributeshow 22:03:09  stevesoko  Thanks WOW-1
vdavistributeshow 22:03:09  cheryloakes wow2.0  Thanks for coming, the show will be up tomorrow.
vdavistributeshow 22:03:10  edventures  G'night gang
vdavistributeshow 22:03:12  PeggyG  Oh, Great! Sheila and geocaching next week!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:12  imcguy  Good night!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:14  derrallg  Great show WOWW
vdavistributeshow 22:03:15  kristin hokanson  oh SO COOL love caching
vdavistributeshow 22:03:20  cheri t  nite
vdavistributeshow 22:03:22  edventures  My son loves geocaching
vdavistributeshow 22:03:22  PeggyG  Night all!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:23  kristin hokanson  thanks guys
vdavistributeshow 22:03:23  sarakellyjohns  bye...glad to hear about NECC
vdavistributeshow 22:03:26  sujokat  kev's email?
vdavistributeshow 22:03:31  sheila  Amazing chat room
vdavistributeshow 22:03:34  Cindy Phthisic  good night!!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:34  carolynfoote  cya'll latr!  good show :)
vdavistributeshow 22:03:37  nzchrissy  Vicki you rock!  Goodnight everyone!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:45  derrallg  @durff thanks stay cool
vdavistributeshow 22:03:46  KarenJan  fantastic show - the chat was rocking!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:48  cheryloakes wow2.0  This is a rockin chat room and rocking audience.
vdavistributeshow 22:03:48  gisele1  thank you vicki .. goodnight all
vdavistributeshow 22:03:51  nancyvonw  Thanks Vicki and WOW!
vdavistributeshow 22:03:58  JenWagner  https://vdavistribute.wikispaces.com/
vdavistributeshow 22:04:06  Cathy E  night all
vdavistributeshow 22:04:09  sheila  Thanks Vicki! and WOW2
vdavistributeshow 22:04:56  Vicki Davis  I love y'all.  You all are great.
vdavistributeshow 22:05:03  JenWagner  wow -- you guys go so fast
vdavistributeshow 22:05:06  kevinh  : )
vdavistributeshow 22:05:30  JenWagner  thanks everyone
vdavistributeshow 22:05:35  JenWagner  you wrapped up a good show
vdavistributeshow 22:05:36  cheri t  bye Jen
vdavistributeshow 22:05:45  sujokat  bye
vdavistributeshow 22:05:52  JenWagner  night for now