Chat Log for TTT#90: Microblogging our way toward global awareness 02.06.08

TTT #90

 20:40:37  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 20:40:50  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 20:41:00  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 20:41:06  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 20:41:12  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 20:46:47  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk: Hi.
 20:48:10  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi
 20:59:35  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi all
 20:59:40  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: can you hear us now?
 21:00:56  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi everyone - welcome!
 21:01:09  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan
 21:01:31  hickstro -> -EdTechTalk: Hello
 21:01:32  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi michael!
 21:01:35  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: glad you're here
 21:01:53  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Hello
 21:01:54  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi michael!
 21:02:23  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi lynne
 21:02:29  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: welcome everyone
 21:06:20  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi bill!
 21:06:32  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: HI Sue
 21:06:39  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: can you hear ok?
 21:06:43  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: Yes
 21:06:46  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hey troy!
 21:08:11  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi ben welcome
 21:08:16  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: ;)
 21:08:18  Ben -> -EdTechTalk: Hi
 21:08:26  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: funny wink ... oh well
 21:09:30  hickstro -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan!
 21:09:40  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:09:54  hickstro -> -EdTechTalk: I don't see a stream on Channel A or B. Am I missing something?
 21:10:00  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: can you hear ok  troy?
 21:10:02  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Are there any critical analysis or some type of social/cognitive awareness that they aren't getting other ways?
 21:10:05  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: A
 21:10:18  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: *critical analysis skills
 21:10:21  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi dave!
 21:10:36  davec -> -EdTechTalk: accessible for the second wave...
 21:10:37  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi dclbabcock! welcome
 21:10:46  davec -> -EdTechTalk: i wonder how i feel about the idea of 'mainstream'
 21:11:00  mrmayo -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Wendy
 21:11:10  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi George
 21:11:17  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi wendy welcome!
 21:11:25  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi lornacos welcome
 21:11:31  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan.  Is there audio at this point?
 21:11:34  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi ldeisely welcome
 21:11:40  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Ed-tech talk A
 21:11:42  lornacos -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan
 21:11:51  hickstro -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, I am OK. It just wasn't showing as streaming on the edtechtalk page...
 21:11:56  mrmayo -> -EdTechTalk: Audio button on the right
 21:12:12  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: wendy - click on listen and edtechtalk a and then we'll call you in later
 21:12:30  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: ahh yes you actaully have to be logged in to see that
 21:12:35  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: can everyone hear ok now?
 21:12:38  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: I'm in.  Thanks.
 21:12:44  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Where can I see tumbler?
 21:12:47  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: great! welcome!
 21:12:48  lornacos -> -EdTechTalk: I'm good TY
 21:12:53  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:13:05  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:13:15  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: could everyone please introduce yourself? what state? what do you teach?
 21:13:29  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: thanks. spelling:)
 21:13:52  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Wendy Drexler - Tampa Bay Area, Florida  Third grade.
 21:14:05  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: susan - NYC - high school
 21:14:27  davec -> -EdTechTalk: state eh?
 21:14:29  mrmayo -> -EdTechTalk: Mr. Mayo 8th grade English Silver Spring, Maryland
 21:14:37  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: country...:)
 21:14:42  davec -> -EdTechTalk: my state is excluded! :P
 21:14:51  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi gail! welcome!
 21:14:55  davec -> -EdTechTalk: iglooland.
 21:15:01  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Michael Dodes - Information Literacy Specialist (i.e. Librarian) - NYC - High School
 21:15:06  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: spring like here today!
 21:15:10  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Lynne-Los Angeles-Sr. HS
 21:15:35  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: anyone here using tumblr?
 21:15:49  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Downright hot here.  I've looked at tumblr.  Not using it yet.
 21:15:52  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Still exploring it myself
 21:18:39  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi judi! welcome
 21:18:48  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: I do feel compelled to comment on tumblr, but it isn't really set up for that.
 21:19:05  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: what do you think about this idea of reblogging judi?
 21:19:32  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: I think Tumblr might actually be meaningful to my staff because they're sick of having their mailboxes stuffed with helpful links...and some have expressed the feeling blogging is too time consuming and public - Tumblr with its private groups and microblogging would be great for that type of stuff.
 21:19:58  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Here's a collaborative tumblr a group of teachers has started: You can join us. Group: tumbln' teachers
 21:20:10  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: one of the things that I'm excited about is that it's so easy for my class to follow each other
 21:20:27  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @susan learning about that concept here with you tonight. =)
 21:20:28  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Tumblr sounds like it might have really great relevance for kids researching a particular area...?
 21:21:00  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lynne I like that idea
 21:21:28  davec -> -EdTechTalk: umm...
 21:21:34  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yes and using tags here will be useful too!
 21:21:47  davec -> -EdTechTalk: doesn't the internet do that?
 21:22:08  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: in what way dave?
 21:22:38  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Can we get an invitation to join that group?
 21:22:40  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: just a bunch of us from twitter are collaborating. not a private group
 21:22:54  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi gail
 21:23:02  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: all are welcome. you do need to give an email
 21:23:13  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: judi - did you start this?
 21:23:14  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan
 21:23:26  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: welcome gail! have you tried tumblr?
 21:23:29  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: you can send me a message here tonight with your email and I will send you an invite
 21:23:32  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: I couldn't get in the tumblr group :(
 21:23:47  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @susan it was actually started by techieteacher on twitter
 21:23:48  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected]
 21:24:01  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: @Susan.  A little bit, and am interested in learning more!
 21:24:03  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: dave - say more about what you meant before?
 21:24:33  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lynne
 21:24:53  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Gail. How are you?
 21:25:10  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Good, Lynne.  Have you used tumlr?
 21:25:28  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: oops. try tumbl'n teachers
 21:25:37  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Just started to (By today's standards that means I'm a senior user.)
 21:25:41  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Do you think tagging might have a place in tumblr so we can add organization to what we aggregate?
 21:25:54  davec -> -EdTechTalk: that's actually what Stephen Warburton says is the key to any social community
 21:25:59  davec -> -EdTechTalk: being able to see other people's stuf
 21:26:00  davec -> -EdTechTalk: f
 21:26:18  davec -> -EdTechTalk: that is... who they follow
 21:27:19  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Interesting...the conversation on social nuance.
 21:28:57  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Susan you should have an invite, now. :)
 21:29:17  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: thanks! I'll look after the show
 21:29:24  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Judi, can you add me?  <[email protected]>
 21:29:54  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lynne done. :)
 21:30:01  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Found it by typing in "teachers"
 21:30:01  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, my, Paul does not have California class sizes = almost 40 in senior English classes!
 21:30:15  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you.:D
 21:30:27  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk: Also, please check out
 21:31:41  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: hi Judi
 21:31:42  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi techieteacher - welcome!
 21:31:46  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Great @paulallison Was waiting for this to be created
 21:31:52  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: hi, Susan. Thanks
 21:31:57  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa.
 21:31:59  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi lisa welcome
 21:32:00  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Techie, figured out how to invite
 21:32:09  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: judi - great :)
 21:32:15  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: the more the merrier!
 21:32:21  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Brain freeze
 21:32:22  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all. Did I miss the Tumblr session?
 21:32:32  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: going on now - can you hear ok?
 21:32:38  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: still tumblin
 21:32:55  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I can't get video stream..any tips?
 21:33:26  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @techie try realplayer first, then login to chatroom
 21:33:39  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: oops, no video,, audio only
 21:33:40  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: no video with us tonight if that's what you mean?
 21:33:40  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: So weird- I can't get anything thing - video or sound
 21:33:54  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: click on listen and edtech talk A
 21:33:59  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Susan, links to the tumblr tutorials?
 21:34:12  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: voice thread tutorials
 21:34:40  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: welcome back lisa
 21:34:41  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @techie they were talking about using tumblr with students
 21:34:55  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: have you been doing it?
 21:34:58  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: judi - okay. thanks
 21:35:19  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: judi - are they going to share/discuss our tumblr?
 21:35:36  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: Go it - thanks!! - Awesome timing with the topic - so cool!
 21:35:42  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: techie - what made you start it?
 21:35:57  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: @Mr Mayo, hey your site looks inviting
 21:36:05  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I wanted to collaborate with other educators who are passionate abotu technology
 21:36:20  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: how did you find out about tumblr?
 21:36:26  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: twitter
 21:36:35  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Techie - Do we need invitation to contribute.
 21:36:39  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: but didn't at first think of it to collab. with other teachers
 21:36:44  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Wendy - yes
 21:36:50  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: drop your email and I'll invite you
 21:37:00  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected]  THX.
 21:37:11  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: techieteacher - I've been reading and it's great so far-  is there another way to oprganise teachers.timblr?
 21:37:15  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: - my collaborative teachers' tumblr group
 21:37:49  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Safe space question...glad Paul is bringing that up
 21:37:58  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @techie I 'talked' about the tumblr you started and invited a few people from the chatroom
 21:38:13  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: cool!
 21:38:46  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: that's when I tweeted the SOS
 21:39:10  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: great..i am happy to help and reply to SOS :)
 21:39:26  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: never really thought about using it with students, but I like the idea
 21:40:33  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Hi DBragg!
 21:40:51  DBragg -> -EdTechTalk: hi Lynne
 21:41:04  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: digital identity - I like that
 21:41:19  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lisa you took the thought right out of my head.
 21:41:23  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi dbragg and jeffmason
 21:41:23  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: judi - if you could add Wendy that would be great
 21:41:35  DBragg -> -EdTechTalk: hi Susan
 21:41:36  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: hello
 21:42:10  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @wendy @susan Done.
 21:42:11  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: listening while doing dishes but i had to check in to the chat
 21:42:31  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected] - add me to - thanks!!
 21:42:33  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: i am going to be skyped in at some point to discuss/share our tumbl
 21:42:33  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi alice!
 21:42:41  alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: hi susan
 21:43:28  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lis the invite is 'in the mail'
 21:43:39  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Judi
 21:43:50  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: - to be discussed later - if you want to join/participate - let judi know and she can invite you
 21:43:54  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Way to go techie! I really need to get a new headset
 21:44:01  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: I'd like to start a tumblr tomorrow...I'd like to do it with a particular project/subject...get the kids to comment about it.  Does that sound dooable?
 21:44:24  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lynne yes, doable. seconds to set up
 21:44:30  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I don't even have headset..I just turn volume down on stream..but will buy one tomorrow
 21:44:50  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Let me know what you get. ;)
 21:45:00  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: I think definitely, very low maintenance on setting up Tumblr and following people
 21:45:16  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Assessing it might be an interesting conundrum
 21:45:31  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: I haven't "heard" Wendy since Educon.
 21:45:49  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: techie we look forward to having you on live next week?
 21:46:24  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for this feedback...It's exciting. Blogs had their share of difficulty last year. I can do this with the computers in my room (5)
 21:46:53  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yes lynne - fast and connected!
 21:47:45  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: sure, Susan..that'll work..maybe judi can co-present with me??
 21:47:58  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: that would be great!
 21:48:11  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: judi - would you be up for that?
 21:48:15  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: The pressure's on to by a headset this weekend. But, good pressure. :)
 21:48:20  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Sure
 21:48:26  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi jkrines welcome!
 21:48:26  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: great!
 21:48:33  jkrines -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks
 21:49:21  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: if anyone has any questions re: teachers' tumbrl don't hesitate to e-mail me: [email protected] and I'll be on next week with judi to share!
 21:49:32  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: @judi Headsets are cheap and easy to get, you won't have a problem, I use one with an extra long cord so I can move and skype, it makes it more manageable since I'm not tethered to my computer.
 21:50:02  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: welcome back gail
 21:50:07  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I am thinking Bluetooth possibly ...anyone use bluetooth headset?
 21:50:09  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @michael I just want to make sure I have a good one. But I like te idea of an extra long cord
 21:50:21  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Bluetooth is even better
 21:50:46  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks, susan.  Do you have links to the timblr tutorials?
 21:51:04  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: the tutorials were for voice thread - what I was talking about
 21:51:09  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: true, for me cost was a factor so mine is wired, I'm not used to thinking like an employed teacher instead of a penniless grad student
 21:51:24  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: tumblr is so easy, really. Very intuitive
 21:51:33  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: very easy and user friendly
 21:51:35  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: I like Mr Mayo's idea of starting off with a few kids in each class on Youth Twitter rather than the whole class
 21:51:57  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: It's good to start with a manageable group.
 21:52:07  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: youth twitter feed into tumblr? Wow
 21:52:15  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: Wendy - have you used Youth Twitter
 21:52:25  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:52:25  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: My RSS feeds are on overload already hahaha
 21:52:37  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yes, so everything that you "twitter" at youthtwitter shows up in your tumblr
 21:52:38  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:53:02  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: I think we'll have some students interested in the Darfur project
 21:53:05  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:53:09  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: how do we connect them?
 21:53:23  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: what grade level was this?
 21:53:44  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: 8th grade did he say?
 21:53:59  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: @susan connect what?
 21:54:00  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: All grade levels welcome.
 21:54:11  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: My class is 3rd.  George's 8th.
 21:54:14  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I have youth twitter account but trying to figure out how to use with my students as they aren't strong readers and writers and several are non-verbal..maybe post our adapted writings using symbols or find regular ed. peers help out with this tool..any suggestions??
 21:54:30  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: students from other schools who are interested in joining in this Darfur project
 21:54:53  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I have grades 3rd - 5th.
 21:55:00  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: audio files for some, text blogging for others? vary the format they're uploading the blog entries in is what I'm thinking
 21:55:09  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: techie you should also email this comment to paul
 21:55:12  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: Just went to the stopgenocide blog project.  This is a wonderful idea!
 21:55:19  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Wow. That seems like a heavy topic for 3rd graders. Good for you.
 21:55:24  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: or just join in!
 21:55:29  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Susan - yes I was going to do that later.
 21:55:40  paulallison -> -EdTechTalk:
 21:55:56  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Third grade project
 21:58:54  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: What about desktop VC
 21:59:21  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: A link to a video of a poem about Dafur written by a teacher from that country who is part of our writer's project:
 22:00:43  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Your concept of keeping it very simple for teachers/classes to participate is very wise.
 22:00:56  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: one of my students in high school said she had heard about twitter but not youthtwitter!
 22:02:08  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: How does your school support this effort? Some schools/district woon't get involved in such a politically charged topic.
 22:02:31  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: Bill - Great link.  I'll add it to the wiki.
 22:02:42  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you, Wendy
 22:03:19  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: @bill - thanks for sharing
 22:03:40  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Simplicity is what made google so successful, and so many people have so many complex tools to use, I think we're heading in the direction that people prefer a lot of discrete tools that can be hooked together at their discretion instead of one hardwired interface.
 22:03:45  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: :D :D :D
 22:05:21  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Call it buffet style social networking :)
 22:05:37  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: that's great michael!
 22:06:20  gail desler -> -EdTechTalk: good night all
 22:06:27  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: night gail
 22:06:33  Bill O'Neal -> -EdTechTalk: Good NIght!
 22:06:33  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for coming!
 22:07:24  Wendy -> -EdTechTalk: My school has been very supportive.  Also received support from State Representatives.
 22:07:59  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: wendy we had a big student Darfur group last year
 22:08:05  Lynne -> -EdTechTalk: I really enjoyed hearing about George's project and seeing the Darfu
 22:08:12  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: I'm going to see who it is and what's happening now
 22:08:30  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: I'm wondering can I work Tumblr into Flock, I have to look at that
 22:08:57  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: @wendy That's great. It's amazing the compassion of children and how they can incite action.
 22:09:24  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: *)
 22:09:47  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks guys
 22:09:49  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: Always informative. See you (talk to you) next week
 22:10:06  Lisa Thumann -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks. Have a great night.
 22:10:44  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: see you all next wendy said, we'll be back (with headsets)
 22:11:00  techieteacher -> -EdTechTalk: or susan said (sorry)!
 22:11:00  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: great!
 22:12:14  judi epcke -> -EdTechTalk: 2 LLs in allison?
 22:12:23  hickstro -> -EdTechTalk: Bye
 22:12:29  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Bye
 22:12:32  DBragg -> -EdTechTalk: bye
 22:12:33  SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: great everyone - thanks for joining us!
 22:13:07  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: Oh susan if you use firefox - did you see the new google docs sidebar that came out like a week ago?
 22:13:12  Michael Dodes -> -EdTechTalk: lol nevermind