Women of Web 2.0 Show number 59

Join Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl as we have a blast interviewing Kim Cofino, 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok, Thailand. At one point Kim drops out of the SKYPE, well actually 2 times, but the women never miss a beat and the conversation continues. Kim makes it back into the conversation in spite of the fact that there aer 7 million people crowding the Skype highways. The chat rules! The Delicious account Rocks! Join us and have some fun. You will learn something new!


 20:41:53  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Getting ready for the show!

 20:42:10  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Be back in a few, let's see how many times I have to start and restart skype.

 20:42:35  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  :)

 20:42:41  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  I will launch skype

 20:43:25  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Hey NZChrissy and CathyJo!!!

 20:43:37  Cathyjo  Hey jen --invited a few tonight

 20:43:43  Cathyjo  where is the stream?

 20:43:46  nzchrissy  Hi there = don't want to miss a thing

 20:44:06  Cathyjo  let me know if i should hear it pls

 20:44:38  Cathyjo  I have purple-all mine, mine, mine

 20:45:21  nzchrissy  I'm orange today

 20:46:18  Cathyjo  NZChrissy I tagged u last night w/ a meme (sorry)

 20:46:54  nzchrissy  that's ok - I haven't found it yet

 20:47:07  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  thanks CathyJo

 20:49:59  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  how is the sound to you all?

 20:50:05  nzchrissy  Sounds great

 20:50:17  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Thanks chrissy!!!

 20:50:21  sharonp -> -Webhead Room: Hey Peggy... thanks for the email

 20:50:23  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  All the way to tomorrow.

 20:50:30  nzchrissy  Yes hello from Tomorrow

 20:50:32  sharonp -> -Webhead Room: I think we have to move our little icons up to EdTEchTalk

 20:50:56  PeggyG -> -Webhead Room: Hi-I'll get back to you with some feedback about your page

 20:51:39  sharonp -> -Webhead Room: Hey folks you have to double click on Ed Tech Talk to move into the room

 20:52:25  Vicki Davis  @arthus -- Hi.  When is the next election show?

 20:53:32  nzchrissy  Hey Lisa

 20:53:58  arthus  Hmm.... next time I think it'll be interesting :P

 20:53:59  lparisi  hi chrissy

 20:54:32  nzchrissy  You've been busy with your CV on line Lisa

 20:54:35  arthus  I haven't finished my presentation yet :(

 20:54:52  lparisi  Yes, Chrissy.  Going for a new job in my district.  My dream job.

 20:55:11  nzchrissy  Very, very very best wishes for you then - will keep everything crossed!!

 20:55:34  dougsymington  hey all

 20:55:36  lparisi  Thanks..I'm going to need it...supt doesn't think a classroom teacher can do this ed tech job

 20:55:40  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Oh Lisa, do you need a recommendation? you have a whole network who will write for you!

 20:55:52  lparisi  I might hold you to that cheryl!

 20:55:59  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Hi doug, arthus, cathyjo, lisa, chrissy!!!

 20:56:05  arthus  the official donut and bagel join map

 20:56:08  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  would be happy to write one up.

 20:56:08  sharonp  crossing my fingers for you Lisa

 20:56:10  arthus  hi cheryl

 20:56:16  nzchrissy  Hi Cheryl

 20:56:25  dougsymington  hey Cheryl and all

 20:56:27  sharonp  Going for teal tonigh

 20:56:29  nzchrissy  Hey Cat's Pjamas - Hi Joyce

 20:56:30  sharonp  t

 20:56:32  arthus  what's a waffle house?

 20:56:34  arthus  lol

 20:56:39  joycevalenza  hi all!

 20:56:46  lparisi  we don't have waffle houses on long island

 20:56:46  sharonp  not an impressive establishment, Arthus

 20:57:05  joycevalenza  my kids love the all you can eat business in college

 20:57:17  sharonp  you folks have to come to Montr?©al for a REAL breakfast at Chez Cora's

 20:57:27  joycevalenza  deal, sharon!

 20:57:36  sharonp  :-)

 20:57:39  lparisi  sharon are you inviting us all?

 20:57:49  sharonp  anytime!!

 20:57:53  lparisi  we can have a huge breakfast!

 20:58:00  sharonp  Cheri Toledo is coming in February!!

 20:58:08  nzchrissy  No echos here

 20:58:12  lparisi  sorry..skiing in feb

 20:58:15  Vicki Davis  @arthus - a place to eat.

 20:58:18  arthus  we don't hear any echo

 20:58:25  lparisi  hi alice

 20:58:28  arthus  @Vicki I don't think there is a single one in VT

 20:58:31  nzchrissy  Hi Alice

 20:58:31  Vicki Davis  @sharonp -- I want you to know that without Waffle House I wouldn't have passted Georgia Tech.

 20:58:43  Vicki Davis  @arthus -- probably not, the guy who founded it is from Hot lanta.

 20:58:49  lparisi  We have IHOP here

 20:58:54  Vicki Davis  I'm having trouble w/ delicious but the links will be over there tonight.

 20:59:00  alicebarr  Hi nzchrissy Congrats on your trip to Argentina! So jealous!

 20:59:01  arthus  we don't have either

 20:59:02  nzchrissy  We don't eat waffles in NZ

 20:59:12  dougsymington  finally got audio back (issue on this end) but it sounds good to me

 20:59:14  nzchrissy  Thanks Alice - the countdown has begun!!

 20:59:19  lparisi  LOL..Chrissy how is that possible?

 20:59:21  khokanson -> -Webhead Room: jo do you know how to get in the right room?

 20:59:35  alicebarr  @nzchrissy so awesome!

 20:59:42  nzchrissy  Waffles - don't know what the NZ equivalent is

 20:59:45  PeggyG -> -Webhead Room: I'm listening through iTunes--on A

 20:59:53  lparisi  pancakes with holes?

 20:59:58  lparisi  hi pam

 21:00:04  nzchrissy  Don't have Pancakes either

 21:00:07  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  NZ Chrissy -- Yes, I was going to say the same  holey pancakes -- but square

 21:00:08  shoemap  Hi everyone

 21:00:08  nzchrissy  Hi Jo

 21:00:16  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/flickr_pilot_faq.html

 21:00:23  nzchrissy  Hi Pam and Sue

 21:00:27  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  welcome to everyone -- sorry I wasn't welcoming you sooner

 21:00:32  Vicki Davis  Links tonight will be here - http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080122

 21:00:37  jomcleay  Thanks khokanson

 21:00:46  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  http://www.flickr.com/photos/Library_of_Congress/

 21:00:53  lparisi  I listened to the same show

 21:00:54  jomcleay  have to log out and come back in audio tempremental

 21:01:09  nzchrissy  Hi Kristin

 21:01:11  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Remember to choose your COLOR -- far left icon

 21:01:27  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Going green

 21:01:27  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  http://memory.loc.gov/learn/

 21:01:32  lparisi  Hi Kristin

 21:01:36  khokanson  does anyone  know if there is any articles written about htis

 21:01:40  joycevalenza  way cool!

 21:01:46  Cathyjo  Orange makes me think of Clemson--ugghh

 21:01:55  nzchrissy  Sorry Cathyjo

 21:01:56  Cathyjo  im here-just away

 21:02:08  PeggyG -> -Webhead Room: Where are Cheryl's links?

 21:02:11  joycevalenza  many of us did lessons there

 21:02:23  sharonp  http://www.exploratree.org.uk/explore/   - there is one of mine for tonight

 21:02:31  joycevalenza  shucks, thanks!

 21:02:54  sharonp  http://www.visiblebody.com/

 21:03:11  khokanson  want to send the links around, but wish there was an article to go with

 21:03:23  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Hey MMiller -- I boasted about you this week!!!

 21:03:28  nzchrissy  Hey Derrall

 21:03:30  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Hi Joyce, didn't see you, but hope you liked my comments. You are my library hero, as well as Cathyjo

 21:03:31  sharonp  http://www.chatmaker.net/   - and two more links

 21:03:35  derrallg  hi chrissy

 21:03:45  Sarah Rolle -> -Webhead Room: Is the ustream running?

 21:03:47  mmiller  well thank you jw

 21:03:48  Cathyjo  Hey melinda hows the wee one?

 21:03:50  Vicki Davis  http://blog.teachersfirst.com/thinkteach/2008/01/22/orphans-and-backups/

 21:03:52  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Melinda, wow, lots of great visitors!

 21:04:00  joycevalenza  love this efffort, cheryl.  must blog it tomorrow!! thanks

 21:04:12  mmiller  hello everyone little one is good

 21:04:17  lparisi  HI Maria!

 21:04:19  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Hey Maria and 2Teach3

 21:04:22  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  and Sarah -- WELCOME

 21:04:29  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  and Derrallg!!!

 21:04:31  arthus  isn't it in the cloud though?

 21:04:40  arthus  so how could you lose it?

 21:04:42  joycevalenza  can't wait to welcome you to city of sisterly love!

 21:04:43  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  the cloud???

 21:04:45  derrallg  hi jen

 21:04:49  arthus  internet

 21:04:57  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi Maria, Sarah R. welcome, Hi pam, sue, derrall, Kristen!!!, Alice, 2teach3, scsitterley

 21:05:01  nzchrissy  Gosh I will need to back up my blog/wiki after the show!!

 21:05:01  PeggyG -> -Webhead Room: seem to be tech issues on the site tonight.-people logging in and out--I had to also because my computer froze. Not seeing any of the posts for the WOWs of the week.

 21:05:03  Sarah Rolle  Hello, is the ustream running?

 21:05:08  derrallg  hi cheryl

 21:05:14  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Sarah -- you will see a link to your right

 21:05:19  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  you can right mouse click on it

 21:05:25  mmiller  I tired Making Connections earlier and that was really neat

 21:05:27  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  if you left mouse -- it will kick you out of this toom

 21:05:29  dougsymington  Internet Archive/wayback machine is a good resource for blog orphans

 21:05:30  nzchrissy  I am the Graphic Organiser Queen at my school

 21:05:33  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  no ustream sarah, haven't had the guts to try that bandwidth on my macbook, i'll let the webcasaters try it first.

 21:05:34  dougsymington  http://www.archive.org/index.php

 21:05:36  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  or ROOM  LOL

 21:05:39  arthus  If you use WordPress, there's a great plugin for backup

 21:05:51  arthus  it will email you your entire database every day

 21:05:53  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Arthus -- I have that plugin

 21:05:57  Sarah Rolle  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing someting.

 21:05:59  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  works well -- grins, I hope

 21:06:11  arthus  I have over 500 backups of my blog sitting in Gmail :)

 21:06:22  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  doug have you tried ustream?

 21:06:27  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Welcome Jamin

 21:06:36  Jamin  Thanks Jen :+)

 21:06:38  nzchrissy  Hey Jamin!  Aren't holidays great??

 21:06:43  arthus  http://dayah.com/periodic/

 21:06:56  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Lets all share where you are from -- cuz I think we are from all over tonight

 21:06:58  joycevalenza  what wonderful wows tonight!

 21:07:01  mmiller  what  software do you use to show your screen on ustream

 21:07:01  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  I will Start -- California

 21:07:03  arthus  ^^ AJAX Periodic Table, on the theme of science

 21:07:10  Jamin  Hey Chrissy - yeah holidays rock. Hv bin in the class a little. U?

 21:07:15  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  http://www.womenwhotech.com/

 21:07:26  nzchrissy  Have not been near school yet - will go next week

 21:07:29  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi cathye, welcome

 21:07:44  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hello shelia, welcome

 21:07:47  MariaK  hi all - hard to follow chat and play scrab. and twitter - I'm too old!

 21:07:50  sheila  Hi all!

 21:07:54  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hello connie, welcome to you.

 21:08:04  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  http://www.sparkpeople.com/

 21:08:06  nzchrissy  Hello Maria - love your Kinder VoiceThread

 21:08:08  Connie  thanks!

 21:08:11  csitterley  from Pennsylvania

 21:08:17  derrallg  hi jo

 21:08:18  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Maria, you are not too old! just the audio is so engaging.:-) and distracting

 21:08:25  MariaK  thanks chrissy

 21:08:29  jomcleay  hello here I am at last

 21:08:38  sharonp  http://www.economist.com/debate/index.cfm?debate_id=3&action=hall

 21:08:41  dougsymington  @cheryl don't have the webcam magic software, so haven't ustreamed during a show, yet

 21:08:43  lparisi  @arthus  How is your mom?

 21:08:44  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome jo, how is the holiday going!!???

 21:08:47  PeggyG   Hmmm-had the right audio but the wrong chat room!

 21:08:48  nzchrissy  Hey Jo 

 21:08:50  dougsymington  on my list o things to do, tho

 21:08:53  khokanson  hey Arthus...how's  your mom

 21:09:00  jomcleay  hi cheryl, it is my last diet

 21:09:02  joycevalenza  i'm in!

 21:09:04  arthus  tweeeted it

 21:09:06  khokanson  @lparisi GREAT MINDS :)

 21:09:08  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi Peggy, great crowd.

 21:09:10  sharonp  OHHHH!!! I remember what I wanted to share....

 21:09:13  jomcleay  I meant last day of holidays

 21:09:18  sharonp  Joyce, you reminded me...

 21:09:29  lparisi  Hi Ryan

 21:09:32  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Hello Ryan, welcome

 21:09:39  MariaK  Hurrary - educon

 21:09:42  ryanbretag  Hi Lisa and Cheryl

 21:09:49  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome keamac,

 21:09:56  sharonp  http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080118-the-google-generation-not-...

 21:10:10  nzchrissy  Wow there's a lot of NZders in here today - can you tell it's the holidays

 21:10:22  Jamin  LOL

 21:10:23  sharonp  There is a GREAT report on the arstechnica site (download pdf) about information literacy

 21:10:27  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Lots of Aussies, and NZders, great!

 21:10:31  jomcleay  when do you go back Chrissy?

 21:10:33  nzchrissy  Yay!! Kim!!!!

 21:10:40  lparisi  Welcome Kim!

 21:10:40  sharonp  Joyce, I already passed this to the info lit peeps here in Quebec

 21:10:41  MariaK  @chrissy - don't brag!:D

 21:10:42  arthus  hi Kim

 21:10:42  nzchrissy  Back in 2 weeks

 21:10:47  khokanson  yeah kim

 21:10:48  jomcleay  yes, great to hear Kim!!

 21:10:49  Sue Waters  Hi Kim

 21:10:50  MariaK  hi kim

 21:10:53  joycevalenza  welcome, kim

 21:10:54  jomcleay  clap clap

 21:10:54  derrallg  hi kim

 21:10:58  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Look at the chat room :)

 21:11:04  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  the room is FULL

 21:11:06  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  We are so happy to have Kim and talk to tomorrow.

 21:11:07  alicebarr  HI Kim!

 21:11:09  sharonp  I want Kim's job!!

 21:11:17  dougsymington  Hi Kim--really enjoyed last week's "Wired Wednesday" great stuff!

 21:11:48  mmiller  what's wired wednesday?

 21:12:01  Keamac  Hi everyone - I found out about you guys from NZ Chrissy via twitter :)

 21:12:03  khokanson  21st Century learning facilitator how cool is that?

 21:12:05  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi michael,

 21:12:16  lparisi  hi michael

 21:12:33  derrallg  How did kim get involved with FLNW?

 21:12:38  PeggyG  Can you repost the WOWs of the week? I lost the chat content when I had to log out and restart.

 21:12:52  jomcleay  Hello Jeff

 21:12:59  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Welcome keamac, this is a live show and by thursday we will have the chat and podcast at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2.0

 21:13:09  jomcleay  same here PeggyG

 21:13:09  nzchrissy  Peggy the chat will be posted later

 21:13:20  jeffmason  hello Jo and all

 21:13:21  lparisi  Oops..family problem...nothing major..just homework help.  Gotta go.  Sorry.  Catch the podcast later.

 21:13:23  lparisi  Bye

 21:13:26  Keamac  Coolies :)

 21:13:32  mrichme  Is there anyone else watching the PBS special on the east coast while listening?

 21:13:32  derrallg  bye lisa

 21:13:34  jomcleay  bye Lisa

 21:13:39  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Peggy the links will be in the chat, it is gone for me too.

 21:13:50  dougsymington  @mmiller more info here re Wired Wednesday(s) http://medagogy.edublogs.org/

 21:13:51  jomcleay  Hello Vinny

 21:13:52  alicebarr  @mrichme Will watch after this..

 21:13:56  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  in the chat when I post on Thurs.

 21:14:04  khokanson  by lisa see you friday?

 21:14:10  mmiller  @doug thank you

 21:14:17  dougsymington  welcome

 21:14:21  sharonp  hmmmmm.... is one of the WOWsers posting our wows in delicious tonight??

 21:14:27  derrallg  hi doug

 21:14:31  VinnieVrotny  hey Jo. I am listening only today. Too many things to do. If you need to talk, direct message me

 21:14:48  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Hello Vinny, welcome

 21:14:48  dougsymington  hey Derrall, good to see you

 21:14:59  derrallg  same here

 21:15:15  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: Hi all

 21:15:37  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: Hi What is with the chat room tonight?

 21:15:44  PeggyG  Are you talking about Growing Up Online on PBS?

 21:15:56  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: I am not seeing anyone

 21:16:02  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: wondering that myself?  There's frontline episode on living online

 21:16:03  Jamin  Wow that's a journey.

 21:16:06  PeggyG  It doesn't come on in Phoenix until 9:00pm. I plan to record it. :-)

 21:16:13  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: maybe some are watching that...or maybe chat room not working

 21:16:29  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: I'm thinking the room is not working

 21:16:41  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: because there are 32 viewers

 21:16:43  MariaK  I attended an International school in toyko for part of high school

 21:16:44  arthus  I plan to ignore it :-P

 21:16:47  sharonp  Delicious tags, for tonight, Peggy.... http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080122

 21:16:55  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome to Kim in the chat.

 21:17:00  DBragg  The Frontline show isn't on until 10 here in the Philly market

 21:17:13  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: I want to be Kim going all over the world with my school paying!

 21:17:15  khokanson  I hope that NECC is one of those international conference

 21:17:21  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  all the links are at the delicious URL

 21:17:22  shoemap  I need a maid

 21:17:31  PeggyG  @sharonp Thanks!!

 21:17:32  khokanson  @shoemap ME TOO

 21:17:32  Sarah Rolle  do you get paid too? :-)

 21:17:34  nzchrissy  WOW I'm so jealous

 21:17:45  arthus  Kristin, your text is not readable

 21:17:59  khokanson  better?

 21:18:04  khokanson  How is your mom?

 21:18:05  jomcleay  Can't wait for NECC

 21:18:07  arthus  yup

 21:18:08  shoemap  @Kim do you have children?

 21:18:13  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  yeah kristin, good form

 21:18:15  derrallg  @pam thats what you get for playing with Vista :)

 21:18:18  Keamac  Me too - jealous that is ;)

 21:18:31  jomcleay  that's great Kim

 21:18:35  nzchrissy  Kim has no children

 21:18:40  shoemap  @derrallg I'm using the Vista machine now - need to force myself

 21:18:48  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Keamac where are you from?

 21:19:05  Keamac  Auckland, NZ

 21:19:05  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  if you want to move -- there is a job and Kim says they are looking for a personable techie

 21:19:07  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  :)

 21:19:17  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: It appears that there is a chat room working but not for me

 21:19:33  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  @ Keamac, so you are on holiday too?

 21:19:44  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: that's strange.

 21:19:51  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Glad you saw the twitter, this is a rockin place on Tues. evenings/mornings

 21:19:55  Keamac  yes - just starting to plan for the new school year

 21:19:57  jomcleay  :)

 21:20:13  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hopefully there will be plenty of great ideas.

 21:20:17  Keamac  and I have 2 presentations to do for an ICT cluster conference next week

 21:20:18  suriawang -> -Webhead Room: what are people listening to?

 21:20:22  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: I just found it- click on the arrow for edtechtalk

 21:20:36  jomcleay  I am very interested in the global collaboration aspect

 21:20:41  MariaK  Kim - can't wait for the early childhood projects to begin

 21:20:41  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: I'm hearing it, just am not seeing the chat

 21:20:47  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  what are your presentations about?

 21:20:50  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Any questions for Kim???  be sure to ask here

 21:20:58  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: We're in the webhead room

 21:20:59  suriawang -> -Webhead Room: Are we all listening to Women of the Web 2.0?

 21:21:04  cfoote -> -Webhead Room: lol..so wondered how we got in there

 21:21:12  Keamac  One is using Quest Atlantis in the classroom...

 21:21:14  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: yes I think so

 21:21:23  lindanitsche -> -Webhead Room: LOL dont know

 21:21:38  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  welcome Linda!!!

 21:21:38  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  I am not familiar with Quest Atlantis, but will look it up later.

 21:21:40  sharonp  Okay, all caught up with delicious links for tonight's wows ( please add your  own!!) http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080122

 21:21:42  Keamac  and the other is about using technology to connect your class to a world wide audience

 21:22:17  sharonp  if you would like to add some links ot our wows tonight, please use tag wow2_20080122

 21:22:22  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  sharonp, great job getting all the links corralled.

 21:22:28  lindanitsche  Phew was in the wrong chat room!

 21:22:37  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  welcome Colleen!!!!

 21:22:41  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  great Keamac, sounds very engaging.

 21:22:44  Vicki Davis  Wow!  Excellent!

 21:22:45  MariaK  Hi Colleen

 21:22:45  jomcleay  address

 21:22:45  ColleenK  Hi Jen!

 21:22:51  ColleenK  Hi Maria!

 21:22:57  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome Linkanitsche, we missed you

 21:23:08  Keamac  I hope so :)

 21:23:09  derrallg  @vicki great question

 21:23:14  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi carolyn, welcome

 21:23:16  nzchrissy  That is really well said Kim

 21:23:20  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Welcome Carolyn

 21:23:23  sharonp  I am so excited to be meeting some of you in s afew days!!

 21:23:29  jomcleay  hello carolyn

 21:23:33  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome jeffmason

 21:23:44  lindanitsche  @JenniferW Dreaming of snow for you, but not toooo much!

 21:23:45  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Hey Dbragg, welcome

 21:23:48  cfoote  hi...lol..the main website was defaulting some of us into webhead room..we were all by ourselves

 21:23:52  ColleenK  @sharonp Me, too. Can't believe it's real.

 21:24:10  suriawang -> -Webhead Room: Is it possible for the teachers to get in the way?

 21:24:11  sharonp  yes, anyone else left in webhead room??

 21:25:05  cfoote  there were a cuople of other people in there

 21:25:07  cfoote  couple

 21:25:15  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  @linda -- flurries -- I am praying for flurries

 21:25:51  cheryloakes- wow2 #59 -> -Webhead Room: hi suria, women of web in edtechchat room

 21:25:57  jomcleay  I have a question about the ning?

 21:26:04  ColleenK  @PhillyBound Flurries are ok :)

 21:26:09  dougsymington  have to run--thanks Kim and all--have fun at educon those headed that way, lookin' fwd to ustream, cya online!

 21:26:10  MariaK  Jen - I'll bring you a snow ball from NH but i need good weather for the flight!

 21:26:28  MariaK  bye doug

 21:26:29  jomcleay  How did Kim get the students, did she get teachers to nominate?

 21:26:32  arthus  *brrrrr* it was cold this afternoon in VT

 21:26:38  cfoote  would be great to work at Kim's school

 21:26:41  derrallg  @kim this is how ELD/ESL classes are in certain areas of pacific rim

 21:26:44  jomcleay  or call for interested students to contact her?

 21:27:13  derrallg  my students go back to taiwan, china and india over breaks

 21:27:33  lindanitsche  I find it fascinating how each class no matter where they are interpret a project in terms of their experiences, culture and curriculum

 21:27:38  arthus  *never* I just keep crazy hours :)

 21:28:00  nzchrissy  @linda that's what makes global projects so fulfilling

 21:28:29  joycevalenza  sorry. must run.  see many of you on the weekend!

 21:28:38  khokanson  BYE JOYCE

 21:28:44  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  bye joyce, thanks for stopping by

 21:28:46  derrallg  bye joyce

 21:28:48  lindanitsche  @nzcrissy I so agree and so enlighting for my uscentric students who need to open their minds and hearts

 21:28:57  suriawang -> -Webhead Room: I don't know how to get there

 21:29:01  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Jo -- we are asking ?? now

 21:29:02  cfoote  Bye joyce

 21:29:13  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Carolyn -- there is a job opening!!  :)

 21:29:26  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi dgoodman, welcome

 21:29:43  dgoodman  hello

 21:29:48  derrallg  hi dgoodman

 21:29:54  arthus  ‚àÜpH

 21:29:55  cfoote  I know, Jen ;)  have to stay stateside for awhile longer ;)

 21:29:58  dgoodman  hi derrall

 21:30:00  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Hello Suriawang

 21:30:18  Kim  Are many retired teachers teaching abroad?

 21:30:20  jomcleay  that's for the ning

 21:30:21  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Suriawang, you made it here, welcome.

 21:30:44  jomcleay  thanks for asking Vicki and Jen

 21:30:50  Kim  Wow2 #59 means ??

 21:31:10  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Women of Web 2, show # 59 !!! wow

 21:31:22  jomcleay  thanks Kim

 21:31:26  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  welcome datruss

 21:31:28  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Welcome Datruss and dgoodman

 21:31:39  Vicki Davis  What a great answer!

 21:31:40  jomcleay  welcome doborah

 21:31:48  jomcleay  Deborah!

 21:32:32  jomcleay  totally motivating Kim

 21:33:12  suriawang  I'm bouncing back and forth between here and Second Life.  But listening here!

 21:33:49  derrallg  How did she come to do the session with vance stevens?

 21:34:10  Cathyjo  sorry folks been on skype w/ my sister

 21:34:20  jomcleay  Hi Cathy

 21:35:05  Vicki Davis  Chat room -- do you notice a noticeable change in students and teachers as they start collaborating.

 21:35:15  Cathyjo  Hi Jo

 21:35:39  Vicki Davis  As Kim has and as I have?

 21:35:39  Cathyjo  @vicki I think so

 21:35:46  nzchrissy  yes, Vicki, it is one of the best parts of doing a project globally!!

 21:35:50  alicebarr  @vicki Davis Kids complain and them love the work. It's hard, but really stretches them!

 21:35:52  Vicki Davis  @Cathyjo -- Like what -- how do we quantify it.

 21:35:58  Cathyjo  did u read today about the princ who had a lesson on using a cellphone in school today?

 21:35:58  Jamin  Kim if you were to look back on the Ning's progress...can you identify any catalysts?

 21:36:14  sharonp  http://www.slideshare.net/mscofino   Kim's presos - they are very good!!

 21:36:21  Vicki Davis  @alice - Mine complained about asynchronous but then they realized that was what they needed to know.

 21:36:26  PeggyG  That was a great response for facilitating colaboration and clarifying expectations for global projects. :-)

 21:36:26  Cathyjo  those kids were suddenly understanding how to use a tool typoically used for SN in an educ maner

 21:36:28  Vicki Davis  @cathyjo -- LInk to it?

 21:36:29  lindanitsche  My elem students are very excited about their current collaborations but they are still very UScentric and are slowly growing in their awarness-

 21:36:30  Cathyjo  and they were eng

 21:36:37  Cathyjo  looking in my rdr

 21:36:55  Vicki Davis  Even when mine do entry level projects like with jennifer @ Technospud, they change.  Their global view changes.

 21:37:08  Vicki Davis  So many people love voicethread -- it is THE tool to use for elementary.

 21:37:24  nzchrissy  VoiceThread is just awesome

 21:37:33  cfoote  love idea for global books project

 21:37:37  Jamin  @Vicki Yes VT has worked so well for my 6-7yr olds.

 21:37:39  lindanitsche  I hear them have such stereotypes of others that need to be open to revision

 21:37:43  csitterley  What amazing opportunities you are providing Kim-both there and for the students you connect to in other places- 

 21:37:47  Vicki Davis  Elementary teachers just love it.

 21:37:54  Cathyjo  asking twitter @vicki

 21:38:16  arthus  I always get confused when people say VT, :)

 21:38:29  nzchrissy  took me a while too Arthus!!

 21:38:30  csitterley  Education version of VoiceThread opened today

 21:38:37  sharonp  There are some elementary teachers here in Qu?©bec looking for some global partners about waterways and the ocean - this school is on the eastern coast - lobster stuff!! Where can I look for takers?? anyone interested??

 21:38:45  arthus  I always think of Vermont :)

 21:38:48  lindanitsche  We're working with Kim's VoiceThread project- The kids find it fascinating that others across the world are reading the same books they are

 21:38:53  cfoote  lol, arthus

 21:38:58  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Me too Arthus

 21:39:01  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  honest

 21:39:10  jomcleay  education version is not free tho'

 21:39:14  VinnieVrotny  @sharonp our first grade is interested

 21:39:19  lindanitsche  @sharonp I am always up for a collaboration - what level?

 21:39:28  sharonp  ages 5-8

 21:39:30  MariaK  VT works so well in kindergarten

 21:39:31  PeggyG  has anyone been able to join the new educator voicethread--supposed to be out today.

 21:39:37  Vicki Davis  I want to get our elementary teachers interested in voice thread.

 21:39:38  alicebarr  @sharonp I can asl Cathy WOlinsky elem tech at my school...

 21:39:39  derrallg  @jo i just use the free pro version

 21:39:41  sharonp  grades 1-3

 21:39:42  MariaK  Sharon - lets talk in Philly

 21:39:48  PeggyG  ed.voicethread.com

 21:39:49  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  SharonP -- give me the info and we will put in on our Elementary Ning

 21:39:49  jomcleay  me too derrallg

 21:40:03  MariaK  we're kindergarten - age 5-6

 21:40:06  sharonp  okay great !! YOu guys are awesome! Vinnie will you be there too in Philly??

 21:40:11  nzchrissy  10-11 years olds love VT too

 21:40:15  derrallg  @jo is there enough to the ed one to switch?

 21:40:29  lindanitsche  @sharonp Sounds great! We can talk in Philly!

 21:40:45  jomcleay  not from what I heard Derrall - it's just the security concerns

 21:40:50  nzchrissy  Hi Brian

 21:40:51  MariaK  my daughter is a marine scientist - could help too

 21:41:02  jomcleay  Hello Brian

 21:41:02  bcrosby  Hi Chrissy and all!!!

 21:41:08  lindanitsche  Can we now upload video to voicethread?

 21:41:14  nzchrissy  They had a few issues for a while but seem to have ironed it out

 21:41:16  derrallg  yes

 21:41:18  csitterley  Education version is $10 (forever) for classroom teacher-school pricing available-if you have problems with permissions, it might address issues

 21:41:26  alicebarr  High school students are doing refelctions on their art work over the semester!

 21:41:33  PeggyG  There was a great interview on Fryer's podcast with the founders of VT

 21:41:42  jomcleay  @csitterly yes I agree it is better than having it blocked

 21:41:46  derrallg  @linda can also comment with video too now

 21:41:52  csitterley  Pennsylvania- K-2 students as a part of Literacy Collaborative

 21:41:58  lindanitsche  Second graders are using it to interview people about their use of math in their jobs

 21:42:00  bcrosby  No voicethread yet for me ... too many other things going on!

 21:42:02  sheila  We have a teacher who went to Antarctica and dove under the lake ice for research.

 21:42:03  VinnieVrotny  @sharonp I will be there virtually. Presenting and everything

 21:42:13  bcrosby  But it is in my sights

 21:42:21  jomcleay  wow sheila that's dedication

 21:42:22  nzchrissy  I'm using VT to document my progress learning spanish

 21:42:31  PeggyG  Wes's podcast told a lot about the rationale for creating a special VT for educators and students--will be fantastic!!

 21:42:31  khokanson  in PA the librarian is having the kids prepare for Reading Olympics by doing book talks about the different books...all of the book covers are loaded in and as they read the books they add their thoughts about it

 21:42:36  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  and she is BACK

 21:42:37  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  we have Kim back, hang on

 21:42:38  Vicki Davis  @bcrosby -- You'll love it. 

 21:42:40  derrallg  @linda great idea

 21:42:42  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  APPLAUSE FOR KIM

 21:42:47  MariaK  And i so love your spanish VT

 21:42:50  Vicki Davis  @PeggyG - Do you have a link to it?

 21:42:52  bcrosby  I would LOVE to go to Antarctica!!!!

 21:42:52  sharonp  Could those that were interestd in this collaborative project with the students in East Quebec (on the Gasp?© Coast), please email me - [email protected] AND I will see some of you in Philly!


 21:43:00  jomcleay  and wes fryer too

 21:43:03  Vicki Davis  Sorry for shouting. ;-)

 21:43:04  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  there are 7 million people on skype right now!

 21:43:14  jomcleay  hi Kim

 21:43:19  jomcleay  bye Kim

 21:43:20  nzchrissy  I have to document my progress learning spanish for the award I won Vicki

 21:43:24  lindanitsche  @khokanson I will have to get my reading olympics teachers going with it- need to keep up with the competition!

 21:43:34  derrallg  @cheryl i don't think i've seen that many

 21:43:41  MariaK  sheila - put Robin's link into chat room

 21:43:45  Vicki Davis  @nzchrissy -- Wow-  which award?  You've won so many! :)

 21:43:54  sheila  Antarctica journal - http://www.ryejrhigh.org/antarctica06/

 21:44:00  jomcleay  educators do tend to push the tools

 21:44:06  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  shelia, where are you from

 21:44:10  jomcleay  for further developemnt

 21:44:12  sheila  NH

 21:44:21  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  We tend to take the tools over -- and adapt them, don't we

 21:44:26  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  sweet, were you at Christa McAulliffe?

 21:44:29  nzchrissy  @Vicki Language immersion award and I get to go live in Argentina for 4 weeks with a host family

 21:44:31  sheila  I'm hoping to have her webcast with me for my interncast

 21:44:34  MariaK  Cheryl - sheila from NHSTE

 21:44:45  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Please <------ ifyou are going to FETC  or <------If you are going to EduCon2

 21:44:48  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Oh, thankas Maria!!

 21:45:05  jomcleay  can just imagine Kim

 21:45:05  derrallg  hi david

 21:45:24  PeggyG  http://tinyurl.com/2q9b7s

 21:45:29  nzchrissy  I love the passion in Kim's voice

 21:45:39  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  <----EduCon2

 21:45:44  khokanson  FANTASTIC COLLECTION

 21:46:02  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  As I say most weeks, the chat and podcast will be posted on Thurs. at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2

 21:46:04  khokanson  and I have LOVED what she is doing with her parents...keeping them a part of the world of web2.0

 21:46:08  PeggyG  oops-wrong URL-I'll try again.

 21:46:14  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  The chat room makes this show! Yahoo!

 21:46:16  bcrosby  Christa McAuliffe fans - remember we have an hour of vidcast with her mother - Grace Corrigan that visited our classroom last year. Link at http://www.crosbyclass.wikispaces.com

 21:46:35  Vicki Davis  The links for tonight are here and I've added about 5-10 links that we didn't talk about -- some extra Wow goodness (Sharon has added some too.)

 21:46:37  khokanson  @bcrosby brian is she coming again?

 21:46:45  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  thanks brian, good point.

 21:46:48  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Welcome Kimberly

 21:46:56  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  hi kimberly, welcome

 21:46:57  Vicki Davis  @nzchrissy -- WOW!  Who gave the award.  That is great.

 21:47:00  jomcleay  thanks for that sharon

 21:47:05  Kimberly  Thanks and Hi

 21:47:13  MariaK  Grace is such a wonderful person - so giving.

 21:47:19  bcrosby  @khokanson ... one time only experience was incredible!!!

 21:47:20  Vicki Davis  @nzchrissy -- She is excited -- it is wonderful.

 21:47:22  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Brian -- when is that???

 21:47:28  derrallg  @chrissy did you see lizdavis twitter screencast same wow articulation

 21:47:29  nzchrissy  @Vicki our Government Ministry of Education to encourage teachers to teach another language

 21:47:39  PeggyG  http://tinyurl.com/2poe8a

 21:47:41  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  or is it past tense??  not another interview -- but a past interview??

 21:47:43  nzchrissy  No derrall I missedthat

 21:47:43  jomcleay  I am very interested in the IB curriculum

 21:47:47  Vicki Davis  We need spokespeople like her.  We have got to get people to start LISTENING to educators (like on the economist debate.)

 21:47:51  bcrosby  @JenniferW was last spring!

 21:47:55  Vicki Davis  @jomcleay - The curriculum is great.

 21:47:57  MariaK  Checking the link now, Brian

 21:47:58  khokanson  @bcrosby I remembered the interview

 21:48:00  cfoote  @vickidavis  I agree!

 21:48:01  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  lizbdavis screencast about twitter is excellent. I blogged about it at techlearning.com/blog just yesterday

 21:48:03  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  okay -- I thought perhaps she was coming back for a review

 21:48:05  Vicki Davis  @jo- I wish we could pull it more into ours.

 21:48:15  jomcleay  Alan November interviewed some doing the MYP the other day

 21:48:16  Cathyjo  @vicki FOUND IT!!   http://ideasandthoughts.org/2008/01/21/principals-trying-out-cell-phones/

 21:48:22  Vicki Davis  embedded professional development wow -

 21:48:27  Vicki Davis  @Cathyjo - putting in notes.

 21:48:39  Cathyjo  It was from Dean Shareski's blog, my current favorite blog by the way

 21:48:40  jomcleay  @vicki yes it's based on educational research

 21:48:58  Cathyjo  Perseverance pays off

 21:49:17  lindanitsche  Three of them for how many teachers?

 21:49:29  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Isn't Kim C amazing!

 21:49:40  bcrosby  There's actually 2 vidcast posted ... one of her preso and one of her question answer time - we were Skyped into Virginia - Lee Baber's stu's and New York - they asked questions too.

 21:49:46  nzchrissy  They make themselves so available to their staff - is that why it works - teachers come to them not the other way round

 21:49:46  Vicki Davis  Wow!

 21:49:50  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  And yet again -- a great guest!!!!

 21:49:54  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  :)

 21:49:59  lindanitsche  Love the catchy pd titles

 21:50:01  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Thanks to all for being a part of this conversation!!!

 21:50:02  nzchrissy  Fabulous guest

 21:50:03  cfoote  O

 21:50:14  cfoote  I'm going to have to listen to this again...

 21:50:14  csitterley  Great to have that kind of time available for so many different PD approaches

 21:50:28  jomcleay  that sounds great Kim tech Monday!!

 21:50:28  Vicki Davis  I like how it is broken up in small chunks -- much more manageable and digestable.

 21:50:28  cfoote  cool..ustreaming weekly staff dev.  Wishing ustream wasn't blocked in our district

 21:50:34  Jamin  @cfoote Me too and get ALL the links!

 21:50:34  sheila  great PD models!

 21:50:37  lindanitsche  @cfoote Aren't you glad we finally made it here!

 21:50:41  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Carolyn, I listen to the the show about 3-4 times to get all of it.

 21:50:48  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Kim will provide us with her ustream link in a bit

 21:50:53  Vicki Davis  @cheryl - I do too and we're right here.

 21:50:54  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  we don't want to lose her again

 21:51:00  cfoote  We did that staff dev. type of approach--did Project Tech--20 min. tool intros each week

 21:51:05  jomcleay  WHo comes to the wired wednesdays?

 21:51:10  PeggyG  @Cheryl-do you have a link for Liz's screencast?

 21:51:12  Vicki Davis  @cfoote How did it work?

 21:51:18  cfoote  ours were also on Wednesday!  best thing I"ve ever done.

 21:51:22  cfoote  in terms of training

 21:51:24  sharonp  some scratchy audio folks.... oops

 21:51:28  cfoote  teachers came just because they wanted to.

 21:51:33  cfoote  we kept it short and sweet.

 21:51:36  Vicki Davis  @cfoote -- Wow.

 21:51:38  datruss  Vicki, Can you do a little session on using Netvibes as your Teacher homepage?

 21:51:41  lindanitsche  How much administrative support and encouragment is there?

 21:51:42  arthus  well I'm out mates, c'ya in the twitterverse

 21:51:43  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  i can get the link for Liz, in a sec, but it is also at the techlearning.com/blog

 21:51:51  sharonp  netvibes has new beta

 21:51:56  Vicki Davis  @datruss -- "Session"?  When?  ;-)

 21:52:01  sharonp  just got an invite today to... ginger

 21:52:04  cfoote  We're discussing restarting it this spring.

 21:52:04  lindanitsche  Bye Arthus- Best to your mom.

 21:52:08  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  bye arthus

 21:52:10  PeggyG  That is awesome teacher participation!!

 21:52:36  nzchrissy  Wow - amazing vision

 21:52:37  cfoote  we named ours after Project Runway ;) Project technology

 21:52:47  datruss  Yes, Netvibes Ginger, you can sign up now if you have a Netvibes already

 21:52:48  bcrosby  Totally envious of you Philly bound folks!!!

 21:53:08  cfoote  Kim's pretty inspiring :)

 21:53:13  Keamac  So lucky to have that type of support

 21:53:13  derrallg  @brian me too

 21:53:17  jomcleay  Yes Brian. How true, totally

 21:53:20  PeggyG  Blogging principals! Woot!! What great support!

 21:53:39  lindanitsche  Blogging principals- my dream!

 21:53:51  jomcleay  That sounds like a team Kim

 21:54:01  Vicki Davis  @bcrosby - -Someone has to be left in the classroom.  I'm at home too and it would be great to go, however, I really don'twant to travel a lot.

 21:54:07  Vicki Davis  @bcrosby -- Are you going to NECC?

 21:54:08  bcrosby  Sounds like usual Skype sound issues when the network is "stressed"

 21:54:24  Vicki Davis  @bcrosby - the network seems stressed a lot lately.

 21:54:26  tkidd132 -> -Webcast Academy: hello

 21:54:32  datruss  Vicky, Chat is very slow for me on this end, sorry for delay- I'm west coast so timing can be a challenge during day, but you pick the time and format and people will come:-)

 21:54:38  jomcleay  better than us being stressed LOL

 21:54:47  bcrosby  @Vicki Davis ... It is looking good ... there is probably money to send me!!!

 21:55:03  jomcleay  Oh Brian I will be able to meet you then!

 21:55:03  khokanson  @bcrosby WHOO HOO

 21:55:13  Vicki Davis  @datruss - I did that for Atomic Learning quite a bit, but I could do a session sometime. Something to consider.

 21:55:25  Vicki Davis  @datruss - Do you get atomic but you're just talking doing it live.

 21:55:38  Vicki Davis  http://ustream.tv/channel/isb-edu-stream

 21:55:38  bcrosby  Great!! I met so many people at NECC last year was awesome!!!

 21:55:44  Vicki Davis  Kim's Ustream - http://ustream.tv/channel/isb-edu-stream

 21:55:44  lindanitsche  I want to teach where Kim is!

 21:55:46  datruss  monitoring/grading blogs and forums has been very slow for me... advice on your system(s) you have alluded to on your blog would be great!!!

 21:55:52  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  I met Brian Crosby at NECC  :)

 21:56:02  datruss  atomic?

 21:56:08  PeggyG  @Vicki-do it somewhere we can all access it if we don't have Atomic Learning :-)

 21:56:13  jomcleay  lucky Jen

 21:56:24  cfoote  I love her title :)

 21:56:24  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  I will meet Jo there in 2008  :)

 21:56:35  cfoote  21st century literacy specialist.

 21:56:37  jomcleay  Yay:)

 21:56:41  cfoote  bridging the gap is important.

 21:56:46  Vicki Davis  Wow, the learning hub.

 21:56:47  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  with a trophy in my hand for Jo  :)

 21:56:52  Vicki Davis  That is amazing.

 21:56:54  jomcleay  lol

 21:56:55  cfoote  I think too often it's too separate...

 21:56:57  jomcleay   Jen stop

 21:56:58  khokanson  Carolym me too

 21:57:06  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  The chat is so excellent tonight, that is due to you all! Thanks.

 21:57:06  nzchrissy  Those pictures of the learning hub are amazing!!

 21:57:06  Vicki Davis  My word of the day yesterday was "cybrarian" I didn't even know there was such a thing.

 21:57:06  khokanson  Love that too...learning hub

 21:57:09  cfoote  people don't see (we librarians) as partners

 21:57:13  Vicki Davis  Sounds like she's going to be one.

 21:57:20  jomcleay  I love librarians

 21:57:28  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Thank you for all being heree tonight

 21:57:35  cfoote  lol...i'm sort of tech person...but our tech people don't always see that partnership as essential

 21:57:36  Vicki Davis  Yes, the only way to start is to "work with the willing."

 21:57:37  jomcleay  in fact my daughter is a librarian

 21:57:38  alicebarr  the librarian and I are partners in my school Info tech Team!

 21:57:42  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  and thanks to Kim for being a part of our night

 21:57:50  PeggyG  Kim you are so energetic and inspirational! Thanks for sharing with us!

 21:57:56  tkidd132  Hello

 21:57:57  derrallg  i can't believe an hour has gone by

 21:57:58  sharonp  I really want her job!!

 21:58:00  Jamin  @Vicki I agree.

 21:58:00  cfoote  Hi Tkidd

 21:58:01  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  nice alice, info tech team!

 21:58:04  tkidd132  Hi

 21:58:05  bcrosby  Thanks Kim ... I'm a big fan!

 21:58:06  jomcleay  yes I work very closely with the librarians

 21:58:06  cfoote  @sharonp  I agree :)

 21:58:14  tkidd132  Sorry for being late...

 21:58:17  cfoote  @jomcleay  so glad to hear that.

 21:58:19  jomcleay  Hi tkidd132

 21:58:21  csitterley  We are trying to get our Librarians to see themselves as vital to the students in all of this- they tend to feel less important than they are

 21:58:21  tkidd132  i missed half of the show..lol

 21:58:26  tkidd132  Hey Jo

 21:58:35  lindanitsche  @cfoote i wish and dream for a librarian thatwants to be a partner in teaching and learning with me!

 21:58:35  Vicki Davis  @PeggyG -- I could do something.  I have to be careful b/c of agreements I have w/ them but could do something sometime.  If you want it done, I'll put it on my list -- If you two will e-mail me offline at coolcatteacher at gmail.com and tell me what you want to see done in that and I'll see what I can do.

 21:58:36  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  You will be able to listen to this by Thurs. at Edtechtalk.com , show # 59.

 21:58:38  nzchrissy  Very inspirational Kim!!  Way to go!

 21:58:38  alicebarr  Great jon Kim... Making me long for my old life overseas!

 21:58:41  cfoote  @csitterley  several of us are doing session at Educon on library 3.0

 21:58:42  PeggyG  I can't believe the time is gone!

 21:58:42  Jamin  Yay Kim :+)

 21:58:46  jomcleay  yeah tkidd that's what you get for sleeping in

 21:58:48  cfoote  and it will be ustreamed!

 21:58:54  lindanitsche  Hooray Kim!

 21:59:01  PeggyG  @Vicki--I'll do it. :-)

 21:59:08  derrallg  @cheryl i'll be listening on my drive to school to the podcast , no pressure :)

 21:59:19  csitterley  @cfoote I will look for ustream and posts-I can't be there

 21:59:25  khokanson  @nzchrissy where are the pictures of the learning hub

 21:59:31  cfoote  okay :)  I'll be putting it on my blog soon

 21:59:37  nzchrissy  in Kim's flickr account

 21:59:39  khokanson  @jutecht is a rockstart :)

 21:59:40  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  I am getting it down to one night edit and publish Thur. AM.

 21:59:44  tkidd132  Well i wasn't here

 21:59:46  bcrosby  Jeff is so totally approachable!!

 21:59:50  tkidd132  i was out shopping

 21:59:58  cfoote  lolol

 21:59:58  sharonp  Isn't it cool to have international connections??

 22:00:05  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  @brian, I agree, he was fun to talk to at NECC

 22:00:15  derrallg  @cheryl can you do a yugma sharing sometime?

 22:00:21  khokanson  well Kim WE are all big fans of your too :)

 22:00:31  nzchrissy  Big fans

 22:00:40  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  @ derrall, sure when is good for you to yugma?

 22:00:52  tkidd132  Welcome back Kim

 22:00:56  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  Kim packed 2 hours of information into a one hour show!

 22:00:56  bcrosby  Is an old saw now but hanging out with all in the blog cafe was just too cool.

 22:01:01  jomcleay  he doesn't need a surname

 22:01:05  derrallg  i wish i was elementary so i could do the 1001flatclassroom tales with kim

 22:01:17  sheila  I got so much out of this!  Thanks, Kim and WOW2!

 22:01:26  cfoote  Thanks Kim :)  Was great!

 22:01:26  csitterley  Thanks for sharing Kim-great info to share

 22:01:36  mrichme  Thank you Kim

 22:01:39  tkidd132  Your Welcome.....lol

 22:01:41  PeggyG  Awesome podcast--can't wait to hear it again!

 22:01:42  nzchrissy  Awesome- thanks Kim

 22:01:43  tkidd132  Thanks Kim..

 22:01:44  lindanitsche  Kim it was so good to hear your voice. You were so exciting to listen to. Your passion is infectious!

 22:01:45  cfoote  lolol :) so cool :)

 22:01:45  Jamin  Thanks Women of the Web2. Gr8 show!

 22:01:47  derrallg  thank you Kim

 22:01:48  Keamac  I have really had a blast - awesome speaker.

 22:01:52  khokanson  @cheryl so true my fingers couldn't type as fast as all of the info

 22:01:52  datruss  Thanks Kim!!!

 22:01:54  DBragg  great show

 22:02:00  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  thanks, you all make this show.

 22:02:04  jomcleay  thanks so much Kim

 22:02:13  cfoote  great job, Kim :)

 22:02:23  jomcleay  and thanks to you all WOW 2.0

 22:02:24  khokanson  so much to explore and bookmark tonight

 22:02:28  csitterley  Good night all

 22:02:37  bcrosby  Night all ... report cards ... uggg!

 22:02:39  nzchrissy  Another great WOW show ladies

 22:03:02  jeffmason  thanks to WOW2.0

 22:03:06  tkidd132  Good Night All....

 22:03:07  VinnieVrotny  good night al

 22:03:14  PeggyG  @Vicki  What's his name?

 22:03:19  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Thanks so much EVERYONE

 22:03:23  tkidd132  Hey Viki D

 22:03:35  DBragg  nite all

 22:03:53  alicebarr  See lots of you in Philly! Can't wait!

 22:03:54  tkidd132  Hey JenW!!!

 22:04:00  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Hey TK

 22:04:05  tkidd132  I missed half of it though...

 22:04:07  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Alice -- it is going to be FUN

 22:04:15  khokanson  need to relisten before my blog post

 22:04:17  khokanson  :)

 22:04:19  Connie  This has been a great show. Thanks for your dedication to provide an interesting, informative show each week!

 22:04:24  alicebarr  Getting psyched!

 22:04:33  tkidd132  Whats the link

 22:04:34  Sarah Rolle  thanks Kim and WOW ladies! See you again online.

 22:04:34  lindanitsche  Good night all! Really looking forward to seeing many of you in Philly!

 22:04:41  khokanson  Can't wait to meet y'all and show off my hometown this weekend :)

 22:04:51  shoemap  Thanks; night all

 22:04:53  jomcleay  cya all. Better go

 22:04:58  jomcleay  bye Pam

 22:05:01  PeggyG  Night all!

 22:05:01  derrallg  I forgot to repost question about kim w/vance stevens

 22:05:02  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  http://educon20.wikispaces.com/

 22:05:11  Keamac  Thanks all bye

 22:05:15  tkidd132  Your Welcome

 22:05:21  tkidd132  Thanks to have me...

 22:06:10  derrallg  yes the passion really came across

 22:06:19  sharonp  NIght all

 22:06:26  derrallg  good night

 22:06:53  khokanson  tanks all safe travels to all of you coming to Phila

 22:06:57  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Kristen

 22:07:00  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  see you in 2 days

 22:07:06  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  :)

 22:07:08  khokanson  yep

 22:07:09  nzchrissy  Looking forwardto the twitters from Educon

 22:07:10  khokanson  night all

 22:07:10  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Linda -- you too??

 22:07:15  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  Dinner with us on Thrusday??

 22:07:18  cheryloakes- wow2 #59  thanks to you all, good night and good day! Enjoy your holidays!

 22:07:20  tkidd132  See everyone at Educon 2.0

 22:07:24  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  TK -- YEP

 22:07:29  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  can't wait

 22:07:29  tkidd132  Hope To See You There

 22:07:33  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  You will TK

 22:07:38  lindanitsche  @JenniferW Absolutely! Can't wait!

 22:07:39  tkidd132  Me neither

 22:07:40  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  I will be the quiet/shy one  :)

 22:07:42  tkidd132  I will be there

 22:07:45  tkidd132  Jen

 22:07:50  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  6:30 -- at the convention hotel

 22:08:01  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  TK -- I look forward to saying HELLO -- and chatting

 22:08:03  lindanitsche  @JenniferW No way!

 22:08:10  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  LOL -- I am shy at first

 22:08:13  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  and then once I laugh

 22:08:27  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  you will know I am comfy

 22:08:28  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  :)

 22:08:38  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  grins -- but don't tell :)

 22:08:41  JenniferW -- Philadelphia Bound!  good night

 22:08:45  lindanitsche  :D

 22:12:44  tkidd132  TaGood Night Cheryl Great Job