Chat Log from Teachers Teaching Teachers #81

Teachers Teaching Teachers #81 11.28.07

 20:42:26  SusanEttenheim ->  hi christina hi paul

 20:43:36  Christina ->  hi Susan

 20:44:51  paulallison ->  hi christina

 20:44:58  paulallison ->  Susan is restarting.

 20:45:21  paulallison ->  When and what was the session that Lynne and Peter did together?

 20:55:50  Kevin H ->  Hi everyone

 20:57:32  Durff ->  hi

 20:58:30  Lee Baber ->  Hello Durff

 20:59:41  Kevin H ->  Hi Lynn

 20:59:56  Durff ->  hi lee and byr all - off to beddy bye

 20:59:56  Lynne ->  Hey Kevin!

 21:00:16  Lee Baber ->  Hi everyone

 21:00:25  Lee Baber ->  So good to see you all

 21:02:04  Bill O'Neal ->  Hi

 21:02:11  Kevin H ->  HI Bill

 21:02:16  paulallison ->  hi all

 21:02:31  paulallison ->  We will be starting as soon as Lynne answers her skype.

 21:02:37  Bill O'Neal ->  HI Kevin

 21:03:41  AliceMercer ->  Hello all

 21:03:48  Kevin H ->  Hi Alice

 21:04:28  SusanEttenheim ->  could everyone please mute if you arenot talking

 21:04:32  SusanEttenheim ->  hi all

 21:06:04  SusanEttenheim ->  hi bill

 21:06:20  paulallison ->  I turned yugma off.

 21:06:35  SusanEttenheim ->  let's see if that makes a difference

 21:06:37  Lynne ->  Am I mute?  I'm working with a mike I'm not too familiar with...

 21:06:45  SusanEttenheim ->  I dont think so lynne

 21:07:00  Kevin H ->  I heard you check in, Lynn

 21:07:20  SusanEttenheim ->  we hear you or someone typing inthe background

 21:07:23  Lee Baber ->  Susan, I will go check on the yugma

 21:07:37  SusanEttenheim ->  hi troy welcome!

 21:07:50  hickstro ->  Hi Susan!

 21:07:57  SusanEttenheim ->  and what we missed!

 21:08:13  SusanEttenheim ->  are there presentations online available now?

 21:08:14  Bill O'Neal ->  HI Sue

 21:08:36  SusanEttenheim ->  what's new in nj?

 21:08:58  Lee Baber ->  Hello Bill

 21:09:01  SusanEttenheim ->  hi thekyleuguy

 21:09:02  Lee Baber ->  Hi Troy

 21:09:17  hickstro ->  Hi Lee!

 21:09:21  Bill O'Neal ->  They're having troubles at the new charter school, so we're seeing an influx of students. Everything is fine!

 21:09:40  SusanEttenheim ->  wow they are leaving a new high school at this point in the year?

 21:10:08  SusanEttenheim ->  is northern cal - san francisco?

 21:10:21  Bill O'Neal ->  Yes. I'll find a link...

 21:10:42  SusanEttenheim ->  tnx bill

 21:10:57  Bill O'Neal ->

 21:12:51  SusanEttenheim ->  where will the podcasts be available?

 21:14:10  peterkittle ->  Northern Cal is in Chico--about 3 hours NE of SF

 21:14:19  SusanEttenheim ->  ahh tnx

 21:14:45  Kevin H ->  Is the podcast question for me, Susan?

 21:15:18  SusanEttenheim ->  yes

 21:15:39  Kevin H ->  Still working on that

 21:15:53  SusanEttenheim ->  hi thekyleguy... where do you teach?

 21:16:47  paulallison ->  yugma is back... on a different computer

 21:17:20  SusanEttenheim ->  ahh two computer night... for me it's on the same dsl so it doesn't work here while I'm broadcasting

 21:18:33  SusanEttenheim ->  welcome back alice!

 21:18:35  Lee BAber ->  hi

 21:18:46  Lee BAber ->  again.. my skype logged out

 21:18:50  alicemercer ->  how do you make it relevent and keep the discussions on track etc.

 21:19:17  SusanEttenheim ->  lee i can call you back when you are ready

 21:19:28  Lee BAber ->  im ready

 21:19:32  SusanEttenheim ->  alice - make what relevant?

 21:20:30  alicemercer ->  the comments

 21:20:43  SusanEttenheim ->  ah

 21:20:45  Lee BAber ->  Paul I may try recording your yugma and this chat room with a ustream

 21:20:46  alicemercer ->  on social equity, I'm listening though as they explin

 21:20:54  alicemercer ->  explain

 21:21:35  paulallison ->  Is Yugma working?

 21:21:53  Lee BAber ->  yes great pUl

 21:21:56  Lee BAber ->  paul

 21:22:35  alicemercer ->  Why not a moodle?

 21:25:19  peterkittle ->  can't get yugma working on my mac. any advice?

 21:25:33  alicemercer ->  are we on Yugma too?

 21:25:42  paulallison ->  yes

 21:26:10  SusanEttenheim ->  lee can you help peter?

 21:26:16  Lynne ->  Hurrah for Cynthia!  She is inspiring me all over again.

 21:26:56  Kevin H ->  I agree -- she is always willing to try new stuff

 21:27:12  SusanEttenheim ->  I just put lynne on hold

 21:27:21  SusanEttenheim ->  we'll get her back !

 21:27:40  SusanEttenheim ->  don't worry lynne - just text when you're ready to talk and I can unmute you! :)

 21:27:50  Lynne ->  sorry. I never know how to mute the phone across the room

 21:28:07  SusanEttenheim ->  no prob! just let me know here when you want to be unmuted

 21:29:14  Lee BAber ->  yes..Peter

 21:29:16  Lee BAber ->  I can help

 21:29:58  hickstro ->  As we think about "the network," might we talk about the conversation going on through the TL list serve? If that isn't part of the plan for the show tonight, that's OK, but I am curious to hear what everyone here thinks about building the "national social network" that has been proposed. Or, does it exist already? Just curious to hear everyone's thinking...

 21:30:18  Kevin H ->  Yes -- we should talk about that, Troy

 21:30:30  paulallison ->  we can go there

 21:30:42  Cathy E ->  Sounds like a wonderful group

 21:31:03  SusanEttenheim ->  cathy e is there a writing project near you?

 21:31:20  Lynne ->  I'm ready to be unmuted. I need to hear you guys

 21:31:23  hickstro ->  That's a great point, too, Christina. What are some of the things that keep our networks together?

 21:31:55  Cathy E ->  There is a WP in Greenville, NC middle of state

 21:32:44  SusanEttenheim ->  jason is here

 21:32:55  SusanEttenheim ->  ahh have you met them cathy?

 21:33:06  Lynne ->  I've lost you again...

 21:33:22  SusanEttenheim ->  lynne  you can talk anytime

 21:33:51  Cathy E ->  No- I have not

 21:34:14  SusanEttenheim ->  Paul - do you all knwo the people in greenville?

 21:34:18  Lynne ->  Hi Susan! I wanted to send you a warm personal thank you for our chat in NY.

 21:34:26  SusanEttenheim ->  that was fun!

 21:34:35  SusanEttenheim ->  but we could hear you typing.. lol

 21:34:37  paulallison ->  not sure.

 21:34:51  SusanEttenheim ->  how can we connect cathye with them?

 21:35:05  Lynne ->  I had the best time at the Morgan Library. Thanks for the tip.

 21:35:08  Lee BAber ->  how does this look?

 21:35:18  hickstro ->  I agree, Kevin. I think that your Ning site is "bubbling up" in many ways. We are thinking through this network issue at our local site, too, so local, state, national -- I am curious to think about them all. Or, if we need them all through online networks or if we need to focus local and state efforts in other ways.

 21:35:20  Lee BAber ->

 21:35:20  SusanEttenheim ->  oh wow ! I want to hear about that!

 21:36:26  paulallison ->  Troy can you join us?

 21:36:36  Kevin H ->  Thanks Troy

 21:37:08  Cathy E ->  Look great LEe

 21:37:35  Lee BAber ->  im recording but dont have audio from skype figured out

 21:37:44  Cathy E ->  @Lee what are you using to capture screen?

 21:38:18  Lee BAber ->  ustream

 21:38:26  hickstro ->  Hi Paul -- I am on Skype now, thanks.

 21:38:37  Lee BAber ->  oh... @CathyE (I forgot :) )

 21:39:47  Lee BAber ->  OK. Paul..looks like i hae the yugma and chat recorded but will just synch the audio to video later.

 21:40:02  Lee BAber ->  dont have skype figured out for ustream yeet

 21:40:09  Kevin H ->  what is yugma?

 21:40:11  hickstro ->  I think that is a good question. Our local site seems to be involved in so much at the state and national level, yet our continuity events are not well-attended. So, I wonder what the role, if any, of an online presence should be in our local initiatives as compared to investing time and energy in other ways?

 21:40:15  Lee BAber ->  ah

 21:40:19  Lee BAber ->  hold on ill show you

 21:41:14  peterkittle ->  @Troy: Our site is struggling with the same issue--more activity at national level than local right now.

 21:41:29  hickstro ->  Lynne -- you are right! How do we help them see that they "need" the technology? I don't want to be pushy, but I am curious to know how much we should "push" the tech on our local TCs that don't seem to want it.

 21:41:32  Kevin H ->  I agree -- same with our site, I think

 21:42:18  Kevin H ->  Maybe push isn't the right word -- instead, show them the possibilities and then provide them the support (Them being our TCs and site leaders)

 21:42:41  hickstro ->  Peter and Kevin -- OK, it is good to know that this isn't an isolated problem.

 21:43:29  Kevin H ->  Well, maybe not "good" but comforting, you know? It means that there may be a collective approach out there (can anyone see it?)

 21:45:05  peterkittle ->  Pat Delaney has this idea that what we need for tech to succeed is to work with one or two others closely, even if "close" isn't a physical proximity. Maybe these larger networks could hook up those one or two teachers who are mostly interested in the same thing.

 21:45:54  Kevin H ->  One of my efforts was to create workshops for our site leaders on podcasting, blogging and other technology -- to make them more comfortable with technology in their programs. They see it, but don't implement it.

 21:46:25  Bill O'Neal ->  Same here...

 21:50:10  hickstro ->  Another example -- when we take a new TC to the annual meeting, they can, literally, see the network. Is there a way to do this digitally for people who are not tech-minded, helping them see the purpose for their group that could be facilitated by technology, as Christina says.

 21:55:03  Kevin H ->  Classroom 2.0 might be an example of way forward. This is a large social networking site (now more than 4,000 teachers) with subgroups of interests, where people connect on any number of levels. What if we had a NWP site, with groups that allow people to connect on topics and issues (as Pat D suggests).

 21:55:08  hickstro ->  Right, Paul. Many people are building their own networks through blogs, Twitter, Facebook...

 21:57:57  Bill O'Neal ->  I like the feedback available on E-Anthology.

 21:58:06  hickstro ->  What is the role of the site -- to offer opportunities? Or to keep all TCs "active"?

 21:58:16  Lynne ->  Sorry, folks. I have to take that noisy phone call. I'll join you again next week.

 21:58:19  Kevin H ->  Do you agree that eAnthology can be a model?

 21:58:27  Bill O'Neal ->  Very helpful when you are working on a poem or song or story or whatever...

 21:58:28  Christina ->  I am being "held remotely "

 21:58:32  Christina ->  what happened?

 21:58:54  SusanEttenheim ->  christina you're back

 21:58:56  hickstro ->  To be more specific, is it OK if we let some TCs fade away and pursue other things, or should we keep trying and trying to being them back into local work?

 21:59:18  SusanEttenheim ->  i just put you on hold because we were getting a lot of noise in the background then

 21:59:35  Bill O'Neal ->  Oh I think so. Of course, some of the summer participants do not use it, but those who do use it alot. I think the ones who are there because they want to be use it the most.. opposed to those who are there beacuse they need a check.

 21:59:51  Kevin H ->  Troy -- tough question -- one we are thinking about regarding Project Outreach, too -- if we move into a social justice public mode, do we lose some of our folks and is that OK? Do we gain new energy?

 21:59:57  SusanEttenheim ->  lynne did you want to jump in too?

 22:00:44  peterkittle ->  @Troy: Good question. I think we have obligations to make TCs aware of continuity opportunities but can't force anything on them. But we need to think about the kinds of opportunities we offer and how that may impact their engagement with our site's work.

 22:01:34  Bill O'Neal ->  Our TCs are required to attend the continuity meetings the first year after their summer session. Isn;t that the same everywhere?

 22:01:39  hickstro ->  Christina makes a good point there, too. When people are in the summer institute, in a way, they don't have a choice. Once they are done, they have the choice as to how much they connect. I suppose that the bottom line is that you can't force it, digitally or F2F.

 22:02:50  SusanEttenheim ->  no not muted

 22:02:53  SusanEttenheim ->  from here

 22:03:42  hickstro ->  We only require TCs who are enrolled in a second grad class to attend monthly meetings. Everyone else is welcome, but we have other "general" continuity events for the larger local network, although as we discussed earlier, those are not well-attended.

 22:03:46  SusanEttenheim ->  hi rjacklin welcome

 22:03:56  rjacklin ->  Thanks!

 22:04:22  lee baber ->  The yugma is read only mode So i can not take the desktop

 22:07:23  hickstro ->  Thanks everyone -- TTT is one space where we can, as Jason says, "keep the faith." Talk to you all again soon.

 22:07:37  rjacklin ->   have lovely evening!

 22:07:57  SusanEttenheim ->  you too!

 22:08:02  Cathy E ->  And they always ask "How will a project help improve test scores"

 22:08:46  SusanEttenheim ->  yes cathy and it always has to "fit" into the curriculum as though it always has to be extra

 22:08:52  Kevin H ->  Good point -- one of our missions should be showing folks how these initiatives can improve achievement, but it just isn't that well-documented, is it?

 22:08:55  Bill O'Neal ->  Good night to all. Tonight was inspirational and informative as usual.

 22:09:02  Kevin H ->  Good night Bill

 22:09:13  SusanEttenheim ->  night  bill - remember to twitter what you're doing

 22:09:20  Bill O'Neal ->  Okay

 22:09:20  SusanEttenheim ->  in youth voices

 22:11:11  Cathy E ->  night all- very inspirational-

 22:11:53  Kevin H ->  Good night everyone


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