EdTechWeekly#209 - What are the big themes in Edtech?

February 26, 2012

Technology Integration Specialist, Drew McAllister joins Dave, John, & Jeff to discuss his efforts to share the big themes of EdTech with his staff as he transitions to a new position.

Follow-up posts from Drew
Some Summary Thoughts
Does technology make teenagers into zombies?

Chat Log Below

(23:40:08) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

Hello everyone. Just saw this on Twitter. What's going on?

(23:40:28) JohnS: 

Looking forward to talking with Drew and Jeff and whomever else stops by.

(23:43:10) JohnS : 

We're going to talk about this.http://www.drewmcallister.net/blog/2012/02/what-are-the-big-themes-in-ed...

(23:43:58) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

Thanks! Glad to be here.

(23:44:21) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

No, sorry. I'm in the office - it's 9 am here. So I'll be in and out as support calls come up.

(23:44:45) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

Cool - where are you at?

(23:45:01) Jeff: 


(23:45:21) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

Cool - I lived in Seoul for 6 years.

(23:53:52) dave : 

oh his

(23:56:38) CathyE : 

Hello all

(00:00:00) Jeff: 

Hi Cathy

(00:00:17) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

We use Moodle as well. I <3 Moodle!

(00:04:16) CathyE : 

I hate that your position is being cut

(00:09:28) Sheila : 

Hi all!

(00:09:39) Jeff: 

Hi Sheila

(00:19:21) CathyE : 

somebody around you will have a cell phone to record your dumbness

(00:30:19) CathyE : 

Drew, Is your school moving toward Common Core?

(00:32:41) CathyE : 

technology is a big part of common core

(00:33:10) CathyE : 

if teachers are going to be evaluated at the highest level they will need to understand the internet

(00:35:05) CathyE : 

teacher evaluations using Common Core is pushing my teachers to expand their technology use

(00:36:22) CathyE : 

just in case you want to know more about Common Core:http://er.daretolearn.org/home/resources-1/commoncore

(00:38:53) CathyE : 

that is so true - a worksheet via the smartboard is not integrating technology

(00:39:11) Sheila : 

I clicked on Cathy's link and lost the chat room. How do you get back to the chat without refreshing?

(00:39:29) Jeff: 

back button?

(00:40:25) Sheila : 

Can't no button on the chat space. . . Don't want to go back and lose the stream. Just odd. I'm back, refreshed.

(00:44:03) CathyE : 

Are Drew's media coordinators skilled in the use of technolgoy

(00:45:35) Christian (@tokyoedtech) : 

Sorry, gotta run - great chat! Take care.

(00:45:37) CathyE : 

His teachers are really going to miss him. I'm sure he is a safety net for them.

(00:45:56) Jeff: 

Thanks for stopping by Christian

(00:50:39) Sheila : 

Good to see you all! Thanks!

(00:51:16) Sheila : 

Conversations is on MOnday nights now.

(00:51:35) Sheila : 

Sundays are wide open.


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