EdTechTalk#41 Chat Transcript

18:57:08 conrad: do you use linux?
18:57:17 dave-on-air: not right now...
18:57:30 conrad: ok but you have some knowledge in that?
18:57:30 dave-on-air: but i do a little ubuntu and a little suse
18:57:44 dave-on-air: messed with debian
18:57:47 dave-on-air: no expert
18:57:50 dave-on-air: but know a little
18:58:05 conrad: do you know how to make usb headset work
18:58:12 dave-on-air: HAHAHAHA
18:58:18 dave-on-air: does that answer your question
18:58:20 dave-on-air: :)
18:58:23 conrad: lol
18:58:43 conrad: thnx a lot, i knew i could count on you :D
18:59:15 dave-on-air: what are you using/
18:59:18 dave-on-air: distro?
18:59:26 conrad: knoppix
18:59:32 dave-on-air: never used it
18:59:41 conrad: have mandriva on the old PC but don't use it
18:59:47 dave-on-air: hate those guys
18:59:55 conrad: y?
18:59:56 dave-on-air: bought madrake 10.0 once
19:00:00 dave-on-air: hate hate hate
19:00:11 dave-on-air: i paid for the service
19:00:13 dave-on-air: it was not good
19:00:19 conrad: you must be crazy to buy linux
19:00:25 dave-on-air: no...
19:00:27 conrad: there are so many free linuxes
19:00:36 dave-on-air: pay in respect for the time put in
19:00:44 conrad: ok
19:00:52 dave-on-air: i also pay for music when its an independent band
19:01:02 conrad: i see
19:01:38 conrad: so Jeff.................
19:01:48 dave-on-air: lol
19:01:57 conrad: i just had a coffee
19:02:03 conrad: but i start falling asleep
19:02:24 conrad: tratatata
19:02:26 conrad: lalalala
19:02:46 conrad: he starts to ignore me recently :P
19:03:01 conrad: lol
19:03:39 dave-on-air: hi paul
19:03:45 Paul_Ellerman: Hi everyone.
19:03:49 dave-on-air: conrad, you're not being igonore
19:04:00 conrad: hi Paul
19:04:34 conrad: ohhh boy
19:04:40 conrad: ur webcasting already
19:05:08 dave-on-air: yay
19:05:49 dave-on-air: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_41
19:09:41 dave-on-air: lalala
19:09:42 conrad: 2 gmt
19:09:47 dave-on-air: 2gmt
19:10:01 conrad: haha was first :
19:11:03 Paul_Ellerman: Congrats! Dave
19:12:38 dave-on-air: many thanks
19:12:51 dave-on-air: http://cribchronicles.com
19:14:48 conrad: blueberry?
19:14:53 conrad: would it work jeff?
19:15:25 conrad: blackberry i mean
19:16:02 dave-on-air: redberry
19:17:38 conrad: can we have the link to techblablabla
19:18:05 dave-on-air: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_41
19:20:37 dave-on-air: hi brad
19:20:44 Brad_Hicks: hi guys
19:21:03 conrad: hi brad
19:22:15 Brad_Hicks: have you guys talked about google calendar?>
19:22:34 conrad: yeah
19:22:39 conrad: they've mentioned it
19:22:39 Jeff_Lebow: Yes, briefly
19:22:47 Brad_Hicks: cool I will listen to that later
19:23:02 Jeff_Lebow: pre-show notes at http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_41
19:23:03 Brad_Hicks: can anyone give me a gmail invite?
19:23:12 conrad: sure
19:23:31 conrad: send email to [email protected]
19:23:40 Brad_Hicks: what do I need to give you to do the gmail account?
19:23:49 conrad: i will send you invitation
19:23:50 Jeff_Lebow: your email address
19:24:04 Brad_Hicks: thanks heaps - been wanting to check it out
19:24:27 conrad: it's really cool
19:24:33 conrad: fast and easy
19:24:37 Jeff_Lebow: Paul, did you want to attempt any webcasting tonight?
19:25:38 Paul_Ellerman: No, am doing some other work. Just listening in...
19:25:53 Paul_Ellerman: Thanks for the invite though
19:26:08 conrad: done Brad
19:26:40 Brad_Hicks: what do you guys feel about the fact of still relying on the stability of service from others for web 2.0?
19:29:17 conrad: ohh IT news: Euronews website (TV EU) was hacked yesterday
19:29:44 conrad: i have screenshots
19:32:03 Brad_Hicks: I've been using google alerts for academic research - but only the free version. The results have been ok but I wonder how much better the results I get would be if I were using the paid versions, but you can't really complain for a free service!
19:34:34 Paul_Ellerman: I like the wikispaces text editor.
19:35:07 conrad: i always disregard info on wiki pages - i just don't trust the info there
19:35:56 dave-on-air: i don't trust any info... :)
19:39:04 dave-on-air: http://davecormier.com/edblog/?p=51
19:42:19 dave-on-air: http://www.startribune.com/389/story/369290.html
19:44:37 conrad: challenge
19:48:18 Paul_Ellerman: lol
19:48:55 conrad: lol
19:49:39 conrad: you wouldn't believe what are the requirements in european highschools
19:50:46 conrad: gizmo?
19:50:49 conrad: no gizmo?
19:52:18 conrad: lol
19:54:33 Brad_Hicks: Jeff can you put up times for webcast Academy on site?
19:54:49 Brad_Hicks: cheers
19:54:51 Paul_Ellerman: Night all
19:55:13 Brad_Hicks: cyu guys - thanks for the conversation
19:56:36 Jeff_Lebow: thanks guys
19:56:40 Jeff_Lebow: sleep well
19:57:31 Brad_Hicks: gmail doesn't seem to want to let me sign up - keeps going back to the registration page
19:59:11 Paul_Ellerman: Dave and Jeff, will you guys be in the web academy?
19:59:20 Paul_Ellerman: webcasting acedemy?
20:00:05 Paul_Ellerman: I meant, will you be there tomorrow?
20:00:50 Jeff_Lebow: I can be around tomorrow night if you like
20:00:51 Paul_Ellerman: Daff?
20:00:56 dave-on-air: that's me
20:00:56 Paul_Ellerman: lol
20:03:30 Paul_Ellerman: Nigth all.
20:04:14 Brad_Hicks: I'm interested - but haven't been able to join into due to work
20:04:36 Brad_Hicks: yay GMail signup finally worked!
20:07:43 Brad_Hicks: cya guys
20:07:50 conrad: bye
20:07:55 Brad_Hicks: thanks for the gmail invite conrad