EdTechTalk#33 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#33 Chat Transcript
January 22, 2006

[scott]: hey, is this the time and place?

 [scott]: ;)

[[JeffLebow]]: Hello [scott]

[scott]: Hello sunshine

[scott]: Is it Super Sunday yet?

[JeffLebow]: Every Sunday is super around here

[DougSymington]: hey guys

 [JeffLebow]: Hey Doug

 [[dave-on-air]]: hi hi

 [dave-on-air]: greetings fine folks

[scott]: Wow, it's Dave  Hola Saleema

[dave-on-air]: mmm... thanks [scott]

[dave-on-air]: *)

 [dave-on-air]: http://www.weblogg-ed.com/discuss/msgReader$4550

[dave-on-air]: hi [James]

 [James]: Hi Dave

[dave-on-air]: is this a new [James] or a familiar [James]?

[James]: Getting up at 5am was a really good idea when it wasn't 5am

[dave-on-air]: ah.

 [dave-on-air]: you're that [James]

 [dave-on-air]: greetingts

[James]: :-)

[dave-on-air]: lol

 [dave-on-air]: should be starting in about 2 minutes

 [dave-on-air]: just talking to tokyo

 [James]: I'll go get my coffe back in 2

[dave-on-air]: coolio

[dave-on-air]: hi bob

[elderbob]: HI Dave.

[James]: You would think this is something that Adobe would be all over as it is not just an issue that is faced by schools

 [James]: They would also be able to deal with the print issue

 [dave-on-air]: print issue?

[James]: HTML doesn't format for A4 too well

 [dave-on-air]: why print it?

[James]: I was also thinking EBay nailed the repuatation issue some year ago

[James]: Some people will want to

[James]: Some people wont have computers for every student

[elderbob]: Is the conference call off?

 [JeffLebow]: yes

 [JeffLebow]: sorry ebob]

[[elderbob]]: Ok.

 [elderbob]: Sound is poor....let me  reboot

[JeffLebow]: try channel 2

 [JeffLebow]: lower bitrate

 [dave-on-air]: true [James]... but printing doesn't really solve the issue

 [dave-on-air]: not a big cost differential printing-textbook

[elderbob]: Much better.

[DougSymington]: dave--discussions need to be archived prior to deletion

 [DougSymington]: the ones associated with wiki dev. that is

 [dave-on-air]: history?

 [DougSymington]: of how the def comes into being

 [JeffLebow]: [James], you're up

 [dave-on-air]: [James]... turn off your webcast

 [JeffLebow]: Please turn your webcast off

[DougSymington]: within the wiki itself--so when I come late to the conversation, I'd like to be able to see how "common knowledge" was reached

 [dave-on-air]: ah.

 [dave-on-air]: i see

 [DougSymington]: too funny, re turn off of stream. The 'cast nazis

 [dave-on-air]: yes, we have learned over the years

 [DougSymington]: believe me, as I was saying last night, I have a whole new appreciation

[dave-on-air]: ;)

[dave-on-air]: http://www.educationexchange.com/

[DougSymington]: do they host all the edLMS courses on their own servers?

[dave-on-air]: good question

[dave-on-air]: [James] you have cut out

[dave-on-air]: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/business/13680242.htm?source=rss&chan...

 [James]: Sorry guys don't know what is happening here

 [dave-on-air]: no worries

 [James]: Thanks

[dave-on-air]: thanks very much for coming [James]

[JeffLebow]: http://wikispaces.com

 [JeffLebow]: Xinha  https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=1449

 [DougSymington]: too true re wikis

 [DougSymington]: I was telling Dave the same thing earlier this week re the interface

 [JeffLebow]: http://www.feedxs.com

[DougSymington]: that was Art re Xinha, I think

 [dave-on-air]: you can claim it anyway

[JeffLebow]: http://omgili.com/

[James]: For anyone who is implementing a wiki and wants to add WSYWYG try Tiny MCE tinymce.moxiecode.com. Open source and works with every browser I've tested

 [dave-on-air]: http://www.weblogg-ed.com/discuss/msgReader$4550

[DougSymington]: Ben was saying last week that they're using Tiny in Elgg and it is working well

[JeffLebow]: AT&T's famous slogan "Reach out and touch someone" will be replaced by "Your world, delivered." The new tagline is designed to emphasize the many facets of communication that AT&T handles, including voice over IP. Oasis' song is called "All Around the World."    Blogs will also play a role in jazzing up the AT&T brand. One advertisement will include a view of Earth from space with pictures of individuals communicating, and feature the words "Blogging, delivered."

 [dave-on-air]: http://thinklab.typepad.com/think_lab/2006/01/blogging_and_th.html

[dave-on-air]: http://headspacej.blogspot.com/2006/01/learners-as-contributorsa-revolut...

[DougSymington]: Anyone else feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the incredible big-picture thinking floating around these days? It's like a hundred of the best ed.tech bloggers included "revolutionize education" as their only New Year's resolution

[dave-on-air]: http://www.jarche.com/node/677

[JeffLebow]: http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/archives/2005_12.html

[dave]: http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/archives/2005_12.html

[DougSymington]: here's another link re wikis

[DougSymington]: ~software/wiki/index.php/KMD1002_Research_Proposal

[James]: Sorry about the microphone problem

[JeffLebow]: sorry we lost you [James]

[DougSymington]: http://research.oise.utoronto.ca/~software/wiki/index.php/KMD1002_Resear...

[JeffLebow]: Thanks again for getting up so early to speak with us

[James]: I'm trying hold on

[James]: I can hear you