EdTechHangout#1 - Chat Trancript

February 19, 2006

10:08:03 JeffLebow: Hey guys
10:08:16 GrahamStanley: Hi Jeff, hi Doug
10:08:20 DougSymington: hi Jeff, Graham
10:10:13 GrahamStanley: is this the right chat room for the global vibrants show?
10:10:14 JeffLebow: skype ID is 'globalvibrants'
10:10:23 JeffLebow: Yes
10:10:50 JeffLebow: but because of their tech difficulties, they're hesisitant to enter
10:10:59 DougSymington: sounds very good
10:11:08 JeffLebow: Doug, you're up early
10:11:13 DougSymington: understand re hesitancy/tech diff
10:12:03 DougSymington: still a little sleepy, but wanted to check out the show
10:12:24 JeffLebow: We webcasters are a supportive bunch
10:12:39 GrahamStanley: what do they use for their website? Is it Drupal?
10:12:42 JeffLebow: a small brethren (and sisterhood) of brave souls
10:12:47 JeffLebow: mambo
10:13:25 GrahamStanley: aha
10:13:41 JeffLebow: a good cms
10:13:50 JeffLebow: they had a big split in the community a few months ago
10:13:59 JeffLebow: Joomla is the split off program
10:14:00 GrahamStanley: have they patched things up yet?
10:14:09 GrahamStanley: Is Joomla better?
10:14:28 JeffLebow: I don't think so, I'm getting some strange hacking like activity on the server
10:14:35 GrahamStanley: really?
10:14:43 GrahamStanley: where from?
10:14:47 JeffLebow: they said it's patched and they're using the latest version, but need to look in to it more
10:14:54 JeffLebow: Finland and US
10:15:01 JeffLebow: php exploit kind of thing
10:15:05 GrahamStanley: it's not ruth is it?
10:15:08 GrahamStanley: :)
10:15:10 JeffLebow: lol
10:16:58 GrahamStanley: I like the music
10:17:44 JeffLebow: If you want to practice your Polish, you can check out http://openmusic.pl/
10:18:05 GrahamStanley: yes, I just checked it out. I understood the word 'download' but that was about it :)
10:18:16 GrahamStanley: how's your polish Jeff?
10:18:55 DougSymington: great tunes to be sure
10:19:13 JeffLebow: I've learned some 'clickable vocab'
10:19:35 GrahamStanley: they're doing well, Konrad and Anna. It's running smoothly now
10:19:55 GrahamStanley: Did they have any trial runs?
10:20:16 JeffLebow: Yes, things worked OK on the demo stream
10:20:28 JeffLebow: They are using a webcam for their USB mic
10:20:36 JeffLebow: so audio is not as clear as it could be
10:21:11 JeffLebow: Perhaps the most prepared webcasters we've heard - kind of strange
10:21:15 GrahamStanley: are they both in the same geographical area?
10:21:19 JeffLebow: same room
10:24:44 JeffLebow: uh-oh
10:24:52 GrahamStanley: oops, lost the sound
10:25:19 JeffLebow: connection problem, I suspect
10:25:25 DougSymington: here too, sounds like the stream may still be going, but no audio...
10:25:34 DougSymington: there we go
10:31:20 DougSymington: lost the stream
10:31:28 DougSymington: it's back
10:31:29 GrahamStanley: back again
10:32:10 JeffLebow: you guys up for skyping in?
10:32:17 DougSymington: sure, I can
10:32:40 GrahamStanley: might be able to in five minutes
10:32:46 JeffLebow: skye 'globalvibrants'
10:32:49 GrahamStanley: it's noisy here (TV, etc)
10:33:35 GrahamStanley: ok, I persuaded my other half to turn the TV down
10:35:22 GrahamStanley: lost the stream again
10:36:11 DougSymington: I lost the skype call
10:36:23 JeffLebow: Doug's presence overwhelmed the stream
10:36:29 GrahamStanley: :)
10:36:29 JeffLebow: He has a very powerful aura
10:36:32 GrahamStanley: back again now
10:36:34 DougSymington: sounded like a skype/cpu issue
10:36:39 DougSymington: my bad ;)
10:37:07 DougSymington: Graham, I'll let you check in to say hello, if you'd like
10:37:45 GrahamStanley: if it's not going to affect the stream - my ayra isn't so strong as Doug's though
10:37:52 GrahamStanley: aura
10:39:01 GrahamStanley: jeff, you'll need to start hiring soon if you take on more shows
10:40:01 JeffLebow: The model is to set up folks to make money from their own shows with WB taking small cut to cover operating expenses
10:40:23 JeffLebow: I think I'll grab the stream for a post show
10:40:48 GrahamStanley: great idea
10:43:11 GrahamStanley: thanks to knorad and anna
10:43:23 GrahamStanley: konrad
10:43:31 DougSymington: they did really well--great show today
10:44:06 GrahamStanley: lost stream again
10:44:21 GrahamStanley: yes, well done!
10:44:45 DougSymington: just lost the stream/audio here too
10:44:54 DougSymington: sounds like the stream
10:45:01 DougSymington: 's still going, but no audio
10:45:30 DougSymington: I'll be back in a sec
10:46:47 GrahamStanley: now it's working
10:49:10 GrahamStanley: tried skyping in, but it didn't work
10:50:01 DougSymington: I'm back
10:50:26 DougSymington: lost the stream again
12:50:29 PodHead: this must be an early webcast, Jeff
12:58:41 JeffLebow: Hey guys
12:58:46 JeffLebow: about to crank things up
12:59:01 Doug_Symington: hi everybody
12:59:34 PodHead: hi doug
12:59:48 Bud: howdy, room
13:00:00 PodHead: howdy bud
13:00:18 Bud: wysiwyg wikis? I'm curious to know how that goes
13:00:47 cbauerramazani: Hi everyone.
13:00:56 PodHead: you're not alone Jeff
13:00:59 cbauerramazani: Jeff, am I in the right place for the EVO session?
13:02:10 PodHead: Graham
13:02:25 Bud: oh -- hey, graham
13:02:37 PodHead: Hi Bud!
13:02:58 PodHead: thought I'd log in with a pseudonym this time
13:03:10 Bud: I'm a bit slow lately -- sounds like you've been doing some pretty cool stuff with new podcasters
13:03:39 rwall: Hi everyone.
13:04:15 PodHead: yes, it's been a lot of fun bud - 207 people in our group
13:04:19 Bud: is that all?
13:04:21 Bud: lol
13:04:32 PodHead: it's been a full time job just trying to keep up with them
13:04:41 PodHead: :)
13:04:45 Bud: glad it's working out
13:04:55 PodHead: we were hoping for 10,000 (maybe next year)
13:04:59 PodHead: :)
13:05:08 Bud: best of luck with that.
13:05:15 PodHead: we may need your help with moderating then :)
13:05:26 Bud: if I can swing it, you bet
13:05:37 PodHead: what's been happening with you?
13:06:09 PodHead: I haven't had time to read any other blog or website not related to the course
13:06:30 Bud: I'm just getting by
13:06:47 PodHead: keeping busy I'm sure
13:06:48 Bud: been waiting on some tech for about nine months -- and now it's finally in the building
13:07:05 Bud: will be on a one to one laptop situation in my classroom if and when it ever gets installed
13:07:32 Bud: mostly, I've been navigating bureaucracy
13:07:53 PodHead: isn't it a shame that we teachers have to do so much of this?
13:08:14 Bud: yeah -- I don't think technically that I'm supposed to
13:08:51 Bud: but that doesn't much matter -- no one else wants the job, either
13:09:10 PodHead: I know what you mean
13:10:19 Bud: i was watching wonmen's curling yesterday
13:10:55 Bud: was pleasantly surprised
13:10:58 PodHead: we are trying to get our academy to buy some more IWBs - we have one, but that's like showing most of the teachers the candy and then swiping it away
13:11:37 PodHead: doug, I should get you to try and persuade our director to buy more IWBs
13:20:32 JeffLebow: http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/
13:25:57 JeffLebow: Would anyone esle like to join the conversation?
13:27:25 David_Noble: Just enjoying listening at the moment, Jeff
13:34:34 David_Noble: How do folk record Skype calls? I'm thinking of getting Hot Recorder Premium...any thoughts?
13:34:56 Doug_Symington: David--you'll need an "encoder"
13:35:09 Doug_Symington: Audio Repeater for Windows, Nicecast for Mac
13:35:56 David_Noble: Cheers Doug
13:35:56 Doug_Symington: need these for "non-iRiver" or "external" recorder
13:36:35 conrad: Question: Is there a way to be logged in to two different skype logins at the same time?
13:36:45 Doug_Symington: this allows you to record "your side" on Skype convo
13:37:13 Doug_Symington: not sure Conrad, don't think Skype will run "two instances" at least on win
13:37:44 conrad: I've tried pamela
13:37:54 JeffLebow: Mac Hijack Pro - http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/ WiretapPro http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/wiretap/ How to record on a mac From MacDevCenter - http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/01/25/podcast.html From EchoChamberProject - http://www.echochamberproject.com/recordingskype Windows Mp3-wma-recorder http://www.mp3-wma-recorder.com/ Power Gramo- http://www.powergramo.com/index.htm HotRecorder - http://www.hotrecorder.com/index.asp Pamela (Skype Add-on) - http://www.pamela-systems.com/
13:38:19 conrad: with pamelo pro you can do podcasting
13:38:31 conrad: but with live webcasting it doesn't work
13:40:18 Doug_Symington: that's too bad, I was just going to buy one
13:41:06 David_Noble: Had the same problem finding an iRiver. Paid over-the-odds for 899 with line in. I think the new ones only have line-in in docking station (extra charge)
13:44:22 Doug_Symington: Shout out to all with students interested in webcasting--join us 1800 GMT Fridays during the "Literacy" show
13:48:15 JeffLebow: http://scuttle.org/
13:49:08 PodHead: http://www.bubbleshare.com
13:50:09 PodHead: http://blog-efl.blogspot.com for an example of bubbleshare
13:51:08 Doug_Symington: http://shareski.blogspot.com/
13:51:47 Doug_Symington: if everybody could agree what RSS "stands for" that would be a start ;)
13:52:00 PodHead: http://www.netvibes.com
13:53:44 conrad: Rich Site Summary
13:54:02 conrad: Really Simple Syndication
13:54:09 Doug_Symington: really simple syndication--you beat me
13:54:16 Doug_Symington: ;)
13:54:36 conrad: Never Being Board and many more :)
13:54:45 Doug_Symington: blog bridge is another one, some are more comfortable with "desktop" apps http://www.blogbridge.com/
13:58:07 Doug_Symington: here's an interesting post re "syndication" in education from Brian Lamb http://weblogs.elearning.ubc.ca/brian/archives/022939.html
14:11:59 Doug_Symington: be really neat to assess "live" vs "canned" casting and the impact on instructor/learner...
14:12:41 PodHead: http://themetourism.blogspot.com
14:14:06 Laine: oops
14:24:09 Doug_Symington: elgg would work well for the student podcasting project
14:25:15 Doug_Symington: built-in rss as well
14:25:38 Doug_Symington: http://elgg.net http://elgg.org
14:28:37 JeffLebow: I'm on the phone again - be back shortly
14:30:44 JeffLebow: I'm back
14:35:36 JeffLebow: http://elgg.net/system/weblog/2866.html
14:42:43 Doug_Symington: thanks all, talk to you again soon.
14:45:17 PodHead: bye jeff & bud
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