EdTech Brainstorm #13 Chat Transcript

EdTech Brainstorm #13 Chat Transcript

November 26/27, 2005

[JohnMartin] Hi Jeff

[JeffLebow] Hello John and Lyndall

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[Lyndall] Hi Jeff

[JeffLebow] Glad to see people are here - wasn't sure if anyone would show up at the alternative time

[Lyndall] I'm having some problems dropping out

[JohnMartin] Lyndall and I have been kicking back for the last 30 minutes or so

[Lyndall] I keep flying in and out of the chat

[JohnMartin] He's using Safari on OS 10.3 and running Skype. Are you aware of any incompatibilities?

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[JohnMartin] Hey Jeff Flynn

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[Lyndall] Am I still in the chat room?

[JohnMartin] Yup

[JeffLebow] yes

[Jeff_from_Ann_ARbor] Hello all from Ann ARbor

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[Lyndall] My cell phome works much like jeff's

[JeffLebow] Lyndall, would you like to join the skype conference?

[JeffLebow] You can skype 'edtechtalk'

[Lyndall] Could try, but I seem to have some bandwidth problems

[Lyndall] Keep dropping out

[Lyndall] Brainstorm down under?

[Lyndall] A bridge on the other side?

[Lyndall] I am in the voicemail of Skype

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[Lyndall] Lowbridge

[JohnMartin] Welcome wegner

[JeffLebow] did you call worldbridges or 'edtechtalk'?

[wegner] worldbridges

[JeffLebow] try edtechtalk

[wegner] sorry I didn't try to skype, I've just joined the chat room

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[JohnMartin] Hey Art!

[JeffLebow] Sorry Wegner, was talking to Lyndall

[JeffLebow] Hi Art

[ArtGelwicks] Evening folks.

[Jeff_from_Ann_ARbor] hi art

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[JohnMartin] Need a playbook

[JohnMartin] Where's the teleprompter when you need one

[ArtGelwicks] Sounds like hamsters running on a keyboard.

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[ArtGelwicks] Not yet.

[ArtGelwicks] Now playing for Ann Arbor...

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[wegner] R U guys still getting started here? This is the 1st chance to listen live.

[Lyndall] Can I help at this end?

[Jeff_from_Ann_ARbor] Edtechtalk tried to skype you lyndall but not a friend

[ArtGelwicks] Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton...bloggers in the stream, that is what we are...

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[JohnMartin] So how about the buzz over James Farmer and blogs in general being blocked by upstream providers?

[ArtGelwicks] Sure!

[JohnMartin] John is still here, but I had myself muted when I replied to Jeff F.

[ArtGelwicks] There's about a 25 second delay between Skype and the Live Audio stream.

[wegner] I can hear but I'm obviously not getting through to you.

[ArtGelwicks] Tonight's meeting brought to you by Verizon. (Can you hear me now?)

[ArtGelwicks] (Hey! The breathing's not me now!)

[ArtGelwicks] That was John.

[JeffLebow] Feel free to come back if you can Art

[ArtGelwicks] http://incsub.org/blog/2005/edublogs-being-blocked

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[JohnMartin] http://www.darcynorman.net/2005/11/23/censorship-considered-harmful

[wegner] I'll forget about skyping u guys in - i need to figure out why my audio is getting thru to you.

[wegner] I can contrubite via the chat room.

[JeffLebow] To test things out, you might try skyping echo123

[Jeff_from_Ann_ARbor] OK unfortunately you keep coming in as number 6 in the conference. [ArtGelwicks] I like this new timeslot myself.

[JohnMartin] Works for me!

[JohnMartin] Modelling!!!

[JohnMartin] Great plan

[JeffLebow] Graham, just wanted to mention that you can also join the discussion by using the teleconference

[JeffLebow] call 1-402-756-9000, access code 537267# .

[Lyndall] I believe you can also link a whole school to moodle

[JohnMartin] Anyone tried using ODEO for creating podcasts yet?

[JeffLebow] Lyndall, another option for getting you into the discussion is for us to skype out to you on the phone.

[Lyndall] Using the intranet logins

[wegner] thanks I have to work why my microphone isn't working!

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[Lyndall] Thanks, but won't my connection still be unstable?

[JeffLebow] I don't think so... it will be just like us calling you on the phone

[JeffLebow] No internet connection involved on your end

[Lyndall] OK then - I'm game

[wegner] Got it working - calling from Australia so I'll wait until you have an opening then I can skype in.

[JeffLebow] What's your phone number?

[Lyndall] Oh - My phone is in another room, but I can take my laptop to it

[JeffLebow] Cool

[wegner] Let me know if I can join in.

[JeffLebow] We're ready

[wegner] Or when!

[JeffLebow] Skype away

[JeffLebow] Roger that. I will send this to Jeff Flynn. Hopefully he'll be calling soon

[JeffLebow] OK, I've sent it to Jeff... he should be calling soon, as soon as I bow out of the conference

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[JohnMartin] Sounds great Lyndall

[JeffLebow] How's it going 478?

[guest478] oh, we do ok here

[guest478] how are you doing?

[guest478] i'm in disguise

[JeffLebow] Seem to have most of the tech issues sorted out and Jeff is getting in to a groove

[JeffLebow] A bit slow out of the gate

[guest478] yes, that happens sometimes

[guest478] i'm happy the technical stuff is sorted

[guest478] i've got some leads on the cpu issue

[JohnMartin] One of the positive attributes of hybrid courses (ones that combine physical and online venues) is that it extends the borders

[guest478] it does

[guest478] i wonder about the dichotomy, and if it's sufficient to cover the issue

[JeffLebow] that's good news

[guest478] to me, it replaces the paper

[guest478] which just makes it a normal class

[guest478] except with digital paper

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[guest478] i'll keep working on it

[guest478] mmm whiteboards

[guest478] i want an interactive whiteboard

[guest478] i could play movies on it, and change the dialogue

[JohnMartin] They are great resources

[Lyndall] i have one too

[JohnMartin] We have a couple of profs who swear by them

[guest478] yeah, i've never really gotten a chance to take one out for a sufficient test drive

[Lyndall] kids can see the big arm action when demonstrating

[guest478] you're beeps are more disruptive than other sound... it's the only background sound i can hear

[ArtGelwicks] I've used them a lot. They're nice...big coolness factor. The question becomes how well they enhance the delivery.

[guest478] they do tie you to the front

[Lyndall] kids love using them too

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[JeffLebow] Beeps from muting and unmuting myself in the teleconference?

[JohnMartin] Hi Scott

[scott] hello, wow new time!

[guest478] which the whole tablet thing sort of cures

[JohnMartin] This is the company that supplies our smart boards: http://www.smarttech.com/

[guest478] hi scott... how'r the girls?

[scott] Good thanks. ;)

[guest478] that's the one... i was pretty sure you were the only one considerate enought to mute yourself

[JeffLebow] I will stay muted. You only say it was the most disruptive sound because you weren't tuned in earlier

[guest478] how does sunday morning treat you Scott?

[scott] Has anybody mentioned the work JC Bradley is doing with tablets at Drexel U?

[guest478] i think i'm the only one talking about tables

[guest478] ts

[JohnMartin] Not yet, whats up at Drexel?

[scott] http://drexel-coas-talks-mp3-podcast.blogspot.com/

[JeffLebow] Scott, I believe the skype conference is full, but you can join in by skyping out to the teleconference

[JeffLebow] call 1-402-756-9000, access code 537267#

[scott] Wow, is that Ann Arbor Jeff hosting things.

[scott] Sounds great

[JohnMartin] The challenge we have at my institution is that our classrooms are not geared toward the demands for portable computing -

[guest478] it certainly is

[JohnMartin] specifically POWER

Jason has joined the chat.

[guest478] he's coming on strong... took a while to get some tech issues sorted, but he seems to be rocking now

[scott] Sorry Jeff Lebow, I'm in a library at the moment with earbuds. Wouldn't be cool to start talking to invisible people. ;)

[guest478] they'd think you were a crazy 'foreigner'... is that any different than what they think now ;)

[guest478] ah

[guest478] that's true

[guest478] i was eating raisin pudding and playing board games

[scott] A guy behind me is demonstrating SPSS to a group of grad students standing behind me.

[JeffLebow] Would still like to get rid of those beeps. I muted entry/exit tones but am not sure if mute beeps are mutable

[guest478] throw some books at them

[scott] Does anyone hear a hammering sound, or is it only in my head??

[guest478] your head i believe

[guest478] that or it's my humour

[scott] *bird*

[Jason] the bird sound needs to go. :)

[guest478] i love the bird sound

[guest478] best way to join the broadcast from the chatroom

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[Jason] I worked in a district with Bess a few years ago...it overblocked *everything* in every category.

[JeffLebow] Jason, are you listening in on the web stream or teleconference?

[guest478] http://www.n2h2.com/products/bess_home.php

[Jason] Yup.

[Jason] um

[JeffLebow] Which?

Lyndall has joined the chat.

[Jason] i didn't really read that question :)

[Jason] i am listening to the web stream

[JeffLebow] ah

[scott] Wasn't that a KISS song? "Bess what can I do?"

[guest478] lol

[scott] Yikes, sounds like a frightening system!!

[guest478] i don't want one

[JohnMartin] That's the problem with most filtering systems, particularly those with a feed list from some unknown governing body

[guest478] goodnight all... hopefully i'll see some of you tomorrow morning (AST)

[JohnMartin] What's worse is that often federal funding is tied to having a filtering system (at least here in New Hampshire)

[JeffLebow] Sleep well and hope you get some planning done in your dreams :D

[Jason] Totally. The worst part about blocking is that they don't really block anything. If you are creative, you get find

[Jason] whatever whenever.

[guest478] lol

[guest478] will do

[JohnMartin] And they do!

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[JohnMartin] I made sure I hired those students as my apprentices!

[Jason] We had students get around the blocker by having foreign exchange student spell "suggestive" words in foreign languages.

[JohnMartin] Now that is cross-cultural communication!

[Jason] :) indeed

[scott] Is this going to be a new timeslot for the brainstorm - or a one time deal?

[JeffLebow] We hope it will be a regular time slot.... would be great if we could get someone on your side of the planet to host it

[Jason] i actually like this time a lot, even though i was late...again.... :)

[wegner] Best post on filters I've read - Leigh Blackall http://teachandlearnonline.blogspot.com/2005/11/wall-is-on-fire.html

[scott] subtle, Jeff. ;)

[JeffLebow] Caught that, eh?

[Jason] I am in the mountain time zone and 8am is really early for me on a Sunday. :) I can't imagine those West of my location.

[wegner] Does anyone in the chat room want to skype in 'cos I can drop out.

[JeffLebow] We're thinking about moving the EdTechTalk show on Sundays up a few hours

[scott] I got a few topics to discuss. Will try to send an email this week (Jeff Lebow).

[scott] Does that mean later for the Ed Tech Talk?

[Jason] Yay! :)

[JeffLebow] yes, perhaps around 3pmEST/noon PST

[Jason] That would be really sweet.

[scott] cool!

[scott] Great brainstorm everyone. Thanks!!

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[JohnMartin] Yes, thank you! Great job hosting Jeff!

[ArtGelwicks] Booya Jeff! .