EVO2006 Kickoff Webcast Chat Transcript

EVO2006 Kickoff Webcast - Chat Transcript
January 15, 2005

07:12:13 gladysbaya: BFN! Back for EVO Grand Opening!
09:19:45 Sus_Denmark: Hello Gary & Jeff - just wanted to check the chat
09:21:42 JeffLebow: Hello Sus
09:21:44 JeffLebow: and Gary
09:25:32 Sus_Denmark: Ah,hiding under hepas of open stuff
09:25:39 Sus_Denmark: how's life?
09:26:11 Sus_Denmark: i've managed to stay away for w while, contact overload
09:28:52 JeffLebow: Hello Elena
09:29:04 JeffLebow: Yes Sus, long time, no telecommunicate
09:29:06 Elena: HI everyone,
09:30:07 Sus_Denmark: Hi Elena and saka
09:30:12 sakayoglu: hi
09:30:25 Chris47: Hi
09:30:29 Elena: Greetings form Odessa, Ukraine.
09:30:38 sakayoglu: and greetings from Turkey
09:30:49 Chris47: It's the first time for me to be in this surrounding. Hello to you all
09:30:49 Sus_Denmark: I'm in Farum north of Copenhagen,Denmark
09:31:22 Sus_Denmark: :hugs to Aiden
09:31:45 aidenyeh: hugs Sus, Gary and all EVO moderators!
09:32:01 sakayoglu: hi to new comers
09:32:25 aidenyeh: we're going to start at 15 GMT right, we're just early
09:32:46 sakayoglu: how do we use voice here?
09:32:48 Sus_Denmark: I'll nave to look away and get some work done (more email than ever before)
09:33:30 Elena: IIsn't it amazing to be able to talk to so many people form different places at once! I very much hope that I will be able to do what needed here with all this technology! It is a marvellous learning experience in itself.
09:33:40 Sus_Denmark: we do not - using voice demands a phone line or Skype
09:33:46 aidenyeh: you need to use Skype
09:33:48 Chris47: I am not sure what I am doing at all at the moment? Don't know how to get sound? Am I supposed to be going to skype?
09:33:50 sakayoglu: I have the Skype
09:33:54 Sus_Denmark: but when we start you can listen on your PC
09:34:13 aidenyeh: Chris, to listen and participate you need to log in to Skype
09:34:13 Sus_Denmark: only five can be in the Skype call ata time
09:34:22 sakayoglu: hmm I see
09:34:23 Chris47: OK silly me, thanks
09:34:37 aidenyeh: ;-)
09:34:37 Sus_Denmark: to listen, you click on one of the media players
09:35:19 aidenyeh: chris, let us know if you could hear Jeff Lebow
09:35:22 Sus_Denmark: if you wish to be TAKLING yourself, you need to get into the Skype room - but it is a limited version, only five people
09:36:14 Sus_Denmark: or you should go for the teleconference
09:36:24 Sus_Denmark: this may sound complex:-))
09:36:32 Sus_Denmark: allo Graham!
09:36:38 GrahamStanley: Hi sus!
09:38:03 sakayoglu: who is talking online at present?
09:38:15 sakayoglu: I hear two people talking
09:38:35 aidenyeh: Hi Graham
09:39:00 aidenyeh: Jeff and this guy from Tajikstan (?)
09:39:15 Chris47: Thanks, Aiden, I can hear people talk, and I added to Skype, but my request is still pending
09:39:25 Chris47: At the moment I am not sure what I should do
09:39:26 aidenyeh: Jeff's back online
09:39:32 GrahamStanley: Did you choose the elevator music Jeff?
09:39:53 aidenyeh: while waiting, can I make a request Jeff?
09:39:58 aidenyeh: LOL
09:40:17 greg606: Hello
09:40:22 GrahamStanley: Hi Eric
09:40:23 JeffLebow: Yes aiden, what is your request?
09:40:29 ericbaber: Hi Graham and all
09:40:40 greg606: Are you alll listening to etechtalk?
09:40:52 GrahamStanley: :)
09:41:15 aidenyeh: Killing me softly by Lauryn Hill
09:41:18 aidenyeh: fugees
09:41:25 greg606: nice :)
09:41:26 paulaemmert: Hi Ibraham- glad you made it!
09:41:27 Chris47: I can hear you, but don't know how to connect, my request to worldbridges is still pending
09:41:35 ibrahim: Hello from Tajikistan
09:41:49 ibrahim: I was so happy to talk with WorldBridges! Whoopy!
09:41:57 greg606: IT'S ALIVE!!!!!
09:42:02 ibrahim: Hi Paula!
09:42:05 ibrahim: Yes
09:42:16 JeffLebow: I was excited to speak with you Ibrahim - my first time speaking with someone in Tajikistan
09:42:22 marcelanamaria: It´s nice to be connected
09:42:29 greg606: I turning on my skype ;)
09:42:34 greg606: patience
09:42:47 ibrahim: I am so excited too
09:42:52 ericbaber: Graham/Jeff, I'm having trouble accessing the WindowsMedia stream. When I click the link it shows me the content of the .asx file rather than firing up the MediaPlayer. Any idea why this might be? (I'm using Firefox, and have used the MP before).
09:43:13 JeffLebow: If you're using Netscape or firefox that will happen
09:43:29 GrahamStanley: I'm using Firefox, but am listening through iTunes
09:43:44 JeffLebow: To access with WMP, you'll need to copy and paste http://worldbridges.com/stream.asx into the File/Open URL of WMP
09:43:53 paulaemmert: Graham- can I rename you James Bond?
09:43:58 ericbaber: OK, so I need to use IE to access it do I? Ah, thanks for that Jeff.
09:44:08 Sus_Denmark: :wonders if this chat room has an upper limit?
09:44:29 GrahamStanley: Why's that Paula? for my range of gadgets or because I like vodka martinis?
09:44:32 aidenyeh: Jeff, another request, ;-) Keane, Everybody's Changing
09:44:36 GrahamStanley: shaken not dtirred of course
09:44:42 GrahamStanley: ..erm...stirred
09:44:44 greg606: Is the host of programme here?
09:44:46 aidenyeh: 15 more minutes to go
09:44:50 paulaemmert: both, of course
09:44:59 aidenyeh: hi Paula,
09:45:03 paulaemmert: Hi Aiden!
09:45:09 greg606: are u teachers? :D :D
09:45:17 GrahamStanley: I will in a bit, when our after lunch karaoke finishes
09:45:33 aidenyeh: Hi Gladys
09:45:44 aidenyeh: Hi Tere!
09:45:47 Gladys: How many peopole ready for this meeting! :)
09:45:51 teresadeca: hi aiden!
09:45:59 teresadeca: and hi gladys!
09:46:01 Gladys: HI Aiden, Tere and everyone else!
09:46:02 GrahamStanley: we're fine sus
09:46:09 marcelanamaria: I´m fine
09:46:09 teresadeca: it's my first time here!!!
09:46:22 Gladys: Really , Tere? It's mine too!
09:46:23 teresadeca: hi graham and marcela!
09:46:36 ibrahim: hello Dili_Risol
09:46:46 dili_risol: hi
09:46:59 ibrahim: great you are here
09:47:01 teresadeca: hi ibrahim!
09:47:11 Elena: HI again, everyone
09:47:12 ibrahim: Hi Teresa
09:47:15 ibrahim: At last I am here
09:47:17 greg606: I tried to connect... ;)
09:47:18 Gladys: Hi Ibrahim! :D
09:47:34 teresadeca: and a special 'hello' to our host, jeff! :-)
09:47:35 ibrahim: like crossing High Tajik mountains
09:47:43 ibrahim: Hi Gladys!
09:48:02 Sus_Denmark: when you're in Skype talking,please turn off your webcast listening!!
09:48:06 dili_risol: At last I'm here too
09:48:17 sakayoglu: who is from Hungary?
09:48:22 aidenyeh: yes! good tip, Sus ;-)
09:48:30 greg606: Hello :)
09:48:31 ibrahim: Do I need to add friends to Skype?
09:48:37 paulaemmert: how do I turn off my listening?
09:48:39 teresadeca: hi everybody! better this way! ;-)
09:49:01 ibrahim: here all sessions participants, right?
09:49:02 aidenyeh: look for your real player, paula and turn the sound off
09:49:36 ibrahim: Dilya you are in Jittjamming, right?
09:49:37 paulaemmert: ok- thanks! I probably should have played here earlier since it's my first time.
09:49:56 dili_risol: yes
09:50:11 Gladys: why should we want to turn the sound off?
09:50:32 dili_risol: is this site for all groups?
09:50:38 dave: wow... nice chat room
09:50:39 greg606: could you repeat the name jeff?
09:50:56 paulaemmert: great sound Graham
09:51:06 GrahamStanley: thanks Paula
09:51:09 teresadeca: your sound here in lisbon is great, graham!
09:51:10 dave: HI SUS!
09:51:33 teresadeca: how do i speak? it's my first time here. help, pls
09:51:36 JeffLebow: http://share.skype.com/forum_links/
09:51:38 jchaupart: Great sound in Colombia
09:51:47 Gladys: I only here welcome every tiome somebody joins. What should I do?
09:51:49 Luisa: :) The sound is fantastic here in Milan!So exciting to hear you all!!
09:52:16 marcelanamaria: I´m having no problems here in Peru
09:52:35 ibrahim: me too I hear only Welcome :(
09:52:48 dave: the welcome is wired into the chat
09:52:51 Sus_Denmark: the blog workshop was afraid of promoting this session TOO heavily from fear of having hundreds and hundreds of people
09:52:53 dave: unfortunately
09:53:01 scott_in_tokyo: heading to room 2
09:53:01 ericbaber: Gladys and all, to listen in go to http://www.worldbridges.com/livewire and click on one of the media icons.
09:53:06 teresadeca: i clicked the 5th icon above from the left and the welcome went off
09:53:08 dave: sus... when have we ever been afraid
09:53:19 Gladys: I've jsut done it, thanks!
09:53:28 paulaemmert: :D Sus
09:53:40 teresadeca: welcome, gladys!
09:53:53 Gladys: I hear a man, who's that?
09:53:54 GrahamStanley: Hi Scott
09:53:56 Sus_Denmark: EVO means Electronic Village Online - not all would know
09:54:08 baccouche: I don't hear anyone here in Tunisia.
09:54:15 ibrahim: Dili are you there?
09:54:20 dili_risol: sure
09:54:36 dili_risol: I'm reading the "messages"
09:54:53 dili_risol: it's really great fun
09:54:53 teresadeca: welcome, daf!
09:54:58 jamalat2006: Hi Everyone :D
09:55:09 ibrahim: Did you find your session mates?
09:55:15 jchaupart: Hola vecina
09:55:28 Daf: hi everybody
09:55:37 paulaemmert: Hi Daf!
09:55:39 Sus_Denmark: EVOis gettimg VERY international - the Collaborative Blog workshop has now peole from 40 nations!
09:55:46 Daf: hola JM
09:55:47 dave: that is very cool
09:55:48 Shefali2325: Hi Everyone!
09:56:10 scott_in_tokyo: Teresa sounds fabulous
09:56:17 nick: Graham, do you know when worldbridges skype will come online? (it shows not available right now in skype)
09:56:18 teresadeca: hi, scott!
09:56:18 jchaupart: Todo bien; felicitaciones por todo lo que haces por los que no sabemos, junto con Teresa
09:56:19 dave: scott in tokyo...
09:56:20 Sus_Denmark: sounds fine here
09:56:21 Gladys: Everybody sounds great here! :D!
09:56:22 aidenyeh: hi scott, nice to see you here
09:56:23 RitaZ: hola, vecino! and hi all from Argentina
09:56:24 dave: that man is everywhere
09:56:28 Daf: :-)
09:56:31 ibrahim: Wow I am listening Teresa
09:56:33 jchaupart: Hola vecina del sur. Un abrazo
09:56:34 teresadeca: hi, rita!
09:56:54 aidenyeh: hi Daf, I didn't see you come in :p
09:56:57 teresadeca: hi, bee and hala!
09:57:08 jchaupart: Salut Bee
09:57:09 Daf: we need to breath :-)
09:57:18 bee: hello there...I' in the countryside...with a radio connection
09:57:22 Hala_Sudan: hi
09:57:22 Gladys: Hi Hala and Susan!
09:57:24 scott_in_tokyo: Sometimes it sounds like a train with the people breathing
09:57:26 GrahamStanley: Hi Bee!
09:57:28 Sus_Denmark: breathing can be more or less noisy!
09:57:29 Susan_Marandi: Hi everyone!
09:57:30 Hala_Sudan: hi Gladys
09:57:32 scott_in_tokyo: Graham the man!
09:57:33 RitaZ: wow, this is getting crowded !
09:57:38 paulaemmert: Go Graham!!
09:57:40 dave: yes.
09:57:44 Susan_Marandi: yes it is rita!
09:57:45 dave: i'm liking this crowd
09:57:46 Hala_Sudan: Rita and everyone
09:57:51 GrahamStanley: Scott! Aren't you going to join us
09:58:00 Susan_Marandi: hi hala
09:58:06 teresadeca: but i hear a lot of voices
09:58:08 Susan_Marandi: hi luisa!
09:58:11 Hala_Sudan: hi Susan
09:58:15 Luisa: hi!
09:58:25 Daf: just talk, Teresa
09:58:27 RitaZ: :hugs Hala and all...so difficult to welcome each one that turns up...
09:58:30 Chris47: Hello Teresa, I am glad that somebody else feels lost
09:58:31 Luisa: I'm testing all the icons
09:58:33 teresadeca: jeff, pls help. i hear several voices at the same time
09:58:38 teresadeca: and there's a lag
09:58:39 ibrahim: How nice that we are welcomed here hundreds of times :D
09:58:43 Gladys: HOw do people talk, I wonder.. I've opened Skype... what's next?
09:58:44 Shefali2325: Is this the TESOl mentoring chatroom?
09:58:49 Hala_Sudan: Rita,could you change the color of your font
09:58:52 teresadeca: wmo
09:58:57 Hala_Sudan: difficult to tead
09:58:57 Daf: Teresa, turn your sound off (WMP or RP)
09:58:58 teresadeca: windows media player
09:59:03 dave: this chat room is smokin'
09:59:06 Susan_Marandi: same here chris
09:59:14 Chris47: I don't know how to connect with skype, which means I don't know where to write the message to
09:59:15 greg606: you should add worldbridges to you contact ;)
09:59:17 Susan_Marandi: i have the same question gladys
09:59:18 Daf: you need to turn it off while using skype
09:59:18 RitaZ: ok, hala
09:59:19 Sus_Denmark: perhaps we should arrange a queue
09:59:19 aidenyeh: you need to add Worldbridges to your buddy list
09:59:22 Shaun_(BRAZIL): Hi all looking forward to chatting and listening
09:59:25 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Dave & Jeff
09:59:26 scott_in_tokyo: yeah, gotta turn off the webcast when you start the Skypes conversation or else you hear echo loop
09:59:32 teresadeca: jeff, i'm using WMP
09:59:39 ibrahim: I'm using Real Player
09:59:46 aidenyeh: Hi Jane
09:59:46 Gladys: I've added Worldbridges to my contacts, Greg, anything else?
10:00:05 Daf: hi Aiden, Elizabeth,
10:00:06 Gladys: Hi Elizabeth, this is Gladys, from Argentina... remember me?
10:00:06 scott_in_tokyo: *choochoo*
10:00:10 Daf: Gladys, too
10:00:14 ibrahim: I have slow Internet connection, but it is great
10:00:16 Hala_Sudan: lol
10:00:22 Janeap: Good Morning from FREEEEEEEZING Montreal (-20C)
10:00:23 Daf: difficult to say hi to everybody
10:00:25 Luisa: I heard a train
10:00:26 greg606: Gladys, if you want to say something on the programme just call ;)
10:00:26 Sus_Denmark: train starts!
10:00:35 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Trying skyp, but the phone also h is not doing any things
10:00:40 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: What happens after I put in the access code?
10:00:40 Sus_Denmark: tap tap tap
10:00:41 scott_in_tokyo: *bird*
10:00:43 Luisa: wow that's the sign it's starting?
10:00:44 Chris47: :D
10:00:52 greg606: *bird*
10:00:54 Daf: not yet
10:00:56 greg606: cool
10:00:58 ibrahim: oops Birds
10:01:00 Gladys: Thanks, Greg, I'll keep quiet for the time being, then... there are so many of us here!
10:01:03 aidenyeh: Hi Leanne
10:01:04 dili_risol: *bird*
10:01:07 Luisa: a lot of noise
10:01:07 Daf: we are a few seconds to the kick-off
10:01:07 greg606: *dog*
10:01:08 Sus_Denmark: ooh what a noise!!!
10:01:10 Hala_Sudan: bird?
10:01:10 ibrahim: *harp*
10:01:16 Susan_Marandi: Hi leanne!
10:01:17 Gladys: Leanne, so long since our last chat!
10:01:21 Hala_Sudan: hi ibrahim
10:01:22 Susan_Marandi: long time no see!
10:01:22 Daf: are we having kids in here :-)
10:01:23 greg606: *piano* ;)
10:01:24 imre: *welcome*
10:01:29 ibrahim: Hello Hala
10:01:30 Hala_Sudan: Hi Susan
10:01:32 ibrahim: I am here
10:01:32 scott_in_tokyo: *whip*
10:01:34 aidenyeh: how can we turn off the 'welcome' sound?
10:01:41 Daf: no way, Aiden
10:01:43 dave: stop with the sounds please!!!
10:01:48 ibrahim: *choochoo*
10:01:48 aidenyeh: oh :-(
10:01:56 ericbaber: Aiden, click on the black speaker icon directly under the chat window
10:01:56 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: hi the phone isn't working either
10:01:56 Hala_Sudan: happy evo :)
10:02:06 ericbaber: That turns off all the sounds generated in the chat window
10:02:08 JeffLebow: fifth icon from the left
10:02:09 Susan_Marandi: sorry?
10:02:15 Janeap: I hear birds and trains and welcome, but should I be hearing voices too?
10:02:16 Susan_Marandi: didn't get it very well
10:02:20 Susan_Marandi: what should I do|?
10:02:20 Sus_Denmark: Nick Noakes - I would like to have a word with an old friend!
10:02:24 fernanda: hello everybody
10:02:24 greg606: *meow*
10:02:26 Daf: oh, that is a great tip, Eric, thanks
10:02:33 aidenyeh: oh, thanks
10:02:33 ibrahim: Dilya where is Suhrob?
10:02:35 Luisa: *harp*
10:02:37 Leanne: Susan Marandi - hello!
10:02:38 dili_risol: it's a pity I can't hear the noise and your voices
10:02:46 ericbaber: Makes things a bit easier, doesn't it Daf :-)
10:02:49 Hala_Sudan: from Iran
10:02:57 dili_risol: here is about here
10:02:59 marcelanamaria: Shall we leave the "pets" for some other time?
10:03:03 Daf: you need to click on any of the media players at the bottom of the page,, Dili
10:03:07 jchaupart: Salut Moira
10:03:08 ericbaber: Dili, scroll down under this chat window and you'll see links to listen tothe audio
10:03:09 Cristina_Costa: hi
10:03:15 Sus_Denmark: I hear Jeff and Dave
10:03:17 Moira: Salu JM
10:03:19 Susan_Marandi: should i have real player on at the same time as skype?
10:03:27 Sus_Denmark: Susan, no
10:03:29 jchaupart: merci pour le titre du livre
10:03:35 Moira: Hello Everybody
10:03:35 Susan_Marandi: which one then sus?
10:03:37 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Turn off which?
10:03:41 Daf: no Susan, if you are speaking, you have to turn off your media player
10:03:45 Gladys: Yes, susan, but you should turn off Real Player when you talk on Skype
10:03:46 Sus_Denmark: when you're ijn the Skype conference,please turn off your Player
10:03:56 ericbaber: Susan, if you want to listen in, only leave your RealPlayer open (i.e. turn off your Skype)
10:04:07 Susan_Marandi: I'm new to this
10:04:08 Janeap: How do I join the skype conference
10:04:10 Susan_Marandi: I see
10:04:17 Sus_Denmark: which one depends on what Player your computer system prefers
10:04:23 Susan_Marandi: so, skype is just for talking, not necessary for listening?
10:04:25 Daf: add worldbridges to your contacts
10:04:29 Cristina_Costa: have we started yet?
10:04:31 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: OK--teleconf is down
10:04:36 Daf: not yet, cristina
10:04:36 Sus_Denmark: the reason for not having the Player running is because of the time lag asnd echo
10:04:36 ericbaber: Exactly, Susan. And skype is limited to only 5 people.
10:04:49 Susan_Marandi: oh, thanks for all your help
10:04:54 philrad56: Is this the podcasting place?
10:04:59 Daf: they will call on people to speak
10:05:01 Cristina_Costa: ok, so I am on time. Great!
10:05:01 bee: Hi back...we have about 7 participants in the room from the Hornby Summer School in Brazil
10:05:04 Cristina_Costa: Hi Daf!
10:05:07 philrad56: Am I where I'm supposed to be?
10:05:10 ericbaber: Philrad, sort of.
10:05:11 Daf: yes it is
10:05:14 Susan_Marandi: yes, phil
10:05:24 Sus_Denmark: Yes, this is the very pidcast chat, but you need to open a Madia player channel to listen
10:05:24 philrad56: ok
10:05:26 Cristina_Costa: Olá Brasil!
10:05:31 Cristina_Costa: Aqui Portugal!
10:05:33 Cristina_Costa: :)
10:05:34 Sus_Denmark: I hear you
10:05:35 bee: it' sunny and nice outside and this session is competing with a wonderful barbecue and caipirinhas by the swimming pool
10:05:42 scott_in_tokyo: Hey, it's Dave.
10:05:47 dave: yes
10:05:49 Susan_Marandi: how can you tell who's talking?
10:05:49 dave: it's dave
10:05:50 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Is my sound OK?
10:05:52 jchaupart: quelle chance Barbara!
10:05:53 Janeap: Bee--I'm so jealous!
10:06:04 dili_risol: well, but here in my place we have snow and a cold weather
10:06:04 RitaZ: wow, Bee, what a difficult choice ;-)
10:06:04 ericbaber: Grim in London :-)
10:06:10 Cristina_Costa: I Tere
10:06:13 greg606: where are you all from?
10:06:15 Moira: Hello Kat
10:06:15 Cristina_Costa: I) can Hear you!
10:06:16 paulaemmert: great teresa!
10:06:19 Sus_Denmark: we hear you So fine Tere
10:06:21 ibrahim: Wow one by one I am listening
10:06:21 ericbaber: London, Greg. And you?
10:06:23 RitaZ: Argentina
10:06:28 Luisa: Italy
10:06:28 greg606: Poland
10:06:35 Sus_Denmark: Denmark
10:06:39 jchaupart: Colombia
10:06:40 aidenyeh: Taiwan
10:06:41 Susan_Marandi: Iran
10:06:42 Janeap: Where should I go for voice.
10:06:43 ibrahim: Hello Moira
10:06:47 dave: canada
10:06:47 Susan_Marandi: lost sound
10:06:47 Leanne: Canada
10:06:49 Chris47: Germany
10:06:51 Moira: Ibrahim, hi again :D
10:06:53 ericbaber: Very international indeed!!
10:06:56 Janeap: Canada
10:06:59 Cristina_Costa: Hi Ibrahim
10:07:00 Susan_Marandi: Hi Leanne!
10:07:01 KatUrbaniak: Scotland
10:07:03 greg606: whole world :)
10:07:09 ibrahim: we talked a little - now we are old friends
10:07:10 Hala_Sudan: Sudan
10:07:13 fernanda: Portugal
10:07:18 Susan_Marandi: How can you tell who's talking?
10:07:19 teresadeca: lol
10:07:20 greg606: Urbaniak? are u a Pole?
10:07:21 Leanne: Hi Susan :D
10:07:22 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Is my sound Ok to teleconf?
10:07:23 ibrahim: and I am open
10:07:26 ibrahim: ;)
10:07:28 Sus_Denmark: nobody compares with Buth's voice
10:07:29 Cristina_Costa: :D
10:07:34 dili_risol: are there anybody from my group?
10:07:38 margery: Italy...Rome
10:07:41 Susan_Marandi: I missed you! Where've you been?
10:07:45 Hala_Sudan: lol
10:07:47 ericbaber: You can't, Susan. At least there's nothing visual to give you a clue as to who's speaking.
10:07:49 Sus_Denmark: Dili which group are you in?
10:07:50 Susan_Marandi: Which group is that dili
10:07:52 Leanne: That's the problem, I think, Susan, you can't tell who's talking except if you recognize their voices
10:07:53 ibrahim: Dilya name your session?
10:08:02 Cristina_Costa: My dear Hala u r here too
10:08:04 Susan_Marandi: that's difficult eric
10:08:07 Gladys: Dili-risol, which's your group?
10:08:21 ericbaber: True, Susan, but a bit like a radio talkshow really.
10:08:22 ibrahim: Webheads 2006
10:08:26 greg606: Indeed the most fantastic idea with live streaming don't you think?
10:08:29 Susan_Marandi: so do you know who's talking now?
10:08:30 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Sorry can't hear you
10:08:34 mariairene: Hi from Valencia, Venezuela. I have joined the blog06 and podcasting groups this year.
10:08:37 Sus_Denmark: I'm EVO co-moderator of the Collborative Blogging workshop
10:08:38 Susan_Marandi: right, nice idea
10:08:40 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Where is 6?
10:08:40 Leanne: it's Jeff, Susan
10:08:42 Daf: hola Maria Irene
10:08:52 Susan_Marandi: oh, thanks Leanne
10:08:54 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: I am on the phone line -- how do I unmut?
10:09:03 Susan_Marandi: I'm good it's not just me!
10:09:03 JeffLebow: press 6
10:09:05 scott_in_tokyo: what is the number for the teleconference?
10:09:10 mariairene: Hola Dafne, felicitaciones bien retrasadas por tu premio, bien merecido
10:09:13 Susan_Marandi: New to skype I mean!
10:09:19 Sus_Denmark: so good to have all lines open!! Connecting from SO many channels
10:09:21 Daf: gracias :-)
10:09:23 Susan_Marandi: Which webcast?
10:09:26 Moira: Yes please!!!
10:09:40 paulaemmert: Hi Susan!
10:09:55 Hala_Sudan: I am calling Jeff
10:09:56 fernanda: congratulations from me too, Daf! You're the bes!
10:09:58 Susan_Marandi: Hi Paula! :)
10:10:03 fernanda: best!
10:10:06 Daf: thanks, Fernanda :-)
10:10:07 paulaemmert: Yeah! she made it!!
10:10:11 dave: if you wish to join the show the easiest thing to do is join the teleconference
10:10:15 Sus_Denmark: we have text chat here, webcast by listening to the Player, or the teleconference -speaking from the teleconference,or from the Skype call (max five)
10:10:26 philrad56: no skype for me
10:10:31 greg606: New Yorker - that sounds nice
10:10:37 dili_risol: jittjamming-the name of my group
10:10:56 Sus_Denmark: Clap clap clap!
10:10:56 Leanne: good sound Elizabeth
10:11:08 aidenyeh: oh, I haven't seen Mitts, dili
10:11:09 Sus_Denmark: hearing Elizabeth Sowell
10:11:10 dili_risol: and I'm from Northern Tajkistan
10:11:13 Cristina_Costa: I can hear you Elizabeth
10:11:14 Daf: http://webpages.csus.edu/~hansonsm/announce.html
10:11:15 dave: 1-402-756-9000 access code 537267#
10:11:38 Janeap: We have at least 40 countries in Collaborative Blogging
10:11:39 mariairene: Which of the channels should I select if I want to listen
10:11:40 scott_in_tokyo: thanks dave
10:11:53 dave: scott-in-tokyo is cool
10:12:11 Susan_Marandi: what's on channel 2, Sus?
10:12:12 Sus_Denmark: Let me know when you want the Blog moderator jump in :-)
10:12:17 [Room2] ibrahim: Hello Everyone
10:12:22 RitaZ: depends on which one you are used to listening to, Maria Irene, up to your computer....;-)
10:12:29 Sus_Denmark: is there any diference between channels?
10:12:35 Moira: What is the subroom?
10:12:38 Susan_Marandi: lost sound
10:12:43 Moira: sound low
10:12:44 [Room2] jamalat2006: Hi Ibrahim
10:12:45 jchaupart: oui
10:12:46 Leanne: HI Daf!
10:12:46 Sus_Denmark: Hello Daf
10:12:50 paulaemmert: loud and clear Daf!
10:12:51 marcelanamaria: Yes
10:12:52 Cristina_Costa: HI Dafne!
10:12:52 mariairene: This is my first time in Worldbridges
10:12:54 marcelanamaria: fine
10:12:54 philrad56: How do you control such a big group?
10:12:54 [Room2] ibrahim: I am Ibrahim Rustamov greeting you from Tajikistan Central Asia
10:12:55 Hala_Sudan: Sound is bad now
10:12:58 Moira: Hello Dafne
10:13:01 Susan_Marandi: what's going on in subroom 2?
10:13:01 [Room2] ibrahim: I was in main room
10:13:04 RitaZ: bad sound
10:13:04 dave: mariairene - welcome then...
10:13:12 [Room2] ibrahim: Hi Jamalat
10:13:18 dave: Is Rita the only person who is getting bad sound
10:13:19 mariairene: Thanks
10:13:23 [Room2] jamalat2006: i have read ur information ibrahim
10:13:26 Hala_Sudan: me too
10:13:29 Moira: I can hear Daf well
10:13:32 RitaZ: now its ok, dave
10:13:34 aidenyeh: wow, Daf, impressive
10:13:34 KatUrbaniak: I can hear fine
10:13:34 [Room2] ibrahim: great
10:13:35 Leanne: what's going on in ROom 2 Susan?
10:13:36 Hala_Sudan: now it is clear
10:13:37 dave: thanks
10:13:41 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Graham Stanley--could you be up next?
10:13:45 [Room2] ibrahim: so I am going to Main Room
10:13:49 dave: we're not quite used to this many people
10:13:55 dave: it's quite fun!
10:13:56 GrahamStanley: ok Elisabeth
10:13:58 Susan_Marandi: don't know yet; i'll tell you soon
10:14:00 Hala_Sudan: ok now
10:14:07 GrahamStanley: Scott, do you want to join me?
10:14:16 [Room2] Susan_Marandi: hello?
10:14:25 [Room2] Susan_Marandi: what's going on here?
10:14:55 aidenyeh: Hi Valerie
10:15:08 Hala_Sudan: and forum
10:15:09 Susan_Marandi: Ella baccouche, is that you?
10:15:16 ibrahim: 200 particpants from 5 continents!
10:15:17 Hala_Sudan: TI
10:15:19 vs_jakar: Hi there. Just got home from work.
10:15:30 Susan_Marandi: lost sound again ...
10:15:50 greg606: wiki on what?
10:16:23 mmmarzio: Stupid question from a new user: How would I speak if I wanted to? (I am all set up in regards to hardware).
10:16:25 Leanne: yes Graham
10:16:25 philrad56: ok
10:16:33 Cristina_Costa: yes, we can
10:16:40 Susan_Marandi: I think you need to use skype, mmmarzio
10:16:41 Hala_Sudan: Please mind your language
10:16:42 dave: right now mmmarzio
10:16:51 dave: you would need to call the teleconference
10:16:52 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Mike--you have to be put back into Skype, or use a cellphone (probably not practical from France)
10:16:56 greg606: Hi Graham :
10:16:58 greg606: :)
10:17:10 dave: you can also skype-out from your skype
10:17:19 mmmarzio: OK _ thanks - I was in the Skype room and was asked to leave
10:17:21 dave: you can buy credits and call for about 1.7 cents a minute
10:17:31 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Mike--I'll call on you soon.
10:17:43 dave: 10 Euro has lasted me for about 6 months
10:17:58 dave: and then you can call the teleconference from your computer
10:18:02 Susan_Marandi: mmarzio, apparently there's a limit of only 5 people at a time
10:18:02 mmmarzio: No do not call on me Elizabeth - I don't have speaking privileges
10:18:17 mmmarzio: right, Susan, thanks
10:18:18 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Dave--can we have Mike next?
10:18:20 jamalat2006: are there any people speaking, i can not hear anything
10:18:20 Susan_Marandi: Hi Bee
10:18:23 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Or susnyrop?
10:18:24 Daf: I have left Skype to allow others in
10:18:26 Gladys: HI Bee!
10:18:29 dave: 1-402-756-9000 access 537267#
10:18:33 Daf: hi Bee
10:18:37 Bee: I keep getting kicked off from this chat
10:18:39 Bee: HI Daf
10:18:42 paulaemmert: I don't have any idea how to speak either Elizabeth, though I will try to figure it out??
10:18:50 Susan_Marandi: How do you send a private message to someone here?
10:18:51 Maria_Spain: Hi Daf,and Eliz, and Beee....)
10:18:54 dave: bee - you are probably closing the window
10:18:55 aidenyeh: jamalat2006, click on the 'listen icon' at the bottom of the chat page
10:18:58 paulaemmert: Sorry, I should have come earlier to figure it out.
10:19:07 jchaupart: Hola Maria
10:19:09 vs_jakar: I have entered this via Skype but do I have to telephone to speak?
10:19:12 Daf: brb
10:19:12 Bee: No...our connection was very slow
10:19:13 Gladys: To send private messages, use the /msg command. I.e., to send the private message Hello, there to the user Timmy, you would type: /msg Timmy Hello, there
10:19:16 Leanne: I don't know that you can send a PM Susan
10:19:21 dili_risol: so many people so many information at once
10:19:28 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Who is that?
10:19:31 Susan_Marandi: thanks gladys
10:20:06 paulaemmert: Thanks Jeff!
10:20:23 Moira: Graham, will parts of your session be recorded?
10:20:27 Sus_Denmark: I'm a virtual nomad!
10:20:29 dave: turn off your webcast
10:20:33 Sus_Denmark: me me!
10:20:34 Bee: Hi Sus
10:20:42 aidenyeh: Or, you could hover your mouse on the name (right menu) and right click your mouse, choose, send a message
10:20:46 ibrahim: Dilya starting from tomorrow you can use Yahoo Groups
10:20:50 Janeap: I'm here and so is Sus
10:20:57 Sus_Denmark: Let me know when I should Skype in pls
10:21:04 Sus_Denmark: Hi Jane!!
10:21:07 scott_in_tokyo: Loopback
10:21:08 dave: michael - turn off your webcast
10:21:14 Cristina_Costa: the sound is funny now!
10:21:15 dave: before answering the phone
10:21:15 dili_risol: can you explain me the process of this using?
10:21:19 dave: yes
10:21:20 dave: i can
10:21:23 Sus_Denmark: Jane and Sus are social blogger moderators
10:21:33 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Sus--you are after Michael, OK?
10:21:42 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Then David--can you talk about TipsTricks?
10:21:53 sayora_sch16: Hi, I'm from Tajikistan too
10:22:08 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi sus!
10:22:08 sayora_sch16: glad to see everybodyyyyyyy
10:22:18 philrad56: I'm hearing repeats
10:22:23 dave: yay we love sus!
10:22:29 aidenyeh: you're on Skype, Mike
10:22:41 scott_in_tokyo: Is the caller there?
10:22:48 Cristina_Costa: yes
10:22:48 aidenyeh: yes, sus
10:22:49 Daf: yes sus
10:22:51 Cristina_Costa: hi sus!
10:22:52 Janeap: Sus--you sound great
10:22:54 ibrahim: Sayora from Tajikistan!
10:22:54 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Collaborative Bloggers
10:22:55 nick: Hiya Sus
10:23:02 nick: sound is very clear
10:23:12 mmmarzio: Wow !
10:23:13 ibrahim: great how nice to see participants from Tajikistan
10:23:22 Hala_Sudan: Hi sus
10:23:24 ibrahim: Sayora I am from Tajikistan too
10:23:33 Hala_Sudan: Hello Sorya
10:23:37 Janeap: I counted members from 40 countries, over 120 participants
10:23:40 Hala_Sudan: Do remeber me?
10:23:49 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Wow! - James Farmer!
10:23:55 sayora_sch16: Of course its very nice
10:24:09 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: And Bee Dieu!
10:24:13 Hala_Sudan: Jane,hi
10:24:13 dave: where's james farmer
10:24:14 mmmarzio: Hi Elizabeth - I installed Skype only minutes ago
10:24:20 dave: that guy is everywhere
10:24:26 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Mike--I'm on phone to keep the Skype clear
10:24:29 Bee: Hi Elizabeth...I have just done a workshop on blogging here in Brazil
10:24:36 ibrahim: Sayora you are from Gulyakandoz, Tajikistan
10:24:40 mmmarzio: Looks like the highest quality voice medium
10:24:46 sayora_sch16: yes
10:24:47 Janeap: Hi Hala--we need you in Collaborative Blogging because we're short of members in Africa!
10:24:52 Hala_Sudan: Susan has a very distinguished voice
10:24:53 scott_in_tokyo: Everyone is a winner with EVO sessions
10:24:58 aidenyeh: Mike, remember to turn off your real player when you open Skype
10:25:11 Hala_Sudan: Janeap?
10:25:15 Cristina_Costa: :) u got that right Scott!
10:25:22 Janeap: Yes, Hala
10:25:26 Hala_Sudan: Have we met before?
10:25:32 Hala_Sudan: are a webheader?
10:25:40 Janeap: Hala, this is Jane
10:25:45 Hala_Sudan: where are you from?
10:25:46 sayora_sch16: and where are you from
10:25:52 Cristina_Costa: Hi Jane!
10:25:53 Hala_Sudan: Jane Petring?
10:25:54 Hala_Sudan: lol
10:25:58 Janeap: yes
10:26:00 aidenyeh: LOL
10:26:08 Hala_Sudan: loud laugh
10:26:11 greg606: do you prefere elgg or moodle?
10:26:21 ibrahim: *bird*
10:26:24 Bee: we have opened a new blog http://summerschool.worfdpress.com
10:26:29 Daf: they are 2 different things, Greg
10:26:33 mmmarzio: I have nothing open, except winamp to listen!
10:26:34 chris: hey greg
10:26:42 dave: please do not skype into the conference
10:26:45 nick: elgg and moddle are not an either/or ... more complimentary I think
10:26:50 dave: please wait until you are called
10:26:55 aidenyeh: ok, then turn that off, Mike, when you go live on Skype
10:27:02 dave: dozens of people are calling at the same time
10:27:03 philrad56: It's late here, and I'm getting tired. Have an early class, so I'll have to go.
10:27:16 Sus_Denmark: Jane, did you agree with my improvised speak?
10:27:18 scott_in_tokyo: yeah, it is useful to use moodle and elgg for different purposes
10:27:20 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Welcome everyone at the barbecue!
10:27:21 nick: mike, you need to close/stop winamp when you skype in
10:27:23 Maria_Spain: lol.... this is crazy! long tie that don't participate in huge chat slike this but I am glad.. I missed it...
10:27:25 aidenyeh: Dave, great work on your intro :-)
10:27:28 dave: elgg/moodle will be very complementary soon
10:27:35 Sus_Denmark: would you like me to move out from the Skype roo,m,=
10:27:36 dili_risol: yes, here at our place it's 20.30 evening
10:27:48 dave: aidenyeh - oh yes? not sure what you mean?
10:27:55 greg606: I see so I should both of them?
10:27:56 Janeap: Oh Bee...it sounds so idyllic!
10:27:58 dili_risol: after 30 minutes they will turn off the power
10:28:02 iman: hi everybody
10:28:04 Bee: http://summerschool.wordpress.com sorry..mispelled the address
10:28:05 aidenyeh: you're dave winet (?)
10:28:09 dave: ah.
10:28:11 dave: no.
10:28:23 dave: i'm dave cormier... cohost edtechtalk etc...
10:28:28 vs_jakar: I just wqnt to say hi!
10:28:33 vs_jakar: Now it's BYE!!
10:28:35 Sus_Denmark: THE Dave
10:28:38 Janeap: Very nice Sus!
10:28:39 aidenyeh: oh, I thought you're Dave Winet of Tips and Tricks
10:28:48 dili_risol: when shall we start our sessions?
10:28:50 iman: do u have any relation with jitt
10:29:01 vs_jakar: TESOL Mentoring has 50 + signed up . Disconnecting.
10:29:03 scott_in_tokyo: THE Dave aka - guest_04734828553
10:29:03 Daf: sessions start tomorrow
10:29:03 vs_jakar: VSJ
10:29:06 dave: sweet
10:29:08 dave: we found him
10:29:08 greg606: jeff, you must have a dedicated server for this enterprise ;)
10:29:18 aidenyeh: ah, sorry...
10:29:25 aidenyeh: that's Dave the co-host, elizabeth
10:29:37 dave: dave the cohost, but not speaking now
10:29:40 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: OK- Aiden
10:29:52 ibrahim: Dilya see you
10:30:07 dave: no
10:30:14 Moira: No
10:30:20 scott_in_tokyo: sounds even better the second time. *whip*
10:30:22 RitaZ: hi, Bob!
10:30:25 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Paula--
10:30:34 dili_risol: hope to see everybody on Monday
10:30:44 hamorititk: Hi everybody :)
10:30:49 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Tips and Tricks
10:30:55 paulaemmert: yes, I'm here but I'm new to this
10:30:55 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: for Online Teachers
10:30:57 Daf: I think nobody had something prepared, this is impromptu speech time
10:31:04 greg606: are you teacher? what do you teach? ;)
10:31:08 elderbob: Hello.
10:31:08 greg606: teachets
10:31:13 greg606: teachers, sorry
10:31:16 dave: Daf - that's kinda the worldbridges motto
10:31:17 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Hamor
10:31:20 philrad56: how so i sign out of the chat?
10:31:24 philrad56: how do
10:31:25 scott_in_tokyo: Hi Dave Winet, sound good!
10:31:27 Moira: Hello Elderbob
10:31:28 Daf: right, Dave
10:31:30 Hala_Sudan: just close the windwo
10:31:33 philrad56: ok
10:31:34 paulaemmert: I just lost sound.;(
10:31:34 Daf: hi e-bob
10:31:41 aidenyeh: text chat or the webcast, phil?
10:31:48 Susan_Marandi: me too paula
10:31:50 philrad56: text chat
10:32:01 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: text-to-speech
10:32:05 dave: mmm... anyone else lost sound?
10:32:06 Moira: What is in this subroom, pleeeeaaase?
10:32:09 Daf: no
10:32:18 aidenyeh: phil, just bring down the browser
10:32:23 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Who is that?
10:32:25 philrad56: ok
10:32:32 Cristina_Costa: Hi Luisa!!!
10:32:44 Moira: Hi Amanda
10:32:46 Susan_Marandi: lost sound yet again ... :-(
10:32:58 Cristina_Costa: Amanda?! nice
10:32:59 Hala_Sudan: text to specch
10:33:07 chris: good text to speech for flash: vocalize MC
10:33:08 dave: Susan_marandi... this is probably a problem on your end
10:33:12 Hala_Sudan: like what we are doing now?
10:33:14 Luisa: Hi Christina
10:33:21 Cristina_Costa: :)
10:33:35 greg606: that's right Jeff!
10:33:53 Luisa: I'm a bit clumsy: I have a broken right hand and I'm no good h my left
10:34:05 GrahamStanley: what happened Luisa?
10:34:12 Susan_Marandi: sorry to hear that luisa
10:34:18 Hala_Sudan: poor Luisa
10:34:19 Moira: hevy breathing???
10:34:20 Cristina_Costa: I am really sorry! When did that Happen?
10:34:22 Luisa: fell off a cliff, skiing
10:34:22 acfavaverde: hi moira and christina and everyone!
10:34:29 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Paula --Hi
10:34:39 GrahamStanley: a cliff? Sounds scary
10:34:40 Susan_Marandi: wow, luisa!
10:34:44 Cristina_Costa: Hi Amanda!
10:34:52 Moira: Hi Amanda :D
10:34:53 Luisa: It'ok I had a lot of fun and I was lucky
10:35:07 Hala_Sudan: sigh
10:35:24 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Paula--you are next, so hang on!
10:35:28 paulaemmert: ok- I have a major delay and echo- what do I need to do to get rid of it? thanks
10:35:30 chris: tts example using vocalize (best i have with no pw): http://www.studycea.com/mod/resource/view.php?id=3039
10:35:45 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Paula--turn off/down the telecast part and just use Skype for now.
10:35:49 Cristina_Costa: Luisa - hope you'll get well soon
10:35:53 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Close Real Player
10:35:57 Cristina_Costa: are u meeting us on Tuesday still?
10:35:59 Susan_Marandi: loudddddddddd and clear
10:36:04 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: or WMP, whichever you are using
10:36:06 paulaemmert: uh oh- not sure how to do that-
10:36:07 Luisa: thanks Cristina
10:36:14 chris: example of using video online (with quiz): http://www.studycea.com/?pid=34
10:36:35 RitaZ: need to leave , lunch time here, have fun and congrats to all who make of BaW a success... Also to the Worldbridges team, now a MUST for us all...
10:36:36 greg606: HI CHRIS!!!!
10:36:40 iman: may i ask when will the sessions start?
10:36:42 chris: (must use ie, filter problem)
10:36:44 Susan_Marandi: bye rita
10:36:45 Leanne: Bye Rita
10:36:48 Hala_Sudan: By webcast,Dave,you mean this window?
10:36:53 dave: NO
10:36:59 dave: the webcast is the audio
10:37:03 Gladys: I'm afraid I have to log off now.. family waiting for lunch, thanks for this opportunity,
10:37:10 Leanne: see you Gladys
10:37:13 Cristina_Costa: bye Gladys
10:37:15 Hala_Sudan: is ok just to mute myself?
10:37:18 Susan_Marandi: real player or windows media hala
10:37:20 Bee: logging off and going for the barbecue...see you...I´l have some more people sign for the sessions
10:37:24 scott_in_tokyo: have them listen to the webcast Gladys. ;)
10:37:26 Susan_Marandi: bye gladys
10:37:27 GrahamStanley: have fun Bee
10:37:30 Leanne: Bye Bee
10:37:32 Hala_Sudan: I know,but here....
10:37:34 Susan_Marandi: bye bee
10:37:36 jchaupart: bon appetit
10:37:38 nick: ooh didn't realilse there was a video EVO too :-)
10:37:40 Bee: Thanks Graham...see you during the sessions
10:37:45 Bee: ciao
10:37:50 paulaemmert: sorry- just skip please
10:38:09 Hala_Sudan: I think we need to learn how to do it,Leanne.Are you here?
10:38:19 Susan_Marandi: paula?
10:38:24 Gladys: Bye everyone! Loved meeting you here, and special regards to those at BAW and Oral Skills and Technology..! :D
10:38:29 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: If you are on phone
10:38:32 iman: may i ask where's the moderator
10:38:50 Leanne: Yes, Hala, I agree - but let's do it another day OK? Or if you want to try today, go for it!
10:39:09 iman: i'd like to know when will we satrt the sessions
10:39:18 iman: can anyone answer me?
10:39:23 dave: there must be a schedule somewhere
10:39:24 Cristina_Costa: tomorrow!
10:39:43 Cristina_Costa: tomorrow Iamn
10:39:53 Hala_Sudan: no, not now
10:39:58 scott_in_tokyo: Later Graham, good work!
10:40:02 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hala--do you want to speak a little?
10:40:07 dave: bye graham
10:40:11 Hala_Sudan: yea,why not?
10:40:13 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Thanks Graham
10:40:23 Leanne: sure, Hala, go ahead
10:40:25 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: suan marandi--can you speak a little with us?
10:40:34 Hala_Sudan: Jeff kicked me off the Skype
10:40:37 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Susan...
10:40:45 Hala_Sudan: hi
10:40:47 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hala--You can skype back in and take a turn
10:40:53 dave: NO
10:40:53 Moira: Wonderful Ibrahim!!! Go for it!!!
10:40:54 dave: NO
10:40:54 paulaemmert: Sorry for the confusion Dave.
10:40:55 dave: NO
10:41:01 JeffLebow: 5 spots on the skype conference
10:41:03 dave: DO NOT SKYPE IN AT RANDOM
10:41:05 Chris47: who is speaking right now?
10:41:05 JeffLebow: 100 spots in the teleconference
10:41:07 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: OK--
10:41:11 Leanne: how do we in the riff-raff room know if the skype conference is full?
10:41:14 JeffLebow: Ibrahim from Tajikistan
10:41:15 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: this is Ibrahim from Tajikistan
10:41:15 Susan_Marandi: sorry?
10:41:23 Moira: Ibrahim - BAW group
10:41:23 Susan_Marandi: Did I miss something?
10:41:26 Chris47: Thanks Elizabeth
10:41:28 dave: 1-402-756-9000
10:41:29 Hala_Sudan: now I can not hear anyone
10:41:34 Hala_Sudan: Is it like this?
10:41:37 JeffLebow: Let us know in the chat room, if you'd like to skype in
10:41:45 Leanne: Susan, Elizabeth wants to know if you want to talk - Skype in
10:41:48 iman: at what time will we start tomorrow?
10:41:52 Janeap: I had to step out--who is speaking now?
10:41:53 Cristina_Costa: no, sound is perfect here1
10:41:59 Daf: you turn your media player off when you are speaking, Hala
10:42:05 dave: 537267#
10:42:16 Hala_Sudan: it is off
10:42:22 Susan_Marandi: Did someone call me?
10:42:24 Daf: there is no time, Iman, the sessions are asynchrnous
10:42:25 dave: hala...
10:42:30 JeffLebow: speakers or headset, Hala?
10:42:34 Daf: asynchronous
10:42:37 Susan_Marandi: I'm afraid I was momentarily distracted
10:42:38 dave: do you want to join the conversatoin hala?
10:42:43 Hala_Sudan: speakers ar eon
10:42:47 Susan_Marandi: Oh, thanks leanne
10:42:48 JeffLebow: Would you like to join in Susan?
10:42:53 Daf: you only have to follow the activities planned for week 1 in your session
10:43:12 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Scott--did you want to say anything?
10:43:13 dave: hala - you need to have a headset to join the conference, otherwise there will be an ceho
10:43:13 Susan_Marandi: Sure, I'd like to join
10:43:16 dave: echo
10:43:20 Leanne: Sus, same computer problems I see
10:43:21 Susan_Marandi: how do i do that
10:43:31 JeffLebow: Here we come susan, please turn webcast off
10:43:32 Daf: hi evelyn
10:43:41 dili_risol: Bye everybody
10:43:43 Sus_Denmark: hello -I made a reboot because I had too many programs open
10:43:44 Susan_Marandi: sure
10:44:02 dili_risol: It's nice to meet all of you
10:44:03 Evelyn_: Hi everybody!
10:44:23 Sus_Denmark: Good to hear you Inrahim
10:44:26 Moira: Clap,clap, clap
10:44:33 dave: very cool
10:44:39 Daf: It was great to hear you Ibrahim
10:44:42 dili_risol: ope to see my groupmates
10:44:44 paulaemmert: Great job Ibraham!
10:44:44 Sus_Denmark: Hala!! good to hear you
10:44:47 GrahamStanley: perfectly hala
10:44:47 dili_risol: hope
10:44:51 Leanne: Hala, yes, you made it - congrats!
10:44:56 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Paula--can you jump in if
10:44:58 Chris47: great to hear you Hala
10:45:00 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Dave skypes you?
10:45:01 Evelyn_: I can hear and read your participations; BUT I did not have the time to install the multimedia.
10:45:14 scott_in_tokyo: Hi Hala!
10:45:18 Sus_Denmark: Hala has become a TRUE webhead indeed!
10:45:21 Daf: Hala will be co-moderating in BaW with Tere and I
10:45:22 Evelyn_: Hi Elizabeth
10:45:25 dili_risol: next time I hope to hear all of you not only read your messages
10:45:27 teresadeca: that's right, elizabeth! it's great to have hala with us
10:45:28 Evelyn_: Hi tere
10:45:30 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Evelyhn
10:46:00 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Yes we do!
10:46:08 teresadeca: hi, dear hala! :-)
10:46:20 Leanne: Good job, Hala
10:46:24 GrahamStanley: thanks hala
10:46:25 Sus_Denmark: Hi Susan
10:46:30 Cristina_Costa: great Hala! Nice job!
10:46:31 Leanne: yes Susan - GO!
10:46:31 Daf: Hala's great sense of humor is something not to be missed!
10:46:32 paulaemmert: Hi Susan
10:46:41 aidenyeh: we can hear you, susan
10:46:42 Sus_Denmark: It is Ok, Susan
10:46:44 Hala_Sudan: Thank you Daf
10:47:06 Sus_Denmark: learning by helping!!!
10:47:09 paulaemmert: Amazing!!!
10:47:13 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Aiden--do you want to be skyped?
10:47:23 Susan_Marandi: I'll disconnect then
10:47:27 sayora_sch16: Good bye. Soory i should go my baby is crying
10:47:27 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Elderbob
10:47:30 dave: wool britches
10:47:31 Daf: yes, Susan is ready to moderate a session next year :-)
10:47:32 Hala_Sudan: Great Susan,we are too
10:47:33 dave: that's funny
10:47:45 GrahamStanley: The great thing about evo is the rich mix of people who join the sessions and who bring so much to the experience
10:47:49 Chris47: *bird*
10:47:50 iman: bye everybody
10:47:56 Sus_Denmark: Hi Bob!!!
10:47:56 Susan_Marandi: Thanks Daf, Hala! :-)
10:47:57 Hala_Sudan: WowW
10:47:58 paulaemmert: Hey Elderbob!
10:48:00 Hala_Sudan: Elderbob
10:48:03 GrahamStanley: Hi Bob
10:48:05 teresadeca: nice to hear your, bob! :-)
10:48:06 jchaupart: Hi Bob
10:48:08 Susan_Marandi: Thanks Elizabeth
10:48:15 scott_in_tokyo: what a scamp. ;)
10:48:16 Sus_Denmark: Listen to that lovely Texan voice!!
10:48:17 Hala_Sudan: Cowboy,hi
10:48:33 Cristina_Costa: Sus : :D
10:48:42 Daf: howdy! e-bob :-)
10:48:46 Susan_Marandi: lost sound
10:48:50 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: the Portal Internet Cafe
10:48:51 Sus_Denmark: the Lonely Rider!
10:48:58 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Portable Internet Cafe
10:49:12 mmmarzio: Susan Marandi - - are there any internet problems in and out of Iran - any problems of freedom to connuicate on the net?
10:49:21 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Susan--you may have to restart you player to hear the conference once you are out of Skype
10:49:30 GrahamStanley: I want one Bob
10:49:31 Susan_Marandi: not more than other places I guess
10:49:33 paulaemmert: Elizabeth- I'm here now!!Yeah!
10:49:38 Sus_Denmark: Vance has been visiting Nick Noakes in Hong Kong!!
10:49:52 mmmarzio: Good - i was worried about Iran
10:49:59 Susan_Marandi: some filtering of course
10:50:10 Susan_Marandi: but in general we don't have any problems
10:50:16 Sus_Denmark: Hi Paula!
10:50:16 Cristina_Costa: yes, paula
10:50:16 aidenyeh: yes
10:50:20 Hala_Sudan: no
10:50:25 Susan_Marandi: do you guys have sound?
10:50:30 Leanne: yes Susan
10:50:31 dave: paula... no problem at all... just trying to help. the all caps are just so that you could see me
10:50:36 Sus_Denmark: Susan,did you restart your Player+
10:50:39 Hala_Sudan: yes,Sus
10:50:41 Evelyn_: No
10:50:42 Susan_Marandi: :(
10:50:48 Evelyn_: Now, yes
10:50:52 Sus_Denmark: I got sound
10:50:55 Susan_Marandi: Oh, thanks sus!
10:50:56 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: PAULA-- are you there now?
10:50:59 Susan_Marandi: how stupid of me
10:51:06 GrahamStanley: I think it's her mic - when I used the usb mic Skype kept cutting out on me if I coughed or spoke too loudly
10:51:06 ibrahim: Thank you so much for all!
10:51:08 Sus_Denmark: :hugs silly Susan
10:51:16 paulaemmert: I think I'll hang up and try to re-dial in.
10:51:26 Susan_Marandi: hugs Sus back
10:51:28 Sus_Denmark: good idea Paula
10:51:32 dave: keep trying paula
10:51:32 Leanne: this is still too new to us Susan, a few glitches are to be expected
10:51:35 scott_in_tokyo: Paula sounded really clear before it cut out. too bad
10:52:02 Evelyn_: I lost the sound again
10:52:08 Susan_Marandi: nice of you to say so, leanne
10:52:20 Sus_Denmark: Ireally like the concept of Web Presence!! LIke a Danish buffet!
10:52:23 Hala_Sudan: yes
10:52:35 paulaemmert: I am! I will try anything at this point! :D
10:52:40 ibrahim: Hala did you hear me?
10:52:42 dave: 1-402-756-9000 ----> 537267#
10:52:44 Hala_Sudan: lol
10:52:50 scott_in_tokyo: I thought it was Web Presents
10:52:54 Sus_Denmark: Paula, we heard you and you left
10:52:59 Susan_Marandi: lol
10:53:00 Hala_Sudan: yes,Ibrahim
10:53:04 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Scott or Aiden?
10:53:07 Leanne: hehehe Scott
10:53:07 Hala_Sudan: bad colour
10:53:17 Cristina_Costa: :)
10:53:19 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hala--you are soo bright
10:53:22 Susan_Marandi: hard on the eyes
10:53:23 Sus_Denmark: can you have the conferencestreamed in Skype,or just one speaking ata time?
10:53:27 ibrahim: I was a little worried - as for is for the first time ;)
10:53:32 Susan_Marandi: :)
10:53:34 Evelyn_: :(
10:53:36 Hala_Sudan: Thank yoy Eliazbeth
10:53:37 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Sus--there can be 5 people in Skype
10:53:37 Sus_Denmark: sorry but my space key often freezes
10:53:44 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: But the cellphone connection is very good.
10:53:46 Leanne: what a radio voice, Scott
10:53:55 dave: we love scott's radio voice
10:53:55 Hala_Sudan: hi scott
10:53:57 Sus_Denmark: yes,but the telecon is also one of fice participants in the Skype conf
10:53:57 GrahamStanley: Scott was born for podcasting!
10:54:01 Leanne: pure fm
10:54:09 GrahamStanley: Tokyo's first podcaster!
10:54:10 Leanne: CBC radio
10:54:13 dave: That or porncasting (graham)
10:54:16 Leanne: :-)
10:54:16 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Is Chris Jones here?
10:54:23 Susan_Marandi: lol
10:54:24 GrahamStanley: :)
10:54:39 Susan_Marandi: wow, what a voice!
10:54:39 Hala_Sudan: Elizabeth you are susing my brigth colour
10:54:43 Sus_Denmark: we do see Chris,and Chris47
10:54:53 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: It must be catching, Hala
10:54:54 Daf: Teresa, why don't you take the floor?
10:54:58 teresadeca: elizabeth and jeff, could i also say a few words after scott?
10:55:00 paulaemmert: I'm on the line now
10:55:02 Chris47: Good Sus to see you:-)
10:55:04 Hala_Sudan: ;o;
10:55:14 Daf: in synch :-)
10:55:15 mmmarzio: **Jeff Lebow - Worldbridges seems to be the most stable of the voice-enabled systems used by Webheads in recent months**
10:55:15 dave: teresa... i'll pass it along
10:55:19 Sus_Denmark: Hala - we cannot all have a personal colour here, this is a small palette
10:55:19 Moira: I agreee, great voice!
10:55:20 JeffLebow: Here we come Teresa
10:55:22 Chris47: I am still confused, but happy to listen to all the different voices
10:55:25 JeffLebow: Get ready to turn your webcast off
10:55:43 dave: hi jo
10:55:43 GrahamStanley: 165 members now Scott
10:55:51 Susan_Marandi: (It's so nice to be back with the Webheads)
10:55:52 Hala_Sudan: I was just having fun with Elizabeth,
10:55:53 dave: isn't it past your bedtime jo?
10:55:59 ibrahim: Scot in Tokyo - great sound for Podcasting! ;)
10:56:02 Hala_Sudan: got it the other way,Sus
10:56:03 GrahamStanley: And we learn so much too, as moderators Elisabeth
10:56:03 Jo_McLeay: Hi Dave Hi all
10:56:07 Leanne: you are always with us in spirit, Susan
10:56:11 Evelyn_: I'm completely lost. I think it is too much for my ICT experience.
10:56:15 marcelanamaria: What went wrong?
10:56:17 Jo_McLeay: Yes Dave it is
10:56:23 marcelanamaria: I lost contact?
10:56:25 Susan_Marandi: you're so sweet, leanne!
10:56:32 Sus_Denmark: actually there seem to be many nuances
10:56:37 Susan_Marandi: Evelyn, what's the problem?
10:56:40 cili55: Hello, everybody.
10:56:46 Hala_Sudan: Hi
10:56:48 Evelyn_: I sometimes have audio, sometimes I don't. I can't follow the conversation
10:56:48 Hala_Sudan: Tere
10:56:49 dave: mmmarzio - many thanks about the platform...
10:56:51 Susan_Marandi: Can I help?
10:56:51 Hala_Sudan: clap clap
10:56:56 Cristina_Costa: hi Tere!!
10:56:56 GrahamStanley: bon dia Teresa
10:56:59 Sus_Denmark: if you get kicked out from the chat,login agan
10:57:01 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Evelyn--switch players
10:57:04 marcelanamaria: Has it already finished?
10:57:04 Susan_Marandi: That's okay, i have the same problem
10:57:09 dave: evelyn - probably that's your connection
10:57:09 marcelanamaria: OK
10:57:10 Susan_Marandi: are you on a dial-up
10:57:13 Leanne: yes Tere
10:57:13 elderbob: Im in the chat room
10:57:18 JeffLebow: Evelyn, try listening to channel 2 - it's lower bitrate
10:57:18 GrahamStanley: plu & pray :)
10:57:19 Sus_Denmark: :let's all pray for Tere!
10:57:23 GrahamStanley: plug...
10:57:25 marcelanamaria: I´m in the chat room.
10:57:32 Evelyn_: I'm using windows media, i'll try real player.
10:57:35 Susan_Marandi: Evelyn, are you on a dial-up?
10:57:35 mmmarzio: Dave - are you the IT guy for WorldBridges?
10:57:35 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Hi Marcela
10:57:39 paulaemmert: Ibraham is so lovely!!!
10:57:40 ibrahim: Teresa online!
10:57:45 marcelanamaria: Hi
10:57:55 ibrahim: Oh Paula thanks!
10:57:58 Susan_Marandi: Don't worry about it, Evelyn, just think of this as practice
10:57:58 dave: mmmarzio - usually cohost, today IT guy occasionally make coffee
10:58:10 Hala_Sudan: yes,true
10:58:11 Sus_Denmark: Dave is indeed the very Worldbridges Dave
10:58:15 Jo_McLeay: I'll have a coffee Dave
10:58:15 mmmarzio: Gotchya!
10:58:15 Cristina_Costa: it is the best certificate
10:58:22 JeffLebow: Dave, can you please get me some more coffee?
10:58:27 Hala_Sudan: coffe,please
10:58:28 Susan_Marandi: Or as a really crowded party! :-) Where you can't catch everything
10:58:28 Leanne: way to start off, Ibrahim
10:58:30 ibrahim: Wow
10:58:33 JeffLebow: Would anyone else like to join in the conversation?
10:58:34 marcelanamaria: It´s OK with me now. Ana from Lima
10:58:37 ibrahim: Certificate!
10:58:45 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Communities of Practice
10:58:51 dave: http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2005/07/10/beans_1107.jpg
10:58:51 Hala_Sudan: friendship
10:58:52 scott_in_tokyo: Well said, Teresa!! *choochoo*
10:58:58 dave: you're all welcome
10:58:59 Sus_Denmark: :hugs my very good Webheads friend Tere!!
10:59:10 Hala_Sudan: where do you get that sounds
10:59:10 cili55: Is there anyone elso here from Hungary?
10:59:14 Jo_McLeay: Thanx Dave
10:59:15 Susan_Marandi: Elizabeth, do they pronounce that as "cop"?
10:59:20 cili55: :(
10:59:22 dave: you're welcome jo
10:59:26 Daf: Brave Webheads!!!
10:59:29 Janeap: Yes, Teresa, you said it! Hooray to friendship!
10:59:31 Daf: Bravo!
10:59:32 teresadeca: thank you for the nice words! :-)
10:59:33 Sus_Denmark: Hala - do you see the button with a yellow circle of two nodes?
10:59:39 jchaupart: un abrazo, Teresa
10:59:40 Leanne: well said, Tere
10:59:42 Moira: clap clap clap
10:59:44 Susan_Marandi: or do you pronounce it as c-o-p?
10:59:45 ibrahim: Dear all - you are my certificate!
10:59:45 Hala_Sudan: yes
10:59:46 Daf: great, Teresa!!!
10:59:52 Cristina_Costa: :)
10:59:56 GrahamStanley: well said Teresa
10:59:57 teresadeca: thanks, dafninha :-)
10:59:57 Hala_Sudan: *choochoo*
10:59:59 Daf: thanks, Ibrahim :-)
11:00:01 Cristina_Costa: wonderful Tere
11:00:04 chris: *slap*
11:00:08 Hala_Sudan: Thank yo usus
11:00:13 elderbob: Time flies when you are having fun....
11:00:14 Sus_Denmark: Friends of a Friend
11:00:15 Moira: Ibrahim, thank you for our contact already
11:00:17 Hala_Sudan: isthis for me Chris?
11:00:18 teresadeca: isn't friendship one of the best things in life?
11:00:19 chris: :D
11:00:26 chris: just for fun
11:00:31 Hala_Sudan: *whip*
11:00:33 Cristina_Costa: indeed, it is Tere
11:00:35 Hala_Sudan: for Chris
11:00:36 chris: first time i've use this, fun
11:00:38 scott_in_tokyo: Dave can always give us a little DRAMA
11:00:42 paulaemmert: I can hear the session on the phone now but you can't hear me? GO WebQuests! LOL
11:00:50 dave: scott... yes, drama is good
11:00:54 GrahamStanley: we're hoping the elt podcasting session continues to be a CoP to support podcasters
11:00:55 ibrahim: you are the certificate that I will keep dear for lifetime ;)
11:00:56 Sus_Denmark: could be fun to see alist of activities that are more or less a side effect from the EVO
11:01:08 Hala_Sudan: Very sweet Ibrahim
11:01:08 paulaemmert: And GO all EVO sessions!!
11:01:11 Susan_Marandi: question: is Co?P pronounced "cop" or c-o-p
11:01:14 elderbob: Paula, do you have your phone on mute?
11:01:20 Leanne: I'd say c-o-p Susan
11:01:26 Daf: Let's break a leg!!!
11:01:32 JeffLebow: press to unmute
11:01:33 paulaemmert: no
11:01:37 teresadeca: i say c-o-p
11:01:40 JeffLebow: press 6 to unmute
11:01:41 Susan_Marandi: Oh, I thought maybe it was pronounced cop
11:01:47 Susan_Marandi: thanks for the info
11:01:50 teresadeca: and i say e-v-o
11:01:52 paulaemmert: GOOOODAFFFF!
11:01:53 Sus_Denmark: on my phone,the mute/unmute key is 6
11:02:03 ibrahim: Moira - Thanks to you too
11:02:06 Susan_Marandi: But I've hear e-vo, tere
11:02:14 Hala_Sudan: *beep*
11:02:23 Susan_Marandi: on Dave's welcome message
11:02:29 Sus_Denmark: I've heard EE-vooo often
11:02:29 teresadeca: congrats, daf!!!
11:02:30 GrahamStanley: hurrah for Dafne!
11:02:30 ibrahim: *bird*
11:02:34 Janeap: Good going Daf!!!
11:02:35 Leanne: Wow Daf
11:02:35 Hala_Sudan: sorry,just trying
11:02:36 Daf: :shivers
11:02:44 mmmarzio: *whip*
11:02:50 Moira: Thanks in advance Daf
11:02:52 GrahamStanley: what are you going to offer Elisabeth?
11:03:00 dave: those sounds get recorded in the final audio...
11:03:01 mmmarzio: scuzi - also experimenting
11:03:03 Susan_Marandi: *meow*
11:03:04 Hala_Sudan: we can not say now
11:03:04 dave: just so you know
11:03:13 Daf: of course, I am counting on your help, guys :-)
11:03:18 Susan_Marandi: oops, sorry!
11:03:28 Sus_Denmark: can I turn off sound effects in the chat if I feel overwhealmed?
11:03:31 Hala_Sudan: Daf,you are the greatest
11:03:31 aidenyeh: we'll be here for you daf
11:03:46 jchaupart: Thanks in advance to all the moderators. EVO 2006 will be very productive, with lot of friends from all around the world. In this session, there were more than 22 nationalities! Time to go. Thanks everybody
11:03:52 Cristina_Costa: we will support u all the way Daf!
11:03:55 Daf: yes, Sus click on the speaker icon
11:03:55 aidenyeh: click on the black sound icon
11:03:58 Leanne: Bye JM
11:04:01 Sus_Denmark: Bye bye JM
11:04:04 Daf: thanks :-)
11:04:12 Moira: A bientôt
11:04:25 Hala_Sudan: yes
11:04:26 Sus_Denmark: yes yes Paula
11:04:49 dave: bye all... back on in two hours
11:04:56 Leanne: bye Dave
11:04:57 dave: thank you all for coming
11:05:02 dave: COME BACK SOON!!!
11:05:03 Daf: Paula is doing a great job replying to the intros sent to her list
11:05:07 Susan_Marandi: Whew! I've been straining my eyes; just realized you can zoom in on this thing to see things bigger
11:05:22 Susan_Marandi: yes, she truly is, Daf!
11:05:25 paulaemmert: Thanks Daf! You lead the way!
11:05:27 teresadeca: welcome, paula! that's what we're here for!
11:05:47 ibrahim: Creating WebQuest!
11:05:48 Susan_Marandi: :)
11:05:48 teresadeca: helping and sharing
11:05:56 Daf: I am following your session from the background, Paula :-)
11:05:58 GrahamStanley: frappr frenzy!
11:06:11 Susan_Marandi: same here!
11:06:15 Sus_Denmark: Frappr maps are really helpful
11:06:16 Susan_Marandi: lol
11:06:17 paulaemmert: Thanks for the backup Daf!
11:06:20 Sus_Denmark: and fun
11:06:32 Daf: and the F.U.N continues :-)
11:06:35 GrahamStanley: that's the great thing - so much co-operation and communication between groups and participants
11:06:47 greg606: inpiring discussion live :)
11:06:55 teresadeca: having newbies is our point in BaW, elizabeth
11:06:56 Sus_Denmark: international,and very playful!
11:06:58 greg606: inspiring
11:06:58 cili55: Nice place - you get nice ideas from othe people :)
11:07:04 mmmarzio: and T
11:07:06 Sus_Denmark: we do have many new countries this year
11:07:08 Daf: we have several new countries joining in
11:07:24 Daf: and I am so happy to have many participants from Venezuela
11:07:31 Sus_Denmark: Russia, serbia Montenegro.Moldovia
11:07:35 Daf: and many second and third timers
11:07:48 Moira: Wow
11:07:53 Sus_Denmark: quality mark!
11:08:09 paulaemmert: shall I sign off Elizabeth?
11:08:14 Susan_Marandi: So true, Sus!
11:08:16 GrahamStanley: We're going to produce a weekly podcast during our course, and invite participants to collaborate
11:08:27 Sus_Denmark: 40 countries in the Social blogging workshop
11:08:47 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: We have at least 47 countries represented so far!
11:08:58 ibrahim: Tajikistan
11:09:05 Sus_Denmark: You see, many people asre taking more classes!
11:09:14 mmmarzio: Thanks Ibrahim
11:09:25 chris: anyone from korea?
11:09:34 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Yes indeed
11:09:35 Susan_Marandi: I wish I had time to participate in *all* the EVO sessions!
11:09:35 Sus_Denmark: we're all fascinated and also a little afraid too
11:09:39 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Korea is represented
11:09:44 chris: :)
11:09:44 paulaemmert: Me too susan!
11:09:51 scott_in_tokyo: will any of the groups be using EdTechTalk webcasts during the sessions besides podcasters?
11:09:52 ibrahim: is there anybody from Uzbekistan or other countries like Kirgyzistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan?
11:09:56 Susan_Marandi: :)
11:10:03 paulaemmert: I'm hoping to play catchup at the conference
11:10:12 GrahamStanley: absolutely elderbob
11:10:17 mmmarzio: Congratulations once again to Dave and Jeff - I have to go. Bye all
11:10:19 JeffLebow: BAW and Tips & Tricks will be including Worldbridges webcasts
11:10:22 Daf: we have a session with Jeff and Dave in week 2
11:10:22 Leanne: Bye Mike
11:10:29 Susan_Marandi: Who's talking at the moment?
11:10:34 Daf: e-bob
11:10:35 paulaemmert: Elizabeth
11:10:36 Leanne: ElderBob Susan
11:10:37 scott_in_tokyo: ElderBob is talking
11:10:38 Susan_Marandi: Bye Mike, Jeff
11:10:43 Daf: bye Mike :-)
11:10:56 Susan_Marandi: Elderbob and ?
11:10:57 elderbob: That was me, Susan.
11:11:00 Daf: I will be at the TESOL conference in Tampa, eager to meet many of you there
11:11:09 Luisa: have to go now. Wiil it be possible to isten to the whole conference again?
11:11:14 paulaemmert: I've got the technology down now so bring it on!! :D
11:11:21 Daf: http://webpages.csus.edu/~hansonsm/announce.html
11:11:22 elderbob: It sounds awesome.
11:11:26 GrahamStanley: great idea Jeff
11:11:26 Susan_Marandi: No I mean the other voice (British accent)
11:11:28 teresadeca: great idea, jeff!
11:11:31 Leanne: Well, we do have Week 2 Jeff
11:11:35 Janeap: Great idea--half time and closing show
11:11:38 teresadeca: baw will
11:11:43 Leanne: Sheila somebody?
11:11:53 lee: thanks everyone.. I can't wait
11:11:54 Susan_Marandi: oh, thanks leanne
11:11:58 lee: to get started
11:12:00 Susan_Marandi: curiosity killed the cat
11:12:03 Moira: Sheila from Germany
11:12:04 paulaemmert: Thank you guys so much!!!
11:12:11 Sus_Denmark: yes, cross session collaboration is a great idea
11:12:14 Leanne: Thanks, Moira
11:12:15 Susan_Marandi: oh thanks moira
11:12:16 elderbob: A lot of Webheads meet at Tapped in on Sundy monrings and then follow along to WOrldbridges....
11:12:35 lee: Thanks I am really excited to get started
11:12:35 Susan_Marandi: eating bagels ...
11:12:42 paulaemmert: More practice would be good for me elderbob!
11:12:44 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: thanks again, Jeff & Dave--this was a great experience!
11:12:44 Sus_Denmark: the session is recorded and STREAMED LATER,RIGHT?
11:12:44 Susan_Marandi: virtual bagels, that is
11:12:46 scott_in_tokyo: Thanks Elizabeth
11:12:50 elderbob: Thaks Eliz...and thanks Jeff.
11:12:57 Chris47: Thanks
11:12:59 Daf: thanks Jeff, Dave,, Elizabeth and all
11:13:03 teresadeca: thanks so much, jeff! i really enjoyed my first time here! bye all!
11:13:08 Sus_Denmark: oh dear! I must be backthen
11:13:09 marcelanamaria: Lovely session. Thanks a lot!!!
11:13:11 Sus_Denmark: bye bye for now
11:13:11 Luisa: good! thank yoou all. bye!
11:13:14 Cristina_Costa: bye T
11:13:15 lee: Thanks Jeff!!
11:13:17 Chris47: bye bye
11:13:21 aidenyeh: thanks Jeff
11:13:22 greg606: Happy New Year ;)
11:13:23 GrahamStanley: Thanks very much Jeff & Dave and everyone
11:13:23 Moira: Thank you all
11:13:23 Jo_McLeay: Thanks all. It's been great
11:13:24 Leanne: Thanks all, Bye!
11:13:24 Susan_Marandi: Thanks a lot, everybody! This was my first time, and I really enjoyed it
11:13:26 Cristina_Costa: Kuisa get weel soon
11:13:28 lee: Bye
11:13:29 Cristina_Costa: weel soon
11:13:29 acfavaverde: Bye :)
11:13:30 aidenyeh: and goodluck to all the moderators!
11:13:30 Sus_Denmark: in two hours - elgg guys?
11:13:30 Moira: Thank you
11:13:33 cili55: Bye
11:13:34 Cristina_Costa: well soon
11:13:38 Sus_Denmark: cool!
11:13:39 Luisa: sure will cristina thx
11:13:40 Susan_Marandi: Bye everyone
11:13:47 aidenyeh: goodnight
11:13:49 Cristina_Costa: meet u on tuesday?
11:13:50 Susan_Marandi: Bye Leanne; talk to you soon
11:13:56 Sus_Denmark: Bye bye!!
11:14:05 paulaemmert: Bye everyone and have wonderful sessions!!! HUGS!
11:14:06 Susan_Marandi: thanks all moderators, mentors, everybody
11:14:11 Jo_McLeay: know how you feel
11:14:30 Daf: yes, we are :-)
11:14:33 Susan_Marandi: great session!
11:15:14 Daf: thanks, Elizabeth :-)
11:15:18 Evelyn_: Bye. I'm sorry I was not able to get a good conection. I hope you be luckier next time.
11:15:28 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: OK, Evelyn--thanks so much for coming
11:15:31 Perry: thanks, good bye
11:15:34 Daf: bye Evelyn, thanks for coming :-)
11:15:56 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: thanks so much, all of you who participated--we appreciate the wonderful audience!
11:15:56 Daf: but Moodle is great to incorporate other tools
11:15:59 Hala_Sudan: amazing
11:16:29 KatUrbaniak: Thanks. Bye.
11:16:32 Susan_Marandi: leanne?
11:16:35 Elizabeth_Hanson-Smith: Nerves B-Gone
11:16:50 GrahamStanley: wise words elderbob
11:16:51 Leanne: yes susan?
11:17:15 Susan_Marandi: just testing! :)
11:17:41 elderbob: Bye all....come back and listen to the guest they have here today....
11:17:50 GrahamStanley: bye everyone
11:18:04 fernanda: bye everyone
11:18:15 greg606: goodbye
11:18:21 Daf: bye everybody
11:18:32 Jo_McLeay: bye all
11:18:32 lee: Bye Graham
11:18:39 lee: By Daf
11:18:54 ibrahim: See you
11:19:13 ibrahim: I am going home - it is 21:19Tajik time
11:19:26 Daf: bye Ibrahim thanks for coming :-)
11:19:44 ibrahim: It was my great pleasure
11:19:46 ibrahim: See you
11:23:59 Susan_Marandi: Well, bye for now, everyone. Thanks for a great experience!
11:44:03 gharwell1: This should be interesting
11:44:15 cparkhurst: Hi everyone
11:45:28 cparkhurst: I tried to teleconference in by phone. I can hear you, but you can't hear me. So I'll introduce myself by text.
11:51:43 cparkhurst: OalSkillsandTechnology also has around 200 participants from around the world, and guest speakers who are using various technologies to teach oral skills.
11:54:11 cparkhurst: The guest speakers post links and discuss/demonstrate what they do. Participants will also participate by explaining what they do.