21st Century Learning #116: Introducing TEDxNYED

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21st Century Learning #116
November 24, 2009
Introducing TEDxNYED

Dave Bill introduces us to TEDxNYED.

"TEDxNYED will be an all day conference designed to examine education and the impact of new media and technology. Speakers are challenged to share innovative insights and inspire conversations about the future of education. Attendees are challenged to rise to the occasion: learn for themselves, educate each other and, following the spirit of TED, spread these ideas."

<Chat Transcript>

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[14:00] <alexr> Hello everyone!
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[14:03] <alexr> http://www.flickr.com/commons/
[14:03] <alexr> http://www.tedxnyed.com
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[14:06] <matt_> hey y'all
[14:06] <arvind> hi Matt!
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[14:07] <jramsden> Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great t-day!
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[14:08] <alexr> Hi Jason.
[14:09] <arvind> most of you will know http://www.ted.com
[14:09] <Guest83023> hey arvind, et all
[14:09] <alexr> Who would I want  to have at my dinner table?
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[14:09] <alexr> http://www.ted.com/pages/view?id=343
[14:09] <arvind> then they started TedX, independently organized: http://www.ted.com/pages/view?

[14:10] <alexr> arvind and I sometimes think too much alike!
[14:10] <alexr> ;-D
[14:10] <arvind> indeed!
[14:11] <arvind> Dave just mentioned the NYCIST (New York Consortium of Independent School

Technologists) listserv: http://www.nycist.net
[14:12] <alexr> Site went live today: http://www.tedxnyed.com/
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[14:13] <arvind> hey Bill, welcome
[14:13] <alexr> Hi Bill!
[14:13] <wstites> Hey there
[14:13] <alexr> Speakers: http://www.tedxnyed.com/speakers/
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[14:13] <arvind> so exciting to see the speakers!
[14:14] <arvind> March 6, 2010 - all day
[14:14] <arvind> hi Peggy
[14:14] <PeggyG> Hi-sorry I'm late!!
[14:14] <arvind> no worries!
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[14:14] <wstites> Who is speaking at the moment... the guesy
[14:14] <wstites> guest
[14:14] <alexr> Great list of speakers: http://www.tedxnyed.com/speakers/
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[14:15] <alexr> Hi Hiram!
[14:15] <hiram> hello!
[14:15] <jramsden> @davebill - Why starting so small? ;-)  Holy cow..nicely done!
[14:15] <arvind> that's Dave Bill (@dcinc66) who's the organizer of TedXNYED
[14:15] <alexr> We'll be streaming the day at the TEDxNYED site: http://tedxnyed.com
[14:15] <PeggyG> That is an awesome lineup of speakers!!! Wow!
[14:15] <arvind> We're super-excited for this group to get together
[14:15] <arvind> all of you listening should try and make it!
[14:16] <jramsden> @hiram - are you stalking me this p.m.? :-)  Good call just now.
[14:16] <PeggyG> I will definitely plan to log in and participate in the streaming!
[14:17] <PeggyG> Michael Wesch?
[14:17] <alexr> Yep -- Wesch!
[14:17] <alexr> Very excited about this conferend.
[14:17] <alexr> conference!
[14:17] <PeggyG> I can't wait!! Thank you so much for streaming this!! We all need to tweet about

this incredible event!
[14:17] <hiram> @jramsden lurking not stalking :0
[14:18] <alexr> questions for Dave?
[14:18] <BillCamp> Has the venue been decided yet?  (I joined late so sorry if this was already

[14:19] <alexr> @BillCamp  -- working on it.  Have a few options now.
[14:19] <arvind> Venue not accounced yet: http://www.tedxnyed.com/where/
[14:19] <arvind> announced, even!
[14:20] <BillCamp> @arvind Yes, I saw that on the website but sometimes the real world is more up

to date than online.  :)
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[14:20] <arvind> BillCamp: often is!
[14:21] <arvind> if you want to come, fill out: http://www.tedxnyed.com/apply/
[14:21] <arvind> $40, pretty good deal to see this group of people
[14:22] <PeggyG> found the twitter feed :-) http://twitter.com/tedxnyed
[14:22] <alexr> Thanks, Peggy!
[14:22] <PeggyG> that's an incredible price!!
[14:22] <wstites> Can you apply for 2 people? I want to go but take another and would be all or

none for us?
[14:24] <montagne> nice 'cast all
[14:25] <montagne> w00t for Dave and TEDXNYC
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[14:25] <arvind> thanks, Matt
[14:25] <alexr> Thanks @montagne!
[14:25] <PeggyG> thanks for featuring this event! very excited to know about it and start to

follow the tweets!
[14:25] <BillCamp> Is there a max character limit on the web form for why I want to attend?  :)
[14:25] <arvind> e-mail [email protected]  for more
[14:25] <PeggyG> love it BillCamp :-)
[14:26] <arvind> haha, I was going to ask how many words it had to be :)
[14:26] <arvind> Twitter us at #ett21
[14:26] <PeggyG> saw the tweet for #ett21 on the Ted twitter :-)
[14:26] <wstites> ett21?
[14:26] <PeggyG> bye everyone
[14:26] <alexr> Bye!
[14:26] <arvind> 21st Century Learing (EdTechTalk21) - ett21
[14:26] <wstites> arvind had ett21cl listen in his tweet?
[14:27] <BillCamp> Is there a Twitter hash tag being used for this event?
[14:27] == PeggyG [i=62a5b02d@gateway/web/freenode/x-adxisclrqvcjndyb] has quit ["Page closed"]
[14:27] <arvind> for the event: #TEDXNYED
[14:27] <arvind> for our show, #ETT21
[14:28] <BillCamp> @arvind Thanks.
[14:28] <wstites> @billcamp #tedxnyed
[14:28] <wstites> thanks fellas
[14:28] <arvind> see you at TEDxNYED hopefully!

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