21st Century Learning #115: Liz Davis Discussing One on One Teacher Professional Develoment

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21st Century Learning #115
November 24, 2009
Liz Davis on 1 to 1 Teacher Professional Develoment

A conversation with Liz Davis about integrating technology into the curriculum with a 1 on 1 professional development.  Read more about Liz's ideas on her blog or at the ISENet NING

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[13:57] <lizbdavis> Hello
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[14:00] <@alexr> hello world.
[14:01] <vvrotny> @alexr, just got bumped off my network. Things are good here now
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[14:05] <@alexr> Hi folks.
[14:05] <MattSpence> Howdy y'all
[14:05] <vvrotny> Hey all.
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[14:06] <@alexr> Liz's post: http://isenet.ning.com/forum/topics/rethinking-professional
[14:08] <MattSpence> There's strength in numbers!
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[14:12] <MattSpence> To provide this level of PD the tech-staff resources (man-hours) must be there to support it. 
[14:12] <@alexr> @matt -- agreed.
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[14:17] <robletcher> I like to create stand-alone training resources (lessons, videos, etc.) that I can repurpose as needed based on teacher's needs
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[14:17] <robletcher> Paste them together to create what they need
[14:18] <robletcher> Strongly support Diigo/Delicious, etc. as well as convincing them to become friends on Twitter.
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[14:19] <@alexr> Love those suggestions, Rob.
[14:19] <robletcher> It's difficult, particularly for those floundering in a new job, to place the PD all in their own hands - I have to spoonfeed them in their first year
[14:20] <robletcher> Second year, though, they are ready to take control a bit
[14:20] <robletcher> Lurkers!
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[14:21] <robletcher> *applause*
[14:22] <MattSpence> Nice one guys
[14:22] <hiram> Sorry I'm late, just got out of class