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Conversations #82 - November 7, 2010

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Ageism - Does age take away or enhance teaching? What are the perceptions of "young" or "old" teachers in the classroom?

Conversations Episode 81 - What could a year round school really look like?

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This week, Ginger Lewman gave us our topic by questioning in Plurk what year round school could really look like if we could make sure it wasn't "same old, same old."  We also discussed the Slate challenge to create your own classroom. 


Conversations Episode 80 - Where do we go for support in our school?

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This week, we tackled the question of where to go for support in our schools.  New teachers usually get mentors.  What do others do?  What do you do when you are trying something new and have no one to turn to for support?  We all agreed to try to connect with someone new this week.


Conversations Episode 79 - Teachers who are Inspiring

63:47 minutes (58.4 MB)

After all the teacher and union bashing this week from Waiting for Superman and Education Nation, Terry Shay reminded us, on twitter, that we have to start supporting each other.  He asked us to name some teachers who inspired us.  We decided to carry on this positive conversation on our show.  


Conversations Episode 78 - A Balancing Act

67:51 minutes (31.06 MB)

 This week we continued a conversation that began on Twitter when Alec Couros went to his daughter's Back to School Night.  Along with Will Richardson, Lee Kolbert, and Angela Maiers, we discussed the issues we face as parents when walking into our own children's classrooms.  Alec could not join us but was with us in spirit....we hope.

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