SEEDLINGS SHOW # 50 discussing the Horizon Report 2009

Post-Show description: 

Alice, Bob and Cheryl did their homework and started the discussion about the Horizon Report 2009. One question we did not answer was how do the old reports measure up a year and up to 4 years later. That will be for you to decide, otherwise we would give it all away.

Listen to the show, leave a comment and come back for more. We are so happy to Worldbridges and Edtechtalk for sponsoring this show through the 50 episodes. Thanks again.

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The Chat:

 19:22:08  alicebarr  Hey Mike
 19:22:12  alicebarr  Starting in a few
 19:22:15  mrichme  Hi Alice
 19:22:45  alicebarr  Thanks for your help again today
 19:23:23  mrichme  I tried
 19:23:35  alicebarr  No it was VERY helpful!
 19:24:13  alicebarr  Want to join us on Skype?
 19:24:21  alicebarr  Show # 50!
 19:24:23  mrichme  I really hope we can get the cloud computing option available as that can really open up Web 2.0 tools in schools
 19:24:47  mrichme  I don't have a microphone.  :(
 19:24:59  alicebarr  Yes me too. Interesting, I would like o chat more about that sometime
 19:25:23  alicebarr  Boo :(
 19:27:00  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hello to all, this is show # 50
 19:27:09  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hello shelia,
 19:27:24  Sheila  Hi there! :)
 19:27:27  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  getting ready!
 19:29:31  bobsprankle  hi all!
 19:29:58  Sheila  @mrichme - How's the family doing?
 19:30:00  Scott Shelhart  Is it just about to start?
 19:30:22  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hello, to all
 19:30:44  guest478  :)
 19:31:06  Scott Shelhart  Google cal. says 19:30 GMT start's now 00:30 
 19:31:19  guest478  @scott don't trust those google guys
 19:31:41  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hi Scott, Maureen, Michael, Thursday already, Guest 478
 19:31:45  Scott Shelhart  ok. 
 19:32:02  Maureen  Hello Cheryl and everyone!
 19:32:04  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hello PeggyG
 19:32:15  mrichme  Hi everyone.  We're doing well.  Recovery is never a quick process.
 19:32:34  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hello Kcaise!
 19:32:43  guest478  i can't believe that you guys are at 50 already. Congrats everyone!
 19:32:46  alicebarr  Hi Peggy hi
 19:32:46  kcaise  hi everyone
 19:32:48  kcaise  hi cheryl
 19:33:08  PeggyG  Hi-was having trouble getting my chat bar to appear
 19:33:27  PeggyG  always an adventure on Seedlings!
 19:34:05  PeggyG  hoping to learn from all of you-I've downloaded the report but haven't read it yet
 19:34:14  alicebarr
 19:34:18  guest478  lol
 19:34:35  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  The report is Creative Commons, license!
 19:34:45  guest478  NO!
 19:34:48  guest478  NO PRINTING!
 19:35:10  alicebarr  You're right Guest 478 :)
 19:35:35  PeggyG  is it only for higher education?
 19:35:49  mrichme  Has anyone looked at past year's reports to see how the trends played out?
 19:36:52  mrichme  If the President of the US has a Blackberry what message do we send to students by banning phones in schools?
 19:36:59  guest478  omg
 19:37:03  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Not yet mrichme, but in the report they reference that
 19:37:10  PeggyG  that's a great way to explain it Cheryl. thanks
 19:37:12  guest478  There doesn't seem to be a mobile ready version of the horizon report
 19:37:17  guest478  how foolish is that?
 19:37:55  PeggyG  too bad we can't see your screen :-)
 19:38:03  Maureen  @mrichme But would we have to restrict their blackberries the way Obama's is?
 19:38:21  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hello barbara mclaughlin
 19:38:24  alicebarr  @guest476 .pdf view for mobile
 19:38:39  barbara mclaughlin  Hello
 19:38:40  mrichme  @Maureen That is better than most schools
 19:38:41  PeggyG  our university is starting to move into web 2.0 but many faculty are still very proprietary about their content
 19:38:50  guest478  @alicebarr pdf? that's hardly a handy dandy mobile format
 19:39:12  Maureen  mrichme:) We take them away and lock them in the closet for the day.
 19:39:36  alicebarr  @guest 478 you are right, not the best, but doable
 19:40:12  kcaise  very good point cheryl
 19:40:27  guest478  sorry... got kicked out
 19:40:27  Thursday already?  used my cell phone to access info in an art museum yesterday
 19:40:27  techsavvygirl  is there software like Poll anywhere that is more affordable
 19:40:45  PeggyG  poll everywhere is free
 19:40:49  guest478  no defense :)
 19:41:03  guest478  yay for exportability and txt versions!
 19:41:37  techsavvygirl  i thought it was only free for very limited us.  cool.. I'll look into it further
 19:42:06  techsavvygirl  hi Peggy!  we keep bumping into each other!
 19:42:21  alicebarr  @thursday Already Cool use for cell
 19:42:26  PeggyG  there are limitations on the free version--maybe 30 responses?
 19:42:44  guest478  doh! child wakes up... hope to get back... may have to catch podcast
 19:42:49  PeggyG  Yes love it techsavvygirl!!
 19:42:53  guest478  congrats again on THE BIG 50
 19:42:58  Thursday already?  why teach touch typing? 
 19:43:13  mrichme  via Will Richardson  Information technologies are having a significant impact on how people work, play, gain information, and collaborate. Increasingly, those who use technology in ways that expand their global connections are more likely to advance, while those who do not will find themselves on the sidelines. With the growing availability of tools to connect learners and scholars all over the world ‚Äî online collaborative workspaces, social networking tools, mobiles, voice-over-IP, and more ‚Äî teaching and scholarship are transcending traditional borders more and more all the time. (Emphasis mine.)
 19:43:13  Maureen  If everything goes mobile, my glasses will need to be permenantly attached to me
 19:43:20  PeggyG  I can type mubh better on my iphone than I could on my blackberry!
 19:43:38  Thursday already?  touch typing may go by the wayside before cursive writing!
 19:43:42  techsavvygirl  I think we absolutely STILL must teach keyboarding
 19:43:46  PeggyG  @mrichme--great quote!! so true!
 19:44:09  alicebarr  @Peggy G I have heard many say that
 19:44:25  mrichme  Who is to say in 5 years things aren't voice to text?
 19:44:27  PeggyG  when you comment on something can you tell us what page you're on?
 19:44:30  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Cursive writing is not taught in my schools.
 19:44:42  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  sure thing peggyG
 19:44:54  Maureen  How do you think the global recession will affect the predictions in the report?
 19:45:35  PeggyG  that's such a great point Bob! we have a lot of power if we take advantage of student cell phones they already own :-)
 19:45:36  mrichme  @Bob bandwidth will become the new currency
 19:45:41  Maureen  Do you think the startups, the free stuff will disappear? Or is this temporary?
 19:45:42  PeggyG  thank you!
 19:45:44  bobsprankle  right, mike
 19:47:50  PeggyG  @Maureen--which startups are you referring to? tools that are online and free right now?
 19:48:29  Maureen  @ Peggy Yes. It seems that things that were in beta and free and now $ or gone. Even google is retrenching.
 19:48:47  PeggyG  just got a notice from my mailman today about a change in scheduled delivery times--haven't dropped Sat. yet
 19:49:15  PeggyG  I agree Maureen. Many seem to be retrenching.
 19:49:37  Maureen  @ Peggy my PO just expanded hours- I could never get my mail til Sat- now they are finally open til 7 for mailboxes.
 19:49:46  PeggyG  and the ads that support the free programs are getting much more intrusive!
 19:49:47  mrichme  Think about bandwidth in schools (as well as filters)
 19:49:57  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hello annelisewojo, cathy E, hello
 19:50:36  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  techsavvygirl, welcome
 19:50:37  Maureen  Hate to think that Gary Stager was right about web 2.0
 19:50:49  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hey ds, welcome long time no see
 19:50:56  PeggyG  it's so sad when we lose tools we love!
 19:50:57  Thursday already?  what did gary say?
 19:51:09  Cathy E  I just love listening to ya'll
 19:51:10  PeggyG  but I don't think that's a reason not to use them
 19:51:11  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes peggy, very sad
 19:51:13  ds  thanks Cheryl, it has been too long
 19:51:14  mrichme  EXPORT EXPORT EXPORT
 19:51:18  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  thanks cathye
 19:51:29  Maureen  Gary was saying not to count on the betas, that free costs something
 19:51:46  Thursday already?  thanks, Maureen
 19:51:54  bobsprankle  def. maureen
 19:51:55  Cathy E  Didn't Jott go to pay?  I loved the beta.
 19:52:00  techsavvygirl  American free enterprise
 19:52:03  kcaise  is there a way to export diigo?
 19:52:41  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  I was sad to see Jott go, pay.
 19:52:57  PeggyG  what a great comment to target Cheryl! students are different but a lot of educational material is not!!!
 19:53:24  PeggyG  change is just so slow!!!!
 19:53:34  alicebarr  @CathyE Yes Jott went to pay
 19:53:43  techsavvygirl  Discovered a very interesting approach  to history today that I think is a great example of  Cheryl's comment
 19:54:00  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  thanks techsavvy girl.
 19:54:05  techsavvygirl  remixing and and new video as a way to keep the new voters engaged
 19:54:21  PeggyG  they made exactly that point on the PBS-Classroom 2.0 show last night about Lincoln!
 19:54:22  techsavvygirl  sorry type.. historical and new videos
 19:54:27  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  A reminder that this will be a podcast tomorrow and the chat will be availabe too, with all the great links!!!
 19:54:52  annelisewojo  finally I'm in and have audio, whew! too many problems for me to get here, glad i made it
 19:55:05  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  glad you persevered annelisewojo
 19:55:06  Maureen  I have mixed feelings about "kids are different now". Yes- they can learn things in new ways, express their learning in new ways- but so many things are developmental. Smetimes they just seem precocious because of the tech stuff
 19:55:11  techsavvygirl  NECAP scores came out today!  everyone is comparing their schools
 19:56:00  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  we start with necap's next fall, in Maine
 19:56:18  PeggyG  we're starting to collect a lot more data but teachers need to learn how to analyze it and interpret it to improve student learning
 19:57:11  techsavvygirl  Peggy... its got to be more timely to be useful
 19:57:21  techsavvygirl  Assessment wall.. I want to see that.. please send link
 19:57:31  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  look at assessment wall
 19:57:33  Thursday already?  wold love to see that cheryl
 19:57:33  PeggyG
 19:57:39  techsavvygirl  thanks cheryl
 19:57:39  Scott Shelhart  Have to go. I can't focus on homework and listen at the same time.  Will catch it on the podcast
 19:57:54  ds  dogs and kids, the director's nightmare :)
 19:58:06  alicebarr  @ds Yup
 19:58:10  PeggyG  that's why teachers need to learn to collect data in formative ways so it's immediate
 19:58:17  bobsprankle  thanks for coming scott! see you later!
 19:58:59  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hello JohnS, welcome
 19:59:00  Maureen  Do you have any concerns about data mining, privacy, and access with cloud computing?
 19:59:03  PeggyG  student portfolios are great ways to collect data but teachers need to know how to assess them
 19:59:10  JohnS  Hey, all.
 19:59:30  techsavvygirl  the under 13 limitations  is really stifling this
 19:59:43  bobsprankle  hey john.. welcome
 19:59:55  mrichme  Great point @techsavvygirl
 19:59:56  PeggyG  students need to learn how to self-evaluate too
 20:00:02  techsavvygirl  too many people holding the "legal" concerns as a reason not to go there
 20:00:03  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes, techsavvygirl, we use the [email protected] to get around
 20:00:22  Maureen  @techsavvygirl- I agree!
 20:00:39  techsavvygirl  we use Google Apps at our middle school
 20:00:43  mrichme  @cheryloakes  What about Voicethread's latest change in policy?
 20:00:50  PeggyG  I wish people wouldn't focus on what they can't do and rather focus on how can they do what they need/want to do.
 20:00:54  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes, techsavvygirl, we need to keep pushing forward
 20:01:21  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  What is the VT policy change, I am not aware?
 20:01:56  mrichme  Didn't they change that workaround?
 20:01:59  JohnS  Wouldn't use that argument. Online services can go away, too.
 20:02:00  Cathy E  Have you tried  (but out by MIT)
 20:02:06  techsavvygirl  what do you mean cheryl
 20:02:17  PeggyG  very important point Bob-have heard concerns about lack of access to google docs that were critical when server was down or docs were somehow lost
 20:02:26  Maureen  @CathyE what is
 20:02:39  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  I think we need to push the postives techsavvy girl, there are more than negatives, I hope
 20:02:45  JohnS  @PeggyG offline is coming. That may help some.
 20:03:13  PeggyG  offline is here now for Google docs
 20:03:15  techsavvygirl  Google Gears important feature
 20:03:34  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  thanks peggyg for the update, offline for google docs
 20:03:36  JohnS  yes, but I don't think it's available for Google apps for education yet (though I may be wrong)
 20:03:48  mrichme  sorry about that...VT doesn't allow simulataneous login under one user name
 20:03:51  Cathy E =
 20:04:01  PeggyG  Steve H. told me how much he appreciates being able to use google docs offline on planes. :-)
 20:04:02  mrichme  LOVE GOOGLE GEARS!
 20:04:06  techsavvygirl  hmm.. JOhn.. I have not tried Google Gears with apps , yet.. will do
 20:04:28  Maureen  Thanks CathyE
 20:05:09  techsavvygirl  Peggy...for us in Vemont... we don't have broadband in many places... so Google Gears helped me survive this summer when I lived in a no cell phone; no broadband location
 20:05:24  Maureen  I haven't read the report yet- just skimmed the summary- but does it talk about the "semantic" web?
 20:05:42  mrichme  Geo-location:  Google Maps now ties in photos for locations.  So when you search for location it will also give you photos from panoramic (sp)
 20:05:43  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes maureen, semantic web is coming up at the end
 20:05:50  PeggyG  that is great to hear!! I haven't needed google gears but am definitely going to explore it.
 20:06:59  PeggyG  I'm still struggling with the differences between tags and categories. Sue Waters wrote a great blog post on it but they keep overlapping for me.
 20:07:45  mrichme  @PeggyG I tell kids to think about tags like keywords
 20:08:03  mrichme  Categories would be general topics
 20:08:22  techsavvygirl  great links in that section... cool.
 20:08:22  PeggyG  I much prefer tags to categories--so many things seem to overlap categories
 20:08:36  annelisewojo  I agree, I'm surprised in the 2-3 years for this section
 20:09:47  PeggyG  I don't think teachers understand tagging yet.
 20:10:11  PeggyG  Many teachers are still not using social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds.
 20:10:16  alicebarr  Amazing links to explore in this report
 20:10:33  JohnS  Has anyone looked back at the old Horizon Reports to see how accurate they were in hindsight?
 20:11:25  techsavvygirl  I can't wait for Google Sites to be able to "embed" better
 20:11:29  PeggyG  @JohnS--I haven't but that would be really interesting. Like going back to last year's astrological reading to see how much of it really happened. :-)
 20:12:00  Maureen  Oh good- I don't really get the concept- maybe a video will help me
 20:12:19  techsavvygirl  Tagging (by doing it and making mistakes) students and teachers will learn how to do it
 20:12:46  mrichme  @Alice  THat sounds like a great assignment for a summer course someone might be teaching!
 20:13:04  JohnS  No. They go back to 2004.
 20:13:15  PeggyG  I still have to think about whether my tags always help me find things when I need them. That's why I like Diigo so I can edit my tags when I need to.
 20:13:20  techsavvygirl  cool... what a great activity
 20:13:24  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50
 20:13:33  techsavvygirl  thanks Cheryl
 20:14:01  PeggyG  thanks for that link Cheryl!
 20:14:53  Sheila  did I miss the link to the video?
 20:14:54  PeggyG  there really are a LOT of great links in that report!!
 20:15:05  ds
 20:15:14  Sheila  Thanks DS
 20:15:17  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  This report would keep you busy for a few snow days !
 20:15:19  ds  yw
 20:15:30  techsavvygirl  anyone got a good video link that shows smart objects
 20:15:32  Sheila  Computer hiccuped
 20:15:38  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  oops
 20:15:48  PeggyG  can you explain smart objects?
 20:15:51  techsavvygirl  Cheryl... that might happen tomorrow
 20:15:56  techsavvygirl  (snow day)
 20:16:30  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  no, where are youtechsavvy?
 20:16:39  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  we just had one yesterday.
 20:16:52  PeggyG  so sorry for all of you cold folks!! 73 degrees tomorrow for me
 20:16:55  mrichme  Smart objects in education:  Scan your ID card in the library and have a personalized reading list appear.
 20:17:07  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  good idea thanks mrichme
 20:17:37  Sheila  And do you know how old the GPS satellites are?
 20:17:52  annelisewojo  Tonight is the 1st time I've looked at the Horizon Report.  Very interesting data, loaded with links.  Thanks Cheryl for tweeting this talk....I've heard of it but never took the time to read it. 
 20:17:52  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  that is a good trivia question.
 20:18:05  JohnS  They need to talk to each other, not to a central repository. Let the cars a mile back know that there's a slowdown coming up.
 20:18:09  JohnS  grid computing
 20:18:13  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  the horizon report is a must read for educators.
 20:18:15  Sheila  Groups are concerned we have not  updated them.
 20:18:16  PeggyG  I sometimes worry about the information because I depend on it to be accurate--like GPS directions. I don't print out a map because I depend on my GPS to tell me
 20:18:38  annelisewojo  Why is it the more I learn, the more I wonder how I was so out of the loop before?
 20:18:38  JohnS  We have that. It's
 20:18:47  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes johns
 20:19:11  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  i agree annelisewojo, time
 20:19:21  techsavvygirl  EPIC 2014 video comes to mind
 20:19:34  Maureen  @annelisewojo You're in good company- out of the loop... I learn more every day and get further behind
 20:19:35  PeggyG  @annelisewojo--that is so true! it's hard to keep up with the loop!
 20:20:03  JohnS  It's not even that. You just log in, and it makes suggestions for you based on what you've bought in the past. I could see libraries making suggestions like that.
 20:20:05  annelisewojo  whew, feeling better now that i'm not alone!
 20:20:06  PeggyG  oh Cheryl--a wordle!! fantastic!! what a great idea!
 20:20:24  techsavvygirl 
 20:20:25  PeggyG  do you use the full report for your wordle?
 20:21:06  Maureen  just fyi- wordle doens't search by name- just title,tags. Found out the hard way when I had to find 24 wordles after inauguration- labeled with first name last initial.. ugh!
 20:22:31  PeggyG  I didn't know that Maureen--very helpful!
 20:22:33  techsavvygirl  I'm really enjoying the discussion about this report.. Very timely
 20:22:37  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  sorry lost my chat for a while
 20:22:58  techsavvygirl  I've found that has some features that I wish Wordle had
 20:22:58  PeggyG  it's hard for teachers to teach it when they haven't experienced it
 20:23:09  Maureen  @peggyg - had to go back 8 hours of pages to find my kids work... no fun!
 20:23:28  techsavvygirl  absolutely.... we don't teach Music by listening to music.. we learn by practing music
 20:23:36  techsavvygirl  pacticing
 20:23:43  techsavvygirl  oops.. can't spell
 20:23:46  PeggyG  ugh!! valuable learning experience! you saved us a bunch of time
 20:23:55  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  thanks PeggyG
 20:24:01  JohnS  need to check out, folks. Thanks for a great show.
 20:25:01  techsavvygirl  Thanks sooo  much for your perspectives, Seedlings
 20:25:05  PeggyG  what a lot of information to process from the Horizon Report!! Can't wait to get started and to have some local conversations about it!
 20:25:53  alicebarr
 20:26:03  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  great one Alice!
 20:26:12  PeggyG  I'm very interested to compare the horizon report with the conversations that took place at educon2.1
 20:27:21  PeggyG  awesome link Alice!
 20:27:24  techsavvygirl  very cool..
 20:27:26  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50
 20:27:33  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  hello adinasullivan!!
 20:27:51  adinasullivan  Hey ya
 20:28:28  PeggyG  that's amazing there are so many virtual worlds for kids!!
 20:28:34  Lorna  what a list
 20:28:59  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50
 20:29:25  PeggyG  I started using Bella Sara with my granddaughter (6 years) after Alec Courosa mentioned it. She loves it!
 20:29:39  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  great to have an endorsement PeggyG
 20:29:46  techsavvygirl  more needs for media literacy
 20:29:51  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Hi LindaN, welcome back
 20:30:08  PeggyG  I remember taking a course on speed reading :-)
 20:30:10  techsavvygirl  yes
 20:30:11  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50
 20:30:19  Cathy E  OH - I so remember doing that
 20:30:25  PeggyG  my problem is staying awake when I read!
 20:30:28  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  isn't funny how we learned!
 20:30:36  techsavvygirl  We're all revealing our age
 20:30:44  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  yes,
 20:31:05  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50
 20:31:07  PeggyG  My 6-year-old grandson just gave me a great explanation about how he speedreads his books. He's already reading Harry Potter. :-)
 20:31:31  techsavvygirl  great links
 20:32:21  techsavvygirl  Cheryl... what is OUR SPACE
 20:32:38  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  ourspace is our 8th grade language arts ning, it private
 20:32:40  PeggyG  where did you put the NYTimes article?
 20:32:54  techsavvygirl  what a great 'name'
 20:33:14  PeggyG  that's not cool looks wonderful and fun!
 20:33:39  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  tecysavvygirl, the teachers thought of it.
 20:33:40  bobsprankle
 20:34:02  PeggyG  Thanks Bob!
 20:34:10  Lorna  nytimes link won't open need membership
 20:34:29  PeggyG  I had to log in to see it Lorna
 20:34:35  Lorna  sorry I see that it is free
 20:34:35  PeggyG  it's free
 20:34:40  techsavvygirl  video?  can you send that link
 20:34:40  adinasullivan  Some good kid/teen level articles on as well
 20:34:48  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  50 shows tonight!
 20:34:50  Sheila  Happy 50th!
 20:34:51  PeggyG  we need some birthday cake!!
 20:34:55  techsavvygirl  Happy 50th
 20:34:56  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  You all make our show!
 20:35:37  PeggyG  Such a wonderful show!!! Thanks to all of you!
 20:35:41  annelisewojo  thanks everyone, great info, i'll be back!
 20:35:56  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  we will be here next week. Teachers Talking are Feb 12.
 20:36:08  Maureen  Thank you- great show!
 20:36:24  bobsprankle  thanks all!
 20:36:28  cheryloakes`Seedlings Show #50  Thanks again, awesome show.
 20:36:31  PeggyG  We have the Seedlings shows on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE calendar too :-)
 20:36:39  Lorna  I can never get over how much I can learn in 15 min with these wonderful folks
 20:36:42  PeggyG  adios!
 20:36:48  techsavvygirl  au revoir
 20:36:51  PeggyG  Thanks everyone!
 20:36:57  adinasullivan  Good night all

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