2011-03-10 Seedlings Show 111 Maine Teacher of the Year

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 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Hi Shelly!
 bobsprankle -> Hi Shelly!
 cheryloakes50 -> Getting things ready! Be here soon
 cheryloakes50 -> http://www.maine.gov/education/toy/index.html
 cheryloakes50 -> Hi Connect2jamie, welcome
 bobsprankle -> hi jamie!
 connect2jamie -> Good evening all!
 cheryloakes50 -> Evening Peggy, seems to be all good
 cheryloakes50 -> Hello Cathy E
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Welcome Everyone
 PeggyG -> very excited to meet the Maine Teacher of the Year :-)
 connect2jamie -> very cool!
 cheryloakes50 -> Thanks Peggy, this is going to be fun.
 bobsprankle -> hi peggy!!
 connect2jamie -> That's one of the BEST things about being a librarian. I get to keep all my kids for 6 yrs!
 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! so glad everything is working :-) audio is very clear
 cheryloakes50 -> Oh, that is so nice, you really see the developing child.
 cheryloakes50 -> Thanks Peg for helping out.
 connect2jamie -> @cheryl yes I LOVE that.
 PeggyG -> Hall of Flags :-) something new to me
 cheryloakes50 -> That is our state house, and the nominees have like a poster session.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> At the State House
 cheryloakes50 -> All the legislature passes by.
 PeggyG -> great idea!
 PeggyG -> do the legislators actually show up? :-)
 cheryloakes50 -> They have to walk by :-)
 PeggyG -> we did something like that in AZ and set it up right on their path to lunch :-) they didn't stay long but we planned some interactive things on the posters to try to hook them
 PeggyG -> what a wonderful opportunity!
 PeggyG -> what a great quote! you couldn't do this without us :-)
 cheryloakes50 -> Isn't that great! The kids get it.
 PeggyG -> like that description--lulls and great tidal waves :-)
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Our State is so huge
 cheryloakes50 -> evening shelia!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Hi Sheila
 sheila -> Hi there!
 PeggyG -> I definitely agree with that recommendation! Any of the nominees would be exemplary teachers who could speak to pre-service teachers
 cheryloakes50 -> Doesn't that make sense to spread those speakers around!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> I love that idea... such good models
 PeggyG -> do they teach the "Teacher of the Year" about strategies for advocating for education with legislators?
 cheryloakes50 -> Bring our student faces to the message of education.
 PeggyG -> I heard one of Steve Hargadon's guests say that he didn't believe teachers were being bashed and my mouth fell open!!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Really?? Wow Peggy
 cheryloakes50 -> Hm, interesting perspective.
 PeggyG -> he was a very well known researcher and author for educational research
 cheryloakes50 -> We are still a ripple.
 cheryloakes50 -> in the big pond.
 PeggyG -> that's why it's so important to learn effective strategies for advocacy
 cheryloakes50 -> And marketing! We need to learn how to market our product, our students.
 PeggyG -> yes! the news wants to focus on the negative news about teachers and students
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, I like NBC with their positive new bites.
 PeggyG -> even when we create great PR with videos, stories, etc. it's hard to get them air time
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, and then who is watching the public access channel. We need to play a a video at the grocery store or the restaurants!
 Shelly Moody -> Any PR we put out to the public will plant seeds of thought.  
 PeggyG -> or in the laundromats where people are waiting for their laundry to finish :-)
 cheryloakes50 -> yes! Peggy, great idea. We need to think out of the box.
 sheila -> We are talking about a neighborhood campaign. Bring the facts to our neighbors.
 cheryloakes50 -> Hi Janice,  welcome!!
 Janice S -> Thanks. Glad to be here.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Sheila, great idea!
 PeggyG -> great idea Sheila because there are so many people (who vote) who don't have kids in schools
 PeggyG -> I always love the "Principal of the Day" program we had in AZ because it brought prominent community leaders into the school for a day to see all of the great things happening
 cheryloakes50 -> I agree Shelly, put the student face out there.
 PeggyG -> I had a great day with a President of a local bank in Phoenix! He became a strong advocate for schools/teachers
 connect2jamie -> I agree with you Bob.
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, Peggy, that is making connections.
 PeggyG -> they begin to understand how much work it is to be a teacher and there are passionate, dedicated teachers who don't trample the kids on the way out the door at the end of the day
 sheila -> I saw a flyer at a restaurant in my hometown called "Great Schools and Great Towns Go Hand in Hand!) Very quick easy read.
 PeggyG -> great quote Sheila!
 cheryloakes50 -> Shelia, that is good.
 Janice S -> I heard about your new governer in Maine on NPR today - kind of against unions. Probably an atmosphere to fear.
 sheila -> Good point! Back to passion.
 PeggyG -> so sorry but I can't stay for the whole session-I'll look forward to listening to the rest on the recording. Fantastic guest! Congrats Shelly!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Bye Peggy! Thanks for coming
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Hi Deb
 Deb Barrows -> Hello!
 bobsprankle -> deb!!!
 Deb Barrows -> Sorry to be late
 Deb Barrows -> but glad to be here.
 cheryloakes50 -> Hi Deb!
 cheryloakes50 -> You get a pass for being late today.
 Deb Barrows -> HAHA
 Deb Barrows -> We are doing so many innovative things in Maine compared to most of the rest of the US but we take it for granted.
 Deb Barrows -> So it's hard to celebrate greatness when it's the norm.
 cheryloakes50 -> Deb, isn't that the truth, but we always are raising the bar
 Deb Barrows -> Yes we are in Maine.
 cheryloakes50 -> http://www.ted.com/talks/browse
 cheryloakes50 -> Did you all see Google today, Houdini
 Deb Barrows -> I love watching the TED talks.
 Deb Barrows -> Yes, Cheryl I did. I was helping someone and they said - that's not the Google I use!
 cheryloakes50 -> hee hee
 sheila -> @Cheryl - no he disappeared for me!  ;) Houdini
 Deb Barrows -> Bob - do you know anyone who has presented on TED?
 cheryloakes50 -> *)
 Deb Barrows -> HAHA - he didn't disappear on my screen - how cool.
 sheila -> Kidding!
 cheryloakes50 -> http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/adora_svitak.html   what adults can learn from kids
 Deb Barrows -> That's great Bob - Redmond is an exciting place - that's where Crick had it's headquaters.
 Janice S -> I saw your daughter's presentation and song. She was wonderful!
 bobsprankle -> cool, deb!
 Janice S -> On the web.
 bobsprankle -> we were on Microsoft campus
 Deb Barrows -> It's pretty amazing isn't it Bob?
 bobsprankle -> yes!!
 connect2jamie -> I saw your daughter too  Bob. I felt proud of her! Like an internet-auntie! :)
 cheryloakes50 -> connect2jamie, that is so cute! internet auntie
 connect2jamie -> heehee! I did!
 bobsprankle -> that
 bobsprankle -> that
 bobsprankle -> that's wonderful jamie
 bobsprankle -> <sorry for the stutter>
 connect2jamie -> LOL!
 Deb Barrows -> I was working in a Middle and HS Monday in Carmel, CA. I couldn't believe the bell ran every 42 minutes and everyone moved. I totally forgot about that false envirnment. We need a HS to total redesign their day all based on interest with not more than 3 adults a day.
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, Deb.!!! Hear, hear!
 Deb Barrows -> We don't need years of research either.
 cheryloakes50 -> That is right, we can do this now.
 Deb Barrows -> So, create an alternative school in your HS -
 Deb Barrows -> Anyone can apply
 cheryloakes50 -> what do you mean anyone can apply? Deb.
 cheryloakes50 -> Create a school in a school!
 Janice S -> I think a SMARTboard works best when just in one classroom. Shared doesn't work as well.
 Deb Barrows -> Yes a school in a school and it doesn't have to be just Sp. Ed.
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, Deb. school in a school is a good fiscally responsive way to go.    Janice, it is like sharing a camera, you never have it when you need it.
 Janice S -> Agreed.
 Janice S -> And now you can save it!
 cheryloakes50 -> yes
 sheila -> My students really like the clickers too! I give 5 questions frequently during the week. Keeps them focused on content and more engaged.
 cheryloakes50 -> All these positive changes, are great!
 sheila -> A pain to create beforehand but well worth it.
 sheila -> Ebay - never thought of that!
 Janice S -> Wonder where the seller got them. :)
 Janice S -> looking on ebay. Suprised by the variety of clickers available.
 sheila -> http://www.maine.gov/education/toy/index.html
 sheila -> Absolutely!
 cheryloakes50 -> http://www.maine.gov/education/toy/toy2011/index.html  the page with Shelly and we have to brag, Alice Barr as a semifinalist.
 Janice S -> Congrats to both of you!
 sheila -> Oh, congrats Alice!
 Janice S -> Thanks for a great show. Fun to listen live. I need to leave.
 cheryloakes50 -> Shelly loves these online sites, Tumblebooks an online subscription
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> http://tumblebooks.com/
 cheryloakes50 -> Reading A-Z!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> http://www.readinga-z.com/
 cheryloakes50 -> me2011toy.wikispaces.com
 cheryloakes50 -> http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/eBooks/reader/book/Panda/?lang=en
 Deb Barrows -> Very cool
 Shelly Moody -> Great recommendation!  I will be checking this site out with my students!
 Deb Barrows -> Self disclosure - all A-Z books have been converted to Kurzweil 3000 format so if have access to K3000 your student can log in and read the book.
 cheryloakes50 -> cheryloakes.com/   blog about students and their hike in the Maine Winter Woods
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> http://diipo.com/and http://edudemic.com/2011/02/diipo-beta/
 Deb Barrows -> Cheryl - I so admire you for doing that with students!
 cheryloakes50 -> Deb, you would have loved it, they were all smiles even trudging up hill for 2 hours.
 Deb Barrows -> You can get a free 30 day A-Z access to try it out.
 cheryloakes50 -> They told me today, next year when we go, just tell the kids it is only a 10 min. walk, let them be surprised!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> https://sites.google.com/a/yarmouthschools.org/march-18-google-day/home
 Deb Barrows -> HAHAHA
 cheryloakes50 -> Check out Alice' s link for her google day!
 bobsprankle -> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/24/lol-omg-oxford-english-dictiona...
 connect2jamie -> Oh wow Alice! That looks like quite a day!
 connect2jamie -> K-12 teachers all together?
 Deb Barrows -> Wow - it's so great how you include students in all your trainings. I wish more teachers did that.
 cheryloakes50 -> Yes, connectjamie it was the whole school
 bobsprankle -> http://www.khanacademy.org/
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Yes K-12 and support staff.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> Students really help us learn!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) -> @Jamie Thanks! It was great!
 cheryloakes50 -> Thanks to Shelly for being our guest. Thanks to the chat room!!
 connect2jamie -> wow! We're in such a huge district that I can't imagine that. I was just thinking today that the culture in a MS or HS is sooo different than that of an elementary school. I've worked in all 3. I think it might be a good thing for us to do some more "together" things with all levels so that we have more of an understanding of other schools in our district.
 cheryloakes50 -> yes, connect2jamie
 connect2jamie -> So your google day looks very interesting.
 connect2jamie -> Thank you Shelly! Congrats! It was great to hear about you!
 cheryloakes50 -> This will be a podcast in the morning!!
 bobsprankle -> thank you all!
 sheila -> Great discussion! Thanks so much!
 connect2jamie -> Always a great way to spend a Thursday evening, Maine tweeps!
 Shelly Moody -> Thank you so much for the invitation and conversation!
 bobsprankle -> take care all!
 cheryloakes50 -> Night!!
 connect2jamie -> night!
 ds -> Hi all

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