NHSTE Presentation - The Past, Present, and Future of Learning Technologies

The Potential of Collaborative Technology
A 25 minute tour of Worldbridges

NHSTE 25th Anniversary Celebration Webcast
Grappone Center - Concord, NH
Wed, Oct. 4, 2006

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DougSymington: hello Vir
14:46:30 DougSymington: welcome
14:46:43 Vir: Thanks, hello, I'm a bit early, sorry!
14:47:06 DougSymington: no need to apologize, welcome
15:02:32 JenM: be right back
15:03:19 dave: how goes the battle gentlemen?
15:03:37 dave: sorry jen.
15:03:39 dave: and jen
15:07:13 dave: hello all
15:07:14 JenM: sorry. setting up my web cab
15:07:18 dave: ha
15:07:53 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi just trying to get my bearings
15:07:59 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: no web huddle yet?
15:08:07 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: and no stream
15:08:09 mbarin623: hello everybody
15:08:49 DougSymington: Hi all
15:08:49 mbarin623: i'm a new commer, I can't hear anything.plz help me
15:08:59 dave: you aren't the only one
15:09:06 dave: and i'm not exactly what you'd call a newcomer :)
15:09:07 mbarin623: ok
15:09:17 DougSymington: I'm on channel 2
15:09:20 DougSymington: with the stream
15:09:20 dave: ah
15:11:30 DougSymington: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
15:11:37 DougSymington: to join the skypecast
15:15:10 Vir: Do you need to create an account to join Webhuddle? I can't sign in...
15:17:17 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am not seeing anything inside the web huddle
15:19:06 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I saw Jen but not Jeff
15:20:46 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Jeff you are wearing a tie? WOW
15:24:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I think Jeff looks like he has a future in video broadcasting
15:25:12 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am going to leave and return on a different browser to help in my switching windows
15:29:11 dave: how goes it?
15:30:06 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This is awesome
15:30:12 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Jeff is doing great
15:30:12 DougSymington: good channel one ready for you
15:30:15 DougSymington: dave
15:32:09 dave: nope
15:33:44 Vir: I managed to enter webhuddle but there's a white slide, is that ok or am I missing something here?
15:34:09 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: yes
15:34:14 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: with the desk top
15:34:36 dave: HI KATHY!!!
15:34:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Kathy great to see you live
15:34:57 SusanEttenheim: Hi everyone
15:35:11 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: You look great Kathy
15:35:43 dave: woohoo
15:35:53 dave: i like beginning!
15:35:55 dave: yay jeff
15:35:57 dave: yay kathy!
15:36:10 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This is a special moment in history
15:36:23 DougSymington: should be streaming on channels one and two -- please advise re any "issues"
15:36:24 DougSymington: thanks
15:36:51 SusanEttenheim: I hear it fine in the skypecast
15:37:15 SusanEttenheim: Is there video too?
15:37:27 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: log into web huddle
15:37:41 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Susan, details on the WB site
15:37:47 DougSymington: https://www.webhuddle.com/enterroom.do?action=setToken
15:38:49 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Jeff is entirely too organized
15:38:54 dave: hee hee
15:38:56 dave: i love that guy
15:39:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This is awesome to watch the speaker and book
15:40:07 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hey Jeff get your window off my picture ;)
15:41:58 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I like the look around
15:42:34 dave: lalala
15:45:41 SusanEttenheim: yeahhhh jeff!
15:45:52 SusanEttenheim: and Mr. Ed
15:45:54 dave: that was funny
15:46:01 dave: why aren't they laughing!?!
15:46:40 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: He needs to move the camera back
15:47:05 dave: yay
15:47:06 dave: that's me
15:49:58 SusanEttenheim: jeff- I just have a white screen
15:50:03 SusanEttenheim: but I'm in
15:51:03 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I have not seeing but wait for a refresh see ifit helps
15:51:23 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: better now?
15:53:25 dave: http://www.educationbridges.net/elgg/
15:54:42 Daf: hi everybody, sorry to be late
15:56:13 dave: http://youthvoices.net
15:56:48 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Unfortunately I have to say Happy Trails but have been blown away by this
16:09:28 JenM: Thank you!
16:09:41 JeffLebow: THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH
16:09:45 JeffLebow: LEBOW OUT
16:10:24 SusanEttenheim: great job jeff!!!!!!!!!
16:10:30 SusanEttenheim: thanks for including us!
16:10:32 JasonR: Pip pip!
16:10:37 DougSymington: Well done Jeff, thanks
16:10:45 DougSymington: cya all again soon