21st Century Learning #32

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #32
A Conversation about Internet Safety ­
With Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Academic Technology from North Shore Country Day School
February 20, 2007

A conversation with Vinnie Vrotny about his role at North Shore Country Day School, and his work with parent education on Internet Safety with Moodle.

Check out the Chat Transcript for Internet Safety resources


Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
Administrative privileges granted.
[alex.ragone] hey
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Good stream and I am looking forward to listening live for a while
[alex.ragone] Hey Jeff...
[Vinnie] Hey Jeff. welcome
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Hi there,
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] its]
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] it's thawing
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I love they way you guys work on the fly
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Arvind, wanted to thank you for the very nice contribution you made yesterday.
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] You have great commentary while we wait
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I am trying to do a mind dump in the office as I listen to you, not sure that's the best
[alex.ragone] Jeff GTD?
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] \yep
[alex.ragone] cool...
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] On my mac I use a software care Notetaker
[arvind] Vinnie Vrotny from North Shore Country Day School
[alex.ragone] Sorry about that, Jeff.
[alex.ragone] http://vvrotny.edublogs.org/
[alex.ragone] Vinnie's Blog.
[arvind] sabbatical, wow!
[alex.ragone] Very nice.
[arvind] uh oh, whipple hill, don't get Alex started    
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] This sounds like a nice world to live in
[alex.ragone] it is a nice life, jeff.
[alex.ragone] Vinnie's school: http://www.nscds.pvt.k12.il.us/Default.asp?bhcp=1
[alex.ragone] Using Moodle for Parent Education.
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] wow I am impressed
[alex.ragone] My School's Internet Safety Portal: https://www.collegiateschool.org/podium/default.aspx?t=40817
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I think I read about this school, Michael Jordan's sons play BB here, if I recall right.
[alex.ragone] Small world, huh.
[alex.ragone] http://www.nycist.net/d/node/35
[Vinnie] the correct website for our school is www.nscds.org
[alex.ragone] Moodle Server: http://moodle.nscds.org/moodle/
[Vinnie] Jordan's kids go to loyola academy. We have a freshman who committed to Illinois
[arvind] who are finally getting rid of their mascot, the illini
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] my bad
[alex.ragone] Neighborhood Independent School Collaborative: http://nisc.wikispaces.com/Parent+Home
[alex.ragone] On Internet Safety.
[alex.ragone] Jeff --- questions?
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Just in general we need to keep parents and kids talking about daily Internet life. Complancy is the big problem.
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] no questions you are doing great
[alex.ragone] Thanks.
[alex.ragone] to Vinnie!
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I wish I was working with this guy.
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Vinnie's right kids get lured in when they trust too much
[Vinnie] my parent site, www.nsparented.org
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Any way we can get into your parent site?
[Vinnie] go ahead and register. Go to the first time user, fill out the form, and validate
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] thanks, I will do that
[arvind] i just did
[alex.ragone] I like the sound of your sebatical, Vinnie!
[arvind] for sure
[alex.ragone] uggg.
[alex.ragone] Vinnie was in London with his family during the london bombings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_bombings
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I keep losing my chat window as I flip through the links
[arvind] that happened to me one time. supposed to open the links in new windows, but sometimes doesn't
[alex.ragone] That's a good thing.
[arvind] we really need a new chat server. just no good options right now
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] I will just have to remember not to use tabs for this
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] but let's be real those rules don't apply to kids who wants to get going
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Kids oftern rule
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Parents need to be pushed and reminded to keep on the game
[alex.ragone] http://headrush.typepad.com/
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] nice show guys, Happy Trails
[Jeff from Ann Arbor] Thanks


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