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453:30 Open, Social, Connected
Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. This presentation unravels a recent open graduate course offering titled “Open, Connected, Social” that was offered at the University of Regina, Winter 2008. The presentation describes the theories influencing the course, types of open practice, reflections and outcomes, and goes on to describe the emergence of “open teaching”.

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14:44:11 Mathew Needleman ->  Alec's video is great!
 14:44:15 Andy McKiel ->  Hey Alec!
 14:44:18 shanda ->  that was great.  bye everyone.
 14:44:29 bryanhughes ->  Hi Alec!
 14:44:53 Andy McKiel ->  Goes hand-in-hand with the virtual audience
 14:45:17 Andy McKiel ->  Hey @biggmaxx - good timing...
 14:45:30 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I was hoping to listen in a bit...
 14:46:10 mrsdurff ->  hi shanda
 14:46:17 mrsdurff ->  hi ryan
 14:46:24 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Hey...
 14:46:26 mrsdurff ->  does everyone have sound?
 14:46:32 Andy McKiel ->  :-)
 14:46:35 Lesley E ->  yes
 14:46:36 Lorna ->  all good
 14:46:40 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  yep
 14:46:49 mrsdurff ->  :D
 14:47:08 JL ->  and the 'McDreamy' of EdTech
 14:47:09 matt montagne ->  Kudos to the K12Online LAN Team...this is AWESOME!
 14:47:11 Paula Naugle ->  He loves social media.
 14:47:42 Lesley E ->  @JL :)
 14:47:48 Paula Naugle ->  Dr. Alec believes in being Open.
 14:47:51 Cathyjo in SC ->  @JL I second that
 14:48:57 Paula Naugle ->  @JL Love that "McDreamy" of EdTech!!
 14:49:05 mrsdurff ->  everyone here have sound?
 14:49:11 bryanhughes ->  No sound
 14:49:12 Andy McKiel ->  Audio?
 14:49:13 Lesley E ->  no
 14:49:23 courosa ->  haha, mcdreamy :-)
 14:49:26 marragem ->  no audio
 14:49:26 Peggy George ->  no audio on the stream JL
 14:49:28 mrsdurff ->  click refresh on ustream
 14:49:34 Andy McKiel ->  @courosa - guess you've gotta ad lib it for us...
 14:49:36 roxanne ->  no audio
 14:49:59 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=310
 14:50:07 tammie ->  well, it looks like it is going to be an interesting video!
 14:50:14 Peggy George ->  you can also view his presentation on your browser here
 14:51:09 bryanhughes ->  Is the Skype room a public back channel?
 14:51:15 Paula Naugle ->  Love Alec's attack ad.
 14:51:22 jbecker ->  Alec is an angry Greek guy.
 14:51:39 Peggy George ->  the skype call is just people hosting the webcast
 14:52:16 bryanhughes ->  @Peggy OK, thanks!
 14:52:33 ds ->  @bryan this'd be ur public backchannel here
 14:52:57 Peggy George ->  the concept of the open university is so incredible!! really allows for diverse group to participate in the learning!
 14:53:25 courosa ->  http://eci831.wikispaces.com
 14:53:39 Peggy George ->  that course is fantastic!!!
 14:54:02 matt montagne ->  Is WOW still on Edtech talk, or is it no longer???
 14:54:03 Peggy George ->  we can all be his students and it's totally free!!! :-)
 14:54:14 Peggy George ->  WOW will be returning soon...
 14:54:21 matt montagne ->  great to hear, Peggy
 14:54:24 mrsdurff ->  yup
 14:54:34 JoseRodriguez ->  got sound
 14:54:36 Peggy George ->  yeah! audio is great!
 14:54:39 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Whose licks were those?
 14:54:40 susanvg ->  yeah!
 14:55:03 mrsdurff ->  popcorn!
 14:55:11 Peggy George ->  watch for Mathew's great video advice while you watch this!  :-)
 14:55:15 roxanne ->  big lag time now no sound
 14:55:26 mrsdurff ->  i have sound
 14:55:47 mrsdurff ->  click refresh arrows on the ustream
 14:55:50 matt montagne ->  audio is OK on my end...a little out of sync
 14:55:52 bryanhughes ->  Seems video is lagging
 14:56:22 ds ->  only a bit of lag, but it wasn't so bad on this end....
 14:56:26 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I think mine was pretty good...
 14:56:30 JoseRodriguez ->  We DO have a back up streamer.. :-)
 14:56:35 JoseRodriguez ->  using a mac
 14:56:44 Peggy George ->  lag wasn't bad for me :-)
 14:56:51 Paula Naugle ->  Audio wasn't bad here.
 14:57:13 Andy McKiel ->  :-)
 14:57:29 Peggy George ->  the popcorn is ready :-)
 14:57:35 courosa ->  is it working?
 14:57:37 ds ->  mo better on vid now
 14:57:39 mrsdurff ->  yes
 14:57:40 Andy McKiel ->  perfect
 14:57:44 courosa ->  good
 14:57:50 roxanne ->  butter plese
 14:57:56 bryanhughes ->  Much better. We have audio/video sync now
 14:57:59 JoseRodriguez ->  ah.. and I was looking forward to hijacking the stream
 14:58:03 Peggy George ->  some really amazing video techniques in this presentation!
 14:58:04 mrsdurff ->  passing the butter
 14:58:33 JoseRodriguez ->  Yep he is a Commie....
 14:58:46 infuselearning ->  lol
 14:58:49 ds ->  @courosa love vid, *and* notion everyone needs an attach ad in their repetoire!
 14:58:52 JoseRodriguez ->  sorry a Canadian
 14:58:56 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  great preso, eh?
 14:59:11 susanvg ->  up with Canadians
 14:59:11 Lorna ->  yea canada!
 14:59:18 courosa ->  i'm a bit out of breath in this clip
 14:59:20 Arielion ->  Rabble Rousing Bacon Breathed Beastie!
 14:59:21 ds ->  happy to be watching from Canuckistan
 14:59:23 Peggy George ->  going to ask you to share some of your video techniques after the video Alec :-) inquiring minds want to know!!
 14:59:36 matt montagne ->  alec, what is the platform that you use to compile your final videos??
 14:59:40 courosa ->  that edit was because I said parliment the first time around ... then made a very obvious edit
 14:59:47 susanvg ->  I'm seeing rule of thirds
 15:00:44 courosa ->  talking about The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric Raymond
 15:01:58 matt montagne ->  the open source software movement definitely jibes with constructivist teaching and learning principles and progressive education in general
 15:02:09 courosa ->  @matt definitely
 15:02:14 Peggy George ->  how can we get more universities to buy into open source and open online courses!! it really enriches the learning opportunities for the students!
 15:02:52 Peggy George ->  I want to know how he did those flying puzzle pieces :-)
 15:03:10 roxanne ->  me too
 15:03:11 courosa ->  Adobe Illustrator
 15:03:21 matt montagne ->  @Peggy...IF we want all of our students to have access to the same powerful software platforms for use at school and home, then open source HAS to be a MAJOR component of our academic learning platform
 15:03:24 Peggy George ->  creative commons has been such an important initiative!!
 15:03:35 Peggy George ->  I agree Matt!!
 15:03:46 susanvg ->  yes - yet schools are still buying MS Office
 15:03:51 courosa ->  see the banner for k12onlineconference ... you are all inspiring!
 15:04:17 JoseRodriguez ->  I agree... all involved big kudos tot he live events committee
 15:04:29 Peggy George ->  love that we can be lurkers or participants in the Connected Learning course with George Siemens!
 15:04:42 Peggy George ->  love it Alec!
 15:04:53 roxanne ->  Be sure to remind us where we can go to share this with otheres
 15:05:24 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=310
 15:05:34 Peggy George ->  that's the link for his presentation online
 15:05:37 courosa ->  i don't use plurk a whole lot anymore
 15:05:42 JoseRodriguez ->  Gotta LOVE that Edtechtalk
 15:05:43 matt montagne ->  schoos are starting to understand that the software that they choose to use at school has an impact on all community members
 15:05:55 matt montagne ->  agree, Jose...this is fantastic
 15:06:09 Arielion ->  Still say "Personal" Learning Network is redundant.  All learning & learning networks  are  personal.
 15:06:19 Peggy George ->  this graphic of the networked teacher is so valuable!
 15:06:22 JoseRodriguez ->  Hey Mark..
 15:06:25 roxanne ->  wow
 15:06:28 Peggy George ->  I have shared it far and wide!
 15:06:49 courosa ->  @arielion what about schools? I'd say school learning networks are much more contrived than personal.
 15:07:16 ds ->  @Arielion for me the "personal" denotes a responsibility for one's learning not always present--and a vital part to this way of learning
 15:07:27 markwagner ->  Hi, Jose. I'm working out where best to set up for this...
 15:07:29 Peggy George ->  Cindy Seibel is a show host on Parents as Partners :-)
 15:08:00 courosa ->  @Peggy she was a fantastic student, and I think the course helped introduce her to edtechtalk
 15:08:18 courosa ->  i'm name dropping :-)
 15:08:26 Peggy George ->  I think so Alec! it was fun to hear her interviews :-)
 15:08:42 Arielion ->  But school is just a less successful example and the "personal" is always assumed.
 15:08:54 courosa ->  we still have sessions, every tuesday 7pm Saskatchewan time
 15:09:34 markwagner ->  Is the stream currently @courosa pre-recorded?
 15:09:36 courosa ->  @arielion I'm not in total disagreement, good points.
 15:09:59 Peggy George ->  those are such valuable points about how to create an online course so every participant is a contributor to the learning!
 15:10:04 Rose ->  Need more preservice teacher programs like Alec's
 15:10:08 Peggy George ->  yes pre-recorded
 15:10:12 ds ->  @mark yes, video it's being ustreamed
 15:10:19 Peggy George ->  it was his actual presentation from 2008
 15:10:52 susanvg ->  even at younger ages - we need to be co-learners with students
 15:11:25 Rose ->  agreed teachers need to learn more and outside of their comfort zones.
 15:11:32 Arielion ->  are others still struggling with firewalls?  I'd hpped they'd be obsolete by now by transparency is still sticky.
 15:11:42 markwagner ->  Thanks, @peggy george and @ds. Just trying to get up to speed. ;)
 15:11:51 susanvg ->  Firewalls are a big issue in many schools here
 15:11:54 Robert ->  @Alec I'm curious to know what support you have from your university for your open approach. How do you thnk it is perceived by admin, and other faculty.
 15:11:57 roxanne ->  more butter please
 15:11:57 Peggy George ->  I'll have some of that popcorn!!
 15:11:59 courosa ->  all this footage from archive.org ... there is so much good stuff there.
 15:12:07 mrsdurff ->  mmm = popcorn
 15:12:12 Arielion ->  Yeah, I thought this was a party?  Where's the food?  ;o)
 15:12:25 courosa ->  @robert my admin strongly supports my work, i am very lucky.
 15:12:26 matt montagne ->  @alec...do you have any search tips for archive.org?? It is such a messy place to find stuff
 15:12:29 susanvg ->  we provide food for thought - you provide the refreshments
 15:12:35 Arielion ->  The invention of Twitter
 15:12:42 Peggy George ->  those birds sound like the ones in Mark's presentation :-)
 15:12:54 Lorraine ->  sounds from archive.org as well?
 15:12:59 Andy McKiel ->  Alec - weren't you just featured in your University newsletter?
 15:13:02 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  my dog is barking! :D
 15:13:04 courosa ->  these sounds were from garage band i think
 15:13:21 Peggy George ->  yes and videos from archive.org--and lots of primary sources
 15:13:26 mrsdurff ->  lol
 15:13:33 courosa ->  these were my student responses
 15:13:50 courosa ->  there's cindy
 15:13:50 markwagner ->  @peggy george - ha! And you might get to hear more (birds) live if I wind up talking to you from outback to avoid waking up Clark. ;)
 15:13:56 mrsdurff ->  there is learning in the connections
 15:14:10 Arielion ->  Why don't folks use those cool Ichat backgrounds?  Where is the cloud coolness?
 15:14:22 Peggy George ->  no problem Mark! we're just glad to have you here!!
 15:15:05 mrsdurff ->  hi jim
 15:15:39 jim ->  Hi, mrsdurff
 15:15:58 markwagner ->  brb, Clark waking up.
 15:16:03 matt montagne ->  these are great reflections...i like the medium for your student reflections. So different than a survey monkey
 15:16:06 Peggy George ->  these interview clips are powerful!
 15:16:12 susanvg ->  camera angle interesting
 15:16:14 Andy McKiel ->  Love it!
 15:16:38 Lorna ->  Alec is so good with video
 15:16:41 Peggy George ->  I can't wait to have Alec divulge his video secrets for creating this video!!
 15:16:50 Arielion ->  Toothpaste commercial
 15:16:57 ds ->  need edtech "best editing" awards--sweet
 15:17:03 matt montagne ->  bravo!!!!
 15:17:09 roxanne ->  yeah
 15:17:12 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  applause!!!
 15:17:15 Doug_Henry ->  Great video!
 15:17:18 matt montagne ->  @ds...agreed...best editing category is needed!
 15:17:19 Robert ->  great presentation
 15:17:22 Lorna ->  applause
 15:17:28 susanvg ->  great  - applause
 15:17:29 Paula Naugle ->  applause
 15:17:32 marragem ->  awesome Alec
 15:17:37 bmust ->  applause
 15:17:38 JoseRodriguez ->  agree...
 15:17:44 Lorna ->  the process
 15:18:12 jackiegerstein ->  Is illustrator free and open source ; )
 15:18:26 Arielion ->  What?  Are you saying there's more programs than PowerPoint?!  :o)
 15:18:33 matt montagne ->  inkscape tho
 15:18:40 matt montagne ->  inkscape is pretty awesome
 15:18:48 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Great presentation, as usual. Thanks...
 15:18:51 jackiegerstein ->  I realized today that I only know how to use free Web 2.0 not the pay for software like Adobe
 15:19:16 jbrogley ->  Question - Should I be seeing more than the chat session on the screen?
 15:19:23 Robert ->  no
 15:19:25 jackiegerstein ->  no
 15:19:26 JL ->  not for now
 15:19:27 susanvg ->  Where is the best place to find Canadian copyright laws?
 15:19:40 JoseRodriguez ->  It's for the ustream archive
 15:20:00 susanvg ->  Final Cut not free either :/
 15:20:02 roxanne ->  now part of imovie 09
 15:20:20 jackiegerstein ->  iMovie09 is not fun for me like the older version of iMovie
 15:20:21 Doug_Henry ->  Even windows movie maker has chromakey via transitions
 15:20:28 Arielion ->  I think the things from the movie theater breaks are using an Iphone, Qik and a trenchcoat. :O
 15:20:34 Peggy George ->  I"m loving iMovie 09!!
 15:20:40 Lesley E ->  canadian copyright http://www.accesscopyright.ca/
 15:20:52 ds ->  nice to hear about support from school administrators in the video--makes me think about a support group for alumni as they apply these concepts "in the wild"
 15:20:56 kcaise ->  great link to bookmark
 15:21:14 jbrogley ->  Last night I tried to import flip camera footage into movie maker. Booh.
 15:21:26 Lorna ->  where did Alec get the footage
 15:21:28 susanvg ->  @ Lesley E - thanks for the link
 15:21:32 matt montagne ->  "Duck and Cover" !!!
 15:21:34 ds ->  be interesting to see how involved alumni remain, over iterations of the course
 15:21:37 Robert ->  are the open archive ideas cc -type licensed
 15:21:49 Robert ->  sory videos
 15:21:55 ds ->  would expect a fair amount
 15:22:08 matt montagne ->  archive.org has great stuff, but I have a hard time searching and finding stuff
 15:22:13 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Vegas Sony-cromakey
 15:22:13 ds ->  JL has one of those
 15:22:22 Andy McKiel ->  Lighting is so important, too
 15:22:23 ds ->  the screen, that is....
 15:22:35 susanvg ->  he has podcast series
 15:22:58 susanvg ->  painted wall works great
 15:23:03 matt montagne ->  when schools pull out their labs in favor of laptop programs, try to create a little greenscreen studio in some of those lab spaces
 15:23:12 Robert ->  http://edtechtalk.com/live
 15:23:31 Doug_Henry ->  You can get blue & green plastic tablecloth material in wide rolls at party stores
 15:23:33 Robert ->  oh dear: http://edtechtalk.com/live
 15:23:38 Lesley E ->  http://www.izzyvideo.com/
 15:23:43 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I met a 12 year old this summer who was thrilled to get a green screen for his birthday.  Isn't that cool?
 15:23:56 Andy McKiel ->  @Ryan - that's awesome :-)
 15:23:56 Robert ->  Thanks Leslie--that's waht I was trying to do--blush
 15:23:59 JoseRodriguez ->  @ryan.. I want one for my bday
 15:24:03 ds ->  love the retrofit idea for labs @Matt
 15:24:10 Lesley E ->  :)
 15:24:32 ds ->  @Ryan, that is great
 15:24:42 ds ->  Hi Carol and jb
 15:25:17 CarolannF ->  Hi, I'm getting a terrible echo/repeat.  Will try again.
 15:25:33 susanvg ->  I guess people are going to be going on ebay to buy older cameras
 15:25:51 Peggy George ->  @Carolann-maybe you have two browser tabs open?
 15:25:55 ds ->  typically two browser windows open--ustream playing 2x
 15:26:20 bryanhughes ->  You can get chroma key plugins for iMovie 06
 15:27:07 Lorna ->  digtial cameras with video can capture some good mini clips
 15:27:40 markwagner ->  Yeah - and I'm talking about wikispaces next!
 15:27:44 markwagner ->  Sheesh.
 15:27:49 matt montagne ->  agreed Lorna
 15:27:52 markwagner ->  No mention of it on their status page. :(
 15:27:58 Peggy George ->  everyone say a prayer for wikispaces :-)
 15:28:06 ds ->  and *always* the way--spaces *only* go down during presos
 15:28:20 matt montagne ->  even cell phone cameras take decent movies...and now, you can do some light editing on the cell phone itself (iphone 3GS)
 15:29:07 ds ->  knowledge can't grow unless it *is* free
 15:29:17 roxanne ->  my masters in library and info services is completely online but i'm still paying thousands
 15:29:56 mrsdurff ->  hi mary
 15:29:58 Arielion ->  You're paying for the accreditation/credentials. 
 15:30:08 CarolannF ->  I paid thousands for my Masters in Edtech too.  Its the system that has to change to recognize that people can and do learn on their own.
 15:30:09 matt montagne ->  We still have silos of knowledge, but I don't think they'll last too much longer
 15:30:21 matt montagne ->  out of the chaos comes innovation
 15:30:26 roxanne ->  right, but to share what we are learning is invaluable and there is little provision for sharing
 15:30:31 Arielion ->  Downes has corrupted me to the point of questioning accreditation/credentials now.  :oO
 15:30:40 Paula Naugle ->  I love watching his students' blog posts change as they go through the course.
 15:30:54 CarolannF ->  I'm not sure they will go away. Think of all the jobs ;-) -the next bailout?
 15:31:26 CarolannF ->  and we will always need research labs
 15:31:31 susanvg ->  and those of us who can't be there on Tuesday evenings really appreciate the recordings
 15:31:34 Robert ->  At my institution, a recent policy has made it tricky for all faculty to require that students use web 2.0 tools freely
 15:31:39 ds ->  well done, great session
 15:31:46 bryanhughes ->  Thank you Alec, inspiring as always
 15:31:52 Lesley E ->  thanks Alec, always a treat to listen to you.
 15:31:58 CarolannF ->  Thanks Alec.
 15:31:59 Paula Naugle ->  Thnak you, Alec.
 15:32:01 courosa ->  thanks all, much appreciated ... you're too kind.
 15:32:01 Robert ->  Thanks
 15:32:01 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks, Alec :-)
 15:32:06 roxanne ->  thanks for the presentation
 15:32:08 infuselearning ->  Thank you.
 15:32:20 bryanhughes ->  Great choice for keynoter to kick it off!
 15:32:44 matt montagne ->  nice work, Alec! Thanks for sharing
 15:33:21 Lesley E ->  Lunch break
 15:33:31 markwagner ->  Thanks, Alec. Glad I got to hear some of your talk. :)
 15:34:12 Peggy George ->  I wish I had the skills to do all of those things that Alec did in his video!! I definitely need to start practicing!
 15:34:22 Peggy George ->  thank you so much Jose!!! have fun!
 15:34:36 ds ->  wikispaces is back, it seems

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