K12Online09 LAN Party With Mathew Needleman

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2:00 – 2:45
Film School
Mathew Needleman, Apple Distinguished Educator, has been integrating video in the classroom for seven years as a teacher of kindergarten, first, and second grade. Make better classroom movies with simple tips that will help elevate your vodcast to the next level in terms of artistic and technical merit. Learn how to storyboard like a pro, choose shots that support the telling of your story, and capture better lighting and sound.

Link to Text Chat

13:59:17 Peggy George ->  the first presentation we will be streaming is Film School with Mathew Needleman :-)
 13:59:27 kcaise ->  2 minutes on my clock
 13:59:28 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 13:59:32 tammie ->  So I take it the chat and the presentation are on two different websites? Unlike the classroom 2.0 presentations?
 13:59:39 Peggy George ->  one minute to next segment
 13:59:39 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  a lan party is actually a face to face party where you sit around with friends in your livingroom and attend an event like this one
 13:59:47 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  or listen to k-12 presentations
 13:59:49 Paula Naugle ->  I tweeted it because I'm on the PR committee.
 13:59:50 Peggy George ->  the presentation will be streamed in the ustream
 13:59:57 Lorna ->   I was just previewing MAtt's presentaiton and I can't wait to hear him
 14:00:01 Peggy George ->  but you can also watch it in your browser if that's easier
 14:00:04 Mathew Needleman ->  Film School for Video Podcasters is the title
 14:00:24 almedrano ->  so will this give me info how to record, save and use later, since my school blocks anything useful
 14:00:25 Peggy George ->  audio and stream is starting again :-)
 14:00:36 Lorna ->  all good
 14:01:20 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Chris.
 14:01:35 Peggy George ->  Mathew's video was incredible and I learned so much about creating videos! Really glad to watch it again!
 14:02:12 Peggy George ->  you will be able to see the presentation in our stream in a minute or you can view it online
 14:02:13 almedrano ->  is skype easier to listen?
 14:02:14 susanvg ->  I agree Peggy - have shared it with my colleagues
 14:02:17 kcaise ->  how exciting to be a part of the first live event of the k12online conference!
 14:02:26 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:02:46 kcaise ->  hi chris
 14:02:48 kcaise ->  hi kefiore
 14:03:06 JoseRodriguez ->  I totally agree..
 14:03:16 Peggy George ->  isn't that exciting as a presenter to get that kind of feedback and know you're helping people move forward with technology!!
 14:03:34 kcaise ->  hi lorraine
 14:03:35 mrsdurff ->  I like that,"they were really bad.
 14:03:37 mrsdurff ->  "
 14:03:39 kcaise ->  hi lindan
 14:03:50 LindaN ->  Hi Kim- busy afternoon!
 14:03:58 kcaise ->  i concur!
 14:04:19 Robert ->  I remember the movie--great to have Matthew with us
 14:04:31 kcaise ->  hi shambles
 14:04:32 kcaise ->  hi rose
 14:04:54 Lorraine ->  @kcaise hi
 14:04:57 Rose ->  Hi Kim coming from the Google chat..
 14:04:59 Peggy George ->  when you see a good presentation you can't wait to share it with others!!
 14:05:07 kcaise ->  awesome rose, welcome!
 14:05:14 kcaise ->  glad you could join us
 14:05:17 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks Robert
 14:05:41 kcaise ->  i am sure you will enjoy!
 14:05:42 Rose ->  Kim, I'm the lucky one!
 14:05:59 Norma ->  finally found the chat bar!
 14:06:05 Peggy George ->  this technology is amazing!! Thanks a lot for streaming this Jeff!
 14:06:11 kcaise ->  aww, thank you - actually we all are!
 14:06:17 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  cool
 14:06:32 Lorna ->  I love having this opportunity to watch the presentation with k12 presenter beside us virtually
 14:06:40 Peggy George ->  hope you can see and hear :-)
 14:06:53 Lorna ->  excellent PEggy
 14:07:00 Peggy George ->  great!!
 14:07:09 JoseRodriguez ->  reminds me of Guy Noir
 14:07:16 Lorna ->  better than dotsub
 14:07:17 kcaise ->  hi courosa
 14:07:25 JoseRodriguez ->  Hey.. Alex
 14:07:26 susanvg ->  Yes - love the film noir
 14:07:36 kcaise ->  star wars!
 14:07:42 Peggy George ->  Hi courosa!! I'll be your "hostess" for your segment :-)
 14:07:44 JoseRodriguez ->  video quality is pretty awsome
 14:07:47 JoseRodriguez ->  awesome
 14:08:13 kcaise ->  hi jackie
 14:08:24 jackiegerstein ->  Kim - you are everywhere
 14:08:35 courosa ->  cool, thanks Peggy .. and hi Jose.
 14:08:39 kcaise ->  lol, part of being transparent
 14:08:52 Andy McKiel ->  Great tip, Matthew - framing your shot afterwards :-)
 14:08:53 jackiegerstein ->  Tranparency is the only way to be
 14:09:01 kcaise ->  you got it
 14:09:08 susanvg ->  I really found htis part helpful - used to talk about storyboards differently
 14:09:19 kcaise ->  hi jim
 14:09:22 Jim Beeghley ->  Hi
 14:09:30 Peggy George ->  making notes is a great tip for those of us who "dont' draw well" :_)
 14:09:44 kcaise ->  i love the look on her face!
 14:09:48 jackiegerstein ->  Are these from past K12 conferences?
 14:09:55 kcaise ->  yes
 14:09:56 almedrano ->  what type of camera are you using
 14:09:59 kcaise ->  hi christine
 14:10:04 Peggy George ->  we could all become movie producers if we followed Mathew's advice!!
 14:10:07 courosa ->  @matt, i've told you this before, but this vid is really fantastic.
 14:10:09 Mathew Needleman ->  Camera is a sony trv900
 14:10:16 JoseRodriguez ->  I think it's a mini dv
 14:10:16 Mathew Needleman ->  several years old
 14:10:28 JoseRodriguez ->  oh yeah.. I keep one in my classroom
 14:10:29 kcaise ->  very innovative way to storyboard
 14:10:30 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks again Alec
 14:11:00 Peggy George ->  @jackiegerstein-yes these are from past presentations to whet everyone's appetite for things to come! no teasers available yet for this year
 14:11:19 almedrano ->  I have an old sony that doesn't work, will have to try this with something new, flip cameras are popular will that work here?
 14:11:21 Peggy George ->  that planning step is really critical!!
 14:11:30 kcaise ->  mathew used my legs for that shot! lol
 14:11:32 JL ->  Link to Mathew's presentation page: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:11:41 Mathew Needleman ->  you can use any camera but I give camera tips in last segment
 14:11:43 JoseRodriguez ->  I love this part
 14:11:48 Paula Naugle ->  LOL Kim.
 14:11:48 Peggy George ->  you can find links on that page for the resources he mentions
 14:11:50 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  wife is home from qatar, must leave
 14:11:58 almedrano ->  thanks
 14:12:02 kcaise ->  hi reaneawilson
 14:12:17 susanvg ->  thanks for dropping by Vance
 14:12:20 kcaise ->  bye vance
 14:12:59 Peggy George ->  using video production to teach media literacy!! awesome point!
 14:13:11 Paula Naugle ->  I have watched this video before. Love his explanations.
 14:13:14 kcaise ->  extremely important, key ppoint
 14:13:42 susanvg ->  Yes - have to help students understand camera angles and transitions - not arbitrary
 14:13:45 Mathew Needleman ->  The media literacy element of moviemaking is what I think justifies its use in classroom vs. some other technology components
 14:13:57 almedrano ->  what about ultranorm?
 14:13:59 JoseRodriguez ->  Looking for some video.. production this year as part of #thirdgradediscoveries
 14:14:00 Mathew Needleman ->  more bang for your buck
 14:14:02 Peggy George ->  I agree!! justifies spending the time!
 14:14:13 Mathew Needleman ->  what's ultranorm?  not familiar
 14:14:21 Peggy George ->  aren't those great shots??!!
 14:14:22 kcaise ->  hi sue
 14:14:27 kcaise ->  hi csgodfrey
 14:14:27 almedrano ->  let me find the link...
 14:14:36 JoseRodriguez ->  the best shots in the world..
 14:15:01 csgodfrey ->  Hi Y'all
 14:15:07 Peggy George ->  in Alec's presentation in the next segment we'll get to see these tips modeled!! :-)
 14:15:08 susanvg ->  Audience also needs media literacy :)
 14:15:56 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Maary Beth.
 14:16:03 Peggy George ->  hi everyone just joining us! so glad you're here!
 14:16:36 Peggy George ->  selecting shots with clear purpose!!
 14:16:40 JoseRodriguez ->  hadn't noticed.. but rule of thirds is a great tip
 14:16:42 Lorna ->  I love all this good advice for shots
 14:17:12 kcaise ->  don't most digital cameras have that grid they can put on the screen when taking pictures
 14:17:13 Peggy George ->  I never thought of that before I saw Mathew's video!
 14:17:23 Peggy George ->  always thought things should be centered!
 14:17:29 Mathew Needleman ->  @kcaise, yes many do have grid
 14:17:41 Mathew Needleman ->  @Peggy, in portraits you might center subject
 14:17:47 JoseRodriguez ->  so cool..
 14:18:07 Peggy George ->  thanks Mathew for that distinction--photos vs videos
 14:18:19 JL ->  I have mic envy again
 14:18:21 Andy McKiel ->  Matthew - I first watched your video on the bus in Vancouver last year - I got some really funny looks when I laughed out loud when this segment began :-)
 14:18:32 Peggy George ->  isn't it fun when we love our technology equipment??!!
 14:18:34 susanvg ->  having ability to add mic was one criterion when I bought a video camera
 14:18:41 JoseRodriguez ->  I love my mac
 14:18:43 Mathew Needleman ->  Totally unrelated but I was very sick during the making of this movie.  I think I went to bed after this scene
 14:18:50 Mathew Needleman ->  Glad you enjoyed it, Andy
 14:18:59 susanvg ->  adds to the mad video maker look
 14:19:05 Peggy George ->  my flipvideo camera doesn't have a microphone input and I need to get a new one!
 14:19:05 JL ->  getting harder and harder to find webcams with ext. mic option
 14:19:16 JoseRodriguez ->  I still have one
 14:19:26 Peggy George ->  wow Mathew! had no idea!
 14:19:27 kcaise ->  hi matt
 14:19:28 JoseRodriguez ->  at least 6 or seven years old
 14:19:30 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Matt.
 14:19:33 matt montagne ->  hey y'all
 14:19:37 JL ->  asked the guy why that is and he said consumers were confused by extra plugs  ?!?!?
 14:19:46 shanda ->  everyone should get a Mac
 14:19:49 Peggy George ->  oh no JL!!
 14:19:52 JoseRodriguez ->  I have been using it for ustream.. where I record but do NOT broadcast
 14:19:59 JoseRodriguez ->  it gives me an embed code
 14:20:04 Peggy George ->  look at all of that equipment!!
 14:20:22 mrsdurff ->  booya?
 14:20:27 susanvg ->  technology envy
 14:20:29 JoseRodriguez ->  yep.. booya
 14:20:33 Mathew Needleman ->  You reflect the lights so they're less harsh
 14:20:34 mrsdurff ->  hmmm
 14:20:35 matt montagne ->  where is the location of this video on the internet??
 14:20:36 Peggy George ->  me too susanvg!
 14:20:42 Mathew Needleman ->  This scene is my homage to Jim Cramer
 14:20:43 almedrano ->  can't find the link. :-(
 14:20:52 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:20:52 JoseRodriguez ->  on k12online archives
 14:20:56 Mathew Needleman ->  The videos are on youtube http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407 also
 14:21:04 matt montagne ->  cool, thanks matthew
 14:21:06 csgodfrey ->  Thanks marragem for reminding of this..
 14:21:08 almedrano ->  Got to get my daughter breakfast back in 30
 14:21:11 mrsdurff ->  i like the music
 14:21:14 Lorna ->  I LOVED thi spresentation Matt
 14:21:22 Lorna ->  I can't wait to share
 14:21:24 Peggy George ->  my link is to his presentation, bio and notes on k12online
 14:21:25 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks Lorna
 14:21:36 Mathew Needleman ->  This music is royalty free
 14:21:42 marragem ->  @csgodfrey my pleasure!
 14:21:48 Lorna ->  applause
 14:21:55 kcaise ->  woohooo mathew
 14:21:57 Lorraine ->  Great job!
 14:22:02 susanvg ->  fabulous
 14:22:02 kathycassidy ->  Wow.  That was great.
 14:22:10 Peggy George ->  what a great presentation to kick off our LAN party!!
 14:22:10 Robert ->  It's a great piece of work--very helpful
 14:22:13 Paula Naugle ->  Applause for Mathew.
 14:22:20 ymistele ->  Well done, Matthew.
 14:22:29 kcaise ->  fantastic presentation
 14:22:33 shanda ->  its definitey a must to see in addition to hearing.
 14:22:34 roxanne ->  thanks matt
 14:22:44 kcaise ->  hi cathyjo
 14:22:50 matt montagne ->  agreed, applause for matthew!
 14:22:51 kcaise ->  definitely a must see
 14:22:53 infuselearning ->  Outstanding information. Thank you.
 14:22:58 Cathyjo in SC ->  Hi Kim
 14:23:18 Peggy George ->  I'd love to hear Mathew talk more about how he created that video
 14:23:24 Paula Naugle ->  Durff is probably off getting coffee.
 14:23:28 kcaise ->  hi lesley
 14:23:35 kcaise ->  probably paula
 14:23:37 roxanne ->  where can we see the agenda of presentations for today?
 14:23:50 matt montagne ->  cheapker cameras have made a HUGE difference
 14:23:51 Lesley E ->  Hi Kim
 14:23:53 mrsdurff ->  i'm here
 14:24:01 Peggy George ->  http://pwoessner.com/2009/09/21/k12-online-2009-september-26-lan-party/
 14:24:11 matt montagne ->  iPod Nanos with video
 14:24:16 Peggy George ->  that link tells about presentations today
 14:24:29 matt montagne ->  perhaps use a stand along audio mic and recording device with the flip
 14:24:31 Cathyjo in SC ->  Yeah them Nat'l Bd candidate folks really fret over no audio input on cams
 14:24:32 csgodfrey ->  I have been trying to figure out what camera to buy..so this is great advice
 14:24:35 matt montagne ->  then sync the audio and video
 14:24:44 susanvg ->  2:45 Alec Couros, 3:30 Mark Wagner, 4:15 Kathy Cassidy
 14:24:46 Peggy George ->  you can access all of the videos we'll be sharing today from that link
 14:24:59 Peggy George ->  http://pwoessner.com/2009/09/21/k12-online-2009-september-26-lan-party/
 14:24:59 matt montagne ->  kinda like the early sony mavica still cams (black and white)
 14:25:04 Paula Naugle ->  http://www.scribd.com/doc/20033516/Sept-26-LAN-Party-Invite is the press release for today.
 14:25:11 Cathyjo in SC ->  I have boosted audio in nb candidates vids before--they were freaking cuz NO editing allowed
 14:25:11 marragem ->  small wonders are good too
 14:25:34 matt montagne ->  I agree...software doesn't matter either...what matters is learning the skills of mixed media narrative...
 14:25:34 Peggy George ->  pwoessner is the chair of the PR committee for the K12online conference
 14:26:20 mrsdurff ->  I would agree with mathew here
 14:26:22 matt montagne ->  DV cams are tough to manage in a multi user environment
 14:26:39 Andy McKiel ->  I still love using DV tapes... but waiting for importing can be time-consuming
 14:26:40 matt montagne ->  tape cameras, with all their moving parts, get pretty beat up
 14:26:45 mrsdurff ->  hi doug
 14:26:56 ds ->  Hi Lisa, and all
 14:26:56 Peggy George ->  I find it really easy to use the miniDV!
 14:27:00 Cathyjo in SC ->  I stll prefer dv tape cams too
 14:27:07 matt montagne ->  the sanyo xacti is pretty awesome (we have 2 of their HD cams)
 14:27:13 Peggy George ->  miniDV works great with live streaming too
 14:27:25 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Peggy yes
 14:27:30 courosa ->  these are the same principles we follow at the U
 14:27:34 Peggy George ->  I always record on tape too so I have a backup to the live stream
 14:27:34 Sue L. ->  used to use DV tape but like Cameras with SD cards for the portability
 14:27:41 Lorna ->  I had a problem of taping over previous work
 14:27:57 Cathyjo in SC ->  as u tape, film degrades
 14:28:51 Peggy George ->  another great piece of advice--listent to your own advice :-)
 14:28:58 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Hi Marlene
 14:29:13 Andy McKiel ->  I love how you modelled what you were discussing through your own video production
 14:29:28 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407
 14:29:29 susanvg ->  deconstruct to construct
 14:29:30 marlene.weaver ->  Hi, Dorie
 14:29:32 Peggy George ->  how do you find those movie clips??
 14:29:35 jackiegerstein ->  That's like presenters saying that they listen to their students ideas and suggestions and don't include the students in their presentations
 14:29:48 Paula Naugle ->  Mathew, how do you get the grid on your movie?
 14:29:50 Peggy George ->  how did you create your video? planning process
 14:30:26 roxanne ->  midnight cowboy movie clips with permission?
 14:30:42 Peggy George ->  it has been much easier to keep up with the k12online conference when the presentations went to 20 min presentations
 14:30:49 Peggy George ->  first year they were an hour long
 14:31:09 jackiegerstein ->  What was the youtube channel he justed showed?
 14:31:47 Peggy George ->  http://www.youtube.com/user/lifelonglearners
 14:31:54 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407
 14:32:04 Lorna ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:32:16 Peggy George ->  funny!!!
 14:32:38 Peggy George ->  oh great idea!! a google alert for the presentations!
 14:32:40 Cathyjo in SC ->  Google Alerts ROCK!
 14:32:59 Cathyjo in SC ->  I have my college aged kids AND their usernames as a google alert
 14:33:04 Paula Naugle ->  I too have a Google alert for my name.
 14:33:07 Cathyjo in SC ->  makes it ez to keep up with them
 14:33:15 jackiegerstein ->  Wow I have "Mr Winkle Wakes" on one of my blogs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm1sCsl2MQY&feature=channel_page didn't know it was Mathew's !
 14:33:48 matt montagne ->  that door scene project from AFI is a great one
 14:34:01 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Durff good to hear your voice! It's been a while, no?
 14:34:16 Peggy George ->  in the real world :-) vimeo is a great tip for classrooms!
 14:34:16 JoseRodriguez ->  yep.. vimeo.. is pretty cool
 14:34:17 mrsdurff ->  as opposecd to the fake world
 14:34:21 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  yes, @matt montagne, great resource
 14:34:25 shanda ->  school tube is pretty good
 14:34:29 matt montagne ->  blip.tv is decent as well, but some times flaky
 14:34:32 Lorna ->  there is a windows version of directors board
 14:34:38 jackiegerstein ->  LOL @durff
 14:34:51 mrsdurff ->  lol
 14:34:56 matt montagne ->  but matthew is right, youtube is great if you want authenticity
 14:35:14 susanvg ->   some school boards here blog streaming during school hours
 14:35:28 matt montagne ->  try to give assignments where students have to tell a story without including video of people...then you can post to youtube with fewer privacy issues
 14:35:56 Peggy George ->  good point Matt!
 14:36:06 susanvg ->  @matt montagne - good idea
 14:36:23 JoseRodriguez ->  there you go..
 14:36:24 Peggy George ->  fair use doctrine is so important to understand!
 14:36:27 JoseRodriguez ->  well said
 14:36:37 Peggy George ->  :-)
 14:36:39 Andy McKiel ->  :-)
 14:36:48 matt montagne ->  LOL Matthew!!!!
 14:36:58 Paula Naugle ->  lol
 14:37:00 jackiegerstein ->  I believe that this generation is going to change our ideas of copyright and fair use
 14:37:02 Peggy George ->  it only takes one person to notice :-)
 14:37:03 Andy McKiel ->  Clustrmaps
 14:37:09 Lorna ->  they will now after such a good presentation
 14:37:12 roxanne ->  thanks for sharing that with us
 14:37:41 roxanne ->  At conferences we see clips everywhere and no one even mentions fair use and education
 14:37:43 Paula Naugle ->  I like that we have fair use for educational purposes.
 14:37:49 susanvg ->  unfortunately copyright different in Canada
 14:38:01 sr ->  I am being paged. Sorry I have to leave
 14:38:10 roxanne ->  as educators we are often setting poor examples
 14:38:10 Paula Naugle ->  Bye sr.
 14:38:11 courosa ->  yea, Canada's fair dealing is actually worse than fair use
 14:38:24 Peggy George ->  fair use is so much more important than charts with specific criteria--we have more freedom than we take advantage of as educators
 14:39:07 Peggy George ->  vidsnacks with Tim Holt on Ning is a good resource
 14:39:08 Paula Naugle ->  Love the guy that made the Disney video to showcase fair use copyright issues.
 14:39:27 Peggy George ->  yes Paula-that Disney video is excellent!
 14:39:32 Paula Naugle ->  Sorry he used Disney clips to make the video.
 14:39:48 matt montagne ->  youtube is the place to go, I agree
 14:39:56 Peggy George ->  http://vidsnacks.ning.com/
 14:40:19 Peggy George ->  thanks JL!
 14:40:30 matt montagne ->  good point, Durff...afi is great resource
 14:40:45 courosa ->  @matt yes, i especially like afi
 14:40:50 Peggy George ->  transition time :-)
 14:40:59 Lorna ->  Thanks again Matt
 14:41:03 matt montagne ->  bravo Matt!!!
 14:41:03 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks a lot, Matt - awesome video!
 14:41:04 roxanne ->  thanks matt
 14:41:17 jackiegerstein ->  :D
 14:41:30 Mathew Needleman ->  Thank you everyone.  Great fun watching with you.
 14:41:46 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.videointheclassroom.com  subscribe to blog there
 14:41:56 roxanne ->  can you please include those links for Matt?
 14:41:58 Peggy George ->  great job Durff!! wonderful highlights of Mathew!
 14:42:13 Paula Naugle ->  Link for the copyright video that uses Disney clips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJn_jC4FNDo
 14:42:16 Peggy George ->  it's all true Mathew!!
 14:42:31 Paula Naugle ->  Thank you, Mathew.
 14:42:35 courosa ->  Thanks Matt, great stuff!
 14:42:36 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Thanks!
 14:42:38 Peggy George ->  thank you so much Mathew!!
 14:42:40 susanvg ->  It's been really great to hear you!
 14:42:48 Robert ->  Thanks
 14:42:56 marlene.weaver ->  Thank you, Matt. This has been very helpful!
 14:43:02 Peggy George ->  wait Jose!!
 14:43:08 Cathyjo in SC ->  Thanks Matt
 14:43:21 courosa ->  haha
 14:43:27 courosa ->  you can censor me later
 14:43:39 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks everyone. 

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