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Doctoral Dissertation and WebQuests

Hi Bloggers, Wiki writers, WebQuesters, and online learners,
I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix online program in education, leadership, curriculum, and instruction. As much as I love researching and writing papers, I have to come up with a problem statement for my dissertation. I am interested in online learning, WebQuests, and ways of integrating technology into the EFL/ESL classroom. My EFL high school students are not motivated to learn in the classroom because they learn English from TV, the Internet, and through music.

I am also interested in coaching and relationship education as a way to improve learning. The WebQuest seems to have everything I am interested in: teamwork and social skills, higher order critical thinking skills, and learning by means of technology. But, I can't come up with a research question/problem.

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Dear Colleagues:

During my 15 years working in technology management in K-12 public education and at the community college level I have frequently had to select technology products for purchase. In order to find the best one, I'd post a bunch of emails to various edtech lists, call my friends, read the trade journals or attend conferences. I also noticed a lot of similar inquiries from my colleagues at other institutions who were in the same boat.

Being a geek, it bothered me that we were all spending an incredible amount of time gathering feedback on these various products and services. Frequently we were looking at the same sorts of products, but we didn't connect until after we'd already made individual decisions.

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CMS course

I really enjoy listening to your edtechtalk shows and want to start using some of this "stuff" in the high school I teach at, but need more training on web 2.0. On one of the recent shows, you mentioned the CMS course/academy that will be beginning sometime in July. I'm very interested in participating both for me as a teacher and as an Learning Technologies masters candidate (University of Connecticut). Unfortunately, I cannot find the link to the course. Are you still holding one?


Jonathan Seal
Norwich Technical High School

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Link for student videos - help

Hello. I just listened to the show with all the projects from the listeners. I'm trying to find the URL for the student created videos - Google I think was one of them. Any help?

Thanks a ton and thanks for the great shows.

Eric Langhorst

Contacting EdTech talk hosts


I'm new to your site/podcast and like it very much. I'm planning to plug your podcast on mine, called "Rod's Pulse Podcast".


I couldn't find your email addresses on your site -- perhaps you don't want to be spammed.

Do you happen to have a podcast promo for your show?


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