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Setting up a more coherent tagging system

Hey folks... was just thinking that as the community grows we might want to add another category system to enforce a little more consistency in the tagging. This wouldn't take away the possibility for free tagging... just another drop down menu like the one we have for 'shows' right now.

 Some suggestions for possible tags

 VLEs, interviews, k12, linux, cool school tool,

 something like this... maybe a set of checkboxes... just to give a little more coordination. Then we could highlight a given tag on a given day for instance.


The EdTech Massacre

A 'famous' brainstorm where a very serious debate was had regarding the necessity of teaching students the exact date of the Boston Massacre... or whether it was more important to only really focus on the 'ideas' around the event.

It's Elementary Webcast on Edtechtalk Channel

Hi Edtechtalk folk,

 Alice Mercer, Lisa Durff and I (Jose Rodriguez) are in the planning phase of our new webcast It's Elementary.  We would appreciate some feedback. Check out our webcast planning wiki http://ourwebcast.wikispaces.com

Feel free add your ideas to home on wiki and or post comments here.



Hosting of WebCast Community

I am preparing to build a place to start the EdTechTalkK12 home. Anne Leftwich and I are looking at hosting a weekly (?) webcast that focuses more on K12 classroom practices. I can build a drupal on my Bluehost account or should I build one on the WB server. I want to be as connected as possible to the WB/ETT community but don't want to tax resources, I have appropriate alternatives. Jeff, when I asked before you said you were really neutral. If you are still really neutral, then I am thinking about building something that is a component of the WB/ETT world.

Community Introductions & Invitee Wishlist

As I listened to the most recent EdTechPlanning Session , I kept thinking about guests we'd like to meet and topics we'd like to discuss on upcoming shows.  Wonder who and what's on other folks EdTechTalk wishlist. 

Who would you like to hear on upcoming EdTechTalk shows?
What topics would you like to hear discussed?


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