Teachers Teaching Teachers #83 - Tagging, Ceramics, Digital Photography, and More

Listen in as these eight teachers have a wide-ranging conversation during one of their virtual staff meetings, where they discuss their work together.
  • Paul Allison, East Bronx Academy for the Future, Bronx, NY
  • Lee Baber, J. Frank Hillyard Middle School, Broadway, VA
  • Susan Ettenheim, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, New York, NY
  • Russ Knopp, Preston Hall Middle School, Waitsburg, WA
  • Matt Montagne, University School of Milwaukee, WI
  • Bill O'Neal, Trenton High School West, Trenton, NJ
  • Chris Sloan, Judge Memorial High School, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Woody Woodgate, Marshall School, Marshall, AK
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Setting up a more coherent tagging system

Hey folks... was just thinking that as the community grows we might want to add another category system to enforce a little more consistency in the tagging. This wouldn't take away the possibility for free tagging... just another drop down menu like the one we have for 'shows' right now.

 Some suggestions for possible tags

 VLEs, interviews, k12, linux, cool school tool,

 something like this... maybe a set of checkboxes... just to give a little more coordination. Then we could highlight a given tag on a given day for instance.


Ed Tech Talk #47 - O'reilly and the web 2.0 conference controversy

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