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Question about your podcasts

(from Jim Stroud)
Do you accept advertising in your podcast? Curious...

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EdTechTalk Show Backups

Below are yearly backups of all EdTechTalk shows.  Shows that debuted this year will be added during the next yearly backup.  All are welcome to download and maintain offline backups as well as republish these files as mirror download sites.

21st Century Learning
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Audio Player Question

From the ETT Inbox:

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to know how I can insert or embed the audio player you use.
Also, would you tell how to insert or embed so many players? (And, of
course the audio files.)
Thanks in advanced.

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Having a problem getting into your EDTECH Talk

From the ETT Inbox:

 I am a student SDSU one of my assignments was to enter an EDTECH Talk and make a OPD but I have been unsucessful on numerous ocassions. I am not sure sure what I am doing wrong tomorrow you have two more live talks schedule if you could me the procedures for getting in I would appreciate it.  

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For the past year, SEEDLINGS has shown up as Alice Barr's webcast academy project. We are ready to move forward to a more consistent time slot. We have talked to Lisa Paresi about webcasting alternate Thurs. when she is not producing her Thur. show. The time slot we are requesting is Thurs. 7:30-8:30 EST, just before Doug's show!! Here is our information.



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