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Women of Web 2.0 Show 61

Join Women of Web 2.0 as we interview Peggy Petrilli, the turn around principal. Welcome Kathy Shields as she holds down the seat for Jen. Jen is on sabbatical for the month. This is a fascinating conversation about assessment driving instruction, small group focused instruction. As always the chat room was rocking.


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Women of Web 2.0 Anniversary Show , Show #46

Women of Web 2.0, our Anniversary Show with Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Cheryl Oakes and special guest David Warlick!


Here is the Chat!

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Wow 2.0 Show #34 Post NECC07 show

This week Sharon and Jen hold down the fort! The conversations are all about Post NECC. The raw audio will be along shortly. In the meantime, Derek Miller's Meltdown Man will sit in the audio holder.


Women of Web Show # 24 April 24, 2007, with guest Steve Dembo

Join Cheryl and Sharon as we interview Steve Dembo!

Sharon's Questions:

  1. What does Discovery Educator Network offer teachers?
  2. How many members in that network?
  3. Can you describe the DEN relationship with United Streaming? Is there anything like it for free or lower cost for those in a public school setting without the resources for US?
  4. Recently (yesterday?) you blogged about your thoughts on Bud the Teacher's question about identity with big orgs for teacher networking for

Women of Web 2.0 March 20 Bonus Wow2.0.bonus-2007-03-20

This is the greatest interview! Thanks to Edward for sharing some insight about gaming at home and gaming at school. You will love this podcast. Leave Edward a comment. We have some serious competition here, ladies.


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