2010-02-05 Seedlings on the Horizon Report

If you have been waiting to read the Horizon Report 2010, listen up to this SEEDLINGS conversation. Alice, Bob and Cheryl take a stab at the highlights of the report. This report drives what is happening in post secondary education and it drives what the K-12 educators should be promoting for our students. Enjoy!


Alice , Bob and Cheryl had our favorite conversation, the Horizon Report 2010! This is such a good report to provide the vision and checks and balances for our practice. The chat room was rocking too. Thanks for joining us. Let us know what your take is on the Horizon Report.


“Geek of the Week” Links for 2010-02-04

SEEDLINGS 2010-01-21 Strategies for Parent Teacher Conferences

There is an elephant in the room! Teachers are all expected to participate in Parent Teacher Conferences, but are never given an opportunity to practice that or reflect on their practice. Well, SEEDLINGS took an email from an audience member, Bill Rakosnik, from Georgia, and put some questions on the NING and we had a tremendous thoughtful show for you all. Enjoy the podcast and the information.

Join SEEDLINGS as we speak with our guests Karen Abbott from Maine and Bill Rakosnik from Georgia, two veteran teachers who share with us how they prepare for parent teacher conferences, tips to make everyone feel comfortable, ideas on what to do when the conference goes south. The questions from the chat room and the suggestions are must haves for any teacher new to the field and veteran teachers looking to reflect on their practice.

Geek of the Week:


Seedlings is back! Happy New Year 2010! Seedlings returned for the season with Deb White, ACTEM Technology Educator of the Year, 2009. Deb talked about her experiences as a second grade teacher in Orono, Maine. Deb is a life long learner and demonstrates her love and curiosity of learning throughout her classroom and the connections she makes around the world using Twitter with seven and eight year olds. If you are interested in learning how she manages this in her classroom give a listen. Deb also has an incredible way of embedding netiquette skills throughout her curriculum.


The audio is a placeholder 2010-01-08.

The Delicious Links:


The Chat:

2009-11-19 SEEDlings with Colleen King

What were you doing on Thurs. evening? If you missed SEEDLINGS you missed a lot! Colleen King from MathPlayground.comwas our guest.
Colleen, explained how she came to be a programmer, sheer will and determination in order to share math concepts and games with students and teachers.Colleen is a do it yourselfer. She taught herself how to program, how to make math available. She had a dream and her dream is coming true, not just for her, but for all the teachers and students she is connecting with. Check out our podcast. We will be inviting her back.

 The show:

2009-11-12 Seedlings with Maria Knee

Hear about a Kindergarten teacher preparing her classroom of five year olds for learning and life. Then to top off our conversation, hear how Maria Knee finds time to orchestrate a part of the K12onlineconference. Oh, there are some really great Geek of the Week items and even Monarchs in Space!

The Chat:


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