Conversations #103 How has your teaching changed with collaboration?

This week we talked about how collaboration and being connected has changed our teaching practice. We looked at how we use Twitter to reach out to our PLN for feedback, advice, support and ideas. John Fladd joined Maria and Lisa to share his thoughts on the topic. Sheila will be back next week.

Conversations Episode 102 - What Message Does Your Classroom Give?

This week, we discussed the message people get when they come into your classroom.  Does your room portray the message you want it to?  How do you get people to understand your message?  


11:20:27 Lisa Parisi : Hello everyone.

11:27:41 Lisa Parisi : Sound should now be on Ustream

11:30:54 Lisa Parisi : Hi John

11:31:09 woodenmask : Morning, Ma'am

11:31:15 Conversations - Sheila :  Sun dog  pics

11:32:08 woodenmask : A "ma'am-guy"?

11:33:12 woodenmask : Not as old a I'm feeling lately.

11:34:02 Lisa Parisi : sound on ustream can you hear

11:35:04 woodenmask : Strangers seem to get it, but parents often have a problem with the interpretation they get through the students.

11:35:34 Sheila : I agree Woodenmask. I just experienced that this week.

11:35:39 PeggyG : Hi everyone

11:36:02 Sheila : Hi Peggy!

11:36:29 PeggyG : sorry I'm late! Can you repeat the topic for today?

11:36:47 Sheila : Welcome to Conversations!

11:37:14 PeggyG : thanks! branding in your classroom--what is it and is it what you want? :-)

11:38:57 PeggyG : they way your organize your classroom is also part of your branding--desks, chairs, tables, etc.

11:39:42 woodenmask : My brand would be much like the Fox News travesty of a motto - "We Report - You Decide". Try to develop critical thinking skills in my middle schoolers to interpret history intelligently.

11:41:22 MariaK :

11:41:28 PeggyG : interesting woodenmask!! and what would we see in your room that reveals your brand? "we report-you decide"

11:42:28 MariaK :

11:42:41 PeggyG : Supersize Me was a powerful video!

11:43:25 PeggyG : yes links are working fine

11:44:04 MariaK : thanks

11:44:19 PeggyG : do you only have one "brand" in your classroom?  seems like there are multiple messages that are important

11:44:49 woodenmask : PeggyG (which makes you sound like a rapper, by the way) - Right now, my 8th graders are in the middle of their New York City unit. There are three bulletin boards - one with a giant map of Manhattan that my guys are putting GoogleMaps StreetView images of addresses they are researching, indicating where their place is.

11:45:18 Lisa Parisi : JOhn, want them to skype with my close to the city we go all the time

11:45:24 woodenmask : cont... Another is a giant Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid with all the activities we've done this year and where they fall on the chart.

11:46:11 woodenmask : Cont... And a third is made up of the printouts of the most recent blog posts they did in our RootsBlog, where they blogged as characters in Roots.

11:46:14 Sheila : I like that idea John (woodenmask) with the pyramid.

11:46:21 Lisa Parisi : Hello Cathy

11:46:32 Sheila : Morning CathyE!

11:46:43 Cathy E : hello all

11:46:44 PeggyG : those are terrific learning activities!

11:48:15 PeggyG : that's a great strategy for visitors Maria! We need to know your questions before you leave :-)

11:48:25 Cathy E : Who is going to ISTE?  Are there any meet-ups planned?

11:48:41 Lisa Parisi : Me

11:49:03 Lisa Parisi : There are meet ups.  Not sure where but I have signed up for them. LOL

11:49:05 Sheila : Me too.

11:49:13 PeggyG : I'm going to ISTE :-) The meetups usually happen in the Blogger's Cafe and at ISTE Unplugged :-)

11:49:52 woodenmask : I've got my Duke Ellington workshop the following week, so I won't be going to ISTE because I'd like to stay married.

11:50:01 Lisa Parisi : LOL

11:50:01 PeggyG : Maria it sounds like your brand is children are decisionmakers

11:50:13 PeggyG : good decision woodenmask :-)

11:50:45 woodenmask : It's certainly in MY best interest, anyway...

11:52:23 Cathy E : @woodenmask  - I understand, I think I have signed up for a few toooo many things this summer. 

11:52:41 Lisa Parisi : I did that last year, Cathy, and hubby said never again. 

11:52:47 Lisa Parisi : So this summer is just ISTE.

11:52:56 PeggyG : you're describing lots of classroom activities the provide examples but I think it's the underlying assumptions you hold about teaching/learning that cause you to plan those activities--and it's your values that drive your underlying assumptions

11:53:08 woodenmask : I've been going every other year, which seems about right.

11:53:41 woodenmask : I'm thinking a lot about the very good teachers I know and their practices. Their classrooms and practices are very, very different from each other.

11:53:57 Lisa Parisi : Why John?

11:54:05 PeggyG : I agree with that John

11:54:45 woodenmask : Theodore Roosevelt defined "genius" as someone who can do something that nobody else can do. If you accept that definition, no "genius" in the classroom will look like anybody else.

11:54:47 [email protected] : ola

11:55:16 Lisa Parisi : mean the teachers are different from each other?  Or their classrooms are different from their teaching?

11:55:23 Cathy E : I have lots of people come and see the technology use in our school

11:55:27 woodenmask : Lisa - Yes.

11:55:51 PeggyG : I think observers/visitors in your classroom come away with a general impression rather than all of the details you are describing. They might share a specific example or 2 of things they really liked (or didn't like) if they told someone else what your classroom was like.

11:57:24 woodenmask : You know in a really hot jazz set, how the music builds and evolves, getting so complicated and frenetic that if you walked in right in the middle, it wouldn't make any sense? When I'm really rocking a lesson, it's like that. Context is important.

11:57:25 PeggyG : if independence is the brand you want you need to post one poster with that message :-)

11:58:05 woodenmask : (Thinking a lot about jazz, lately...)

11:58:05 PeggyG : and having the kids create the banner or poster is a powerful way to make sure they all understand the goal/priority in your classroom

11:58:35 woodenmask : So a visitor wouldn't necessarily get what we're doing.

11:59:09 Lisa Parisi : Yes, John, exactly.

11:59:16 PeggyG : I think they would definitely "get it" John but I don't know if they would get your "brand" without your guiding them to it

12:00:26 PeggyG : it definitely makes a difference when they observe!! Friday afternoons or the last few days before a vacation can give a very different message than a great lesson!

12:02:38 Sheila : One glimpse is little information but often makes the impression (good or bad).

12:03:00 PeggyG : I agree Sheila

12:03:15 PeggyG : impressions are often formed in the first 15-30 seconds

12:03:48 Lisa Parisi : It's that 15-30 seconds that I think about.

12:04:00 Lisa Parisi : What do you get from 30 seconds...looking in.

12:04:14 Lisa Parisi : My kids, I think, come off as rude

12:04:36 woodenmask : I'd like that.

12:05:06 PeggyG : you can't control the perceptions of visitors--you just need to provide a context to help them understand the big picture

12:05:06 MariaK : let's make a plan John!

12:05:31 woodenmask : I actually have an idea about that, Maria.

12:05:43 MariaK : ooooo - can't wait to hear!

12:07:13 PeggyG : what are the "rules" or "norms" for assemblies in your school? Have you ever discussed that and come to consensus with the teachers?

12:07:23 MariaK : Wes Fryer's post about coming to my room

12:07:59 PeggyG : I saw that blog post Maria! It was fantastic!! :-)

12:12:32 PeggyG : I'm not sure that's accurate Lisa. Respect surely is a priority for you.

12:13:11 PeggyG : that's different than saying "respect" is not me...

12:14:25 woodenmask : My guys need to be trained to show the forms of respect. Strangers and adults should not have to prove themselves to my students' satisfaction in order to be treated politely.

12:14:32 PeggyG : be an ostrich? :-)

12:14:55 PeggyG : :-)

12:15:18 woodenmask : I had to make my peace a long time ago with the fact that I can't cover anything close to the huge amount of curriculum I'm supposed to cover.

12:16:37 PeggyG : I agree John. We not only can't cover all of the required curriculum but we can't address all of the required standards. That's why "power standards" started becoming popular so they could be combined and prioritized

12:16:50 woodenmask : nods

12:17:58 PeggyG : do you think you have a single "brand" for your classroom?

12:18:10 Lisa Parisi : Yes...we are active learners

12:21:37 Cathy E : I am so lucky that my admin "gets" it

12:22:39 PeggyG : obedient kids in the hall :-)

12:22:45 woodenmask : I've got a really supportive administration. They let us take risks. That lets us evolve more easily.

12:23:41 PeggyG : exactly Sheila!! there are times when it's important that the kids are quiet and listening and times when it's not

12:23:49 woodenmask : School of Rock

12:25:28 PeggyG : we do a lot of "telling" to parents at Open House and maybe the answer is to provide some scenarios and ask them to describe what they see. Guided observation :-)

12:25:37 woodenmask : One of our Kindergarten teachers tells parents, "If you believe half of what they say about me, I'll believe half of what they say about you."

12:25:43 MariaK : great idea peggy - show not tell!

12:25:54 PeggyG : I love that quote John!

12:26:34 woodenmask : Got to go. Boy Trouble.

12:26:40 Sheila : Can I do that in 10 minutes?

12:26:51 PeggyG : we had parents of Kindergartners already expressing their college priorities for their kids--look at the parents who keep their boys out a year so they will be "bigger" than their peers when they get to HS!

12:27:20 MariaK : Sheila - photos with descriptions and annotations

12:27:35 Cathy E : what was the name of that, Lisa

12:27:47 PeggyG : probably not Sheila--but maybe you can plant the seed and invite them back to extend it

12:27:54 Sheila : On my blog? so they keep referencing it?

12:28:04 Lisa Parisi : mangahigh.comn

12:28:09 Lisa Parisi :

12:29:08 PeggyG : can you do a parent workshop (with kids and food) that would help them experience your classroom?

12:30:10 Sheila : Love that idea with food!  ;) Hard to get them back to the classroom, unless I do it before the open house! Ahh! Great idea Peggy!

12:31:07 Sheila : But as part of a team, if I do it myself, I'll set up the others; so I need to convince the rest of the team.

12:32:23 PeggyG : you could show several video clips of your classroom in action (focusing on different things) and then break them into small groups that include both parents and teachers to talk about what they see and what the kids are learning.

12:32:37 PeggyG : provide the guiding questions

12:34:12 PeggyG : great idea Sheila!!

12:34:40 Cathy E : I am trying to sigh up - but my school's url is too long

12:34:50 Sheila : THanks for all the ideas Peggy and all!

12:34:55 PeggyG : have a bbq Sheila and even dads will come :-)  bbq and kick ball game before the workshop

12:36:00 PeggyG : next weekend is Memorial Day weekend

12:36:16 Lisa Parisi : Bye everyone

12:36:20 donnaroman : Thanks Lisa.

12:36:22 PeggyG : looks like you get a week off :-)

12:36:32 PeggyG : thanks everyone! see you in two weeks


This week, we discussed the message people get when they come into your classroom.  Does your room portray the message you want it to?  How do you get people to understand your message?  

Conversations Episode 101 - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This week Miguel Guhlin joined Lisa, Maria, and Sheila to continue a conversation he had started in a chat room a few weeks ago.  His question: Do you bloom where you are planted or do you move to bloom?  We discussed the pros and cons of staying in a difficult teaching situation where you can do great work for children or moving where you are more supported.


11:27:46 Sheila : Morning Peggy

11:28:05 Lisa Parisi : Hello

11:28:45 PeggyG : will you be streaming on ustream?

11:28:55 Sheila : yes

11:28:56 Lisa Parisi : ustream only today

11:29:22 PeggyG : Hi Miguel! So glad to agreed to come back to continue this conversation--brilliant topic suggestion!

11:29:42 PeggyG : Hi Amanda!

11:30:00 marragem : Hi Peggy!

11:30:06 Lisa Parisi : Hello Amanda

11:30:14 Sheila 2 : Hey Amanda!

11:30:15 marragem : Morning everyone!

11:30:25 Sheila 2 : Conversations will be starting in a few minutes.

11:30:48 marragem : I'm pretending I'm in your timezone and it's still Sunday

11:30:56 Sheila 2 : :)

11:30:58 PeggyG : good idea Amanda :-)

11:31:21 PeggyG : pretending is a good thing :-)

11:31:28 Lisa Parisi : ustream is starting

11:31:41 marragem : but in 29 days....

11:32:16 PeggyG : audio is great

11:33:20 PeggyG : I've been participating in a fantastic online food photography workshop most of the weekend. Amazing to watch a professional photographer teach us about food and culture!

11:33:42 Sheila 2 : Sounds very interesting!

11:33:42 marragem : sounds fun, Peggy

11:33:49 : aww

11:34:29 marragem : I found the song that reminded me of

11:34:31 PeggyG : They offered this workshop for free :-)

11:34:57 : Hi, peggyG!

11:35:02 PeggyG : food photography with a professional photographer from National Geographic :-)

11:35:40 PeggyG : we need to establish your credibility Miguel :-) just teasing...

11:35:40 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Maureen

11:35:45 PeggyG : Hi Maureen

11:35:57 Maureen : Good morning Lisa and everyone

11:36:03 k_timms : good morning

11:36:04 marragem : Hi Maureen

11:36:35 Lisa Parisi : Good morning, K_timms.

11:36:44 Maureen : Goodness Amanda! Are you on holiday? Isn't if awfully early, or late for you?

11:36:45 PeggyG : I'm so grateful that you share so willingly, openly and frequently, Miguel! I learn so much from you!

11:37:02 PeggyG : Yes! M Scott Peck! Love his books!

11:37:58 PeggyG : I think this is such an important conversation because I'm sure all of us have considered this question for ourselves at one time or another

11:38:10 marragem : yes, it's after 1:30 am but I can sleep in -have an ICT network day later today

11:38:27 Lisa Parisi : WElcome to the chat, Maria.

11:38:29 PeggyG : this question led me to retirement :-)

11:38:36 MariaK : finally hardwired

11:38:38 Lisa Parisi : REally, Peggy?

11:38:43 PeggyG : :-)

11:38:54 PeggyG : yes

11:38:55 marragem : there was a Carey Landry song based on this back in the 80's. Big in Catholic schools

11:39:24 MariaK : hey amanda...yawn

11:39:40 PeggyG : in retirement I moved to bloom :-)

11:39:53 marragem : I napper earlier, Maria. Not tired...yet

11:40:32 PeggyG : would love to hear Scott McCloud's rationale for your decision Miguel

11:40:57 Maureen : It's a very hard decision. I love my school, but really don't see any change happening. But I am also too old to really pick up and move.

11:41:01 : Scott says, "Move to where you will bloom" (although that's a paraphrase, not a quote)

11:41:15 PeggyG : hard to make a decision to move in education because of salary schedules, tenure status, etc. may lost a lot

11:41:31 : @Maureen wow, that's how many folks feel! Me, too and I'm only 42! 8->

11:41:35 Sheila 2 : I had immediate reactions to this subject, but I think my reaction would be different when I was younger.

11:42:10 PeggyG : one of my teachers left to start a personal business after 25 years in education--business didn't work out and she had to return to step one of the salary schedule when she returned to teaching. Very sad.

11:42:31 PeggyG : interesting point Sheila! didn't think about age as a factor

11:42:33 : Is our inability to handle change/risk keep us in toxic environments? How can we better adapt to risk/change so we can move and bloom in non-toxic environments?

11:42:44 marragem : I've been pondering a move for a few years but can't find a school that will allow me to do what I doing an exchange instead!

11:42:55 Maureen : @mguhlin I have a few decades on you... my house is almost paid for, and I like it here- except when I don't.

11:43:13 Sheila 2 : :) Maureen.

11:43:36 : how does blogging and social media provide an emotional safety net for us to endure toxic environments?

11:43:54 marragem : think I've still managed to bloom in what was a toxic environment. Just have to change your thinking, not let things bother you

11:44:02 Maureen : I can do whatever I want in my classroom, but I want others around me to change as well. I cannot change the culture of my school.

11:44:30 : great can you work without investment?

11:44:38 McTeach (Karen) : You're lucky Maureen...I can't seem to do anything I want to in my classroom anymore.

11:44:39 Lisa Parisi : Having support among others, Miguel, definitely helps.  26 years ago, there was no social network.

11:44:42 PeggyG : an exchange is an interesting alternative Amanda!

11:45:38 PeggyG : I think having a PLN via social networking definitely helps but I wonder if we use what we learn to improve our own situation or if it's just a safe place to survive?

11:45:45 Maureen : Hey Karen... Didn't even see you sneak in. I have freedom to do whatever I want, pretty much- but nobody cares. The culture at my school is so very traditional.

11:45:48 Lisa Parisi : Hello John.

11:46:03 Lisa Parisi : Hello, Techyturner.

11:46:08 woodenmask : Good morning.

11:46:13 MariaK : Hi John

11:46:21 woodenmask : Morning, Ma'am

11:46:22 MariaK : good morning to you!

11:46:24 PeggyG : Hi McTeach!! So glad you could join us :-)

11:46:25 techyturner : Hi. trying to get the broadcast on so I can hear it.

11:46:41 PeggyG : Hi techyturner! Haven't seen you in ages! Welcome!

11:46:44 marragem : Peggy -I can't change the culture amongst my staff, can't change the the culture of my employer, too old to change systems, so an exchange will move me out of my comfort zone

11:46:44 Lisa Parisi : it's on ustream only today.

11:46:48 PeggyG : streaming on ustream

11:46:53 McTeach (Karen) : Hi Peggy! Somebody forced me to get out of bed! :P

11:46:55 techyturner : Thank you

11:47:11 : Wow, my heart is beating fast and I feel anxious as I listen to you all. anyone else getting emotional?

11:47:17 Maureen : I sent the art teacher a Escher like tessellation that one of my sixth graders made this week. She wants to learn how to do it in SketchUp- wants to collaborate with me and math.  Little dreams... but not much action

11:47:19 : Kinda neat to reflect on this

11:47:28 PeggyG : :-) @McTeach--maybe it was somebody higher up forcing you to get out of bed??!!

11:47:35 Lisa Parisi : Maureen, run with it.

11:47:50 McTeach (Karen) : Arizona "higher up"???

11:48:00 PeggyG : nope

11:48:11 PeggyG : just the messenger

11:48:28 McTeach (Karen) : :)

11:48:41 Lisa Parisi : Hello Jamie

11:48:47 PeggyG : I think this topic is less "emotional" when you've already made your decision and are at peace with it

11:49:01 Sheila 2 : True Peggy!

11:49:24 Sheila 2 : Do you reflect more when you are planted or looking to move?

11:49:27 : @PeggyG That may mean I'm not at peace with my decision.

11:49:30 : 8->

11:49:40 : Radioactive soil.

11:49:43 Maureen : I know that feeling Maria. I've lived here since '78.  Hard to even think about moving.  Been working at the same school since "91. I don't think I want to work in a public school and other options are very very limited- especially given my age.

11:49:44 PeggyG : I think so Miguel

11:50:28 : How can we ask questions that don't threaten people? Make environment safe for questions.

11:50:41 PeggyG : when you're struggling with a decision like this there is a tendency to think "the grass is greener" somewhere else but you bring your baggage with you

11:50:49 Lisa Parisi : Maybe we need to stop being defensive when people ask us questions.

11:50:51 : @PeggyG yes, agreed.

11:50:53 techyturner : Topic: Are we blooming where we are planted or do we need to move?

11:51:18 PeggyG : @Miguel- you can't control how others respond to your questions (feeling threatened, etc.) But it's still really important to ask them

11:51:22 McTeach (Karen) : matter where you go, there you are!

11:51:23 Maureen : @mguhlin  That's the problem- everyone always feels threatened just by asking questions. They feel like it's judgmental.

11:51:35 PeggyG : exactly McTeah :-) wise person said that!

11:52:19 PeggyG : consensus requires hard work!! easier to have someone tell you what to do and then complain about the decision (sic)...

11:52:32 Sheila 2 : Reflection can be uncomfortable for some especially when not feeling confident.

11:52:37 Maureen : At our last full faculty meeting- in response to some questions I asked- my boss said at least twice in his response "I;m not being defensive, but..." It was pretty clear that I was not supposed to ask these questions

11:52:37 Sheila 2 : Do you reflect more when you are planted or looking to move?

11:53:34 Maureen : @Peggy G I agree- At my school everyone complains, but won't work to change. It cannot happen magically

11:53:37 PeggyG : excellent points about asking questions @Miguel!

11:53:39 techyturner : @Sheila2 I reflect in both environments.

11:54:28 : You're so encouraging @PeggyG. Is that how the rest of us should be? Does that work to be affirming? You know what I'm saying?

11:54:47 PeggyG : I've been observing an amazing person in the professional photography workshop this weekend and she is a masterful person at giving feedback and challenging thinking in a constructive way. Very insightful for me!

11:54:53 : @PeggyG I admire that.

11:54:54 Sheila 2 : I found TET very helpful. Teacher Effectiveness Training. I pulled it out for another teacher this week.

11:55:02 Deya -> puentesalmundo: si o en el centro de la pantalla, la flecha grande

11:55:10 PeggyG : Yes I think it's important to find the positive in things and support them

11:55:12 MariaK : @sheila - I used to be a trainer for that! LOL

11:55:17 Maureen : I met with my boss and we talked about starting a PLC... to help move things forward. Then he pretty much said no to the people I wanted to invite. Kind of don't want it to be invitation only...

11:55:27 PeggyG : I think there is something positive in every experience

11:55:56 : @PeggyG how to handle the situation Lisa describes now?

11:56:30 Sheila 2 : You have to model and walk the walk yourself.

11:57:11 PeggyG : always interesting that people outside of your immediate network (school) think you are an expert and people in your own school don't want to listen--they want to hire consultants from the outside to do exactly what you are already doing

11:57:26 PeggyG : pant pant

11:57:33 Maureen : @Sheila I find it harder to model and have people see that they can apply the same model in MS than it was in lower grades, since everyone seems to think that their discipline is special, different and my model cannot work there

11:57:34 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Peggy.

11:58:08 Maureen : @Peggy- Yes- that prophet in your own land thing- it's true

11:59:02 techyturner : @peggy @maureen That has happen to me many times.

11:59:04 Sheila 2 : I had a teacher come up to me in front of others acknowledging how well I listen to everyone and try to compromise, just when I felt I was losing it! You never know your impact!

11:59:27 marragem : Peggy - you've just described the environment I'm in

11:59:40 Maureen : When I was in Boston last week at edcamp I listened to a HS english teacher explain how she uses google spreadsheets to grade- and give feedback on essays. She was so enthusiastic... wish my English teachers could catch some of that

11:59:43 Sheila 2 : I keep pluggin away, but I also look for people who will challenge me in my thinking.

11:59:48 woodenmask : I'm fortunate, but intimidated in that I work at a school with insanely talented colleagues, where most of them ARE better than me. It's still hard to bloom; my pot is irregular. #BeatingAMetaphorSenseless

11:59:53 PeggyG : I love the concept that Steve Farber promotes in his book "Greater Than Yourself"--To be a great leader you need to strive to make others greater than yourself

12:00:15 PeggyG : that's really true Sheila!! you never know your impact

12:00:56 Maureen : @woodenmask- I've used your blog and your examples of some of your projects and Paul's projects to show history teachers.. get the same reaction... doesn't fit with what they are doing..... I just don't get it

12:01:02 PeggyG : if you're working to make others "greater than yourself" you're not feeling defensive and threatened

12:01:43 McTeach (Karen) : That's what I'm feeling like I have to do. Just do what you're told so you don't get yelled at anymore.

12:01:45 PeggyG : sometimes they truly don't "get it" Maureen. They need to see it work for them to understand.

12:02:07 : @Karen Thanks for acknowledging that.

12:02:13 Maureen : @peggyG- how do you get them to even try something new?

12:02:58 McTeach (Karen) : @Miguel...wish I didn't have to. It's really killing me to not do what I think would work best in my classroom.

12:03:05 PeggyG : wonder what would happen if you took on your administrator/principal as a Greater Than Yourself project?? Is that too far fetched to think you could find positive in what they are doing and build on it?

12:03:14 : @Karen isn't it nice to admit it, though? Who could you tell at your workplace?

12:03:35 PeggyG : don't focus on the person--focus on what they do to support learning

12:03:46 Maureen : @McTeach- even our head of school knows that everyone is just keeping their head down... and grumbling- but making the culture change to a place where people feel valued and encouraged to try and talk- is not something that I can see happening. I think it has to be admin down... but he thinks it's a grassroots thing...

12:03:47 McTeach (Karen) : @Miguel...actually, everyone knows how I'm being treated, without me telling them.

12:03:53 : Does blooming always mean doing it your way and swimming upstream against the current?

12:04:08 Lisa Parisi : For me, it does, Miguel.

12:04:09 : @Karen yes, without speaking it aloud, it continues

12:04:25 McTeach (Karen) : @Peggy What if what they're doing doesn't support learning? What do we do?

12:04:26 Lisa Parisi : Doesn't mean it's right, just that it's what I need to bloom

12:04:49 Lisa Parisi : I would love for my way of blooming to be standard in the school.  Imagine the support I would have from colleagues.

12:05:01 Sheila 2 : @Karen I was in a situation like that several years back. I found other avenues to reflect and get support. Not a happy situation, but I was so focused in my classroom. Eventually, the staff started to voice their opinions too. It started to turn. Actually pulled staff together for a bit.

12:05:02 PeggyG : administrators definitely play an important role in establishing school culture but they aren't the only ones. Look at the example of Identity Day that George Couros started. Powerful way to build community

12:05:15 Maureen : @Maria- my daughter was asked to take 3 yr olds in to do some testing on the computers... she refused... and eventually won.

12:05:23 : Is the personal journey towards becoming a better person always involve swimming against organizational currents?

12:05:39 PeggyG : @McTeach--is there NOTHING they are doing to support learning? Who is telling them what to do? Board? Boss? Are they in conflict too?

12:05:48 Lisa Parisi : No.  Sometimes people agree with the organizational currents, Miguel.

12:06:34 Maureen : Why can't we have a PLN at our own schools- why does it come from outside? Or is it just me and my school? I feel far more supported by online PLN than I do in my school.

12:06:35 McTeach (Karen) : @Peggy She would prefer it if we taught like they did in the 1800's. Not sure how that can support learning.

12:06:36 PeggyG : probably that's true Miguel--at least right now in education!!

12:06:41 : So, if the org currents are aligned with not learning--as Karen suggests--and you need to align yourself with your org currents, should you move or persist as a rock being eroded?

12:07:07 PeggyG : those organization currents are everywhere--not just where you are now

12:07:27 : the frog story

12:07:38 PeggyG : me too :-)

12:07:39 marragem : I'm with you Maureen - far more support from my online PLN. Often feel an outsider at my school

12:07:43 : we keep hoping for the kiss to transform the frog, but we're the frog in the pot

12:07:44 Maureen : @Miguel is it always a rock being eroded? Or can it be a small dam affecting change in the stream?

12:07:46 : ;->

12:07:50 PeggyG : your secrets out...

12:08:03 McTeach (Karen) : @Miguel...last year, I decided to stay another year because I hoped that I could be a rock where others could gather around. Instead, I've been eroded.

12:08:12 techyturner : @miguel I don't think it always goes against organizational currents. I believe that people/organizations change and it may go against sooner or later.

12:08:14 PeggyG : changing grade levels and classrooms can often be a renewing experience

12:08:48 : We thrive on conflict and challenge to push us.

12:08:50 : 8->

12:09:13 Sheila 2 : If things were perfect, would we reflect?

12:09:24 Maureen : It seems like much of the conversation now seems to be around tech, but back before tech was an issue- didn't you always look for change? Ways to do things better?

12:09:36 techyturner : @shiela2 I would b/c that is what I do.

12:09:40 Lisa Parisi : I always do, Maureen, with or without tech.

12:10:13 Sheila 2 : Yes, Maureen. Nothing's perfect for me.

12:10:25 : @Maureen yes, of course. As a writing workshop facilitator, I drove the grammar teachers crazy. That's part of the point isn't it? Is this type of cognitive tension just normal to the human condition, perhaps, even necessary?

12:10:26 PeggyG : I personally think that if you are in a school environment that is caustic and detrimental to both students and teachers you shouldn't stay. Damage to kids and teachers is different than thinking we need to change/grow.

12:10:43 : Insight as a result of today's Conversation?

12:10:52 marragem : @Maureen - yes - always changing , constantly pruning

12:10:58 Maureen : @Lisa Yes, back when I taught K I always looked for ways to do it differently- always learning. I remember when I discovered KinderKorner- a listserv... was thrilled to be able to connect to others.

12:11:13 PeggyG : I agree with you Maureen! Good teachers were always looking for ways to improve their teacher (both before and after technology integration)

12:11:42 PeggyG : I was on the KinderKorner listserv too Maureen!!

12:12:18 Maureen : @peggyG... that's funny... my old user name used to be ecdivco... probably talked to you back then too

12:12:27 PeggyG : as a principal, I joined teacher listservs for almost every grade level so I could learn what the issues and teaching strategies were around the country and not just in our school/district

12:12:54 Sheila 2 : If you have too many people to reflect with, challenge you, do you then feel discouraged?

12:13:14 PeggyG : I still follow quite a few teacher listservs and the conversations there are often different than they are in ed tech PLNs

12:13:26 Maureen : @peggyg I find that at an independent school that our school leaders are looking much more to NAIS and their publications- and yes, it's an echo chamber for them

12:13:51 PeggyG : @Sheila--interesting question. Maybe you just have to think of it as "one at a time"??

12:14:17 Maureen : I find that my online PLN there are lots of people who push and challenge my thinking... even Lisa :-)

12:14:53 Lisa Parisi : It's always my goal, Maureen. LOL

12:14:56 PeggyG : @Maureen-did you know the KinderKorner list is still active? I still receive their digests

12:15:34 MariaK : good ol' KinderKorner listserve!

12:15:51 PeggyG : you definitely don't have to agree with everyone or have everyone agree with you to feel rewarded and renewed

12:15:55 MariaK : @peggyG me too - still receive the digests

12:15:59 Sheila 2 : Small victories!

12:16:01 PeggyG : I like that perspective Miguel

12:16:05 Maureen : @PeggyG I kind of dropped it when I had to switch jobs to teaching science and computer- I had waaaay to much to learn in a very short time. I also really wish I was still in I tend to stay away from it- easier for me.

12:18:10 PeggyG : that white/black laptop makes me smile and remember how little things can change our perspective--how often do you sharpen your pencils and rearrange your room to try to motivate yourself to write something (yes writing without a computer) :-)

12:18:54 Sheila 2 : Validation

12:19:01 McTeach (Karen) : Can't wait for ISTE!! Need to be around like-minded people!

12:19:03 Maureen : Do you think that as women (mostly here) in a school that you don't get the audience that the male teachers get. It feels that way in my school... the guys get listened to- the rest of us- the vast majority- don't.

12:19:04 : Yes, @PeggyG exactly!! You mean, that happens to others, too?!? Re-arranging pencils, writing with a new pen on a different notebook (digital or otherwise) gets me going.

12:19:05 PeggyG : I get those looks too Lisa but you can still share--your enthusiasm is contagious even if your specific suggestions aren't followed

12:19:22 PeggyG : all the time Miguel!! it's how I operate!

12:20:00 Sheila 2 : Allowed to take risks

12:20:07 : @PeggyG haha

12:20:11 PeggyG : I don't think so Maureen--audience for male teachers. Really may depend on the administrator and their style.

12:20:14 Sheila 2 : And admit if it didn't work and think about how to fix it.

12:20:30 PeggyG : that's the really hard part Sheila!! admit it didn't work

12:20:51 Sheila 2 : True! Need the safe environment.

12:21:01 : rejoicing!

12:21:02 : hehe

12:21:09 Sheila 2 : Stepping out of your comfort zone.

12:21:32 Maureen : I get encouragment from individuals at school and I know that I help people- but it's more me fixing something on their computer, or showing them how to upload something, etc... not curricula stuff

12:21:36 PeggyG : those are the naysayers--the ones who say why change--we just keep recycling old things and if we wait long enough this trend will pass too

12:22:08 PeggyG : we have to keep focusing on the kids and what they need for learning and future success as life-long learners

12:22:15 : do you have to retire to achieve a well-balanced perspective? 8-> don't get mad at me. 8->

12:22:25 woodenmask : waves

12:22:25 PeggyG : no I don't think so Miguel

12:22:31 Maureen : @peggyg I heard the jump on the bandwagon statement at the last fac meeting... Like using tech in schools is a bandwagon... jeez!

12:22:34 marragem : you just have to be the best you can be

12:22:35 Lisa Parisi : Peggy, I hear that all the time.  And as THE senior teacher in the school, I resent when younger teachers say it's not worth trying because this, too, shall pass.

12:23:10 PeggyG : very easy to resent those kinds of comments!! I do too!!! We should brainstorm some responses for when we hear those comments :-)

12:23:36 : What is the secret of being content in every situation? (that's a loaded question)

12:23:46 Maureen : content?

12:24:01 Maureen : I hope that I don't ever feel content Miguel

12:24:05 PeggyG : retirement doesn't have to mean leaving "education"! I think I am busier, have learned more/done more and influenced more with a renewed focus--just no paycheck...

12:24:24 Sheila 2 : You are busy Peggy!

12:24:31 : What does contentment mean to you, @Maureen?

12:24:38 Maureen : @peggyg I hope all the appreciation you get from all of us is a paycheck

12:24:45 PeggyG : not content Miguel because that means you've stopped trying to grow/change

12:24:45 woodenmask : That's a hard call, Maria. I'm not sure how you judge when you've stopped having an impact.

12:24:53 PeggyG : it is a HUGE paycheck!!!!!!

12:24:55 : @Maureen amen! @PeggyG you are great.

12:24:56 marragem : retirement?  I have to keep working to pay for my overseas trips!

12:24:59 Maureen : Content means satisfied... haven't gottent there

12:26:15 PeggyG : I don't think we can ever be satisfied with where we are and what we are doing but we can celebrate each accomplishment and each small step (whether ours or someone elses)

12:27:08 Sheila 2 : I'm starting to get 2nd generations and people are starting to ask when I'm going to retire!! I have the years but not the age! They think I'm old! :(

12:27:39 PeggyG : it's the paperwork and documentation that drains us and takes time away from the creative teaching process

12:27:59 Maureen : I want to work in my garden all day....

12:27:59 PeggyG : I'm with you Sheila!!! Have fun!

12:28:29 PeggyG : Miguel is asking some great questions for us to reflect on!!

12:29:25 PeggyG : Let's go to dinner with Paul and find out what he meant :-)

12:29:40 : @PeggyG on your own! I'm not ready yet!!!

12:29:41 PeggyG : don't you wish you could go back in time to talk with wise people?? :-)

12:29:48 woodenmask : Thank you for the conversation - The Boy is demanding a sandwich.

12:29:59 PeggyG : Feed the boy @woodenmask

12:30:25 PeggyG : content is an interesting word...

12:30:48 PeggyG : I'm not sure toxic environments help bring out the best in us

12:31:12 PeggyG : challenging, questioning, frustrating environments maybe but not toxic

12:31:21 Lisa Parisi : YEs, Peggy.

12:32:24 PeggyG : has anyone developed a list of guiding questions to explore this topic individually?

12:32:35 Maureen : Reading A Daughters Walk... back to it now. Interesting historical novel.

12:32:43 PeggyG : this has been a great, thought-provoking conversation!!

12:33:03 PeggyG : thank you Miguel and the Conversations team!!! every week is a great conversation!

12:33:08 techyturner : Thanks for pushing my thinking today. Back to trimming the landscape.

12:33:30 PeggyG : so sorry you can't go to ISTE Miguel!!

12:33:31 McTeach (Karen) : Thanks everyone!

12:33:51 Maureen : I met Miguel - maybe in San Antonio... didn't realise he was so famous :-)

12:34:15 : @Maureen, I'm not famous, but when you haven't met the big mouth next door, there is some notoriety!

12:34:19 Lisa Parisi : Bye

12:34:25 PeggyG : Miguel is famous because he so willing shares and explores and questions with everyone!!!

12:34:30 techyturner : bye1

12:34:37 Maureen : bye

12:34:38 marragem : thanks everyone. I'm off to bed. Catch you all in a few hours!

12:34:40 PeggyG : bye all!

12:34:45 tekteech7 : thanks, bye


This week Miguel Guhlin joined Lisa, Maria, and Sheila to continue a conversation he had started in a chat room a few weeks ago.  His question: Do you bloom where you are planted or do you move to bloom?  We discussed the pros and cons of staying in a difficult teaching situation where you can do great work for children or moving where you are more supported.


Conversations Episode 100!!! - A Celebration

This week we celebrated our 100th Episode.  We talked about how we got started and moved right into a conversation about being connected as educators.  It was great fun!


11:20:10 Lisa Parisi : Hi Peggy!

11:20:56 PeggyG : Hi there! Are we having a party today?? 100 shows!! Fantastic! :-)

11:21:11 Sheila 2 : Hi Peggy!

11:24:33 Lisa Parisi : Hello Scott.

11:24:33 Sheila 2 : Morning Scott!

11:24:47 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hello friends

11:25:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Testing text color

11:25:59 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : That's better. 

11:26:48 PeggyG : Good morning Scott, Lisa and Sheila!

11:27:18 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hi Peggy.  You had a busy day yesterday!

11:27:41 PeggyG : WOW!!!! Did I ever!! My brain is really on overload and so is my body!!

11:28:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I wish I could have attened all of the sessions, but family time came first.  I'll check out the recordings soon.

11:28:48 PeggyG : It was a fabulous conference though! We had over 450 people register for the online conference and every session had between 150-180 people in them!! I have posted the recording links so you can view anytime. Just log in to see them all. :-)

11:29:04 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Amanda

11:29:34 marragem : Hi everyone!

11:29:37 PeggyG : Hi Amanda! Great to see you!!

11:30:06 Sheila 2 : Hi Amanda!

11:30:12 marragem : Thanks Peggy. A public holiday here do I can stay up late!

11:30:22 PeggyG : Love those holidays!!

11:30:24 PeggyG : Hi Maria

11:30:26 marragem : Hi Sheila!

11:31:01 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Do we have a topic today, or is it just the 100 party?

11:31:02 marragem : My last long weekend for the year. The next one is the day I fly out

11:31:20 PeggyG : fly out to ISTE????

11:31:28 marragem : yes, Peggy!!!!

11:31:36 PeggyG : woo hoo!!!! Can't wait!

11:31:51 PeggyG : is your team doing the tour again this year?

11:31:53 marragem : Neither can I . 6 weeks today

11:32:25 Lisa Parisi : Hello Maureen

11:32:27 PeggyG : Hi Maureen! Great to see you!

11:32:31 Maureen : Hello all

11:32:33 marragem : There is a tour again but I'm not on it. Will meet up with them all of course in Philly

11:32:37 PeggyG : hearing you now :-)

11:33:08 marragem : Hi Maureen!

11:33:09 PeggyG : I wish you would have your Australia tour team do a presentation at ISTE Unplugged about their tour experience :-)

11:33:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Audio good

11:33:18 Maureen : Hi Amanda

11:33:41 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : hop hop hop

11:33:50 PeggyG : get ready to sing :-)

11:34:04 Lisa Parisi : Hello SAUL

11:34:18 PeggyG : Hi Saul! Welcome!

11:34:30 marragem : Peggy, I can speak to Tony Brandenberg and Ralph Leonard about that. A great idea. Think ISTE is planning on a study tour to Australia next year

11:34:35 PeggyG : Happy birthday Lisa!!

11:34:40 Lisa Parisi : Thanks Peggy

11:34:50 PeggyG : that would be fantastic Amanda!

11:35:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : hop

11:35:13 marragem : yay!!!

11:35:27 PeggyG : Reflecting is a good thing :-)

11:36:15 PeggyG : Sheila are you following the launch proceedings? Sure hope they take off soon

11:36:17 Maureen : lost audio- is it just me?

11:36:27 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ustream audio ok here

11:36:35 Lisa Parisi : Just you, Iguess

11:36:41 PeggyG : I love that!!! Still like doing the shows after 100!! That's fantastic!

11:36:44 marragem : Peggy, we did present a panel discussion last year - comparing the US, Canada & OZ contexts but a session on the study tour makes so much sense, especially since ISTE is wanting to adipt our model

11:36:47 Sheila : Yes.

11:36:56 Sheila : for the launch.

11:37:09 marragem : I miss the show we can I can't attend much better live!

11:37:10 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : its a "responsive podcast"

11:37:20 PeggyG : great term Scott

11:37:51 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Its like teaching, lesson plans are a jumping off point, not a script

11:38:00 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Scott.

11:38:33 PeggyG : scripts and written plans help me know I have a clear plan but I rarely am able to follow them exactly

11:39:25 PeggyG : I really like the informal flow of Conversations. I like having a topic but we can stray and it's ok

11:39:48 PeggyG : Hi Miguel! Great to see you!

11:39:57 : Howdy! Thx for welcome!

11:40:29 Lisa Parisi : Hello Miguel!

11:40:37 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : link please

11:40:52 : Hola @Lisa Parisi! I read your Fbook and had to follow it.

11:40:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ok...ty

11:41:03 PeggyG : @Miguel We just finished hosting our first ever virtual conference yesterday and I set it all up on Moodle. You might enjoy checking it out. You have to register to access everything but it's all free :-)

11:41:08 : Wait, what r you talking about? I missed it since my audio wasn't on.

11:41:20 : Congrats!!

11:41:33 : Oh, Dallas is horrible.

11:41:51 Stephanie Sandifer : Congrats on the 100th show!  What an accomplishment! :-)

11:41:52 PeggyG : such devastating news!!

11:42:04 : Sorry, didn't mean to bring you down but important to share.

11:42:05 PeggyG : Hi Stephanie!! So glad you could join us!

11:42:11 : Hug

11:42:13 Stephanie Sandifer : Hi Peggy!

11:42:16 : hug time

11:42:42 : Hi @Stephanie!

11:42:51 PeggyG : you are a terrific team!!!

11:42:55 Stephanie Sandifer : Hi Miguel!

11:43:23 PeggyG : Sheila is such a calm person!!! Good for all of us!

11:43:44 PeggyG : maybe reflection really is all about "self-revealing" :-)

11:43:49 Maureen : Thanks for the link to AZtea Peggy. Was in NH.. again... yesterday- missed DEN and AZ

11:43:52 Sheila : Ah but you don't ever see me!

11:44:51 Lisa Parisi : I hate working off a script.

11:45:01 Lisa Parisi : I do much better with talking on the fly.

11:45:10 PeggyG : The entire conference day was fantastic with outstanding presentations! Having Angela Maiers and Steve Farber kick off the day about Passion-Driven Leadership and Learning was incredible and the closing panel wrapped it all up and gave us our challenge to move forward. It was a great day!

11:45:59 PeggyG : I love the name "conversations" because it suggests interaction and ongoing dialogue.

11:46:17 Sheila 2 : How many of you out there have tried webcasting at some point?

11:46:54 marragem : I haven't but it's something that a couple of us at QSITE are looking at doing

11:47:08 PeggyG : by webcasting do you mean the way you are doing it? or anything online like Elluminate webinars?

11:47:17 Stephanie Sandifer : I've done it sporadically -- I don't find it easy to plan or to produce on a regular basis -- so I am so impressed with the team behind EdTechTalk :-)

11:47:52 PeggyG : I always enjoyed the blogtalkradio shows that Liz Kolb did but I think she has taken a "leave" from them for awhile.

11:48:13 PeggyG : you don't have to manage the streaming with blogtalkradio :-)

11:48:16 : Amen @Stephanie.

11:48:39 Sheila 2 : @Stephanie - I find it hard to do all the multitasking.

11:48:54 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I've played around with ustream, livestream, qik....  but nothing serious. I was drawn to video..... I'm a visual learner.

11:48:56 Stephanie Sandifer : @Sheila Yes -- me too

11:48:56 PeggyG : some people actually graduated from the WebCastAcademy :-)

11:49:07 MariaK : @Stephanie - If I can do it, then you can too. I'm so random!!

11:49:10 PeggyG : me too Scott--lots of exploring and playing around

11:49:14 Maureen : A few years back I started the webcast academy- but was on dialup and it was just so hard to get going on it. Would still like to learn more about how it's done.

11:49:20 Stephanie Sandifer : @Maria LOL!

11:49:22 Sheila 2 : @Scott - I enjoy the visual too.

11:49:50 PeggyG : @Maureen--all of the resources are still available to learn how to do it on the webcastacademy site but they don't manage it as a "class" now

11:50:15 Sheila 2 : Wow! Dial-up! Maureen that was a ways back!

11:50:18 Maureen : THx Peggy... Time is such an issue for me at this point.

11:50:20 PeggyG :

11:50:28 PeggyG : I know what you mean Maureen!

11:50:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Lots of rural folks still on dial-up or satellite.

11:50:44 PeggyG : so true Scott

11:50:55 Maureen : @Sheila- not so far back here in the sticks. I got broadband last year or the year before. Tried satellite for a bit- expensive and not reliable

11:51:08 PeggyG : I went through the academy several times but never graduated

11:51:23 Sheila 2 : There seems to be more interest in again.

11:51:27 MariaK : @Peggy - Never graduated either...who knew?

11:51:39 Sheila 2 : I'm graduating WCA after Durff!

11:51:40 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : teathering and smarphones are helping bridge some of the dgital gap

11:51:46 PeggyG : It would be great to see it activate again so we have a support group

11:51:57 PeggyG : too funny Sheila!

11:52:12 Lisa Parisi : Connnecting is incredibly valuable.

11:52:28 PeggyG : I remember that too Sheila--hoping the name will come to me

11:52:37 Lisa Parisi : We need to always try to make new connections because you never know when those connections will help in the classroom or with your learning.

11:53:19 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : (or find a job)

11:53:38 Lisa Parisi : Hopefully all of your networking will help with that, Scott.

11:54:06 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I hope so.  My connections are growing by leaps and bounds,

11:54:10 PeggyG : Lee was such a fantastic leader who shared so much with everyone

11:54:36 : Wow, hard to believe Lee has been gone so long.

11:54:52 Lisa Parisi : It is.  But I still think about her from time to time.

11:54:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I never got to hear Lee live, but listened to some of the recorded shows.  Hard not to like a banjo player :-)

11:55:11 Sheila 2 : Hey JL!

11:55:13 Lisa Parisi : Hello JL>  Welcome to our 100th show.

11:55:15 PeggyG : Hi JL!!

11:55:21 Sheila 2 : It's been a while!

11:55:22 PeggyG : So glad you could join our party

11:55:22 JL : I'm still expecting a 'Hey I figured out how to tweet from here' message from Lee

11:55:43 JL : Howdy all

11:55:53 JL : Had to stop by for the 100th anniversary show

11:56:01 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Colleen!

11:56:21 colleenk : Hey, everyone! Congratulations to Conversations!!

11:56:26 Maureen : Hey Colleen, Looking forward to seeing you again at ISTE this year

11:56:47 JL : btw, Lisa Parisi webcaster portfolio:

11:56:51 colleenk : I can't wait to go. Haven't seen anyone in ages.

11:56:52 Lisa Parisi : Colleen, you're going to ISTE?  Yay!

11:57:08 Lisa Parisi : OMG JL.  I don't think we want to promote that.

11:57:11 PeggyG : cool link JL

11:57:12 colleenk : Absolutely...and I'm even presenting.

11:57:20 Lisa Parisi : Great!  Me too.

11:57:33 Sheila 2 : Great Colleen!

11:57:33 PeggyG : We should have an EdTechTalk meetup at ISTE!!

11:57:36 JL : and Remembering Lee

11:57:41 colleenk : Will be a fantastic time.

11:57:48 Lisa Parisi : Let's do a show from there.  Done that before.  It was fun.

11:57:57 PeggyG : maybe we should create a ribbon to add to all of the others that we can wear at ISTE :-)

11:58:01 colleenk : Will you be there, Peggy and Sheila?

11:58:04 Sheila 2 : thanks for the links, JL.

11:58:06 PeggyG : Yes!!!!

11:58:14 Sheila 2 : Yes, I'm going to ISTE11.

11:58:21 PeggyG : We could do an ISTE Unplugged session and also stream it on ETT

11:58:24 colleenk : Awesome...I can hardly wait.

11:58:43 PeggyG : Sheila and I submitted a proposal to share Earthcast but it didn't get accepted

11:58:50 Lisa Parisi : :(

11:59:07 : it's so amazing and 90% of teachers (i made that stat up) don't know about it!

11:59:33 Lisa Parisi : Is that the trend now?  Make up your own statistics? LOL

11:59:33 colleenk : Sorry about that. I don't know how these things get decided.

12:00:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : We techies are still the odd mutation.  Evolution will take some time. 

12:00:14 : how are you reaching out more organizationally or is PLNing a solitary learner reaching out?

12:00:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Si usted está buscando el podcast en español y el chat, por favorseleccione Puentesalmundo de la lista de las habitaciones de la derecha.

12:00:27 : @Lisa Parisi Yes, I live in Texas. 8->

12:01:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I preload it b4 every show

12:01:10 PeggyG : good thing about ISTE is that we're surrounded by people (educators) who are all advocates and enthusiastic users of tech

12:01:34 : @Scott impressive!..uh, "muy impresivo"

12:01:46 : or should that be muy impresionante?

12:02:05 Sheila 2 : I still use the webcastacademy megachat skype chat for help.

12:02:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : no credit for me..... google translate [u]lol

12:02:23 PeggyG : google is a wonderful thing :-) Scott is our faithful rescuer when someone enters from Puentesalmundo and is in the wrong room

12:03:11 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ETT was the 'gateway drug' that lead me to twitter and plurk

12:03:13 Stephanie Sandifer : Yes -- re: Twitter...

12:03:34 PeggyG : Maria--was the early email program you used FredMail with Global Schoolnet? That was what we were using in the early 1980s

12:03:45 Stephanie Sandifer : I thought of that last night for some odd reason... how lucky I was to score @ssandifer on Twitter... couldn't do that now!

12:03:57 PeggyG : so true Stephanie!

12:04:29 Stephanie Sandifer : But as my Twitter netwokr has grown I have found that I don't use it in the same way or as often as I did when we all first started

12:04:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : There is a button "OTBO" (on twitter before Oprah)

12:04:43 Maureen : It can be... but people like Peggy bridge the gap to newbies

12:05:15 Lisa Parisi : Me, neither, Stephanie.

12:05:18 PeggyG : just the name "blogger's cafe" can make people feel estranged if they are not a blogger. I remember feeling that way the first time I was it. But someone took me under their wing and I loved it

12:05:23 Stephanie Sandifer : I think some of the Twitter workshops and sessions are hellpful for newbies

12:05:31 : I still remember the thrill when I met THE Lisa Parisi, or Peggy George, or Bud Hunt, etc. It's awesome. Can PLN building be institutionalized?

12:05:36 PeggyG : I agree Stephanie

12:05:38 Lisa Parisi : LOL

12:05:54 Sheila 2 : I remember those feelings too.

12:06:02 Maureen : @stephanie- for me it was people who reach out... Peggy and Cheryl Oakes, Alice Barr, etc were just so welcoming and kind

12:06:11 William Vegazo Muro -> puentesalmundo: buen dia amigos

12:06:12 PeggyG : I felt the same way Miguel (about you)! Remember our interview with Maggie Tsai re Diigo? How long ago was that??

12:06:15 colleenk : @PeggyG That's a good point about the name. Most teachers aren't blogging.

12:06:42 JL : lurker support

12:06:56 PeggyG : edubloggercon

12:07:05 JL : I remember - I was so sweaty - in Boston

12:07:06 Stephanie Sandifer : @Maureen Yes -- that's an important part as well -- the welcoming behaviors

12:07:31 PeggyG : isn't it funny how you recognize someone's voice when you have never met them before--just because of webcasts/podcasts!!

12:07:37 : @PeggyG Yes...Diigo feels old. Like these twittering, blogging experiences help us live more in the time we have. Does that experience of PLNing make you feel older or younger? Weary of many experiences or enlivened?

12:07:55 : ;->

12:08:16 : We are all star-struck with people we've learned so much from before meeting F2F.

12:08:16 JL : It is strange speaking to you all without a headset

12:08:27 Lisa Parisi : Peggy, I have had people turn around when they hear me and ask if I am Lisa.

12:08:29 PeggyG : I'm still living that experience Miguel!! It will never get old! I just shared Diigo yesterday in our Virtual Smackdown and there are still tons of people who have never heard of it

12:08:36 PeggyG : Exactly Lisa!!

12:08:50 Lisa Parisi : Yes, JL>  It is.

12:09:36 : @PeggyG yes, I know. Not that Diigo is old itself, but that the experience of sharing the same tools again and again ages? Not sure if that's accurate.

12:09:44 : Like that "don't need the small talk."

12:10:04 PeggyG : we really have no idea how our involvement in things like twitter, FB and our PLNs are affecting others! The things you post faithfully on Moodle Mayhem are incredibly helpful to me Miguel and I always share them with someone else

12:10:34 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Maybe that would be a good icebreaker activity at f-2-f meetings.  A round table with a hub where everyone could plug in their headsets and talk :)

12:10:36 JL : indeed - but big hugs to you all

12:10:38 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy That is so true!

12:10:41 PeggyG : even though a tool might be old to me (shared many times) it's the questions from people who have never heard of it that keep the conversation alive

12:10:45 JL : and congrat on the 100th

12:10:51 Sheila 2 : @scott :)

12:10:53 : @Scott haha

12:10:54 PeggyG : good night Jeff

12:11:02 Sheila 2 : NIght Jeff!

12:11:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Thanks for stopping in JL

12:11:05 JL : just a click away

12:11:30 JL : great to reconnect again

12:11:32 : @PeggyG thanks for the affirmation. We are changed by each other's smallest contributions, perhaps more than the ones we value.

12:11:39 Sheila 2 : @JL comforting to know!

12:11:49 Sheila 2 : a click away - believe me!

12:11:51 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy at every conference I attend (even ISTE and TCEA) I am reminded that there are a ton of educators in attendance who have no clue what these tools are or how we are using them to learn, connect, create, etc.

12:12:11 MariaK : Thank you Jeff.

12:12:25 PeggyG : I am still amazed every day (just as I was when I first learned about the internet) is that so many people are willing to share and support and help others learn for FREE online--I love it!!!

12:12:50 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I'm still told that in my undergrad classes.

12:13:16 PeggyG : exactly Stephanie!! we tend to forget that. That's why I like to help with the Playgrounds at ISTE. Last year I got someone started and up/running with Twitter right on the spot. :-)

12:13:56 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy :-) 

12:13:57 MariaK : can't talk - tears in eyes and i'm choked up!

12:14:13 PeggyG : It's so exciting to help someone who has never heard of something and see them take off.

12:15:20 Sheila 2 : I agree PeggyG

12:15:46 PeggyG : in our virtual conference yesterday there were many people who had not hear of Skype and certainly had not thought about using it in their classrooms with their students. Great aha moments!!

12:16:29 Sheila 2 : Still hard to get teachers at my school to venture forward. I guess I imtimidate unintentionally.

12:16:43 Lisa Parisi : I deal with that all the time, Sheila.

12:16:51 Maureen : @Peggy Are people using facetime now to connect? My 6th graders use it at home all the time.

12:17:15 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ... the best one so far...

12:17:50 Stephanie Sandifer : @Sheila Remember the tech adoption model -- like a bell curve... a few will jump on board immediately (that's us) and about half might come on board with enough support and exposure, but a large number will take much longer to explore and use this stuff -- even with support...

12:18:03 JL : Hard to step away, but Monday morning is rapidly approaching. Conversations is awesome, always has been (since episode#1: ) 

12:18:10 JL : 'night from Busan

12:18:17 Sheila 2 : Thanks Jeff!

12:18:23 MariaK : Good ight jeff. thanks for the visit.

12:18:24 PeggyG : Yesterday in our keynote presentation by Angela Maiers and Steve Farber, Steve challenged us to identify a project called "Greater Than Yourself" (GTY)-goal is to select someone to give a boost and some support. "The greatest leaders make others greater than themselves."

12:18:55 MariaK : Love that idea Peggy.

12:18:56 PeggyG : I'm not hearing about people using Facetime that much yet

12:19:10 PeggyG :

12:19:14 MariaK : thanks

12:19:23 Maureen : @peggy I haven't either... just from the kids.

12:20:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Facetime is cool, but skype is platform agnostic.  Newest version of skype is rumored to work on apple and android devices with from facing cameras

12:20:46 PeggyG : entire schools are adopting the concept of GTY projects and students are selecting their own project by identifying people they want to support (private selection)--similar to pay it forward

12:20:50 Maureen : @Maria... I'm still waiting for our sunshine... (although today is beautiful)

12:21:09 PeggyG : it is beautiful in Phoenix today!!

12:21:33 Stephanie Sandifer : GTY sounds great -- we need much more of that across the board at all levels

12:22:16 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I wonder if GTY could be scaled for students.  I like it better than "bucket filling"

12:22:19 PeggyG : I agree!! Their presentation was so inspiring--all related to passion and Steve represents the business perspective and Angela the education perspective.

12:22:34 PeggyG : It is being used with students Scott. I like it better too.

12:23:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I'll have to do some reading

12:23:18 PeggyG : Steve has published a book called "Greater Than Yourself"

12:23:59 marragem : I lost you.

12:24:10 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) :

12:24:39 marragem : Yes, anyone is welcome to Bloggers Cafe. Kids who are experts are helping the newbies set up theirs

12:24:48 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : If there is no time for blogging, that means there is no time for reflection in that classroom. 

12:25:11 Sheila 2 : And reflection is key.

12:25:12 PeggyG : Some great videos about the GTY projects on this site (one specifically about education)

12:25:13 marragem : I'm bringing in Year 1's and Preps (Kinders) this term

12:25:18 Maureen : @Scott- that's a sad, but true statement for many classrooms

12:25:36 Stephanie Sandifer : I need to log off and fix lunch for the kids... this has been fun -- congrats again on the 100th show!!!  See you all later on Twitter/FB/blogs/etc. :-)

12:25:48 PeggyG : there are many ways to reflect though--some teachers are starting to use audio to encourage students to reflect

12:25:49 Lisa Parisi : Thanks for coming Stephanie.

12:25:56 PeggyG : thanks Stephanie!!!

12:26:01 PeggyG : see you at ISTE

12:26:05 Sheila 2 : Thank Stephanie! Have a great day.

12:26:24 : Whomever is speaking, we all feel that way. at least, I one is perfect. that's why the community is so important.

12:26:31 Lisa Parisi : That was Maria.

12:26:42 : Sorry...had to take a phone call.

12:26:46 PeggyG : you are such great examples for blogging! That encourages other teachers to try!

12:26:51 MariaK : maybe we'll meet someday Miguel

12:26:53 PeggyG : welcome back Miguel

12:27:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : @peggy  True. Some do journals or portfolios, but these often turn into scrapbooks instead of reflections

12:27:11 PeggyG : that was Amanda

12:27:30 marragem : argh! lost me again!

12:27:48 PeggyG : I love the concept that Peter Reynolds introduced  -ish!! Don't have to be perfect--just do it and make it your best

12:28:15 : you mean, "just do it and make it your best over time?" 8->

12:28:22 : recursive process

12:28:24 PeggyG : excellent point Scott! I think they really need to be taught how to reflect

12:28:36 PeggyG : for sure Miguel!!! over time

12:28:45 PeggyG : the more we do it the better we get at it

12:29:54 William Vegazo Muro -> puentesalmundo: Saludos Saúl

12:29:58 PeggyG : so many teachers think they need to be an expert to do something with their kids and use it as an excuse to keep from doing it...

12:30:08 : Gasp, you're in violation of so many policies Lisa!

12:30:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Yes Lisa, but we did the same thing with word processors, online dictionaries, and many other tech gadgets.  Eventually the novelty wears off and we see it as just a tool.

12:30:25 PeggyG : :-)

12:30:42 : do you use your own wireless connection? Like Clear ?

12:30:44 marragem : I only use my class skype acc when I'm overseas

12:31:42 : Ah. Lucky you. It's about culture you're in. Should you bloom where you are planted or move to where you will bloom? ;->

12:31:44 Sheila 2 : I have two school accounts (for webcasting stations) but use my personal skype contact list.

12:31:50 PeggyG : why is that Amanda? only use it overseas?

12:31:59 Lisa Parisi : I have bloomed where I was planted. 

12:32:05 PeggyG : oh Miguel!!! what a great question!!!!!

12:32:21 PeggyG : I wish McTeach were in the room to hear that question!

12:32:32 Lisa Parisi : I started in a school that I couldn't work in.  I was too young, insecure, and naive to change it.

12:32:42 Maureen : Got to get back to work outside. Congratulations on your 100th show!

12:32:45 Lisa Parisi : So I moved to Herricks and have grown myself within the district.

12:32:46 PeggyG : sometimes you really need to move where you will bloom to save your own soul!

12:32:56 marragem : Peggy - like Lisa said, all my contacts are in my acc, so just easier. The class acc allows the kids to skype me, or Maria/Kathy while I'm out of the country

12:32:58 Lisa Parisi : I change policy because of what I do int he classrom.

12:33:11 PeggyG : aha-thanks Amanda

12:33:31 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Wow... an hour gone already

12:33:38 Lisa Parisi : Miguel, I really would love to talk more about that question.  Maybe another show?  Would you like to join us to talk about it?

12:34:02 PeggyG : that would be a great conversation topic Lisa!!

12:34:15 Lisa Parisi : Isn't it a great topic?

12:34:37 PeggyG : it's perfect-ish :-)

12:34:37 Lisa Parisi : I'm adding it to our wiki so I don't forget it.

12:34:38 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Yes!  Makes me think about the job search process.

12:35:03 marragem : it is a great topic. We have a song we sing by that title - won;t get it out of my head now LOL

12:35:09 PeggyG : directly connected to that Scott but a bit harder when you aren't in your own classroom yet

12:35:21 PeggyG : sing it Amanda!!!

12:35:36 marragem : maybe at ISTE, Peggy!

12:35:44 PeggyG : all right!!!! yes!!

12:35:49 marragem : oh, I forgot about that, Maria!

12:36:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : My student teaching placements are in virry different schools... one public, one private... One filtered, one open, .. one urban, one rural.  Should be a blast

12:36:24 marragem : they signed in as me and not as the Gems

12:36:31 PeggyG : that's a great story Maria!

12:37:01 PeggyG : I'm so glad you're getting such diverse experiences in your student teaching Scott. That's a great thing!

12:37:08 marragem : they were so excited gto skype the 3 of us together

12:37:34 PeggyG : yes!! school is a great place for them to learn these skills!!

12:37:48 PeggyG : what's wrong with that Sheila?

12:37:56 Lisa Parisi : Miguel, can you come join us next week for a conversation about blooming?

12:38:25 Sheila 2 : Don't know how to spell it! ;)

12:38:31 PeggyG : Sheila's students did a great job with the earthcast broadcast and it's very easy to see the guidance Sheila has given them about their online presence

12:38:32 : @Lisa Parisi , it's a fun question to consider...

12:38:40 : go for it!

12:38:45 : but without me

12:38:46 marragem : I'll have to take an afternoon nap so I can join in next week

12:39:07 : i want to participate as a learner not as a talker. let's me listen better

12:39:12 : hehe

12:39:23 PeggyG : you can be both Miguel :-)

12:39:40 :

12:39:46 PeggyG : ask McTeach to join you too

12:39:53 : Thanks to all! Had fun!

12:40:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : is easy to bloom when surrounded by "fertilizer"

12:40:09 colleenk : Hi, Maria!! I enjoyed the LOST reference earlier (time travel)

12:40:26 PeggyG : it's great to be here celebrating with you on your 100th show!!!! Thanks for such a great show!

12:40:33 marragem : thanks for bringning me in.

12:40:36 Lisa Parisi :

12:40:37 PeggyG : now that's funny Scott!!!

12:40:46 Sheila 2 : It is so much better with you all here! Thank you!

12:40:49 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : lol

12:40:50 MariaK : Hi colleen - hoping to connect. i think of you often. I miss you and I miss LOST!

12:41:00 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Happy 100!

12:41:03 colleenk : I will see you at ISTE for sure.

12:41:05 marragem : Great conversation! Congratulations on your 100th show!

12:41:09 Lisa Parisi : Thanks for coming.

12:41:10 PeggyG : thanks everyone!!


This week we celebrated our 100th Episode.  We talked about how we got started and moved right into a conversation about being connected as educators.  It was great fun!

Conversations Episode 99 - Teachers Advocating for Themselves

This week, Lisa, Maria, and Sheila got a bit political, talking about today's politics of teaching.  Our kickoff was a series of tweets by Diane Ravitch, @dianeravitch, about the need for educators to advocate for themselves.  Join us this week in finding a way to promote educators to the public - or at least to your parents.


11:25:21 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Have video/sound on ustream

11:25:51 Sheila : no sound though right?

11:26:43 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : had sound.

11:26:47 Sheila : stopping for a moment

11:27:00 Lisa Parisi : Hello Scott

11:27:08 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hello Lisa

11:27:36 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Coffee refill before show starts.....brb

11:29:03 Lisa Parisi : Hi Lori

11:29:11 Lori Feldman : Hi there kiddo!

11:30:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : He Peggy

11:31:00 PeggyG : Hi everyone

11:31:01 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hi,...

11:31:31 Lisa Parisi : Hi Peggy

11:31:35 PeggyG : Didn't see a tweet this morning! So glad you're here

11:31:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Sound back

11:32:27 PeggyG : I can see and hear ustream today!!! Woo hoo!! Going to be a great day :-)

11:32:30 Sheila 2 : We are a little behind the times. .

11:32:36 Lisa Parisi : Sorry Peggy.  Took a while to decide on a topic

11:32:37 Sheila 2 : Yeah Peggy!

11:32:41 PeggyG : we hit 95 degrees yesterday in Phoenix!

11:32:45 Lori Feldman : Mostly listening today...trying to set trays for Passover

11:33:00 PeggyG : Hi Lori

11:33:34 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : 33 here last night

11:33:37 PeggyG : some people start ahead of time of things--I'm not one of them :-)

11:33:45 Lori Feldman : not off of work...

11:34:13 PeggyG : spring break is over in AZ

11:34:46 Lori Feldman : Nebraska not quite full of Members Of the Tribe!

11:35:03 Lisa Parisi : No Lori

11:36:49 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : No,  it is the BEST time to be a new teacher.  Getting in at the bottom... no where to go but up.

11:37:02 Sheila 2 : :)

11:37:33 Lisa Parisi : True Scott

11:38:10 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : (and I'm going to be a rockstar.  Will have a guitar in my classroom)

11:38:14 Lisa Parisi : LOL

11:38:48 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I took my 6-string to kindergarten. We wrote songs for poetry month

11:38:49 PeggyG : gee whiz! briefly lost my internet connection and saw it on the ustream screen :-)

11:40:00 PeggyG : did you share a link for Diane Ravitch as the basis for this conversation?

11:40:13 Lisa Parisi : No Peggy. 

11:40:15 MariaK : just here twitter feed from last week April 11

11:40:18 Lisa Parisi : Just came from her tweets

11:40:22 PeggyG : ok thanks

11:40:23 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I was at the school board meeting last week.  I was one of three parents.  :-(

11:40:27 Lisa Parisi : @dianeravitch

11:41:48 Sheila 2 : Morning Maureen.

11:42:09 Maureen : Hi Sheila- what are you talking about today?

11:42:34 MariaK : Teachers advocating for themselves

11:43:21 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : So you think individual voices are stronger than the collective voice of the umion?

11:43:35 Lisa Parisi : I think we need both, Scott

11:43:45 PeggyG :!/dianeravitch

11:43:59 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : me too....

11:44:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : sound?

11:45:14 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : back now.

11:45:15 Sheila 2 : I think that was Maria's connection.

11:45:51 Maureen : no sound?

11:46:04 PeggyG : no sound for me either right now

11:46:22 Lisa Parisi : Go to ustream for sound

11:46:48 PeggyG : ustream is off air for me

11:46:54 Maureen : It

11:46:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : back now

11:46:58 MariaK : etta stream is up

11:46:58 Maureen : It's back now

11:47:02 PeggyG : ok now

11:47:18 PeggyG : repeat your rants :-)

11:47:18 Maureen : you'll have to rant again

11:48:09 Sheila 2 : Sorry about that all!

11:48:23 Maureen : I don't feel hated, but no longer respected as in the past

11:48:47 Lisa Parisi : I feel scared to tell people I teach.  Sort of waiting for the backlash when I say it.

11:48:59 Lisa Parisi : Used to be really proud to be a teacher.

11:49:17 Sheila 2 : Lack of trust.

11:49:32 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I LOVE to tell pepople I'm changing careers to teaching.  The look on their face is priceless.

11:49:35 PeggyG : it seems wherever you go if you say you're a teacher you are expected to defend all teachers everywhere

11:49:44 PeggyG : I love that Scott!

11:50:07 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : especially when they figure out im taking a 50% pay cut!

11:51:58 Maureen : It still feels like people like their own local teachers, but mistrust all the rest.  Much like people like their own congress person, but hate the reat of them

11:53:15 PeggyG : I keep losing my connection!

11:53:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : That is true, Maureen.  That mindset is why people fight so hard to keep their local (but failing) schools open.

11:53:44 PeggyG : Parents should be on those committees!

11:53:50 Maureen : It has a lot to so with the economy- when people have lost so much, lost their jobs, etc and are worried about their own future- they lash out at others who they see as having a "soft, secure job".

11:54:11 PeggyG : It isn't us vs them! We are all working towards the same goals.

11:54:42 Lisa Parisi : I know Maureen but don't we deserve something for taking care of their children all day and helping them be successful?

11:54:52 Lisa Parisi : Not so sure of that, Peggy.

11:55:04 PeggyG : we always talk about how important it is to build these relationships! It really is!

11:55:05 Lisa Parisi : Parent's goal...make ed cheaper.

11:55:13 Lisa Parisi : Teacher's goal ... make ed work

11:55:41 Lisa Parisi : Hello John

11:55:46 woodenmask : Good morning

11:56:39 PeggyG : parents want a good education for their children

11:57:03 Lisa Parisi : But they don't understand what it takes to get that good education.  They do think test scores say it all.

11:57:29 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : It's hard to get that support for elementary schools.  Adults frequently hold HS and college as fond memories, but elem grades are just "kid stuff".

11:58:29 PeggyG : I think inviting them into the classroom can be life changing! When we brought community leaders in as Principal for a Day their attitudes (and support for education) were significantly changed.

11:58:38 Sheila 2 : Really Scott? I have former students coming back to the middle school.

11:59:16 Sheila 2 : We don't have a high school so that may be the reason.

11:59:31 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : MS is love/hate. Not much middle ground.  Much depends on school culture.

12:00:17 PeggyG : our Middle School students always come back to elementary events like Open House and Fairs, etc. They want to stay connected to former teachers.

12:01:00 PeggyG : a good local reporter for education is so powerful!! hard to find them though

12:01:14 Sheila 2 : I've had former students join the Belize program! :)

12:01:31 PeggyG : that's so neat Sheila! full circle!

12:01:44 Maureen : We're not allowed to talk to newspapers- it all have to come from our "communications" person.

12:01:55 PeggyG : that's so true Maureen!

12:02:02 Maureen : Sorry- *has"

12:02:11 woodenmask : Oops. Crashes, explosions and the sound of panicked crowds in the background. It was short, but sweet....

12:03:05 PeggyG : that's unfortunate though because the public tunes out when they hear from the PR persons or official spokesperson for a district. It would be different if they were hearing from the teachers.

12:03:11 Maureen : Funny- that'll never happen to me- independent schools pay less than half of that :-) Choices, choices

12:03:15 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Peggy

12:03:31 mardelle : it would be different if they were hearing from kids

12:03:39 PeggyG : salaries vary around the country--related to cost of living in each area

12:04:51 PeggyG : that's a really good point Sheila

12:05:10 Maureen : I would like to have the kids reflections on what it means to them when they achieve sucess to be in the newspaper- not just the final results or awards. What does it really mean to kids

12:05:40 PeggyG : the kids get excited when they can talk about projects they are working on

12:05:57 Sheila 2 : Great idea Maureen!

12:06:11 Sheila 2 : The process!

12:06:34 PeggyG : sadly the newspapers don't often feel that is noteworthy--they want to report the controversies and negative stories about teachers/kids

12:06:41 Sheila 2 : And what learning happens when you don't get the final product you anticipated.

12:07:39 PeggyG : sounds like you have to educate them about how it relates to the budget :-)

12:07:45 MariaK : What about inviting business leaders and community members into the school. Find the leaders and invite them, not challenge them - but show them what we do.

12:07:47 PeggyG : some people are just rude

12:08:30 mardelle :  - it is social media that will move the nation - good or bad.

12:09:37 Lisa Parisi : I think social media is moving the nation...not so good right now.

12:10:27 mardelle : you just cannot control the direction of the message without huge numbers of a united voice

12:10:59 Sheila 2 : Are we so fast-paced now as a society that we only see the superficial details and not thinking deeply?

12:12:04 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Reform, like curriculum, is not effective when it is an inch deep and a mile wide. 

12:12:41 PeggyG : when you're part of a big crowd things can get out of control and individuals may do things they wouldn't normally do. But everyone in that "crowd" gets lumped together with that bad behavior. Guilt by association...

12:12:51 PeggyG : I agree mardelle

12:13:11 Maureen : I guess I've stopped worrying about what parents, etc think about what I'm doing. My 6th graders are so excited about learning sketchup... my 5th graders are writing their own blogs about game reviews. They come into class and ask not to have to type ( for 10 min/class) but just to get right to work.

12:13:46 PeggyG : when kids can explain what they needed to know to be able to create something like a Voki parents will be so impressed

12:14:07 PeggyG : great example Maureen!! love it!

12:14:18 Maureen : My goal with student portfolios is that they eventually turn into a showcase for student process and learning- not just pretty pictures of final results.

12:14:52 PeggyG : yes!! the process is really important!! parents often don't know how to interpret the product

12:15:58 Maureen : But if you use a portfolio system where the kids and teachers choose to represent their work according to standards, etc... then they can speak to them in a way that parents can see and understand. 

12:17:19 PeggyG : wow! 90 kids?!

12:17:29 Maureen : But Lisa, as a parent they are overwhelmed with info. If this is part of a process that they kids are involved in all the time- the parents can get involved as well... not just twice a year

12:17:33 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Make a raffle out of parent views/comments.  Kids will beg parents to leave comments on the blogs.  

12:17:48 Maureen : @ Peggy- I have 134 ;-)

12:17:59 mardelle : the challange is not just promoting what a teacher is doing in a classroom.  it is building support for our profession nationally

12:18:08 MariaK : I seem to be the only teacher here, which is reasonable since it-s a school day. One small advantage of retirement, I guess. That is, until they diminish my pension and I-m forced to return to work. If I could find a job. The ripple effects of these budget cuts will definitely cause a considerable rise in unemployment. I think about the teachers I know who are probably as outraged as I am by this anti-teacher, anti-kids, anti-public schools budget and wish they could be here, too. I hold this small square of floor-space in their honor

12:18:57 Sheila 2 : I do give extra credit for parent feedback. Wish all would do it.

12:19:13 PeggyG : great statement Maria!

12:19:39 mardelle : me too maria - and kinder teachers both - the best place to promote to parents

12:19:59 PeggyG : someone recently asked why there aren't more teachers in some of the fantastic, free, online webinars and I said they were in their classrooms teaching.

12:20:19 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Not all households around here have internet/computer.  Has anyone used bulk text messages to keep parents informed?

12:20:20 PeggyG : the ISTE webinars are all during the school day--1:00pm in AZ

12:21:09 Lisa Parisi : ISTE webinars are too expensive for me to attend.

12:21:26 PeggyG : ISTE offers some free webinars--one a month I think

12:21:41 Lisa Parisi : I think all should be free.

12:22:07 PeggyG : I wish they were all free! But they are income generators for ISTE

12:22:39 PeggyG : wear a button "Proud to be a Teacher" :-)

12:23:26 mardelle : i am from canada, and your media scares the bjezuz out of me - it is a powerful destructive force to go up against,  but therein lies the battle

12:23:29 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : deep breath....

12:23:49 Maureen : @Scott I don't use text messages, but beluga would be a great app for that-group messages and easy to add photos.

12:24:16 MariaK : @mardelle - it is scary - the money trail and the media must have some connection

12:24:34 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Maybe even text out a message every time there is a new blog post, etc. 

12:25:08 mardelle : @scott - texting,  why did i not think of that . . . thanks

12:25:26 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : :D glad to help

12:25:50 Maureen : @Scott It's a good idea- we have parents sign up for email message when blogs are posted, but text option may be easier for some. I'll put the idea out to our parents.

12:25:56 PeggyG : it's important not to be defensive when you speak up :-) focus on what you're doing that's working with examples

12:26:11 Lisa Parisi : I have a hard time not being defensive, Peggy.

12:26:36 PeggyG : it is hard!

12:27:14 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....

12:27:44 PeggyG : generalizing is a big issue!

12:28:52 PeggyG : people often say different things in person than they say in public forums--even teachers in the parking lot after the teacher's meeting

12:29:07 Maureen : The negative stuff makes the news- think the rubber room teachers in NYC- that certainly made headlines. Great teaching doesn't. It is not really different from all the other negative stuff that "we" all read every day. One negative story can go viral, one positive story- not so much.

12:29:08 Sheila 2 : True Peggy!

12:29:23 Lisa Parisi : True, Maureen.

12:29:25 PeggyG : yes Maureen!

12:30:01 PeggyG : schools have to tell their own positive stories in their own forums--they can't rely on the public media to do it

12:30:14 Lisa Parisi : Who do we tell, Peggy?

12:30:26 Maureen : We use our facebook page mostly for alum stuff- you could do that Sheila

12:30:33 PeggyG : just like you do--post it in your blogs and online

12:31:14 Sheila 2 : (I don't really use facebook. Should I admit that?)

12:31:21 Sheila 2 : But food for thougth.

12:31:23 PeggyG : do your own public spots/videos on your local tv channels--we have an educational channel in Phoenix

12:31:27 Sheila 2 : (thought)

12:31:48 Maureen : @Sheila- neither do i- but that's where the alum  stuff is for our school

12:32:09 PeggyG : oh oh--a homework assignment :-)

12:32:10 Sheila 2 : @Maureen - yes, I'm thinking about it!  :)

12:32:26 Sheila 2 :  - April 22

12:32:41 MariaK : @dianeravitch

12:32:45 Sheila 2 : Earth Day Plug ! There's a voicethread.

12:32:51 PeggyG : she has 12,000 followers :-)

12:32:57 Sheila 2 : Link coming.

12:33:11 Sheila :

12:33:12 MariaK :

12:33:38 Maureen : Are you off next week or?

12:34:02 PeggyG : nice voicethread Sheila! Thanks!

12:34:10 Maureen : Do you have school on Good Friday?

12:34:30 PeggyG : so many schools are on vacation or holiday on Earth Day!

12:34:44 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : We are off that day

12:35:03 PeggyG : you are an amazing example Sheila!!!

12:35:11 Maureen : We have a 3 day week coming up- Patriot's Day on Monday- Good Friday on Friday...

12:35:29 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : My 'real job' gives me the day off too

12:35:37 PeggyG : :-)

12:35:48 Maureen : good luck with that Maria- I've noticed that the GP are getting younger than me every year

12:37:17 PeggyG : Grandpersons Day was always a really special day at our school!!

12:37:56 PeggyG : we planned them to coincide with Thanksgiving when many grandparents were coming to visit family and got fantastic participation

12:38:00 Maureen : My kids had their GP go on Google earth and show them where they used to live and talk about how things have changed. It was fun

12:38:09 PeggyG : what a great story Maria!!

12:38:22 Maureen : @Peggy- ours is Columbus Day weekend

12:38:50 Lisa Parisi :

12:39:00 PeggyG : thanks everyone for another great conversation!

12:39:15 Lisa Parisi : Bye

12:39:18 PeggyG : bye everyone

This week, Lisa, Maria, and Sheila got a bit political, talking about today's politics of teaching.  Our kickoff was a series of tweets by Diane Ravitch, @dianeravitch, about the need for educators to advocate for themselves.  Join us this week in finding a way to promote educators to the public - or at least to your parents.


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