EdTech Talk#5 - July 3rd, 2005

EdTech Talk #5 - July 3, 2005

A discussion with Rob Paterson about making online learning software more student centered.

Part 1 - Discussion with Rob Paterson

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EdTech Talk#4 - June 26, 2005

EdTech Talk#3 - June 19th, 2005

EdTech Talk#2 - June 12, 2005

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EdTech Talk#2 - June 12, 2005
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It was another webcast full of audio challenges and discoveries. We learned that it is possible to use Yahoo Messenger for webcasts and it is possible to have a skype conference and YM conference going at the same time. Participants can hear each other across programs and all audio can be included in the webcast stream. However, in the process of activating voice chat in YM, the audio settings on the webcast host's computer can be altered in ways that reduce the hosts volume level and/or create some nasty echo noises. Audio quality this time around was better than last time, but there are definitely a few periods of sub-par audio. This webcast was hosted by Jeff (Bow, US) and participants included Dafne (Venezuela), Allyson (Scotland), Claire (Pittsburgh, US), Randa (Egypt), Buth (Kuwait), Vance (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Sergei (Russia), Dennis (Pheonix, US), & Piotr (Poland). Thanks to everyone who tuned in and particpated and we look forward to connecting again during future webcasts.
Next Webcast - We will be webcasting next week at the same time
June 19 2pm GMT (global show times)

We may also schedule a couple of additional webcasts this week.
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EdTech Talk#1, Part 2 - June 5, 2005

Ed Tech Talk#1, part2
Worldbridges meets the Webheads

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Shortly after we finished webcasting the first part of EdTech Talk#1 Buthaina, a 'Webhead', skyped me. Webheads are a group of educators that have been playing with online interactivity for quite a while. She let me know that a bunch of webheads were planning to tune in at the top of the hour, so the webcast stream was re-activated and then the real interactive fun (and challenges) began.
Webhead Links
Thanks very much to all the webheads who participated (or at least tried to participate) in the show. We are very much looking forward to future collaborative adventures in webcasting.


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