Doctoral Dissertation and WebQuests

Hi Bloggers, Wiki writers, WebQuesters, and online learners,
I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix online program in education, leadership, curriculum, and instruction. As much as I love researching and writing papers, I have to come up with a problem statement for my dissertation. I am interested in online learning, WebQuests, and ways of integrating technology into the EFL/ESL classroom. My EFL high school students are not motivated to learn in the classroom because they learn English from TV, the Internet, and through music.

I am also interested in coaching and relationship education as a way to improve learning. The WebQuest seems to have everything I am interested in: teamwork and social skills, higher order critical thinking skills, and learning by means of technology. But, I can't come up with a research question/problem.

I have two weeks to think things out and finalize my research problem. I hope I am not inconveniencing you but You may be able to help. I would appeciate your input.

Thank you.

Perhaps you can do something with what degree of learning takes place using webquests as opposed to more traditional learning.  In my experience as a professional development facilitator, teachers are hesitant about using WebQuests because they say that they need to teach content to prepare students for state tests.  They seem to feel that students do  not learn as much from WebQuests as they do traditional methods.  Do students learn just as much, more, or less using a WebQuest that is well designed.  Are they able to transfer that learning to state tests?