TTT#361 Taking Summer Experiences into the Future 8.28.13

Summers are often filled with exploring and learning. This summer was no exception for many students and teachers. Join teachers and students from IDEC 2013 and the Youth Voices Summer Program on this episode of TTT, recorded 8.28.13 We talk about about amazing experiences of learning and being together this past summer, and perhaps most importantly, we ask how these experiences were coming with us into the fall.

We are joined by both teachers and youths who worked together in the New York City Writing Projects Youth Voices Summer Program and teachers and students who attended IDEC 2013

What an exciting group to ask: What future do you want to create?

Monika Hardy and Paul Allison host Karen Fasimpaur, Grace Raffaele, Jim Nordlinger, Marina Lombardo, Cristian Buendia, Eva Martinez, Darcy Bedortha, Amori Richards, Javarius Jones, Darcy Bedortha, Jerry Aero, Aliyah Hayes, Sabrina Joy Stevens, Matt Murrie, and Tolu Olorunda

Click Read more to see the chat that was happening during this live webcast,
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Notes from the Webcast: (Badge Creator)
More on badges at YV Summer here:
New Mosaic School -
"What If Schools Graded on Character?"
Detroit Future Schools
the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

Chat from August 28, 2013

20:48Paul Allison: Hi Nancy and others... We'll start in about 10 minutes.
20:54Peggy George: Hi everyone! Greetings from Phoenix AZ.
20:57Matt Murrie: Hi!
20:58Matt Murrie: Peggy, you're in Phoenix? I'm in Mesa, right now. Love it!
20:59Peggy George: Hi Matt. How exciting to meet up with a fellow Arizonan here!!
20:59Peggy George: what a huge panel tonight!! :-) Love it!
21:00monika: hey guys
21:00Peggy George: Hi Karen!!! Big night for AZ. 3 of us now :-)
21:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, everyone!
21:00Peggy George: Hi monika! Great to see you!
21:01Nancy Tilton: Hi Everyone, good to see some familiar faces from IDEC!
21:01Peggy George: Hi Nancy.
21:01monika: @peggy - is there a trick to watching the chat and the video?
21:01Peggy George: you just have to keep scrolling up and down :-(
21:01Matt Murrie: I wish! I'm only visiting Arizona. Great to see all of the familiar IDEC faces, too!
21:01monika: k.. thanks.
21:01Peggy George: I keep the bottom panel of people showing and not the big picture :-)
21:02Peggy George: how long will you be in AZ Matt?
21:02Matt Murrie: Until Monday.
21:03Peggy George: wish you could stay longer Matt. It will soon start cooling off :-)
21:03unnamedhi all!
21:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Peggy, have you had much rain? Our monsoons have been awesome this summer!
21:04Peggy George: Hi unnamed :-) You can change your name up at the top of this chat window :-)
21:04unnamedgot it :)
21:04Matt Murrie: Yeah, but it beats the weather back in MO. Working with Westminster College's Mesa Campus.
21:04Peggy George: almost no rain where I live but some fairly strong winds
21:04Peggy George: That's great Matt!!
21:05Peggy George: Matt which person are you in the hangout?
21:05@DarcyBedortha: Hi everyone!
21:05Peggy George: that's really exciting Paul!! Opening a new school!!! Wow!
21:05Peggy George: Hi Darcy! Great to see you!
21:06Peggy George: Great to meet you Matt!!
21:06Peggy George: was that whatif conference?
21:07Matt Murrie: Yeah!
21:07Peggy George: thanks! new to me! will definitely check it out!
21:07Matt Murrie: We're shooting for What If...? Mesa Fall 2014
21:07Peggy George: Looks awesome!!
21:07Matt Murrie: Thanks!
21:08@DarcyBedortha: still inspired by all that happened at IDEC
21:08Nancy Tilton: Me too
21:09Nancy Tilton: really nice to "see" you Darcy
21:09@DarcyBedortha: Hey Nancy :)
21:09Peggy George: I'm so excited you're sharing it with us tonight!!
21:10Marina: hi all!
21:10Christina: Marina? This is Christina!
21:10Christina: Grace's first time? wow.
21:11Peggy George: Hi Christina :-)
21:11Peggy George: love having first-timers :-)
21:11Peggy George: what an outstanding group of people in the hangout! great to meet all of you!
21:12Fred: Hi all!
21:12Peggy George: Hi Fred!
21:12karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi Fred. HI Christina
21:12Peggy George: was that New Vision Charter HS?
21:15Peggy George: yeah Karen joined the group!!! :-)
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): If anyone's here and wants to join the hangout, please do.
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm jumping out so others can join.
21:15Johnly C.: Hello!
21:15monika: matt and darcy and javarius - can you go back on..
21:16@DarcyBedortha: ok
21:16monika: well - i guess as soon as someone comes out
21:16monika: shoot
21:16monika: : )
21:16karen (@kfasimpaur): i'm out
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): Here's some of Areeg's writing on Egypt:
21:17Matt Murrie: Darcy, they want you back on!
21:17Peggy George: thank you Karen!!
21:18karen (@kfasimpaur): Areeg is an amazing writer
21:18Peggy George: can't wait to read it!
21:20Peggy George: I'm so glad we're getting to hear these personal stories and experiences!
21:21monika: Tolu is here too...
21:21monika: ha.
21:21monika: we need unhangouts for a break out capacity
21:22Christina: karen ...
21:22Christina: what is that badge creator you all used at Youth Voices/p2pu ...
21:22Christina: the one that lets you put the different iconography together.
21:22Christina: Oh look! I found it :)
21:23karen (@kfasimpaur): yep, that's it!
21:24karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm still hoping to do a DI colletion on student created badges, but I'm horribly backed up w/work right now
21:24Christina: Yay! And when you do it exactly the right time to do it :)
21:25Peggy George: excellent!
21:26Peggy George: love your idea monika :-) an unhangout extension room :-)
21:27Peggy George: that is terrific! sent an email to the principal after it was over :-) powerful!
21:27Nancy Tilton: Would love to share how IDEC created a lot of momentum for me opening my school August 19th. I definitely feel that the connections I made there made me feel like I was a part of movement to spread democratic education rather than being an isolated school
21:27Peggy George: inquiry based lab time would be so great!
21:28karen (@kfasimpaur): Nancy, are you in the hangout?
21:28Nancy Tilton: I left so others could talk
21:28Peggy George: oh Nancy! you have to share it on the mic in the hangout!
21:28@DarcyBedortha: Nancy I'm off jump on
21:28Nancy Tilton: ok
21:28karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Daisy!
21:29karen (@kfasimpaur): Daisy, you should jump in the hangout. I think there's room.
21:31Peggy George: we people are talking about "we" does that mean the people who participated in the summer program or IDEC or?
21:32Peggy George: the model of teachers and students learning together is fantastic!!
21:33karen (@kfasimpaur): Grace is talking about the Youth Voices summer program.
21:33Peggy George: the food analogies are really interesting...hunger for learning, feeding each other's learning :-)
21:34karen (@kfasimpaur): This summer I learned that food is a big writing project theme :)
21:35Peggy George:
21:35monika: that's so cool @Nancy
21:35@DarcyBedortha: go Mosaic School <3
21:35Matt Murrie: Hooray Mosaic School!
21:35Peggy George: sounds fantastic!
21:37Nancy Tilton: Thanks everyone!!!
21:38karen (@kfasimpaur): "Joy" ... carrying the joy of summer into the year is the theme tonight.
21:38Peggy George: what a wonderful opportunity for you Nancy! Your energy and passion comes through!
21:38@DarcyBedortha: Your school sounds awesome!
21:38Marina: Wait I'm Marina
21:38karen (@kfasimpaur): clubs = interest-driven learning
21:38Marina: Ok, good!
21:39Peggy George: it sounds like a wonderful community of friends and learners was formed in the summer program!! how special!!
21:40Peggy George: taking charge of your own learning :-) fabulous outcome!
21:41Nancy Tilton: It's incredible to be a part of
21:42karen (@kfasimpaur): Sometimes the most innovative/valuable programs in schools are carried forward by students as much or more than tchrs
21:43Nancy Tilton: Definitely. My school is a free school, meaning no compulsory classes. After a week of playing, the kids are asking me what they can learn here and are so excited to learn
21:43karen (@kfasimpaur): awesome
21:44Nancy Tilton: I showed a seven year old some math curriculum books today because he is asking me to teach him math. As we looked through some books together, he started getting really excited and can't wait to start math class. Every human wants to learn. They don't have to be coerced or manipulated to do so
21:44Nancy Tilton: Or punished and rewarded to do so. Learning itself is brings joy and "flow"
21:44@DarcyBedortha: rock on Nancy!! so awesome
21:44Peggy George: well stated Nancy!!! very exciting!
21:45Peggy George: love seeing the students express their desire to carry forward with taking action in their own schools!
21:45Matt Murrie: It's not on a Google Doc, but this article just blew my mind:
21:46Peggy George: Bright Futures?
21:46Matt Murrie: "What If Schools Graded on Character?"
21:46Peggy George: cool Matt! thanks!
21:46Matt Murrie: Optimism + Zest + Curiosity + Social Intelligence + Gratitude + Self-Control + Grit = Adult Success.
21:47Peggy George: Tulu is very inspiring!
21:47Matt Murrie: What if those seven characteristics became the new "subjects" of schools?
21:47@DarcyBedortha: Thanks Matt!! beautiful...
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): I think this is the link
21:47Peggy George: wouldn't that be awesome Matt???? :-)
21:47@DarcyBedortha: right? or social emotional competencies were core
21:47Peggy George: thanks Karen
21:48Christina: nicely said Paul ... great idea for an upcoming show
21:48Matt Murrie: Thanks, Monika!
21:49Matt Murrie: @Darcy: Exactly! We need to redesign our "core."
21:49Peggy George: such a positive, hopeful message!
21:50@DarcyBedortha: @Matt check out
21:50Christina: well said (although I forget his name ... what is it?)
21:50Peggy George: tulu?
21:50Peggy George: tolu olorunda
21:51monika: as the day
21:51Peggy George: yes monika :-)
21:51Nancy Tilton: What if...schools tried to understand what type of environment fosters emotional intelligence?
21:51Christina: Thanks Peggy!
21:52Christina: I really think there is hope in the kind of conversation that Paul just suggested ..
21:52Christina: between in and out of school educators ...
21:52Nancy Tilton: Daniel Goleman studies
21:52Christina: I think actually it needs to be more than conversation .. more about inquiry together ... being practitioners together
21:53Matt Murrie: @Darcy, thanks for sharing CASEL
21:53@DarcyBedortha: @Nancy Goleman is a founding member of CASEL
21:53Emily: I'm jumping in a little late but after IDEC I've been thinking a lot about humanism in education
21:53Emily: seems like a term that's fallen out of favor but encompasses what alot of us were talking about in Boulder...
21:53karen (@kfasimpaur): Nice phrasing, Emily
21:54Peggy George: I've been in so many interesting webinars & virtual conferences lately I think my browser is going to explode! 393 tabs open!!!
21:54Emily: I've been doing some reading up on Rogers and put humanism and education together, then found out I wasn't alone in doing it :)
21:54Christina: Yay Detroit Future Schools!
21:55Peggy George: my early doctoral work back in the 70's was founded in humanistic education :-)
21:55Emily: yeah! why hasn't it carried over, i wonder?
21:55Emily: i'm reading some 80s/'90s work by mary leue and she talks about it a fair amount
21:56karen (@kfasimpaur): I've been doign some thinking/writing about what is the real purpose of education
21:57Peggy George: love it Karen!!! so much more than passing the test!
21:57karen (@kfasimpaur): ...or even getting a job I think
21:57monika: you go @Nancy.. love that
21:58Peggy George: :-)
21:58Matt Murrie: Yes! No coercion or reward. We learn because we crave learning.
21:58Peggy George: they/we don't have to be coerced into learning things we care about
21:59@DarcyBedortha: YES!!!
21:59Matt Murrie: @Nancy: Great hearing your thoughts!
22:00Matt Murrie: I hate to leave, but I've got to go. It was great hearing and chatting with everyone. Thanks for all of the extra links and leads for me to follow up on!
22:00Peggy George: I heard Peter Gray speak at the HomeSchool conference last weekend. He was great!
22:00Nancy Tilton: Thanks Matt!
22:00Nancy Tilton: Nice to see here you here :)
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks for being here Matt
22:00Peggy George: Thanks for sharing Matt! Great to meet you!
22:00Emily: What did Peter talk about, Peggy?
22:00@DarcyBedortha: Great to see you Matt!!
22:02Peggy George: Peter was a keynote. You can listen to the recording of his presentation here.
22:02karen (@kfasimpaur): All the students at YV summer asked about whether it would happen again the next summer.
22:02karen (@kfasimpaur): That says something.
22:02Peggy George: definitely Karen!!!
22:02Emily: great, thanks for the links
22:03Peggy George: really powerful testimonials about the summer experience!!
22:03Peggy George: I'm so glad to hear that people are going to continue writing on Youth Voices!
22:04Peggy George: was it money that kept students from participating?
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Youth Voices Summer program was free
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): ...but limited enrollment
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): (I think she meant that hopefully there'd be more of the students on the next hangout though)
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): It was a very tight group.
22:05Peggy George: so you could only accommodate a certain number
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): right
22:05Peggy George: aha--that makes more sense
22:06Peggy George: so glad Matt stayed on for his final words :-)
22:07Peggy George: that would be awesome!! a google hangout with the kids!
22:08Peggy George: love it!!! let's keep on hanging out :-)
22:08karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks everyone!
22:08Marina: Thank you for all the great links!
22:09Peggy George: thanks everyone for a fantastic conversation!
22:09Emily: thanks for letting me tag onto the very end of things!
22:09Peggy George: good night everyone!
22:09Emily: peggy, just started following you on twitter, thanks!
22:10Emily: @LiveEqualsLearn
22:10Nancy Tilton: loved sharing this with everyone! Here's to continued connections :)
22:11Marina: Thanks Nancy! Love everything that you had to say!
22:11Emily: goodnight everyone
22:11Nancy Tilton: Thanks Marina, email me if possible, I'd love to stay connected
22:11Nancy Tilton: [email protected]
22:12Marina: Thank you - I'm [email protected]