TTT#356 Crafting Digital Writing with Audio and Video w/ Troy Hicks, Lindsay Stoetzel, Elana Waugh, Dawn Reed, and more 7.10.13

On this episode of TTT, we are joined by Troy Hicks, author of the new Heinemann book, Crafting Digital Writing Workshop: Composing Texts Across Media and Genres, and three of the teachers who Troy features in the book.

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Troy Hicks is the Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project at Central Michigan University and this is the first of a two-part series exploring the principles and practices described in his new book.

For this first episode, we welcome three teachers from the book to describe how they approach the craft of digital writing with audio, video, and other multimedia tools.

Elana Waugh, Bath Elementary School, explains how her students used mixed media to create a digital book project.

Lindsay Stoetzel, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, describes how she used podcasts with her middle school students.

Dawn Reed, Okemos High School, discusses the ways that her students use digital video to construct arguments.

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July 10, 2013

20:52hickstro: Hello everyone!
20:54Paul Allison: Hi all.
20:58Christina: Hi guys!
20:58Christina: Dawn -- you are purple :)
20:58Christina: It's a nice shade of purple, of course :)
20:58Dawn Reed: :) I love purple. Let's see I think I am blue?
20:58Dawn Reed: Nope, green
20:58Dawn Reed: That fits for MSU
20:59Christina: You guys are live, just fyi. Yes, it's me.
20:59Christina: no problem, just letting you know.
20:59Christina: I'm going to get ice cream before you start.
21:00Carrie Ann: Hello~
21:04Peggy George: Hi everyone!
21:05Peggy George: Very excited to hear from Troy tonight!
21:07Christina: There are some great new resources by Red Cedar writing project folks in Digital Is ...
21:07unnamedHi everyone.
21:07Christina: ... plus many from Chippewa River too. I'll share some links if of interest.
21:08Peggy George: thanks Christina :-)
21:08Andy Schoenborn: Hi All.
21:08hickstro: Hello, Peggy and Chris!
21:09Dawn Reed: Thanks, Christina!
21:09Christina: I agree Monika!
21:10Peggy George: are we going to get Crafting Digital Writing on Kindle? Would love that!
21:10Dawn Reed: Troy mentioned the importance of thinking about writers craft
21:10Peggy George: oohhh--Donald Graves twitter chat! missed that!
21:12Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hello everyone.
21:12Andy Schoenborn: You can view the Donald Graves archive on Twitter @ #DonGraves
21:12Peggy George: Hi Valerie! Great to see you!
21:12Peggy George: thanks Andy
21:13Peggy George: seeing the screen now :-)
21:14Andy Schoenborn: No problem, Peggy.
21:15Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hey Peggy. Told Paul that I have missed you all so I broke on in to the hangout. Hope that I didn't knock anyone out...
21:17Andy Schoenborn: If your unfamiliar with Sir Ken Robinson's take on "Changing Education Paradigms" take a look at this video:
21:19Peggy George: I'm sure it's fine Valerie! :-)
21:19Christina: brb
21:19hickstro: Here is the companion page for the book:
21:20unnamedThanks for the link, Troy.
21:20hickstro: And, here is Dawn's student's essay in particular:
21:21Peggy George: excellent wikispace Troy!! Can't wait to explore it!!
21:22Anna: I popped into the chat for a second, but then started coughing. I'm here on the backchannel listening!
21:22Carrie Ann: I'm curious what his response was to some of the comments on his video? Some of them are not so positive.
21:23hickstro: Thanks, Anna!
21:23hickstro: Carrie Ann, I will ask Dawn for you.
21:23Peggy George: welcome to our little world Anna :-) the backchannel fans!
21:23Anna: Yes, does the conversation about rhetoric end in composition or extend into the interactive audiences.
21:25Andy Schoenborn: What a great question to ask students: "Who cares about this beyond the class?"
21:26Peggy George: students definitely need to learn to respond to that kind of negative feedback in the online environment
21:27Peggy George: sometimes it's just someone trying to be a spammer and the comment doesn't deserve or warrant a response
21:27Carrie Ann: Thanks, Troy and Dawn.
21:27hickstro: Elana's students' video book:
21:27hickstro: Yes, some people reply just to stoke the fire...
21:28Anna: I have been trying to figure out how to get digital pieces posted mid-way in a unit so that we can talk through the follow-up of interactive audiences and the ways our digital products wind their way outside of our control.
21:28hickstro: Although, I once talked with an editor of an online newspaper, and he said that he welcomes comments -- of all kinds -- because it is the equivalent of the "dining room table'" where everyone feels they have a voice.
21:29Dawn Reed: I appreciate how the audience piece is so rich in digital writing. Elana highlights that as students are wanting to get the word out
21:29hickstro: Anna -- I wonder, do you have students make it clear that they are "in process" as they share this work? Do they actively seek responses?
21:29Peggy George: good point Troy. it's better to engage the conversation than to "censor" or block it. Valuable learning experience.
21:30hickstro: Right, Peggy. That's how he framed it. Basically, what right do we have to censor people's opinions, no matter how misguided or just plain wrong we think that they are...
21:30hickstro: ... and it gives people something to push back against, to make their claim even stronger.
21:31Anna: I think we are used to coaching students through to a product that is "finished" at the end of a unit. I am wanting to figure out (get myself re-think planning) so that "done" is mid-thematic topic (or however else the year is chunked)
21:31Peggy George: 920 views tonight :-)
21:32Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: That is great
21:32Anna: (lots of grammar problems in that past post...sorry...trying to describe what I meant got messy!)
21:32hickstro: Anna -- ok, I see. I wonder, though, could they share a draft early on, seek response, then make revisions?
21:32Anna: Troy, yes, definitely.
21:33Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Whoa... Selling out !!!
21:34hickstro: A great tool for doing a project similar to what Elana's students did is Little Bird Tales:
21:35Peggy George: Where is Elana's school? Does she have a class blog?
21:36Peggy George: thanks for asking!!
21:37Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline:
21:37Peggy George: got it :-)
21:37Peggy George: thanks Valerie
21:38Peggy George: I'm loving these examples!!! so inspiring!
21:38hickstro: You can scroll down on this page to find an embedded version of Lindsay's students' podcast:
21:39hickstro: Look for the Artemis Fowl Book Trailer Podcast
21:41hickstro: Some great resources for crafting audio...
21:42hickstro: CC music:
21:42hickstro: CC sound effects:
21:43Peggy George: found it in Ch. 5 :-) thanks Troy
21:43hickstro: Wikimedia Commons Sound:
21:43Andy Schoenborn: Incompetech allows users to search CC music/sounds through feel or tone -
21:44Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Thanks for the links
21:44Peggy George: does a teacher grade the "pieces" of the process when creating the script for the audio podcasts?
21:44hickstro: Does anyone know of a good online audio editor? Lindsay had been using Aviary, but that's gone now...
21:45hickstro: ... I still recommend Audacity, but I imagine that there is something better.
21:45Peggy George: audacity :-)
21:45hickstro: Anyone try this yet?
21:46Andy Schoenborn: You can edit audio fairly simply on now, but the end product is video instead of podcast.
21:46Peggy George: computer based tools as opposed to ipad apps?
21:46Andy Schoenborn:
21:47Peggy George: you can record right in Evernote too
21:48Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: You can record on SoundCloud as well
21:48Peggy George: I love iPadio!
21:48hickstro: I think that all of these are great for recording single track audio, like a This I Believe essay.
21:49Mike Ryter: GarageBand on macs
21:49hickstro: But, to do the multitrack layering you need something like Audacity, Garageband, or another tool.
21:50hickstro: As we near the end, can we refocus on the Ken Robinson quote: "To call somebody creative suggests that they are actively producing something in a deliberate way."
21:50Peggy George:
21:50hickstro: DWP Sandbox:
21:51Peggy George: I did a workshop with 5th graders awhile back and youtube was blocked in their school. The students told me--don't worry, just put an s after http and it will open. :-)
21:52Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Our tech people blocked that backdoor 2 years ago Peggy
21:52Peggy George: you go Paul!!!!
21:53Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I don't know why they don't understand the need to teach them THE RIGHT WAY and stop BLOCKING EVERYTHING
21:53Peggy George: from the sandbox to the playground :-)
21:53Peggy George: absolutely! I want to read Troy's book but I really want it on my Kindle!!
21:55Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Thanks for getting us to talk about the things that need to be said
21:55Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: We need to open up our classrooms and talk about what we can do and what we want to do in our classes
21:55Peggy George: all right!!! another book in the wings!
21:56Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Yay Troy
21:56Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: and Yay Paul
21:56Peggy George: what a great example of the power of a PLN!!!
21:58Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Just ordered your book Troy. Thanks in advance for the resource
21:58hickstro: Other thoughts from our audience about being intentional and creative?
21:58Peggy George: that's a great quote! kids will be using those mobile devices so we might as well help them learn to create positive digital footprints!
21:58hickstro: Thanks, Valerie!
21:58Peggy George: the intention and creativity needs to come from the student and not just from teacher-directed learning
21:59Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: It saddens me that we keep them from creating so much
22:00Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I love it when my kids ask how I make a video or website or whatever.
22:00Peggy George: Todd do you address quad blogging in your book?
22:00Peggy George: Amen Jeremy!!!
22:01Peggy George: we don't confiscate their pencils if they don't behave appropriately so why should we confiscate their tech tools?
22:01hickstro: Peggy -- no, afraid I missed quad blogging. Tell us more!
22:04Peggy George:
22:04Peggy George: sorry I lost my chat connection
22:07Peggy George: Paul did a couple of sessions on quadblogging too! They were excellent!
22:08Peggy George: thanks everyone! Loved all of the ideas shared tonight!