TTT#353 Teachers Speaking Up-2 w/ Andrea Zellner, Katherine Schulten, Steve Zemelman, Jen Ochoa, Beth Sanders, Pat Delaney 6.19

A provocative conversation about Teachers Speaking Up w/ @AndreaZellner, @KSchulten, @StevenZemelman, @Ochoajen @MsSandersTHS, and Pat Delaney on this episode of TTT (Please subscribe with this link: (And BTW is a great replacement for Google Reader. The App, BeyondPod now integrates with Feedly.)

On this episode of TTT, we are joined by:

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This episode is a follow up to TTT#351 Teachers Speaking Up w/ Jesse Hagopian, Diana Laufenberg, José Vilson, Steven Zemelman, Pat Delaney, Maribeth Whitehouse -- and we plan more on this topic later this summer.

Here are a few notes from the show:

Look at what happened in Michigan today, Andrea Zellner writes: Our teachers are passionate and outspoken:

Jen Ochoa's "Give Them an Apple, or a Hug: Help Teachers and Students Survive Testing"

Kevin Hodgson's blog:

Be sure to follow up at Teachers Speak Up , a blog, where Steve Zemelman is a co-convener.

Some of the interesting things going on in Philly for Teacher Voice - (Kristin's live-tweeting of the SRC meetings is legendary and an amazing resource for the community)

Brave New Voices -
Fundraising link:

Lisa Neilsen's group on Facebook:
A place where parents, students, teens, and teachers frustrated with traditional schooling can come together to discuss the more effective options they are pursuing. Conversations often address things like opting out of testing and other traditional schooling issues.

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June 19, 2013

20:46@AndreaZellner: Hi karen!
20:46karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Andrea!
20:46karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm just watching the May show. Good stuff.
20:46@AndreaZellner: I didn't do my homework (still need to watch it) shhhh.....
20:47karen (@kfasimpaur): ;)
20:58@AndreaZellner: Jen are you having trouble?
20:58Paul Allison: Jen can you join us yet?
20:59@Ochoajen: I thought you said you were going to call like on Monday. What do I need to do to join?
21:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Jen, you need to go to the hangout.
21:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Link is in the doc to the left.
21:09Christina: hi everyone!
21:09@AndreaZellner: Hi Christina :)
21:09Christina: is that Pat Delaney?!
21:09@AndreaZellner: it is: he has the flu
21:09@AndreaZellner: :(
21:09Christina: you are chatting and talking simultaneously!
21:09Christina: amazing you are :)
21:09@AndreaZellner: I'm not: there's a lag. So I'm a few minutes ahead of what you guys see!
21:10@AndreaZellner: It's super fun to pretend I'm awesome though.
21:10Christina: ah! that makes sense.
21:17dlaufenberg: hello there..
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi Diana.
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): You should go join the hangout.
21:17@AndreaZellner: Hi Diana
21:17dlaufenberg: lost track of time
21:18Christina: oh my god! That's amazing ...
21:18Christina: In her bed. That is really deep.
21:19Christina: deeply beautiful, that is :)
21:20dlaufenberg: work that Larissa Pahomov is spearheading in Philadelphia -
21:22dlaufenberg: been getting some press in philly - seems like the faces are striking a cord
21:25Christina: go Larissa and @tagphilly!
21:29dlaufenberg: Jeff Connaughton -
21:31dlaufenberg: Lehmann refers to it as ... a confused conversation because there are policy issues and a pedagogical issues... not the same thing. but often swept up into one conversation
21:32karen (@kfasimpaur): Do the unions take up the issue of what's good for kids?
21:35@AndreaZellner: Karen: they do, but they don't get heard
21:35dlaufenberg: @karen I have always seen those as intertwined, in smaller unions it was always an issue we kept in the conversation... but not as much in Philly.
21:35@AndreaZellner: I think because of the way the media skews those conversations
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): but it seems that the large (esp national) unions could really influence those conversations
21:36@AndreaZellner: It's almost like people have to take off that union hat for a infuriates me
21:36Peggy George: hi everyone! sorry I'm late!! the Livebinder webinar just finished!
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Peggy
21:36dlaufenberg: yay, Broad Supts! Philly has had three in a row I think.
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): ...follow the $
21:37dlaufenberg: @karen as with most things these days... truly sickens me.
21:37karen (@kfasimpaur): amen
21:37@AndreaZellner: at least that's true for Michigan...if they think we are "union" the conversation kind of stops. Lansing does not necessarily reflect the case.
21:38@AndreaZellner: reflect the rest of the state I mean
21:38@AndreaZellner: I was listening instead of typing!
21:38dlaufenberg: this is what philly has to look at right now... really, really frustrating -
21:38@AndreaZellner: @diane: the Broad Sups make me crazy.
21:39dlaufenberg: hi Beth!
21:40karen (@kfasimpaur): such a small % of folks are on twitter #echochamber
21:41dlaufenberg: @karen agreed. I always encourage people to engage their local community in the conversation
21:42Peggy George: good point Karen
21:43karen (@kfasimpaur): In the CCSS discussion, I think parent pushback is going to change things more than teacher voice
21:44karen (@kfasimpaur): ...not really for the best reasons
21:45karen (@kfasimpaur): again, follow the money
21:45@AndreaZellner: @karen: I can't wait to use my parent voice
21:46karen (@kfasimpaur): And we can't wait to hear it @andrea :)
21:46@AndreaZellner: I am planning on opting my kids out of testing. A little nervous about it though!!
21:46karen (@kfasimpaur): It's scarey stuff.
21:46Christina: I also think this connection with organizers is really important ...
21:46karen (@kfasimpaur): (One of many, many reasons I'm not a parent. #wimp)
21:46Peggy George: Lisa Neilsen has some great resources on her Facebook page about opting out of testing
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): Christina, I'm going to a workshop on public narrative for organizers next week
21:47Christina: it is scary @andrea but its great that you can talk about that.
21:47@AndreaZellner: @Peggy: thanks! I am not on FB anymore, but if I go back I will check that out.
21:47Christina: oh, cool @karen. ... would love to hear more about that.
21:47@AndreaZellner: I'm mostly nervous that it will hurt the school that the kids aren't tested with the sanctions.
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm hoping to do some writing on the plane...i'm so benind though
21:48karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, we need stories!
21:48@AndreaZellner: oops: i got kicked out of the hangout :(
21:48karen (@kfasimpaur): I've said it b4 but public ed needs a PR campaign
21:49karen (@kfasimpaur): I hope Paul talks about his movie and it's potential to affect this
21:49@AndreaZellner: Wait; Paul has a movie?
21:49karen (@kfasimpaur): not yet...
21:50karen (@kfasimpaur): It's part of the long term Youth Voices plan though... well, Paul should probably talk about it :)
21:50karen (@kfasimpaur): And wait til you see the Kickstarter campaign for that ;)
21:51karen (@kfasimpaur): Lots of new is $-driven too
21:51dlaufenberg: I've always found The Notebook in Philly as an interesting blend -
21:51Peggy George: I know the Hampshire Gazette too!!! I used to live in Amherst MA :-)
21:51karen (@kfasimpaur): news that is
21:51@AndreaZellner: Is it the same kickstarter as the other one?
21:51Christina: this has been going on for years ...
21:51karen (@kfasimpaur):'s a much bigger one (yet to be done)
21:51karen (@kfasimpaur): but the other one will partly fund a teaser video
21:51dlaufenberg: also, there is a strong relationship between the teachers and the ed reporter for the Philly Inquirer... she is incredibly active on twitter and invites in the teacher voice all the time
21:51Peggy George: it's reaching the community and not just educators
21:52Peggy George: that's super Diana!
21:52Christina: I think this is it: Chalk Talk
21:55Peggy George: thanks for adding those links in the Titanpad Diana
21:55karen (@kfasimpaur): A PR firm would turn "complaints" around to be stories of potential success arond change
21:55@AndreaZellner: I got kicked out again!! BOOO!
21:55Peggy George: but you keep coming back! great perseverance!
21:56@AndreaZellner: :)
21:56karen (@kfasimpaur): Public narrative would connect to our common experiences and then move towarda positive call for action
21:57dlaufenberg: the faces of the layoffs was 'hooky' - got a ton of attention
21:59Peggy George: people are looking for the stories that affect them personally
21:59@AndreaZellner: Great conversation tonight!! So glad I could be here: sorry I have to go...goodbye everyone!!
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Bye Andrea. Great to see you.
22:00Peggy George: thanks for sharing Andrea!
22:00Christina: might be a good thing to imagine as an online study group over a couple weekends ...
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): great idea, Christina
22:00Christina: local groups doing analysis of their community, bringing that to a shared space and work on strategies, go back
22:00dlaufenberg: @peggy for instance seeing your kids secretary on the front page of the metro -
22:02dlaufenberg: woo! Brave New Voices!
22:03Peggy George: that is really cool!!
22:03dlaufenberg: the philly kids won two years ago... it was amazing.
22:04Peggy George: is that the poetry slam?
22:06Peggy George: Smore is a great site for creating newsletters too
22:06Peggy George:
22:08Peggy George: awesome conversation! can't wait to listen to the recording of the first half hour to see what I missed!
22:09karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks everyone.
22:09dlaufenberg: thanks everyone! good night.
22:09Christina: Thanks all! excellent.
22:10Peggy George: thank you all!
22:10Peggy George: good night!