TTT#351 Teachers Speaking Up w/ Jesse Hagopian, Diana Laufenberg, José Vilson, Steven Zemelman, Pat Delaney, Maribeth Whitehouse

We invite you to consider how you might speak up a bit more, tell your stories as a teacher, and assert your leadership. On this week's episode of TTT (recorded 5/29/13), we talk about how, when, why, and where to speak up! We discuss how teachers become leaders by loosing fear, speaking up, telling their stories, and taking collective action. Join us for the next installment of a series of shows about teachers speaking up on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Our guests on this episode are:

Jesse Hagpian, Diana Laufenberg, Jose Vilson, Steve Zemelman, Patrick Delaney, Maribeth Whitehouse

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Jesse Hagopian, a high school history teacher and union representative at Garfield High School who refused to administer the MAP standardized test in January. Recently, the school district backed down, announcing that the Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP test, is now optional for high schools. | Jesse is a public high school teacher in Seattle and a founding member of Social Equality Educators (SEE). He is a contributing author to Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation and 101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History (Haymarket Books). Hagopian serves on the Board of Directors of Maha-Lilo—“Many Hands, Light Load”—a Haiti solidarity organization.

Diana Laufenberg describes herself as a farm kid turned Science Leadership Academy teache, now taking a year to consult, travel and learn. | She has taught all grade levels from 7-12 in Social Studies and she has most recently been a teacher with the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, an inquiry-driven, project-based high school focused on modern learning. Diana's practice has deep roots in experiential education, taking students from the classroom to the real world and back again. Before finding her way to Philadelphia, she was an active member of the teaching community in Flagstaff, AZ where she was named Technology Teacher of the Year for Arizona and a member of the Governor’s Master Teacher Corps. Recently Diana was featured on for the “How to Learn? From Mistakes” talk and recognized for earning National Board Certification. Her publications include a featured piece on the New York Times Learning blog, co-authoring a chapter in an educational leadership book, an upcoming article in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy and regular contributions to

José Luis Vilson is a math educator for a middle school in the Inwood / Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, NY. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in mathematics education from the City College of New York. He’s also a committed writer, activist, web designer, and father. He co-authored the book Teaching 2030: What We Must Do For Our Students and Public Schools … Now and In The Future with Dr. Barnett Berry and 11 other accomplished teachers. He currently serves as the president emeritus of the Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University, as a board member on the Board of Directors for the Center for Teaching Quality, and has been a part of the Acentos Foundation, LATinos In Social Media (LATISM), the Capicu Poetry Group, BlogCritics, and the AfroSpear.He writes for Edutopia, GOOD, and TransformED / Future of Teaching, and has written for, Education Week, Huffington Post, and El Diario / La Prensa NY. He has also spoken at TEDxNYED and the Save Our Schools March.- See more at:

Steven Zemelman, one of the conveners of and much more. Steve directs the Illinois Writing Project, and works to build long-term sustainability of school improvement. He works on literacy, whole-school development, and teacher leadership. With several partners he has written numerous professional texts, including the latest edition of Best Practice now subtitled Bringing Standards to Life in America’s Classrooms; plus 13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment: Taking a More Active Role in Your School Community; Content Area Writing: Every Teacher’s Guide; Subjects Matter: Every Teacher’s Guide to Content Area Reading; Rethinking High School; History Comes Home: Family Stories Across the Curriculum; and A Community of Writers: Teaching Composition in the Junior and Senior High School. Formerly he directed the Center for City Schools at National-Louis University.

Patrick Delaney is a recently retired librarian from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco. He has been a Bay Area Writing Project (CA) teacher-consultant for decades, and has been a leader in technology work in the National Writing Project. Pat has been a mentor and a friend of educational bloggers and collective teacher voice for many years. Here's where to find him now: Weeding the Collection.

Maribeth Whitehouse is a special education teacher at IS 190 in the Bronx. She is in her ninth year of teaching eighth grade. She is a teacher-leader in Lehman College's Mathematics Teacher Transfromation Institutes. Maribeth publishes under a few different pseudonymns as well as under her own name, for example: "Measuring My Value" |

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dlaufenberg: hello all!
21:03Peggy George: Hi Diana :-)
21:03Peggy George: who's whistling? :-)
21:04Peggy George: there was a fantastic webinar earlier today about connectedlearning & Summer Make and Connect :-)
21:06Peggy George: recording will be here tomorrow if you missed it
21:06Peggy George: exciting projects Diana!!!
21:07Peggy George: so excited there is going to be a second SLA!!!
21:07dlaufenberg: indeed, Peggy... exciting stuff
21:08Peggy George: thanks for that link
21:10Peggy George: how awesome is that!!! godfather of blogging!
21:10Peggy George: hahahaha! pension withdrawal :-)
21:10Peggy George: hearing everyone just great!
21:11Peggy George: thanks!!!
21:11Peggy George: wonder if Steve didn't enable his camera?
21:13Peggy George: I remember reading her story!!!
21:18Peggy George: Diana can you add links for your blog(s) to the Titanpad by your name? :-)
21:19Peggy George: what brave teachers!!!
21:21Peggy George: delightful! solidarity pizza lunch!!!
21:22dlaufenberg: not related to testing protests... but the philly kids are fired up -
21:23Peggy George: thanks! I was wondering how that was going
21:28Peggy George: citizen's arrest! amazing strategy!
21:33Peggy George: thank you Jesse! such an inspiration!!
21:41Peggy George: I remember the SOS Marches!
21:43Peggy George: Diana are you going to jump into the conversation on mic?
21:44Peggy George: :-) Paul was reading my mind.
21:45Peggy George: tell them about the link you shared in this chat :-)
21:47Peggy George: I want to see that link Diana re teacher contract
21:48dlaufenberg: AFT is leading the charge in Philly
21:50Peggy George: thanks!
21:50dlaufenberg: that is the link to the summary of the contract offer from the School District of Philadelphia
21:50Peggy George: wow!
21:52Peggy George: that is a shocking document!!!
21:55dlaufenberg: yes, yes it is Peggy.
21:57Peggy George: excellent points! keep telling the positive stories!!!
22:00Peggy George: do you follow #EduWin on Twitter--daily positive posts about what teachers are doing to make a difference
22:05Peggy George: would love to know the name of that book--teachers as organizers
22:09Peggy George: that's a great point about getting the "excellent" teachers to stand up and speak out
22:09Peggy George: they are respected and listened to
22:14Peggy George: thank you all for a great conversation!
22:14Peggy George: I bought the Anti-Education book by Gee. Does that count????
22:15Peggy George: bye everyone!