TTT#349 Crowdfunding to Rethink Ed- IncitED's Campaigns: Open Road, Imagining Learning, Youth Voices - Plus: Spokes 5.15.13

On this episode of TTT we invite you to go to IncitED to learn more about these projects and support them if you can:

Whether or not you plan to or can not make a contribution to one of these campaigns, please join us for a conversation about crowdfunding on this episode of TTT.

We are joined by the following on this episode of TTT:

Jaime R. Wood Jaime R. Wood's profile photo and Peter Lindberg Peter Lindberg's profile photo from IncitED

IncitED is the crowdfunding community for education where ed supporters can fund, share, and replicate important education initiatives worldwide.

David Loitz David Loitz's profile photo and Charles Kouns Charles Kouns's profile photo from Imagining Learning

Imagining Learning is working to create a national collective voice on the wisdom of young people on how they would reinvent education.
Charlie's Ted Talk
What is a Listening session? video

Alan Burnce Alan Burnce's profile photo from Open Road

Providing individualized, non-coercive education that empowers teens to direct their own learning and fulfill their potential.

Turner Bohlen Turner Bohlen's profile photo and Claire O'Connell from Spokes talk about their plan to ride bikes across America to work for passion-based education for high school students and to find a mentor for every high school student in America!

We're people who love what we do. And we all love teaching!

Karen Fasimpaur Karen Fasimpaur's profile photo and Paul Oh Paul Oh's profile photo to help us talk about a Youth Voices Summer Program that will be part of The National Writing Project’s Educator Innovator Initiative this summer.

Youth Voices is a site where students share, distribute & discuss their digital work online.
More info at

Links to IncitED crowdfunding campaign planning documents
1. Overview document covering pre-planning to post-campaign follow up
2. Document with tips for making an effective campaign video
3. Document with tips for creating effective campaign perks
4. Document with tips for writing a basic campaign story


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May 15, 2013

20:51Peggy George: Hi everyone!
20:52karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi there!
20:53Peggy George: Hi Karen. Looking forward to tonight's conversation! :-)
20:53karen (@kfasimpaur): Me too!
20:53Peggy George: Is this the topic/show we want to encourage Paul to do on Classroom 2.0 LIVE? :-)
20:54karen (@kfasimpaur): yes...along with the NWP Summer of Making and Connecting, I think
20:54Peggy George: terrific!
20:54karen (@kfasimpaur): Shall I check w/folks if June 15 works for them?
20:55Jaime Wood: Hi all. This is Jaime.
20:56Jaime Wood: Hello Denise here to learn
20:56Peggy George: Yes Karen. I'm double checking on our schedule to be sure. :-)
20:56karen (@kfasimpaur): Thx, Peggy.
20:57Denise Drinkwalter: Try this again - Sorry Jaime took your colour
20:57Denise Drinkwalter: Fixed it now- Denise here
20:58Peggy George: Yes June 15th would be perfect for us! :-)
20:58Peggy George: Hi Jaime and Denise! Great to be here with you!
21:01karen (@kfasimpaur): We're working on getting posted...stay tuned
21:01Peggy George: thanks :-) I just keep refreshing :-)
21:04karen (@kfasimpaur): we should be there now.
21:04karen (@kfasimpaur): let me know....
21:04Peggy George: not yet
21:05Peggy George: hooray!!! seeing and hearing now :-)
21:05Peggy George: Love your Angels shirt @Karen :-)
21:05karen (@kfasimpaur): They are having a massively terrible year but thanks anyway
21:06Peggy George: good to be a faithful fan!
21:06karen (@kfasimpaur): yeah...i guess...;)
21:06Peggy George: thanks for telling them about us Karen. :-)
21:06karen (@kfasimpaur): :)
21:07Peggy George: how fun!! that's how you clone someone :-)
21:07karen (@kfasimpaur): lots of g+ changes today
21:08Peggy George: did you see any of the Google Live sessions today? Lots of awesome things!
21:08karen (@kfasimpaur): I didn't...will check it out
21:09Peggy George: all of the recordings are available and it's still going on I think
21:09Denise Drinkwalter:
21:09David Loitz:
21:12Peggy George: thanks for the link :-)
21:13karen (@kfasimpaur): Peg, we should invite these folks to K12Online
21:14Peggy George: I agree! Is it connected with the Expeditionary site you shared last night?
21:14karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, the first woman who spoke used to teach at one of their schools
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): (no connection now though I think)
21:15Peggy George: awesome!
21:17Peggy George: Indiegogo is featuring the Quest2Matter campaign for Angela Maiers
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): cool
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): Link that Angela's project here -
21:18David Loitz: if you are interesting into what your were doing check out our fb page
21:18Peggy George: I love the idea of having a place stictly focused on education!
21:18Peggy George: thanks David
21:18David Loitz: Twitter
21:20unnamedwho's talking now
21:20karen (@kfasimpaur): David Loitz
21:20monika: no
21:20monika: must be a lag
21:20monika: right before him
21:20monika: : )
21:21karen (@kfasimpaur): oh, yes there's a lag....
21:21karen (@kfasimpaur): it was peter Lindberg I think
21:21karen (@kfasimpaur): Monika can you join the hangout?
21:21monika: thank you
21:21karen (@kfasimpaur): there's rool
21:21monika: and no - it keeps telling me it's full
21:21monika: i see there are just nine.. but i can't get in
21:22karen (@kfasimpaur): did you try the 2nd invite? (We closed the other one.)
21:22karen (@kfasimpaur): I'll jump out.
21:22monika: hmm
21:22monika: can you throw a link
21:22monika: noooo
21:22Peggy George: Imagining Learning would be an awesome presentation for the K12 Online Conference too! :-)
21:22monika: don't come out
21:22monika: i'm good here
21:22monika: i miss peggy
21:22monika: : )
21:22Peggy George: :-)
21:23monika: full.. i'm good
21:24karen (@kfasimpaur): agreed, peggy (i'm adding to our spreadsheet in the other window :)
21:25monika: love that
21:26David Loitz: Who is here!
21:26Peggy George: thank you!!!
21:26karen (@kfasimpaur): LInk to Open Road project on IncitED
21:27karen (@kfasimpaur): Imagining Learning project -
21:28Peggy George: that would be me wondering :-) Thanks for asking that question Paul.
21:28karen (@kfasimpaur): nice
21:29Peggy George: how is it different from charter schools? although I know it's "not a school"
21:30karen (@kfasimpaur): Open Road, Peggy?
21:30monika: the open road project?
21:30Peggy George: yes
21:31monika: are you familiar with blake boles adventures?
21:31Peggy George: no but I'm sure my questions will be answered on the links provided. I'm just nervous about going to them now because I don't want to lose my connection :-)
21:32Peggy George: I love what I'm hearing!
21:32karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm asking in the other chat too.
21:33karen (@kfasimpaur): Peggy...this from Alan "tough to answer briefly...but no grades, no curriculum, no requirements, and hence no accreditation. Kids choose to learn what, where, when, how, and from whom they want.""
21:34Peggy George: terrific concept of "listening sessions"!
21:34Peggy George: thanks Karen. that helps a lot
21:34karen (@kfasimpaur): ...and more "Close to democratic free school model, but we don't emphasize democratic process to the extent they do, focusing more on the individual development of our members." from Alan
21:34Peggy George: soit's all about learning with no worries about accredication or graduation
21:34monika: yeah - like an unschooling adventure.. kids - i'm assuming submit their letter of intent to homeschool
21:35Peggy George: sorry for typos!
21:35karen (@kfasimpaur): from Jaime "And Charter schools tend to be bound by public school regulations, and Open Road isn't. "
21:35karen (@kfasimpaur): I asked "In lieu of 'regular school?'" and Alan said "Yes, in lieu of regular school. Our members are homeschoolers - most weren't; they become homeschoolers to legally be exempted from compulsory ed and work with us instead."
21:35Peggy George: yes that is definitely true about charter schools
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): "And Open Road couples self-directed learning with powerful mentorships."
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): "Charter schools can look like any kind of school, from "Great Works" type traditional classical ed to very progressive, constructivist models. But as Jaime said, they are usually bound by many state/fed mandates. We're not."
21:37Peggy George: the funding helps to pay for their trips for the listening sessions?
21:37karen (@kfasimpaur): listening sessions are David's project
21:37Peggy George: ok
21:38Jaime Wood: Imagining Learning's campaign will pay for 35 Listening Sessions around the country.
21:38karen (@kfasimpaur): I think the Open Road funding is for infrastructure
21:38Jaime Wood: Yes, Open Road is for startup costs and scholarship funds.
21:39Peggy George: this reminds me a bit of the Hack Your Education sessions that Steve Hargadon did last year traveling to different communities.
21:39karen (@kfasimpaur):
21:40Turner Bohlen (Guest):
21:40monika: kool beans
21:41Peggy George: thanks for the link. I was spelling it wrong :-)
21:41monika: what's claire's last names?
21:42Peggy George: , Claire O'Connell?
21:42Peggy George: Community: Amy Robinson and Claire O'Connell
21:42monika: thank you
21:43Peggy George: love her sparkle and passion!
21:45karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, it's Claire O'Connell
21:45Peggy George: that's really exciting to see the focus on mentorship!
21:47Turner Bohlen (Guest)
21:50karen (@kfasimpaur): More info at
21:51Peggy George: wow! what an awesome property!
21:52David Loitz:
21:52Peggy George: I have a friend who lives in Asheville NC :-) and my daughter lives in Pittsboro NC.
21:52David Loitz: oh awesome Peggy! Are you on twitter?
21:53Peggy George: yes pgeorge
21:57Denise Drinkwalter: are there any projects by students or is that a possibility?
21:58David Loitz: There will! soon!
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): Denise, I think that's a great question.
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): Answer: "Yes, it's a possibility."
21:59karen (@kfasimpaur): We work with a group of studentss on P2PU who are writing grnqats from their own projects.
21:59Peggy George: these are such exciting projects!!
21:59karen (@kfasimpaur): I might see if they are interested in exploring crowd fundign as well.
22:00Peggy George: where are they submitting their grants Karen?
22:00Denise Drinkwalter: we have elementary students looking at increasing tech at our school to increase equity and learning
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): More from Jaime "We ask those under 18 to have a team member who's 18 or older We're going to have some students crowdfunding soon"
22:00Peggy George: great answer! I know a lot of interesting people :-)
22:01Denise Drinkwalter: staff are using it as persuasive project and it is gr 6-8
22:01Peggy George: @Karen thanks a lot for passing along the Hangout chat!!!
22:01Denise Drinkwalter: will watch for it Karen thanks
22:01karen (@kfasimpaur): happy to...
22:01Denise Drinkwalter: I assume we can access as you are international not just US?
22:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Denise, you should reach out to the IncitED folks to talk about your project idea. I think they'd be very interested.
22:02Denise Drinkwalter: I would think so - going to share with my staff tomorrow and look further
22:02Peggy George: unfortunately the "educators" aren't the people with money!
22:04Peggy George: a couple of years ago I heard someone describe how he used Twitter (with lots of pre-planning but a one-day campaign) to raise $25,000 to support their cause. It was amazing!
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Answer: "US, Mexico, Canada for the moment. Expanding internationally bit by bit over the next few months."
22:05Denise Drinkwalter: super I am in Canada- thanks
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): Perfect.
22:06Peggy George: I agree about "panhandling"
22:07karen (@kfasimpaur): Me too.
22:08karen (@kfasimpaur): Crowdfunding is a democritizing force for sure.
22:10Jaime Wood:
22:13Peggy George: is that the NorthStarTeens group in Hadley MA?
22:13Jaime Wood: Yes!
22:13Peggy George:
22:13Denise Drinkwalter: thanks for sharing -
22:14David Loitz: here's campaign again!
22:14Debbie: thanks
22:14David Loitz: any donation amount is the right amount
22:14Peggy George: I added those links in the TitanPad on the left too :-)
22:14David Loitz: :)
22:15Peggy George: you can export the entire TitanPad to save for later :-)
22:16Peggy George: that's the way Angela Maiers is promoting Quest2Matter--any amount is fine starting with $1.00 :-)
22:18Peggy George: the shared outcomes become the success stories to be shared to inspire others!
22:20Peggy George: very inspiring conversation! thank you all!
22:21Peggy George: come back again!!!!