TTT#318 Youth Voices w/ Paul Allison, Eric Hoefler, Jim Nordlinger, Chris Sloan, Jack Zangerle, Jeremy Hyler, Monika Hardy 10.10

More about Youth Voices on this episode of TTT.

Meet teachers new to the site and teachers who have been using it for almost 10 years.

Find out more about our new approach to using the site that we've begun to describe as a school-based ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Paul Allison reports a bit on this experiment on P2PU - See He has already give out over 30 badges, issued by P2PU, collected in Mozilla Open Badge Backpacks and displayed on students' profile pages. Check out this example: And find out more about "the grid"

If you've been waiting for a good time to join the fun on TTT and with Youth Voices, this is your show! We'd love to introduce you to some new and old friends.

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Paul Allison, Eric Hoefler, Jim Nordlinger, Chris Sloan, Jack Zangerle, Jeremy Hyler, Monika Hardy


Chris Sloan: Here's to a lively chat
21:00Jack Zangerle: Hi
21:26Christina: Hi everyone ... just joining you too.
21:30Jeremy : Hi Christina
21:31Peggy George: sorry I'm late! had to moderate another webinar and it ran over time. Always love hearing you talk about Youth Voices!
21:34Peggy George: it's really important that they learn good digital citizenship and their digital footprint because they are never really "anonymous"
21:36Peggy George: you can blog about any subject area :-) it's not just for English/Language Arts.
21:37Peggy George: all of the Common Core standards ask students to do more deep learning, thinking and reflecting on their learning
21:37Jeremy : I spend an entire day at the beginning of the year talking about digital citizenship.
21:38Jeremy : They come to me as 7th graders not knowing a single thing about digital citizenship and I am saddened by this.
21:39Peggy George: that's fantastic Jeremy!! it's so important and needs to be taught.
21:39Jeremy : I just wish they were taught earlier than when they get to me.
21:40Peggy George: they really should be!!
21:40Peggy George: as soon as they start going online they need to understand digital citizenship and there are even kids in Kindergarten that have smartphones and iTouches and iPads.
21:42Jeremy : Indeed
22:07Peggy George: love that idea about using Youth Voices to extend their reading to start conversations about the books with other students (not just for the teacher as Paul suggested)
22:10Peggy George: fantastic conversation and lots of great ideas! Thanks!