TTT#309 Badges:Peril/Possibility P. Rawsthorne, A. Zellner, V. Gennarelli, E. Eidman-Aadahl, S. Grant, S. Lee, D. Cormier 8.8.12

Our goal in this--and the next--episode of TTT is to join those who are developing a practical, pedagogical discourse between the heckling and the hype around badges. Our conversations are open and wide-ranging, but we have a few questions that must be answered soon, as the fall semester starts up around the US:

  • Does it make sense to wrap Youth Voices with badges?
  • How would it work?
  • What impacts might there be on different kinds students?
  • How do I start?

Of course, it's impossible to pull apart the different philosophical, political, and psychological threads that seem to attach themselves to badges, but the educators in this conversation begin to bring some clarity to the questions involved.

In this episode,


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There's only so much that this many thoughtful participants can say in an hour, but we hope that there are a few moments while you are listening when you find yourself wanting to enter the conversation. Let us know what you are thinking by posting a comment below. And join us next week as we continue our conversations about badges on TTT with these thoughtful educators:

We'll continue these conversations live at on Wednesday, 15 August at 4PM ET / 1PM PT/ World Times: NOTICE THE EARLIER TIME.

We’ll continue to focus on incorporating badges into K-12 education and beyond. There’s so much to say on the topic.

What’s your favorite blog post, video, article, resource about Badges? Please add a couple of links in the comments below. We want to be open and flexile about all of the ways people are talking about the issues involved. And, we are interested in keeping it real. We’ve been developing some ideas around badges for Youth Voices, and there's more about this on P2PU

See you on Wednesday.

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Dee (Guest): I'm new here...what is a hangout?
20:58Andrea Zellner: Dee, we are discussing Google Hangouts. on Google plus. It is where we will be chatting and will at some point go in the window above.
20:58Dee : Thanks...
20:58Andrea Zellner: I mean we are discussing INSIDE Google Hangouts.
20:58Andrea Zellner: IT's a video chat thingie on Google Plus.
20:58Dee : ok
20:59Andrea Zellner: how do i get to the program tonight?
21:00Andrea Zellner: For some reason, now everyone is me. Hmmm.
21:00dave cormier: lala
21:00Vikram: bug
21:01Vikram: in any case -- it was my question -- how do I access the program?
21:01Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE: Trying to re-label myself
21:02Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE: The broadcast should be starting above? Yes?
21:03Vikram: ok, yes it is now
21:03Chris Sloan: Carla do you want to join us in the Hangout?
21:04Carla Casilli, Mozilla: hey, I think you're at capacity, right, Chris?
21:04Chris Sloan: We'll start soon
21:04Chris Sloan: room for one more
21:04Carla Casilli, Mozilla: I know my colleagues Sunny Lee and Peter Rawsthorne will be there.
21:04Chris Sloan: but we currently have nine
21:05Carla Casilli, Mozilla: maybe a future one?
21:05Carla Casilli, Mozilla: I'll hang out here, if that's okay and fill in?
21:06Carla Casilli, Mozilla: unless you'd really like to have an additional talking head. :)
21:07Vikram: Am I supposed to be seeing anything yet?
21:08Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE: Vikram, did you press play above?
21:08Carla Casilli, Mozilla: I did and I'm getting "this live event will start shortly" note
21:09Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE:Hmmm....Chris Sloan can you help?
21:10Carla Casilli, Mozilla: try refreshing the page—that worked for me
21:10Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE: Oh yes, refresh the page is good advice
21:13Carla Casilli, Mozilla: if you're not familiar with the competition, you can learn more here:
21:13Vikram: thanks everyone, i'm in... it's great to see you all
21:17Carla Casilli, Mozilla: I'd suggest that badges don't move people toward tests unless folks look at them as proxies for levels.
21:19Carla Casilli, Mozilla: Actually, Open Badges offer the opportunity to newly rethink the way we acknowledge achievements, affiliations, learning, etc. There is no predefined definition of what a badge system should be.
21:21Gail Desler: Is there audio for this session?
21:22Carla Casilli, Mozilla: yes, the video above should include audio
21:23Carla Casilli, Mozilla: it's already up
21:23Luka Carfagna: +1 for use of umbrage in a sentence vanessa
21:23Carla Casilli, Mozilla: :)
21:24Carla Casilli, Mozilla: totally disagree
21:25Carla Casilli, Mozilla: isn't this exactly how grades work?
21:25Carla Casilli, Mozilla: this is attempting to look into a crystal ball and imagine how they'll be used and interpreted.
21:26Carla Casilli, Mozilla: instead we're presenting a hypothesis which others can implement in their own ways.
21:31Fred Mindlin: Badges can be a small piece, but their context needs to be teaching everyone to self-curate their own portfolio that manifests their skills
21:41Carla Casilli, Mozilla: but they also offer alternative pathways
21:44jeffmason: won't the lit stage or the go-kart be evidence enough
21:59Andrea Zellner THE REAL ONE:@jeffmason: that's a good question (I wonder that myself) Apolgies for being behind over here to this chat
22:05Carla Casilli, Mozilla: would love to be on next week's call.
22:06Elyse: Check outSheryl Grant 7:06 PM
22:07Elyse: You all can follow the progress of the awardees of the HASTAC competition there
23:01helloooooo: hi