TTT #299 Imagining City as School with Innovation Lab youths, Cristian Buendia, Sierra Goldstein, and Peter Harold 05.23.12

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, we talk with three young people--Peter, Sierra, and Cristian--who have been working alongside Monika Hardy in the Innovation Lab in Loveland, Colorado.

They have been experimenting with what happens when you set an individual free, in spaces of permission, with nothing to prove. They are are hoping/planning to experiment this next year with what happens when you set a city free, in spaces of trust, creating gatherings that matter.

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We invited Peter, Sierra, and Cristian to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers to tell us about their talks at a recent TEDx FrontRange event.

TEDx Front Range: Creative Potential

Here are their short bios from

Peter Harold

Peter Harold

My name is Peter Harold, I’m a 17 year old and I live lovely Loveland, Colorado. I love to sing, sign, laugh and eat. I enjoy the outdoors and love people. My dream is help create a world where everybody’s happy. One of my aspirations is to become fluent enough in many languages to interpret God’s word for those who can’t understand it. I would also love to create music to heal others. Through these things I feel the world could achieve soul peace.
Sierra Goldstein

Sierra Goldstein

My name is Sierra Goldstein, I’m a 14 year old girl, and I live in Loveland Colorado. I love to read, run, kickbox, ride horses, practice/ teach yoga, travel, blog, and eat healthy food. I believe that to achieve your goals, you need a network of mentors and friends to support you on your journey. One of my accomplishments is becoming the youngest yoga instructor in the US. Teaching yoga allows me to share the divinity I have within myself, to others who seek it. My goal for when I am older is to go to Stanford University for my bachelor degree, and then move on to the National College of Natural Medicine to become a doctor in preventative medicine. From the education I receive I want to help people by teaching and giving them the tools and foods to fill their body, mind, and spirit with what they need to survive and flourish.
Cristian Buendia

Cristian Buendia

Cristian a young member of society trying to change the world and his city... Has a passion for soccer and video... loves people and food....


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20:54 Paul Allison: Welcome!
21:00 Chris Sloan: hello
21:05 Peggy George: Hi everyone
21:07 Chris Sloan: Hi Peggy
21:07 Peggy George: Hi Chris-has the live stream started yet?
21:07 Chris Sloan: Trying to connect with the students
21:07 Peggy George: ok no problem
21:08 Peggy George: I'll read the links in the notes while I wait. I love that feature in TitanPad
21:08 Chris Sloan: I'll do the same
21:14 Chris Sloan: Technical issues
21:15 Peggy George: so sorry!
21:15 Peggy George: are you in the hangout Chris?
21:20 Chris Sloan: I am now
21:20 Chris Sloan: Can you hear/see now?
21:21 Paul Allison: How does it look?
21:21 Paul Allison: streaming okay?
21:22 Peggy George: not seeing the stream
21:22 Peggy George: had to refresh again and now I'm seeing the stream
21:23 Chris Sloan: can you hear?
21:23 Peggy George: yes
21:23 Peggy George: had to refresh the page
21:46 Peggy George: This is a fantastic conversation! I'm really loving hearing the first hand stories from the students!
21:49 Chris Sloan: really interesting stories
21:50 Chris Sloan: Peter made a good point about how much time is actually in the school day
21:50 Chris Sloan: and how much of that is "down time"
21:51 Chris Sloan: Are you there Channing and Jeff?
22:00 Peggy George: I agree! I'm understanding the Innovation Lab much better now.
22:06 Peggy George: a "wholeness center" :-) 22:08 Chris Sloan: nice Peggy 22:09 Peggy George: she has some inspiring ideas and I believe she'll make them happen! 22:22 Peggy George: that's a great description! a gateway to everything! 22:24 Peggy George: Great show!! Thanks! 22:24 Chris Sloan: Good chatting with you Peggy. 22:24 Peggy George: you too Chris!