Teachers Teaching Teachers #283 Empowering Students with Documentary Filmmaking/George Mayo, Joel Malley, Brian Paccione 2.8.12

Post-Show description: 

Paul Allison was so inspired by George Mayo’s “conversation” at Educon 2.4 the last weekend of January http://educon24.org/conversations/Empowering_Students_Through_Documentar... that we invited him and his filmmaking colleague, Joel Malley to join us for this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. (Please subscribe: http://teachersteachingteachers.org/?feed=rss2 )teachers283

George and Joel talk about their work with students making student-directed documentaries on self-chosen topics. Scott Shelhart also joins to ask questions from an elementary school teacher’s perspective and to show us a couple of videos made by George's middle school students and Joel's high school students.

A video by George Mayo's students, describing a current project - in the podcast at 21:21

Animal Euthanasia (ROUGH CUT) from mrmayo on Vimeo.

A video by Joel Malley's students - in the podcast at 38:03

Skateboarding from taylorj roberts 2011 on Vimeo.

Monika Hardy has a few reflections toward the end of this webcast as well. And if that's not enough, we are also joined by Brian Paccione who will be working with Paul Allison in April on a documentary video project to add to the education videos in the MyBlockNYC project http://myblocknyc.com/#/video/id/424

Brian created this Web site and project with friends and he currently serves as the education director for MyBlockNYC.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

09:39 Paul Allison: Getting ready for tonight's show.https://plus.google.com/u/0/113993022447291199374/posts/87znvmw885B
09:40 Paul Allison: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113993022447291199374/posts/87znvmw885B
09:48 pgeorge: Hi Paul and all
09:49 pgeorge: seeing the video fine-hearing it too
09:50 pgeorge: when someone talks their image comes up on the screen and you can't see the video any more (just a bit of feedback)
09:53 pgeorge: yes I'm seeing the video and hearing it
09:53 pgeorge: yes it is for me on Livestream
09:53 pgeorge: yes I'm hearing the video
09:54 pgeorge: yes on Livestream!!
09:55 pgeorge: I guess this chat isn't being monitored... :-( I'm talking to myself.
09:56 guest-2312: Hello
09:57 pgeorge: Hi George
09:57 pgeorge: now I'm not alone anymore :-)
09:58 pgeorge: but you can mute the audio on the stream and still see the chat
09:59 pgeorge: I'm excited about this topic! student produced documentaries
10:00 pgeorge: the description for tonight's webcast is here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113993022447291199374/posts/87znvmw885B
10:01 guest-2125: hello Peggy
10:02 pgeorge: Hi Scott-lonely in here!
10:02 guest-2125: Sorry....I'm working on integrating the chats, but have not figured it out yete
10:02 guest-2125: yet
10:02 pgeorge: no problem. I was hearing and seeing the video fine here.
10:04 pgeorge: http://educon24.org/conversations/Empowering_Students_Through_Documentar...
10:08 pgeorge: http://myblocknyc.com/#/video/id/424
10:09 pgeorge: it's an amazing site!!!
10:09 guest-2125: I'll have to check it out after the show. It sounds interesting.
10:09 pgeorge: incredible concept! new way of experiencing NY City with personal stories of people who live there.
10:10 guest-2125: I can see even small towns using something like it to use on their visitor site
10:10 pgeorge: yes don't click on it now--starts playing music/video as soon as you go to the site
10:10 pgeorge: I agree Scott!
10:10 guest-2125: my town is small (not even a stoplight) Might be a good place to start
10:11 pgeorge: I think the concept would work even for a neighborhood in a small town :-)
10:11 pgeorge: it's like having your own personal tour guide :-)
10:11 guest-2125: Yes... subdivisions, apartment buildings....
10:11 pgeorge: exactly!
10:12 pgeorge: great way for students to know that someone is really listening to them!
10:14 pgeorge: yes!!!
10:14 guest-2125: This is a great topic. I'm thinking about how to scale it for elementary kids
10:15 pgeorge: coming up with the essential question is the most important step!
10:16 guest-2125: Yes! the question has to be specific...very specific
10:16 pgeorge: elementary kids could do it around the school and school yard :-)
10:17 guest-2125: Executive producer in the classroom. Great title!
10:17 pgeorge: perfect!
10:19 pgeorge: that would give them a powerful topic that they all have something to say about--undocumented immigrants!
10:22 pgeorge: I love this! it really draws out the personal stories as they decide what to video
10:22 guest-2125: (Peggy, check your email later)
10:22 pgeorge: ok :-)
10:24 guest-2125: Its interesting how socioeconomic status changes perspectiove
10:25 pgeorge: if they live in the same neighborhood that their parents/grandparents lived in there would be some incredible stories to capture
10:25 pgeorge: definitely Scott!
10:25 pgeorge: I'd love to see the videos!
10:28 pgeorge: video is starting now-can see and hear
10:29 pgeorge: excellent!
10:29 pgeorge: nice message!
10:30 pgeorge: brainstorming a story board?
10:32 pgeorge: they have to learn to look for the "story" in what they see--you can't just tell them to go out and film "x"
10:34 guest-2328: hello
10:34 guest-2125: hello
10:34 guest-2328: how are you doing?
10:35 pgeorge: Hi mingo
10:36 guest-2328: hello geroge
10:36 guest-2328: how are you doing?
10:36 pgeorge: after they've shot it once I'm sure they get an idea about what they wished they had done/said and would like to re-tape it
10:37 pgeorge: these are really great point!
10:37 pgeorge: I'll bet lots of the students have cell phones that will take videos--even in very low income areas they seem to have them
10:38 guest-2328: well this is my first time in this site
10:38 guest-2328: that`s is new for me
10:39 guest-2328: recently i´m working in a school
10:40 pgeorge: I agree with him! I have given my 6 year old granddaughter my flip cam at the zoo and it was amazing what she chose to video tape. Not the zoo animals :-)
10:42 pgeorge: @mingo-this is an unusual experience because the people talking on the camera in google hangout are not seeing this chat. I am watching them in Livestream and typing in the chat here. Scott is in both the hangout and here in the chat.
10:43 guest-2328: now i´m watching the video
10:43 pgeorge: I can't wait to really explore his website! It looks amazing!
10:43 guest-2328: yes i know
10:44 pgeorge: Brian's input has been fantastic!
10:44 guest-2125: Yes! I'm looking forward to reading the curriculum
10:45 pgeorge: what makes a person an expert??? I think anyone who has a story to tell about the neighborhood would be an expert
10:46 guest-2125: The view from my window...... good title for a movie
10:46 guest-2328: where are you from george?
10:46 pgeorge: exactly! love it!
10:48 pgeorge: great examples of experts to skype in!
10:49 pgeorge: people are very willing to be skyped in because they don't have to drive anywhere and can do it for a short time from wherever they are
10:50 pgeorge: the students want to do a good job because they're talking to very important people :-)
10:51 pgeorge: @mingo-were you asking me where I'm from? I'm in Phoenix AZ
10:51 guest-2328: it was sim ple question
10:54 pgeorge: his smile tells it all :-) he's passionate about this topic!
10:55 pgeorge: fun credits!
10:55 pgeorge: very interesting point!
10:56 pgeorge: when something in school allows them to follow their passions (ala Monika Hardy) they will find value in school
10:58 pgeorge: yes! valuing the student as creator can be transformative!! I agree
10:59 pgeorge: they all have students producing video :-)
10:59 guest-2328: in fact when they found something that is learned in the school and this used in their social practice
10:59 pgeorge: yes @mingo!! so true
11:01 guest-2125: http://myblocknyc.com/#/video/id/424
11:02 pgeorge: really interesting conversation! learned a lot!
11:04 pgeorge: what inspiring teachers!! thanks to everyone for sharing!
11:04 guest-2323: Loved this conversation
11:04 guest-2323: sorry not to have been more in the chat earlier
11:04 pgeorge: Hi Paul
11:04 guest-2323: Hi!
11:04 pgeorge: no problem!
11:04 guest-2328: hello paul
11:04 guest-2323: was chatting to myself in the livestream chat, mistakenly :0
11:05 guest-2323: :)
11:05 guest-2323: night all!
11:05 pgeorge: that's what I was doing for the first 20 min in this chat--talking to myself
11:05 pgeorge: good night Paul
11:05 guest-2125: good night.
11:05 pgeorge: bye Scott
11:06 guest-2328: ok guys i have to go now bye
11:06 guest-2328: see you later
11:06 guest-2328: take care