Teachers Teaching Teachers #279 -Turning "Be You" into "Be Us" with Fred Mindlin, Chad Sansing, Kelsey, Rahul Deodhar - 1.11.12

Post-Show description: 

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers we are joined by:


Chris Sloan,

Monika Hardy

Fred Mindlin

Chad Sansing,

Scott Shelhart

Paul Allison,

Kelsey Shelhart, and

Rahul Deodhar

In addition to getting to know each other better, on this episode, we also brainstorm possible questions for Deborah Frieze's visit on the next episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers.
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09:27 Paul Allison: More about http://walkoutwalkon.net tonight and one of the authors of the book, Deborah Frieze will be joining us next week.
09:50 guest-313: Hi Paul - just stopping by between classes. Some serious static in the audio
09:50 guest-1293: Hi all
09:51 guest-313: maybe disregard - problem might be on my end
09:52 guest-313: Yep. Problem on my end. Stream sounds fine. Sorry for confusion.
09:54 guest-0: Hi everyone :-)
09:56 guest-0: are any of you planning to participate in Digital Learning Day on Feb. 1? Sounds like an exciting day! http://www.digitallearningday.org/
10:01 guest-0: a bakeoff sounds like fun!!
10:02 guest-319: about to join the hangout, just have to get some diffrent headphones
10:02 guest-0: Hi Kelsey
10:05 guest-1296: Hey there, TTT crew - hoping to join you after a conference call.
10:05 guest-0: Hi Chad
10:05 guest-0: They're just getting going sharing their latest news.
10:06 guest-1296: Hi, Peggy!
10:06 guest-318: Hello
10:07 guest-1296: Hello, Scott -
10:07 guest-0: Hi Scott. I'm changing browsers. I'm getting way too much lag in the video tonight in Firefox
10:08 guest-318: Hi Chad.
10:10 guest-0: is anyone else having problems with video or are you all in the hangout? mine is cutting out a lot
10:10 guest-1293: http://www.amazon.com/Trampling-Out-Vintage-Chavez-Workers/dp/1844677184
10:10 guest-1295: Mine too
10:10 guest-1295: re: video lag
10:10 guest-0: ok-thanks
10:11 guest-1293: me too--getting lag
10:11 guest-0: I changed to Chrome and quit FF but it's still the same.
10:15 guest-318: http://blog.ted.com/2011/10/17/learning-from-a-barefoot-movement-bunker-...
10:16 guest-0: thanks Scott. Have you watched that TED Talk?
10:17 guest-0: I'm hearing better now :-)
10:17 guest-0: the book cover shows up great but not the pages--too small
10:20 guest-318: Yes, I watched it quite a while ago. I usually watch them withing a day or two after they are published
10:20 guest-318: Who is "guest-0"?
10:21 guest-0: sorry-when I changed browsers I forgot to re-enter my name :-)
10:22 guest-318: OH, Hi Peggy!
10:23 guest-0: Hi Scott
10:23 guest-318: @Peggy - I'm scheduling some "road trips" to attend job fairs. If you hear of any in your area please let me know.
10:24 guest-0: I will ask around for you. :-)
10:25 guest-0: is Kelsey in the Hangout?
10:25 guest-318: Yep!
10:26 guest-318: We need to get you there also
10:28 guest-0: I'm interested in learning but I don't feel I can actively contribute in the hangout--except to ask questions which is what I try to do here. Just hard when people in hangout aren't also participating in this chat.
10:29 guest-318: I know... there has to be a way to integrate them better.
10:30 guest-318: I'll help you experiment if you want to try out hangouts sometime
10:30 guest-0: if all hangout people signed into this chat and only used this chat for text it would work
10:30 guest-0: it's too hard for them to speak and have to manage 2 chats
10:31 guest-318: it is hard to do both without a dual monitor setup
10:31 guest-0: which most people don't have
10:31 guest-0: and Paul needs to be concerned about streaming and facilitating the conversation
10:33 guest-0: unconventional final :-)
10:33 guest-0: with a bakeoff :-)
10:33 guest-318: standardized testing vs cupcake wars.
10:33 guest-0: hahaha
10:34 guest-0: it is so hard to follow the conversation in the hangout with the video/audio cutting out so much!
10:35 guest-0: she's absolutely right! testing is based on recall only--no thinking required and real learning isn't measured
10:36 guest-0: I have no idea what Monika just said...
10:39 guest-318: So detox is prompted reflection.....
10:40 guest-0: I really can't understand anything being said in the video--just cutting out way too much. Maybe the recording will be better??? Going to log out. Catch you next week.
10:41 guest-318: OK Peggy. Take care. Hangout is good. recording should be fine