Teachers Teaching Teachers #272 - City as Floor Plan with Ron Link, Andrea Zellner, Mary Ann Reilly, and David Wees - 11.16.11

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TTT 272

In a busy week with conferences and conventions--physical and and online--going on all over, it was good to stop and think about what we want schools to look like. On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, Paul Allison introduces his Assistant Principal, colleague and friend Ron Link to Monika Hardy and Mary Ann Reilly. Ron is cooking up ideas for a new school, and many of his thoughts have seemed parallel to some of what Monika and Mary Ann have been talking about at labconnections.blogspot.com. Andrea Zellner and David Wees are always a delight to hear from! Enjoy this conversation, and let's keep talking about what we want schools to look like. Joining this episode are: monika hardy,  Ron Link,  Andrea Zellner,  Mary Ann Reilly,  David Wees, and Paul Allison

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20:53:12 Bronst: Hi Paul
20:53:46 Bronst: Does the session start in the hour?
20:53:58 Bronst: *on the hour?
20:54:49 PeggyG: Hi everyone!
20:55:25 PeggyG: I think I see some favorite people here in the room! Is this a followup to the Global Ed Presentation? :-)
20:55:43 PeggyG: Hi Bron and Jokay :-)
20:55:58 Bronst: Hiya Peggy - you escaped GlobalED
20:56:18 jokay: *waves* ;) hihi
20:56:45 PeggyG: yes Bron!! Didn't want to miss this! :-)
20:56:49 jokay: i haz one eye on wordpress.. multitask girl here.. so apologies if i get behind in text chat ;) ... thought i'd come and listen in ;)
20:57:08 PeggyG: that's great jokay!!
20:57:49 PeggyG: I'll just be watching and chatting and won't be in Google Hangout. Is that where you are Bron? Hangout?
20:57:56 Bronst: We girls need to have a clone to do all we want
20:58:03 PeggyG: that's the truth!!!
20:58:08 Bronst: No I am just here
20:58:18 Bronst: not in Hangout
20:58:25 PeggyG: ok! no bandwidth problems then :-)
20:58:55 Bronst: is everyone getting noise when Paul in in video?
20:59:14 PeggyG: yes
20:59:26 PeggyG: looks like Paul is still working on the setup
20:59:33 Bronst: okey dokey
20:59:39 jokay: Yeah.. lotsa statics... the joys of audio wrangling.. go paul gooo ;)
20:59:47 PeggyG: I try to come to Teachers Teaching Teachers every week because it's always so interesting!!
20:59:55 PeggyG: that's Paul thinking out loud :-)
20:59:59 Bronst: There are days when I just don't need video of me put out there
21:00:16 Bronst: yes always interesting
21:00:45 PeggyG: I know what you mean! But you looked great on the camera at Global Ed :-)
21:01:00 PeggyG: hearing you now Paul :-) Life is good!
21:01:36 PeggyG: waiting patiently! always worth the wait!
21:02:18 PeggyG: hearing everyone now :-)
21:02:24 PeggyG: Monika is soft
21:04:01 PeggyG: Bron did you get to see the SIGVE presentation yesterday? Action Research project on use of virtual environments for teaching digital citizenship
21:04:20 PeggyG: I watched it in BlackBoard Collaborate thanks to Scott Merrick streaming it :-)
21:04:22 Bronst: no I did not - yesterday was manic for me
21:04:34 PeggyG: it was really interesting!
21:04:36 Bronst: it was recorded though so will catch up
21:04:40 PeggyG: exactly!!
21:04:53 PeggyG: Hi Scott! Great to see you!
21:05:09 PeggyG: electricity Monika??? does that mean you have heat and lighting?
21:06:34 Paul Allison: Hi Maryann Will you be joining us?
21:07:10 PeggyG: where are you jokay?
21:07:20 PeggyG: I'm in Phoenix AZ
21:07:35 jokay: I'm in Wollongong, Australia ;)
21:07:54 PeggyG: incredible!! both you and Bron are in Australia!1 What time is it now?
21:08:11 PeggyG: Hi Ryan! Great to see you!
21:08:13 jokay: 1pmish here ;)
21:08:40 PeggyG: that's a perfect time! It's 7:00pm Wed. night here.
21:08:47 @ryanbretag: Thanks, Peggy. Happy to be here.
21:08:57 PeggyG: still doing some setup
21:10:00 PeggyG: Everyone in the Google Hangout is not here in this chat. Sure wish they were
21:11:06 PeggyG: that sounds like a great conference--everyone sharing shared knowledge and not a lot of presentations!
21:11:28 PeggyG: what's a hackjam?
21:12:18 PeggyG: I love this technology!!!
21:13:48 PeggyG: Paul your voice is a lot louder than hers
21:14:20 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Hmmm. click on join the hangout, but it takes me to a different hangout.
21:14:58 PeggyG: he's not talking about this chat--I think he means the google hangout chat
21:15:17 Bronst: Is the topic for today's discussion new schools and places for learning?
21:15:28 PeggyG: lots of important people here in this chat!!
21:15:30 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Can I have a correct link to the hankout, please
21:15:32 PeggyG: yes Bron
21:15:48 PeggyG: they're getting warmed up to the topic...
21:16:52 PeggyG: I don't know the link Scott. Sorry. Maybe Paul will respond
21:17:43 PeggyG: that's really funny!! failing schools to fail less...
21:19:15 PeggyG: is there a way to share that document with us?
21:19:24 PeggyG: HS alternative plan
21:19:30 Bronst: can we have the link?
21:19:44 PeggyG: she said it was an uploaded doc to Hangout
21:20:43 PeggyG: now we can see it but it's really tiny
21:21:07 PeggyG: love the sounds of a Humanities High School
21:23:13 PeggyG: these alternatives sound really good
21:25:08 Bronst: how is another school an atlernative to school? I think I get what David was saying - should we consider more radical solutions/
21:25:21 PeggyG: I agree Bron
21:25:59 PeggyG: an alternative HS is just another facility with a different focus
21:26:16 Bronst: Alternative HS is still as school and schooling is the problem not the solution
21:26:28 PeggyG: I agree
21:26:47 PeggyG: maybe Paul will raise the issue for MaryAnn to respond
21:27:25 PeggyG: Monika's school would look very different :-)
21:28:43 PeggyG: I remember the schools without walls and all of them brought back the walls
21:29:29 Bronst: yes once it is a school it wants to conform to a certain shape - maybe its "school physics"
21:29:57 Bronst: Need a new paradigm
21:30:25 PeggyG: yes we do!
21:30:33 PeggyG: I hope Monika will jump in
21:30:39 PeggyG: there she is
21:31:44 PeggyG: Monika, can you share your vision for learning environments?
21:31:49 Bronst: there are 11 of us across 2 technologies
21:32:09 Bronst: Hangout and stream not being bridged?
21:32:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): THe list is never finalized because it is always evolving.
21:32:21 PeggyG: no they aren't bridged except for the video stream
21:32:40 PeggyG: Paul needs to be the bridge between our chat and the people in the Hangout
21:32:42 Bronst: But Paul is on both to bridge them right?
21:33:05 PeggyG: yes
21:38:22 Bronst: with or without walls is still a school - get revolutionary and think outside that
21:39:00 PeggyG: you need to be in the Hangout Bron!
21:39:19 Bronst: no - not up for video
21:39:32 PeggyG: put paper in front of your camera :-)
21:39:53 PeggyG: your voice needs to be heard :-)
21:39:53 Bronst: he he - would look better
21:41:19 Bronst: I have been working online since 5am and not done my hair yet :-(
21:41:33 PeggyG: :-) a waste of time! don't bother!
21:42:16 Bronst: Technology wont make a jot of difference if we dont change the paradigm.
21:42:34 PeggyG: do you think that virtual worlds have changed that paradigm?
21:42:47 Bronst: yes and so has homeschooling
21:42:56 PeggyG: yes and unschooling too
21:43:07 Bronst: lots of things show us that "schooling" and schools are not the only answer
21:43:34 PeggyG: @Paul--are you seeing this chat? can you share it with the people in the Hangout to respond to?
21:43:46 Bronst: You dont have to be in school to have teachers, mentors, inspirations etc
21:44:10 Bronst: kids are finding their own spaces to learn and be valued
21:44:33 Bronst: as are teachers
21:44:46 PeggyG: I totally agree with that Bron! In fact kids turn away from it in schools because they view all of those roles as authority
21:45:02 Bronst: PLNs, networks, communities, games, virtual worlds etc etc
21:46:17 Bronst: there are kids in Massively Minecraft and QUEST ATLANTIS who are valued as leaders and elders, they demonstrate a passion for learning and coaching and yet in their schools they are overlooked and considered failures.
21:46:34 PeggyG: that is a great point!!
21:47:50 PeggyG: they don't need mentors in Quest Atlantis because they are all valued as leaders and everyone is a potential mentor for anyone else
21:47:51 Bronst: I have friends who home schooled all their kids and in High Sschool they could go to school just for the classes they wanted. they were part of a home school netowrk and they are all passionate learners
21:48:19 Bronst: they had a blended environment
21:48:34 PeggyG: who was doing the teaching in their home schooling? parent? someone else? did they use a curriculum?
21:49:04 Bronst: parent is teaching - but they are in a home schooler network for support etc
21:49:20 PeggyG: aha! thanks
21:49:23 Bronst: One of the children is a brilliant composer
21:49:28 Bronst: now
21:49:51 PeggyG: I've seen a lot of homeschool situations where the parent keeps them at home but purchases a curriculum and expects the kid to follow the curriculum
21:50:04 PeggyG: that makes me crazy!
21:50:14 PeggyG: there really are some brilliant homeschooled kids
21:50:15 Bronst: I jsut don't think our thinking is radical enough - maybe we do have to throw out ALL the bath water to save the baby
21:50:20 PeggyG: but they aren't all...
21:51:06 PeggyG: what an introduction!! Talk about mindfulness and your other crazy ideas :-)
21:51:25 Bronst: homeschooler we had in QA told me they felt restrained - someone else was decising what curriculum they would follow. Thye were used to being self-managed learners.
21:51:45 PeggyG: that's an ideal homeschooled student!
21:51:54 Bronst: That is when we designed the Student Congress
21:52:24 PeggyG: I don't think Paul has seen our conversation and it disappears as it keeps scrolling down :-(
21:52:33 Bronst: yes there are lots of not-so-good homeschool environments - they have "schooling" in a lot of them
21:52:39 PeggyG: I love the concept of the Student Congress!!! That is amazing!
21:53:10 Bronst: it has been amazing and a privilege to be part of
21:53:29 PeggyG: some of the homeschooled students that came back to the school where I was a principal were not schooled at all! I think the parents kept them out for their own convenience and not to give them a different education
21:54:33 Bronst: yes that is true
21:54:48 Bronst: fear, laziness, lasse faire etc etc
21:54:53 PeggyG: yes
21:54:58 Bronst: but there lots of brilliant one
21:55:05 PeggyG: I agree :-)
21:55:47 Bronst: QA and Minecraft are showing us that kids can direct their own learning - maybe not for 100% yet but we have to open ourselves up to it
21:56:21 PeggyG: the interview with Howard Gardner this afternoon in Global Ed was really interesting as he talked about ethics
21:57:10 Bronst: Sugarta mitras work also shows how redundant schooling is in some contexts
21:57:38 PeggyG: yes! great example!
21:57:52 Bronst: How much can kids do for themeselves - do we even know? if we never step back and get out of their way will we ever find out?
21:58:50 jokay: Amen bron... the kids in massively minecraft teach me every day to shut up and listen to them! ;)
21:59:36 PeggyG: that is something that Monika says every week here!!! we need to listen to the kids!
22:00:18 Bronst: schooling is about broadcast - learning is multidirectional, viral, messy, unpredicatble
22:00:43 PeggyG: I wish we could get the two parts of this session together!!!
22:00:49 Bronst: yes
22:01:02 Bronst: PAUL! great discussion going on here!
22:01:37 PeggyG: @Andrea are you in the Google Hangout?
22:01:48 Bronst: Don't use 2 communication technologies if they cannot be blended somehow
22:01:59 PeggyG: they should be able to be blended!
22:02:17 Bronst: GOing out into the world with students - students ARE in the world!
22:02:41 PeggyG: :-) I want to reach out and give you a hug Bron!!! I agree!!
22:06:04 Bronst: yes we are on a wavelength different you and i Peggy. But i am getting very frustrated here
22:06:41 PeggyG: yes! wish our voices could be heard....
22:06:42 Bronst: We know the vision needs to be more radical to at least question the funadamentals of what we do
22:07:05 PeggyG: someone in the hangout needs to be monitoring this chat
22:09:59 Bronst: tried to message Paul in twitter - but i need to go soon
22:10:12 PeggyG: he isn't on twitter right now...
22:10:28 PeggyG: time is almost up but I plan to contact him about our frustrations
22:10:29 jokay: Ok.. has been an interesting listen and a kinda frustrating remote chat.. but thanks all! ;) .. must get back to works!... the little miners will be home from school soon! ;)
22:10:38 PeggyG: I'm so glad you were here Bron and Jokay!
22:10:50 PeggyG: you are great company111
22:10:51 jokay: Take care Peggy!! Seeya in the skypes Bron! ;)
22:11:03 jokay: *waves* to all!
22:11:04 PeggyG: you too jokay and Bron.
22:11:04 Bronst: thx Peggy - always worth it meeting up with you!
22:11:12 PeggyG: bye! for me too Bron!
22:11:28 Bronst: ahhhh - if only we rules the world ;-)
22:11:36 PeggyG: we don't?????
22:11:41 Bronst: he he LOL
22:11:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): The edge of the abyss is where you find the best view.
22:11:59 PeggyG: you're the bright spot in my evening
22:11:59 Bronst: OK - yes i forgot to assume we do
22:12:09 PeggyG: yeah Scott!!! where have you been?
22:12:13 Bronst: great point Scott
22:12:26 Bronst: Scott says
22:12:26 PeggyG: did you ever get into the hangout Scott?
22:12:32 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Working on my portfolio tonight... couldnt chat
22:12:36 PeggyG: oh ok
22:12:37 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Yes, Im in the hangout
22:13:02 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I How are things with you?
22:13:02 PeggyG: we are disappointed that our chat here wasn't passed on to the hangout
22:13:16 PeggyG: we feel really left out and our voices aren't being heard
22:13:38 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Hmmm. Paul usually watches the chat. Not sure what is up tonight
22:13:45 PeggyG: he's not watching tonight
22:13:59 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I see that.
22:14:15 Bronst: OK I am off - great to get t follow you Scott1
22:14:17 Andrea: just catching up on the chat: yes, I am in the Hangout...someone asked. I have troulbe paying attention to both.
22:14:25 PeggyG: bye Bron!!! great chatting with you
22:14:31 Bronst: always on the lookout for thought leaders and stirrers
22:14:36 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Bye Bron
22:14:37 PeggyG: thanks Andrea
22:14:58 Bronst: bye - hugs
22:15:23 PeggyG: hugs back
22:15:48 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I just gave ETS a bunch of my money
22:16:14 PeggyG: for a teacher exam?
22:16:32 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Yes. Praxis exam and reading specialist exam
22:16:32 PeggyG: ETS will happily take our money!
22:16:46 PeggyG: hope you did well!!
22:17:00 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I almost aced the Praxis (193/200).
22:17:11 PeggyG: wow! that's fantastic!
22:17:45 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Reading spec. cut score is really low. I'll be fine. Should have my license around Jan. 1st
22:18:03 PeggyG: it's been a long haul but that is great news!!
22:18:15 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Thanks. It has been a long 5 years.
22:18:29 PeggyG: Congrats to you!!!!
22:18:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I'm starting to get serious about the job search. Drop me a line if you hear of anything interesting.
22:19:00 PeggyG: good night all